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Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock: Preparing for Full Disclosure - Coming Down to the Wire in the Game of Disclosure

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- Justin

Source - Discerning The Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal

This episode of Wisdom Teachings was one which revealed the fact that the disclosure process is presently leaving little to the imagination. At this point, the race for disclosure is reaching its final stretch, and in my view, it is pretty undeniable where the cabal is attempting to take the narrative even as they make their way to total defeat.

As we can clearly see, the cabal has placed all of their pieces in position for their own version of the story. However, despite all of their efforts, the outcome rests within the hands of we the people, as well as with the positive Earth Alliance. In this episode, David Wilcock lined up a number of the final pieces to the puzzle of disclosure, detailing numerous revelations of imminent change within our financial system. We also have an announcement from NASA which—without exaggeration—comes right out of a science fiction movie. Among these disclosures, NASA unveils their new propulsion technology, and basically tells the world that they are on their way to look for life.

Benjamin Fulford Special Update - Gold Bounty & Names Released For The Capture of Khazarian Terrorists

So as far as the game of disclosure goes, the cards have been dealt, the ante is in, and it's time to play for keeps.

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The Financial Contingent

The subject of the Western financial decline has been somewhat of a humorous subject for me to observe (though I don't consider financial hardship to be very funny). To be honest, finance has never really been much of a personal interest of mine (besides necessity), as it has primarily been revealed to be a scam designed for the purpose of controlling and amassing fictitious wealth and power by the cabal.

25 Fast Facts About The Federal Reserve: “Biggest Ponzi Scheme in World History”

The experiences which I had in high school economics were unforgettable, and it was these experiences which woke me up to the fact that somethings was wrong with the functioning of Western finance. I remember memorizing complex-sounding vocabulary words for hours until I could recite them forward and backward so that I could sound smart when I used them in class. However, I soon realized that as complex as these words sounded, they represented the most simple, most elementary principles which even a child could understand. (The complexity was revealed to be fictitious.) It was at that point that I began to see the fiction within finance.

Despite the fictitious nature of our present, global game of monopoly, the issue of financial decline has had a significant impact upon the lives of countless people worldwide. After the revelations of the economic struggles leading up to the crash of 2008, the country, as well as the entire financial world began to view America not so much as the indestructible mainstay many had assumed it was, but as a country that was teetering on edge of economic decline. This was later proven true on multiple fronts.

The years of 2008 and 2009 revealed the United States to be a country of economic thieves. As the world looked on, the savings accounts of countless American dwindled, the retirement accounts of the elderly shrank, and all the while the bankers were raking in hundreds of thousands in the dirty payouts of their own laundering schemes.

Deutsche Bank fined record $2.5 billion over rate rigging

After the brunt of this crash was shaken off, we learn of the LIBOR scheme involving multiple, major financial institutions, and that just as the U.S. was cheating it's own system, the entire financial world was robbing the planet blind. These financial crimes would soil the word “economy” in the minds of all of those who cared to pay attention to the fictitious game of Western money. It was also around this time when I decided to stop paying much attention.

The year of 2015 would put a new tick mark on the wall, right next to the writing which told the entire Western world that the game was up. “That's right folks, cash your checks, pick up the box, and start putting the game pieces back in their baggies. This game is over.” I imagine the announcement would sound something like this if it were actually honest. However, instead of this candid honesty, we get more economic jargon. We get imaginary "fiscal cliffs", and "quantitative easings" to keep us 'ooing and 'ahhing at all of the big, complex-sounding words, but the truth behind the charade was pretty clear.

50 Sophisticated Words You Should Start Using Instead

We've most likely heard of the term “negative interest rates” before, but what does this means? Along with the two terms mentioned about, it reminds me of one of my old economic vocabulary words in its simplicity. What it actually means is that you have to pay to keep your money in the bank. In other words, instead of your money growing over time as many of us learned it should in school, it will shrink, and the longer you keep it in your account, the less you have. This is completely backwards in comparison the normal economic growth we in the West are accustomed to.

(As David Wilcock points out, negative interest rates are very similar to taxation without representation. The system is bankrupt, but they still want to put on a happy face while steeling from the people.)

Bloomberg - Negative Interest Rates

It would be the implementation of negative interest rates which would be most telling as to the truth behind the game. This was that the Earth Alliance was yanking the carpet out from under the cabal's economic ponzi scheme and revealing it to be what it truly was. Here is an article from the Telegraph from April 28, 2015 on the subject.
Negative interest rates put world on course for biggest mass default in history

More than €2 trillion-worth of eurozone government bonds trade on a negative interest rate. It's a bubble that is bound to end badly

Here’s an astonishing statistic; more than 30pc of all government debt in the eurozone – around €2 trillion of securities in total – is trading on a negative interest rate.

With the advent of European Central Bank quantitative easing, what began four months ago when 10-year Swiss yields turned negative for the first time has snowballed into a veritable avalanche of negative rates across European government bond markets. In the hunt for apparently “safe assets”, investors have thrown caution to the wind, and collectively determined to pay governments for the privilege of lending to them.

As David Wilcock put it, they're not hiding the fact that they are bankrupt. One thing about Western life is that people seem to be used to hearing what they want. We like hearing things that make us feel good. Even when the conditions we see make us sick to our stomach, as long as we have our information coated with a thin candy shell, it doesn't matter what's inside. It seems like an economic crash is no exception. However, in this case, this crash is not entirely a bad thing.

Zero Hedge - This Is What Happens After Three Years Of Negative Interest Rates

(There is one additional article which Wilcock only mentions. However, I will include it for anyone who wants to read it. Either way, the tagline is fairly notable.

U.S. economy stalls in Q1 as weather, lower energy prices bite

As David describes it, the economy has tanked. This is the reason for the “stall”. It doesn't matter what the “weather” is doing. Nor do energy prices impact the fact. The bubble has burst and the only way to keep the show going is by printing more funny money. I take this as the cabal saying, "It's all worthless, but there's more of it, which basically equates to being well-off". There is no "economic recovery", as Wilcock states.)

As Wilcock points out, this crash is just what the system needs. Remember, this system is run by the cabal. It supports the cabal, and is designed to rob and exploit us--the citizens--as well as any country who is unfortunate enough to be on their list of “friends”. In order for this cabal to be taken out permanently, we need for their system to go down long enough to drag them down with it. At this point the people will be so fed up with the candy-coated garbage, admit to themselves that they've been lied to, and then demand to have the truth. As we know, at that point, our backup from the Earth Alliance will give us the entirety of the disclosure data-dump, and then we can wave goodbye to the once-influential cabal manipulators.

The “Search" for Life

The subject of the supposed “search” for off-world life is one which is a bit backward to those who frequent alternative media. This is because many of us already know the very strong likelihood that life is everywhere (and we aren't just talking microbes). One thing that has always confused me about conventional astronomy and astrobiology is the notion that spontaneous generation was so unlikely. This Darwinian concept blindly assumes that life was extremely rare, and only happened according to the principles of one belief system, and that whatever that belief system proposed was absolute and unquestionable, even though at the time, no one could observe such an occurrence (at least not in public view).

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock: Giant Steps toward Disclosure

To add to this Darwinian principle of spontaneous generation, we have the "wondrous" Drake equation which suggested that life within the universe was so scarce that we would be unable to find it even within many lifetimes. Even though no one could ever find any evidence to prove that the Drake equation was worth anything, the scientific bandwagon still took it for a ride. Then along comes NASA. Only this time, their script had completely changed. Drake is no longer the messiah of astrobiology, and Darwin was no longer the father of all Earthly creation. Now all of a sudden, life is portrayed as so abundant that astronomers are certain they will find it.

We have covered other articles on the search for life in outer space, but very few make proposals with such certainty as this. Here is the BBC with the story (published on April 28).

Chris McKay's quest for extraterrestrial life started in 1976, when Viking 1 and 2 landed on Mars. Touching down on Mars for the first time was a big deal, sure, but the then-first-year graduate student was especially excited because the landers found what appeared to be signs of Martian life.

The spacecraft found that something in the dirt - possibly microbes - was taking in nutrients and producing gases like carbon dioxide. But when instruments failed to find any organic molecules, which are the building blocks of any organism, scientists concluded that no, aliens weren't living in the dirt.

To this day, however, scientists like McKay are still baffled by the Viking data, which never conclusively supported the existence of life, but were tantalizing nevertheless. For McKay, now a planetary scientist at NASA Ames Research Center, those results launched a career in astrobiology, despite the warnings of other scientists at the time. "Not only did they tell me not to," he says, "they made fun of me for being interested in it."...

Microbes might, however, be able to eke out an existence below the surface. "I'd say it's 50/50 as to whether there's life on Mars right now," Kasting says. If there is, though, he says it's probably buried as deep as a kilometre underground, where temperatures are warm enough for water to be liquid. Getting there and finding proof, however, might require astronauts drilling on Mars.

Does anyone remember when news stories like this were limited to alternative news sites and radio shows? It used to be so un-cool. Now NASA is all about the “aliens”, as they use the xenophobic pejorative.
This change in script seems to have happened so fast, I'm afraid the skeptics won't know what to do. They have been shaming and demonizing the alternative community for saying the exact same thing. Now their precious scientific backing has turned its back on them. What possibility will they doubt now? What will they do with all of their time? Who will they they left to laugh at and feel superior to? These are important questions, folks. (All right, I'll stop. I think I made my point.)

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