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Telepathy will be Enabled by the Earth's Magnetic Field on a Global Scale

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(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The Earth's magnetic field, also known as the magnetosphere, along with the Schumann Resonances, play an integral part in biological and mental functioning.

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Brain waves, measured by an EEG, produce wave patterns that are harmonics of the Schumann Resonance. Heart waves, measured by an EKG, is similarly a harmonic of the Earth's geomagnetic fields. What this means is that the Earth itself has the potential to alter the way our minds and bodies perceive reality and store information via entrainment, such that if the Earth's frequency range and amplitude became more coherent (organized) it would translate on down to the creatures living within it.

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Human consciousness could and arguably already has been altered by these processes, well documented by Deiter Broers, a German Physicist. In the film, Solar Revolution, Broers research conclusively demonstrates that human affairs have been directly affected by solar activity, with the Sun employing the Earth as a proxy to attenuate instreaming energies that affect the mind via geomagnetic processes. In other words, the Sun fuels energetic shifts with the Earth acting as an intermediary to downstep or attenuate energies so that they can be absorbed. All things on Earth, whether human, biological, or mineral, are energetically affected by these instreaming energies from the Sun.

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While modern science is willfully ignorant about how information is stored via scalar wave interactions within any harmonically inclusive systems (material aggregations such as the human body, crystals, mountains, water, and so on), researchers such as Dan Winter, Heartmath Institute, and many others, demonstrate that data and information is stored energetically as reverberating waves or frequencies.

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These data points definitively suggest that electromagnetic processes, which comprise the whole of the material realms or planes, is holistically integrated; and therefore, that information is forever stored as reverberations within the fabric of material reality itself.
“What we do now echoes in eternity.”

What this means is that a mind, properly trained can actually tap into these patterns so as to directly cognize or perceive events that have unfolded beyond the reach of the physical senses. That is to say, psychic abilities are latent within all organisms that possess a mind capable of navigating metaphysical realities, which one can train themselves to perceive via various techniques. 

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In society today, normally refer to these abilities as psi, psychic, clairvoyance, and so on, popularized by works of fantasy and science fiction. In modern times, secret government agencies take these fields very seriously and have trained practitioners in the art of drawing information directly out of these subtle energetic fields, known as Remote Viewing.

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While meditating in a theta state (one of the brainwave frequencies associated with extrasensory perception), individuals can access soul or ancestral memory, and even the pure information swirling within the cosmos by using the metaphysical aspects of mind. Mystics, channelers, and adepts in the art of using one's mind to access etheric realms of pure information has been referred to as tapping into the Akashic Records or cosmic mind.

In short, there is a wealth of science to support the notion that the Earth's magnetic field can and already does play a key role in human consciousness. Consider the work of Rupert Sheldrake and the Morphogenetic field as yet one more example. 

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Humanity has been indoctrinated into a false belief that the mind and consciousness are nothing more than a random effect generated by biology. But the truth is, as supported by alternative researchers, consciousness and the mind are primordial to biology. And that even our DNA and genetic expression can be altered by consciousness. 

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- Justin

Source - Operation Disclosure

Earth’s Magnetic Field Will Enable Telepathy On A Global Scale

“Suppose you had access to every person’s brain,” asks Dr. Michael Persinger, “and they had access to yours?”

Dr. Persinger, cognitive neuroscientist and professor at Laurentian University in Ontario, is convinced that this is not only possible but is immanent in the coming future.

Why? How? In short, his pioneering research shows a strong correlation between the Earth’s magnetic field and the human brain.

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If Dr. Persinger is correct, the Earth’s magnetic field is constantly interfacing with our own brains in such a manner as to influence our thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

This interface, however, seems to have another effect: Dr. Persinger’s research seems to indicate that the geomagnetic field can store and transmit all the information of every human brain in history. And if we can tap into this informational reservoir, there will be no more secrets.

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In such a scenario, for example, we can know the true intentions of large corporations, regardless of what they may say through the media. We’d be able to feel and experience the pain of starving people in Africa.

This is huge!

Pay attention and enjoy!

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