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Restoring Toxic Environments and the Earth Mother | Microbes: The Environmental Solution To Chemtrails

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Microorganisms are an essential part of the fabric of life on Earth and presumably in the cosmos. Life is an emergent process of organizing whole ecosystems with tiny lifeforms from a pre-existing chemical soup, a terraforming process, which microorganisms play the central role in. This delicate fabric of life is additive in nature, meaning, before larger organisms can develop smaller ones need to evolve and organize. 

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Consider that the human body is a network of trillions upon trillions of cells, each a microorganism in their own right. Animal life is one example of organisms evolving after conditions were slowly developed in the environment, that is to say, human life was made possible by standing on the achievements of countless microorganisms, who through their benevolent actions, helped make our world possible. These individual living units perform a symphony of coordination within our bodies that boggles the mind. And if human society was organized as well as microbial colonies found everywhere in nature and in larger living things, then we would each work together to ensure all our mutual biological needs were met. 

So what does this have to do with chemtrails?

As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without—the Principle of Correspondance or Fractality. 

The environment of Earth, like the human body, is a tapestry of microbial harmony. And as the below article details, most of our minuscule cousins of the Earth mother remain undiscovered by science. But what is unquestioned is that the ecosystem of life, the ecology of our planet is fragile and reactive. When we dump chemicals into an ecosystem, it has an effect, and usually not a good one. Thankfully nature provided a way to restore the balance and heal the Earth. 

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Microorganisms have always had the power to transform the environment. Matter of fact, for the first three billion years of Earth's history (according to accepted science), the lifeless rocky surface of the planet was terraformed. Microorganisms are so incredibly biodiverse and able to spontaneously react to the environment that they devised a way to store toxic compounds while unlocking beneficial chemicals into the environment. The words oceans are essentially a massive probiotic microbial brew, fermented over the course of billions of years. 

In other words, microbes played a key role in making the Earth habitable for life, and they have the power to restore it once again from humanity's ill-conceived custodianship. 

There are many researchers who have demonstrated the power of nature to heal itself, too many to list here. But focusing on one for the purposes of bringing to light our smaller cousins awesome power, consider the work of Ken Rohla. He is a University trained freelance scientists and researcher who personally tests many different restorative compounds, processes, and devices for healing ourselves and the ecosystem. You can find most of his work on his website, 

Effective Microorganisms was developed by Dr. Teruo Higa, a commercially available brew containing over one million different microorganisms. The concoction has the power to restore the environment, remove and rebalance parasitic conditions, such as mildew and toxic mold, and can turn poorly produced vitamins and supplements into nutrient rich bioavailable compounds. In short, these microorganisms heal all life and stand as an example of the incredible power of nature. Here's a brief overview from Rohla's website:
Dr. Higa's Original EM-1 probiotic is a liquid blend of beneficial microorganisms, originally formulated by Dr. Teruo Higa, also known as Effective Microorganisms. Dr. Higa's Original EM-1 has many uses straight from the bottle, including as a probiotic for animal digestion and immune system enhancer, and a nontoxic household cleaner and mold/ mildew/ odor/ stain remover. It is a great way to replace many toxic cleaners and chemicals. It can also be used to make up to 5 gallons of probiotic or antioxidant superfood brew by fermenting with water, molasses, and other ingredients such as herbs, rock powders, ocean minerals, sea salt, etc. You can also brew a super plant food by fermenting EM-1 with molasses, high ORMUS rock powders, sea salt, organic rice bran and other organic plant material, and water. These microorganisms, when ingested or introduced into any living system, promote the growth of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria to achieve a healthy microbial balance by crowding out pathogenic organisms and helping "pleomorphic" organisms to convert from pathogenic, or harmful, to beneficial. (Source)
Given the power of nature to restore itself to balance, the question of how to heal our severely damaged world is not beyond comprehension. But chemtrails are clearly a weapon used against humanity and the planet as well. And arguably the so-called progress of the industrial age is nothing more than a fallacious program of self-destruction pushed by despotic elites who think the world is overpopulated. In other words, humanity has been given technology that ensures it will destroy itself over a long enough course of time, dragging the whole planet down in the process.

Most if not all of the modern technologies we use today cause destruction to the environment, either by their use, manufacture or disposal. As one example consider the concept of disposable products and packaging, which have only one use, and then sit in a landfill for thousands of years, leaching toxins and destroying ecosystems in the process. Clearly as a people and society, multinational corporations have gotten us to accept a parasitic way of life as the status quo. These modern conveniences are decidedly short sighted in that the world we will leave our children will be worse than the one we came into. 

Clearly, this is a recipe for disaster and if we don't change it now, then who will?

But as we just learned, there are solutions, yet they cannot be useful to us if we do not address the causal factors. Environmental destruction, at all phases, is made possible by pandemic acceptance of them in society. The people consent via acquiescence to the status quo, by going along to get along, therefore before any lasting solutions can be implemented we need to help our fellows understand the cost of their choices. And of course this applies to ourselves; we each need to do the work to understand how our choices—especially as consumers—enables destructive social policies. 

Chemtrails are unique in that they are a covert weapon used against the whole planet. Humanity suffers but all life is being affected as well. And pervasive ignorance in society makes geoengineering programs possible. If the people became proactive and voiced their concern, most likely the system would have to stop doing it, especially if we took defensive actions against these nefarious spraying programs. 

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In concert with social reform efforts, we can use microbes as individuals to restore our local environment and heal the planet. Even if you are living in a city, there are steps you can take to participate in restoration. And arguably the most important step is to gain knowledge and understanding of how simple restoring the environment can be with the right information and willingness. 

I'll leave you with an anecdote I heard from a friend who knows of several super gardeners here in Massachusetts. They have been restoring compromised areas using biodiversity techniques for some time. One method involves the use of compost teas to reintroduce biodiversity to the soil, restoring its microbial makeup and in turn healing the macroscopic ecosystem in that area. According to my friend, they can take a barren lot, riddled with toxic compounds from industrial waste, and restore it back to health within a very short period of time, as little as a few weeks. All made possible using nature's little helpers—the microbe.

In my own practice, I have been using the Effective Microorganisms mentioned earlier. The plants and soil I feed with this mixture have become incredibly healthy. In only a few short weeks, my plants have exploded with growth, far more productive than what I remember from the past.

So while our world seems to be falling deeper and deeper into chaos and lifelessness, there is hope.

We need only make ourselves conscious of the solutions and work towards implementing them so as to eventually restore the balance and bring harmony. This change starts with each of us, as ultimately we are custodians of this world, and heretofore we have not been proper stewards. 

But this can change, and it starts with you!

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- Justin

Source - Activist Post

by Allan Buckman and Peter A. Kirby

The megatons of toxic garbage routinely raining down upon the Earth and its biota are probably responsible for mass plant deaths, disruptions of the food chain, the resulting mass animal deaths, and diseases of all sorts. These things are ‘probable’ because the people responsible for the New Manhattan Project have not been so kind as to inform us of its biological impacts. The people responsible for history’s greatest scientific endeavor are probably very busy recording every aspect of the fallout from their activities, but, since they don’t want to be responsible for their actions, none of these studies are public.

The good news is that when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him. In this case, that standard is microbes.

Microbes are microscopic organisms as small as a single cell which are absolutely everywhere. Earth’s most accommodating and most inhospitable environs are teeming with them. They are inside and all over our bodies. They live floating around in the stratosphere, in the deepest depths of the oceans, and even in outer space. They are the oldest forms of life on this planet. Only a tiny fraction of them have ever been officially discovered and categorized.

In the context of the chemtrail phenomenon, we concern ourselves with microbes because they can remediate the environmental damage done. Microbes can consume and neutralize the toxins which have been so unceremoniously dumped upon us and our world. This may very well happen naturally. As the chemtrail spray proliferates, so will the microbes which feast on it. This may also happen by acts of man. We can produce and disperse beneficial microbes in a concerted effort to remediate our environment. However it happens, the best case scenario is that the spraying be stopped so that beneficial microbes are given a chance to work their magic without being overwhelmed.

Chemtrail activist Allan Buckmann has been working with microbes. He recently wrote a short piece which is presented here:

“I do not profess to be a microbial expert, however in the microbial business for soil, water, and plant production I found out a lot about these little creatures that make up most of our lives, and without them cause deficiencies.

“There are countless microbial species on this planet that fill every niche of the ecosystem. They are known to be present everywhere and within their collective capacity eat everything… including radioactive materials.

“Some are known and used, but most (trillions) are still undiscovered for what they eat, defecate, or exchange. We are most familiar with those that cause disease, or are used for health, or agriculture. Those used for environmental treatments are all known beneficial species.

“The human body carries billions of microbes and most people don’t know it. We have specialists in our armpits (generally a determining factor for body odor), in our glands, eyes, intestines that aid digestion, and in every other area. We have evolved with microbial modifications in our systems and they are an important part of us.

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“They are also important for ‘healthy’ soil and agricultural or forestry production and are the difference between high value, colorful, and tasty fruits and vegetables like we can raise in our own gardens with good humus (rich with healthy microbes), and the bland crops grown with artificial chemicals. They are the difference between fertile and infertile soils. Mycorrhiza species were found to stimulate root development and increase nutrient uptake, and that the roots also interacted with other plants for nutrient and genetic exchange. From such studies it was found that combinations of species could enhance overall production and that they work together best in social mixes.

“So, yes I have been promoting the use of microbial products for bio-remediation of soil and plant deficiencies, and discovered that jet clouds and jet exhaust particles falling to the earth, and other particulates do not stop microbial actions as of this date.

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“As the past president of Microbe Tech, I became familiar with and had many applications using a line of microbial products formulated by Hugh Muir (deceased) and still manufactured here in the United States, and I still use these products. We have successfully treated soil, water, and plants with great results. This is in spite of any accumulation of metals in the environment so it is possible to counteract the effects of pollution.”

About The Author

Peter A. Kirby is a San Rafael, CA researcher, writer, and activist. Check out his comprehensive exposé Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project available exclusively at and the CreateSpace estore.

Follow him on Twitter @PeterAKirby or visit his website

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