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Inspiration for the Awakening: The Freeing Power of the Truth and "The Lie We Live"

Image by Julian Robles.
by Justin Deschamps

A reader sent me this video, which I have seen before, and it helped remind me why I came here: to be the change.

We're living in a world where harming others and the planet is common place, where personal suffering and hardship is the norm, where we abuse other species to service ourselves, where we think of nature as our enemy, and where misery, hardship, indifference and tyranny is the soil from which newer generations are born.

Clearly, these things need to change, and since these problems come from humanity, then this change has to start from within.

Even the most unawakened among us sees that if we don't find the courage to face the truth about our ways of life, we will go extinct and bring the rest of the planet down with us.

As harsh as these truths are, they serve to show us a better way and they provide us the context we need to learn and grow. We need to be reminded from time to time that we came here for a reason, to help this world shift into the paradise it was meant to be. The sooner we embrace this the sooner we can stop the insanity and restore prosperity. If human beings really are the most intelligent species on Earth, then from a lawful perspective, we are custodians of this planet our Earth mother. And we haven't been proper custodians.

Responsibility is a term we hear all too often but do we really know what it means?

Having the ability to respond and finding the strength to do so are two different yet intimately connected things. Human beings are unique from the animal kingdom in that we possess the ability to think in three dimensions of time; we can recall the past, observe the present, and imagine the future. The latter ability, supplied by the neocortex, provides the contextual consciousness to see in advance the fruit of our labors and the results of our actions. From this point of view, we can change the present to avoid calamity, we can change ourselves to change the future. In other words, knowledge makes us responsible because through awareness we have the ability to respond.

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This is the freeing power of truth, which by way of awareness reminds us that we have responsibility, that we have the power to choose and in doing so either contribute to positive change or let tyranny continue to reign. In this sense, there are no bystanders, as an observer of tyranny is an ally of slavery. But in the same respect, observing the truth can eventually lead to a recognition of personal responsibility, which forms the basis of inspired action and loving service.

The lie we live is that we have been taught to expect change without having to change ourselves. This is the lie of modern civilization, the same lie an addict uses to justify their addiction. This is the lie we are pressured to accept from day one on this planet, that we shouldn't bother trying to be any different, that we should go along to get along, that we should never dare to change ourselves, and most definitely not the world.

But history is shaped by minorities, an inspired few, who through their courage and conviction—changed the world.

For those reading these words, know that your knowledge of the truth is a gift of empowerment, you are this inspired few. The more we act on the truth we know, the more fulfilling life will be and the more powerfully we'll change the status quo that so desperately needs changing. For at no other time in history has the average person been so empowered with knowledge.

Our world is sick with a plague of indifference made possible by the Kool-aide of ignorance. The cure is the truth, and those willing to drink deep from this cup of wisdom and spread it far and wide are the healers of our age.

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The following video has been seen by over 20,000,000 people, which I think means our fellows are finding the courage to face the truth, and in the process, giving themselves the gift of responsibility.

Soon a tipping point will come when the weight of denied truth (lies) will collapse against the desire for change. And we can help this process now by seeking the truth in our own lives and sharing it with those around us in the form and measure they are capable of receiving. Once enough truth has been received in the minds of the people, the burden of responsibility will be too much to bear and a paradigm shift of inspired activity will take place.

Arguably we are already at this crucial nexus point in history. And so, perhaps the next person or mind we awaken will be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

With this in mind, consider the following and be inspired.

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If memory serves, Julian, the co-founder of Stillness in the Storm, was greatly inspired by this video.

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- Justin

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