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Humans Rise Up! by Oliver Troll | Perspectives on Current Events

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following is a set of perspectives shared by Oliver Toll, a Swedish truth seeker with some interesting insights to share in relation to developments unfolding on the world stage. 

As always, the following is for your consideration and contemplation. 

FYI: Oliver uses a conversational style of writing and is not a native English speaker.
- Justin

Source - I-UV Sweden

by Oliver Troll

The world and our people are waking up to the reality that nothing is as it seems rapidly.

Ben Fulford issued some cards through the alleged White Dragon Society with one ton of Gold bounty for several officials if arrested by any means, such as the Clintons and the Bushes etc. Similar to the card deck the Western Alliance issued during their Iraqi invasion.

We'll see what comes out of that.. Ben is known to be all over the place and pin point accurate so.

Historically a military coup and take over of a country meant bad news for everyone. The military brass got some nice perks but the people where squeezed between a rock and a hard place in the meanwhile. I lived in a dictatorship as a kid so I have some insights. When living under these conditions there is additional stress from not only making a living but having authority watching you 24/7.

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We've seen the coups in Asia, Africa, South America, Europe and also in the Middle East. Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Mugabe, Pinochet, Hitler, Sadam Hussein, Franko, Hugo Chavez, Mohammar Gaddafi, The House of Saud etc etc etc..

Now not all dictators are the same, some are actually taking care of their people more than we have been shown via the media. Sadam waged war against both Kuwait and Iran and created some heavy havoc but he added stability to the region.

Both Hugo Chavez and Gaddafi consolidated their countries business and affairs through business and oiltrade. They wanted to be free to decide their countries own fates by de-coupling their currencies from the petro dollar to gold instead, for which they had to be removed. Did you know that Gaddafi wanted to create a unified currency for whole Africa?

People in Europe are screaming their heads off due the current refugee crisis instead of seeing the big picture. If the third world sees our living standards they of course will take the easy route and come here. You can easily manipulate people to come here as Erdogan had done by blackmailing the EU with the staged refugee crisis.

The well need educated work force of conflicting areas in the world are moving together with people who can't read and never had proper schooling.. chaos in the making upon arrival right. Here we are struggling with integration which is doomed to fail instead of helping the poor countries where they are directly. Where are the IMF and World Bank money going?? It's going to loans exploiting resources in the third world that they never can take back meaning their resources are used as collateral!!

There was not more money before the refugee crisis BUT when the BANKS need bailouts Billions are suddenly poured out to them in a blink of an eye... interesting right?

The new trade deals TTIP are just adding more power to the corporations and less to the governments and their people! What the heck is going on? Since when is corporate capitalism more important than people? There are reasons why the TTIP documents are not transparent. Everything that is not transparent linked to us the people is not for the betterment of all take my word on it.

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IT'S TIME FOR PEOPLE TO RISE UP... this means all people.

Yesterday some military tried to take over Turkey in a military coup. The coup seems to crumble though. I can fully understand the branch of the military that are tired of Erdogans politics where he is supporting ISIS, shipping and shooting refugees as well as fighting the Kurds. To downplay this power struggle would be very unwise I think the forces opposing are much greater then what Erdogan admits.

There are several scenarios that could be at play here. Either he staged this by himself to consolidate his power even more or there are people truly tired of him wrecking havoc. Remember the people have supported him heavily due to their improved living standards so they don't want an old fashion military take over as has been the case historically.

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BUT when people protested in the Gezi-park 2013 they were crushed by Erdogan and the spiral of bad politics have gone downwards since then. He shot down a Russian plane over Syria and moved industrial plants from Syria and sold them to the highest bidder along with ISIS oil!

The flow of ISIS oil has been proven several times by Russia and he has suffered heavily from their sanctions. This is why he tries to make up with the Russians today. If he thinks he is safe.. I think he is very very naive, although he might pull this one of.. the insecurity in Turkey will just add more fuel to the Turkish economic fire since not that many will travel there due to the current situation.

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Erdogan is nothing more than bad news for everyone in the area. I hope that the military which made up by people will rise up in several places i.e. the US and show the people they want to restore their respective countries in new fashions and not by old military routines with perks and stuff. So PEOPLE RISE UP on all levels.. no matter where you are.

In the US a race war is being promoted but people are raising up seeing through it. The Hillary Clinton e-mail issue is just a cover up for the Clinton Foundation's heavy involvement in fraud, money laundering and what not. The FBI know this thus why the investigation took so long. Everybody in the whole government is involved and if third party countries would find out nations would probably go to war with the US a.s.ap.

Sounds at least plausible... the fall of 2016 will be very interesting.. I think and hope we'll see the removal of the elite in a controlled manner... btw.. a little HINT, I think the Sun is about to sneeze.. affecting everyone! ;) More information is brought to light by the day.. light is information... so keep up the good work people.. we are getting there and soon to be FREE.. from the clutches of the 1%.

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