Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Globalist Agenda Watch: Update 15 – The Phony Establishment vs. “Anti-Establishment” Dialectic and the Coming Political Conventions

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I wrote the following preamble to an update by Ken, and will include this in future posts as a disclaimer for his content.

I am sharing this article from Ken of Redefining God—as always—for your consideration. 

He has many views and conclusions which are contrasted by those accepted by the awakening community. As such, reviewing his perspectives helps expand our own vision and facilitates greater discernment and comprehension.

Note: This is clearly marked in the About Us section of SITS, yet when posting these updates from Ken, I often receive feedback from readers who assume I wrote the article or that I am endorsing his views. 

To be clear, I share information and data on this site from many different sources, and in some cases, there are conflicts with the data. 

My goal is not to claim these items as true, merely to offer them for consideration—to think about them which stimulates consciousness and inspiration.

My primary goal for this site and the work I do in general is to help myself and others become better truth seekers, which is essential so as to gain self-mastery, sovereignty or enlightenment. These are the qualities I feel we need to develop in everyone so that an awakened population can restore harmony and justice to this darkened world as well as simply living happy productive lives. Therefore, in order to constantly test and expand our knowledge of the truth, considering seemingly divergent perspectives is advantageous. 

This being said the reader should not assume anything hosted on this site is my belief. 

I usually offer commentary in green but even this does not fully account for what I am personally concluding in relation to content shared on this site. And frankly, what I believe or think has no bearing on how you—the reader—processes and absorbs information. In short, ignore the messenger, focus on and think about the message

In my understanding, the act of thinking about something is the process of expanding consciousness to further individual evolution. Whether or not the thing contemplated is reflective of reality isn't as important as the act of considering it. 

Meditate on the idea that a fable, myth or parable need not be true in order to impart wisdom. In this way, reviewing opposing perspectives is often a powerful way to gain greater clarity and insight into what we think is true; or it helps us let go of false beliefs we maintain because of our attachment to them. 

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- Justin

Source - Redefining God

by Ken

One week from today, the Republican National Convention will commence in a city that is 52% black

…So it is no accident that the recent black vs. police violence has been heavily publicized and amplified at this particular time.
The massacre of policemen in Dallas happened in conjunction with a demonstration by the globalist-funded Black Lives Matter (BLM) group, and can you guess how that group feels about Donald Trump? DeRay Mckesson, one of BLM’s main spokesmen, has said that Trump is “evil,”and that “I think there will likely be protesters at the convention, whether they consider themselves a part of the movement or consider themselves part of the public that doesn’t want a bigot and a racist man to be the next president,” – From CNN.com. And this quote came before the recent police-on-black and black-on-police shootings.
So the Republican National Convention will find itself surrounded by BLM-inspired protestors…

…and immigration-oriented Mexican protestors (who have already gotten violent with Trump supporters)…

…From The Washington Post. Here is an excerpt…
“The incidents were the latest in a series of increasingly violent altercations between protesters, Trump supporters and police at the presumptive Republican nominee’s campaign events. A week ago, it was Albuquerque descending into chaos as the city was shaken by raucous riots and arrests outside a Trump rally. A month earlier it was Costa Mesa, Calif.
Thursday was San Jose’s turn to take center stage in what is quickly becoming a traveling fiasco.”
Now take these violent protest groups and toss in undercover FBI/CIA instigators and Masonic policemen to provoke both the police and the crowd in order to set off the powder keg. Then, to top it off, add opportunistic Cleveland youths who will turn out in numbers to add to the mayhem once the violence gets started. That’s quite a recipe for drama, wouldn’t you agree? We could see shootings, stabbings, burnings, pipe bombings, arson, looting, blocked roadways — a city on fire. And while the “silent majority” watch all this outrageous behavior with seething anger, the Republican Establishment within the Convention and the mainstream media covering the Convention will appear to do everything possible to stymie Trump’s Presidential run.
So what’s the point of all this? To get the frustrated, embattled average joe to identify with the frustrated, embattled Trump and see him as the last chance to stop all the madness. With the whole Establishment seemingly arrayed against Trump, he’ll be seen as the “Anti-Establishment” guy who will save America and set things right.
In the next section of this entry, we’ll look at how the globalists are painting Trump’s dialectic counterpart, Hillary Clinton, as the total embodiment of the corrupt, lying, unaccountable, America-destroying Establishment. And after that, we’ll take a quick look at Donald Trump and his longstanding alliance – sealed by many business deals and by marriage…

…with the Jewish Money Power that is orchestrating this whole show (both Ivanka Trump and her Money Power scion hubby, Jared Kushner, are Orthodox Jews).
Love always…
Stillness in the Storm Editor's note: Did you find a spelling error or grammar mistake? Do you think this article needs a correction or update? Or do you just have some feedback? Send us an email at sitsshow@gmail.comThank you for reading.



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