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Qigong Master Can Manifest Fire Using His Chi (Life Force Energy)

Source - Energy Fanatics

by Alexandria

What’s more crazy to you: The fact that this man can focus the electricity in his body enough to spark a fire, OR, the fact we deem that completely impossible?

We exist in the age of disbelief. With things like CGI in movies, traditional cultural values, programming in the media and a lot of fake videos on the internet, it’s almost natural to dismiss everything we see. It’s easy, and actually programmed into us to not question, believe or understand anything that our limited view of science can’t explain.

This makes a lot of people apathetic, neutral or dismissive to ideas that they deem as scientifically impossible. Combining that with harsh ridicule for expressing interest in “New Age” topics like chakras, aliens, energy and psychic ability; our society seems like it’s designed to shut down this kind of discussion.

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This deeply embedded belief that we are nothing more than mere physical beings is the very blockage that disallows us from experiencing our true potential. More and more studies are being conducted that prove our reality is a simulation stemming from consciousness. The physical is a projection from the mental. The fabric that connects the physical and the ethereal is that infinite, underlying web of fundamental energy that makes up all that is.

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When we can fully quantify that matter, consciousness, thoughts and emotions are all fundamentally made up of the same foundational energy; then things get really interesting. The idea of something like an alien, a higher dimension or something that's ‘physically impossible’, becomes very much possible. It becomes a simple yet much deeper understanding of how the structure of reality functions.

There is infinitely more than the boundaries of your imagination. And when we can all remember that, we can do things like this:

This video is a clip from a 1987 documentary BBC TV Series about Indonesia called Ring of Fire: East of Krakatoa. In it, a psycho-anthropologist named Lawrence Blair meets a healer named they’ve called DJ. This man has meditated and practiced focusing his energy for 18 years; this is what we are all capable of.

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Because of this Age of Disbelief, many will watch only a moment of this video, deem it fake and close it. Yes, the quality isn’t very good. Yes, BBC could have created a fake scene in their documentary…But would they?

Is this actually fake?

And if it’s not, this is blatant proof that we can harness the natural energy inside us; so much so that we can start fires with our fist?!

This man is incredibly intelligent and centered in his being. He talks about how what he does is no different than how an electric eel works. He says that he focuses his male and female energy around his sacral, like two magnets pushing against each other to create a strong force. When DJ touches the interviewer, his hands involuntarily move because of the electrical shocks that is being sent through him.

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DJ is able to do this by raising his vibration to a point where, when he focuses it outward, the particles vibrate so fast that they create heat. They create actual fire. When our heart pumps blood, it is sending electrical pulses all throughout our body. With practice, we are all able to tap into that natural electricity inside of us and channel it through a focal point.

Is your jaw on the floor yet?! If not, it is because you have either seen this before, or do not believe it is a real phenomenon.

One of the most common blockages is the idea that you have to be able to do this yourself or see someone else in real life to consider it an actuality. This man has practiced almost 20 years on focusing energy; it is not something you can do without training. Just as we exercise our muscles, we need to exercise our pineal gland, intuition and focus our energy to achieve something like this.

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The documentary says that DJ would not go on TV for a long time, he didn’t want this to be broadcast to the world. At the end of DJ’s section in the documentary, the story takes a bit of a sad turn. While at a public restaurant, DJ uses his powers and accidentally hurts a woman enough to draw some blood.

The next day he claims his master chastised him all night for using his powers arrogantly in public. He was deeply upset and refused to continue filming after that.

What is it going to take for us to believe we are infinitely more than a three-dimensional vessel? There is a grand number of truths on the internet that can open your mind to deeper aspects of reality. There is indeed more falsity on the internet than truth; but that doesn’t invalidate or disqualify what truths there are. It’s all about using your own discernment and judgment after doing research, to be able to see all the sides.

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The truth is obvious for anyone with eyes to see.

QiGong Master Demonstrating Chi

This article was originally published on under the title “This Man Can Create Fires With His Chi, But No One Cares”.

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