Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Two Guys Perform an Experiment on the Streets in Public. You Wont Believe What Happened

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Aaron, from MDT, put together the following post highlighting how our biases and preconceptions distort our perception.

I won't spoil the presentation, but what is revealed underscores a pandemic issue on Earth, that of confusing representations of reality with reality itself. Religion, the media, educational institutions, legal systems, commercial entities ad infinitum, describe things in a general way that rarely—if ever—provides the observer with specific information, proofs or hard facts. This raw data or information is required so that one can actually know why something is true or not, or why a conclusion has been drawn. Without this personal approach, we fall victim to blind belief or dogma, the foundations of tyranny and oppression. 

As a people, we've become dependent on experts and authorities to tell us what is real. We believe these figures usually without question, forming our opinions, resulting desires, and actions on something we have no personal knowledge off. And from this place of seeming certainty, all manner of injustice and destruction continues unabated on the planet. 

While the example provided in the video is mildly controversial, the overarching point is clear. In order to avoid being fooled, one must gain key knowledge and understanding, one must research an idea, premise or belief first hand, else fall victim to the shortcomings of others. And of course, this doesn't even discuss the fact that there are people on Earth who want to intentionally deceive the masses so as to manipulate the flow of events in their favor. 

If you can get the people to believe something as true, without knowing why you've laid the foundation for manipulating them into doing almost anything. As such, becoming our own experts via the investment of time and energy, is essential to avoid being duped, and to ensure we do not harm ourselves or others. 

When humanity has finally taken up their duty to the truth, all the past eons of oppression will seem inconceivable to future generations living in true freedom. 

- Justin

Source - Making a Difference Today 369

by Aaron L Meileiac

In a world as large as ours with so many country's and beliefs cultural diversity is something that we all deal with daily in some form or fashion or level. Although there are always pros and cons with all things it is important that we keep an open mind to others.

There are many patterns of belief across the Earth that have come and gone, and many that are still current. What this teaches us is that our beliefs are always changing due to the required needs of our mental perception and evolution of understanding.

Below is a video of two guys who take a test into the streets to try and get a feel of how people react when they're understanding what is presented to them has a slight twist. Some handle this test well as others do not.


After seeing this experiment a young man try's it again on the streets of New York City, USA.

Although this video may cause some controversy, this is a very good lesson in how a pattern of thoughts can alter how one treats others and how one should keep an open mind with what they are taught.
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