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NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Are We On Our Way Home? – Projecting the Global Collateral Accounts

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(Stillness in the Storm Editor) For those who may be interested... 

I cannot confirm anything that is reported below, but I do find it interesting that both Keenan and Fulford mentioned meeting with Rothschilds who have—according to them—began negotiations. 

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Time will tell what is true or not and what effect this has on the current state of affairs. 

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- Justin

Source - Neil Keenan

by Neil Keenan, Richard Montgomerie and Group K

Keenan And Rothschild Just Spoke

In the space of more than seven years Neil Keenan has spent multiple millions of his own dollars in working to save us from the monsters that wish to destroy us.

Initially he set out alone in attempting to do what others had only dreamed of. He plodded his way through fields of thick weeds until the lay of the land became clearer and he actually saw a light, so to speak.

When he did, he could not believe what was happening all about him. It was not the lawsuit that concerned him any longer, that could wait; from then on in it was about mankind.

However it was disconcerting in terms of the online chatter coming from those who made bold claims of being privy to “intel” releases and such – with “sources” who seemed to be somewhat shy of daylight.

So what good were their hand-wringing monologues and how could they be believed?

Neil was already well entrenched in terms of his journey towards ensuring the Global Collateral Accounts would be opened and accessible as originally intended.

And now after over seven years; we have Neil Keenan, Group K, M2, the Belize secret weapon; and many others – truly upon the cusp of opening the GCA’s and thus as the fairy tale ending goes; “and they all live happily ever after”.

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This is Neil’s quest.

For the sake of the people on this planet we pray that Neil regains his strength and finally achieves his goal.

This is what the world needs, a winner; and a winning outcome.

In the process of finalizing this article, I have personally just overheard a conversation between Neil Keenan and a Rothschild. In the past Neil’s relationship with the Rothschilds had never been in terms of battle.

However, this conversation; at the time of writing took place just ten minutes ago and the topic of discussion in particular – directly related to the heart of our matter; i.e. our survival.

The conversation was geared towards a solution whereby Neil would organize a party with the ability to achieve a peaceful reconciliation.

Why Neil? Because he was the toughest of their opposition, which leads one to believe that they are making an effort towards getting this over with.

Neil Keenan, Richard Montgomerie and Group K.

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