Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Looking out from Within – Addiction | June 2nd 2016 - FDN Radio with Yvonne Palermo and Justin Deschamps

Update - An archive of this show via youtube has been added below.

I will be joining Yvonne Palermo and Emma Gold for a monthly radio show focused on a topic of discussion with the purpose of integrating and understanding data presented at a personal, intuitive and holistic level. 

Awakening or the process of discovering truth in one's life is a three fold activity. First we gain awareness of information via research and observation, absorbing raw data at a surface level. Then that information is compared and analyzed against the collective store of our knowledge base. Finally, exploration of what it means with respect to our personal journey takes place. 

But rarely do we allow ourselves to go past the first step of observation. And even less frequently do we engage in the collective process of truth seeking, which expands each individuals meanings and insight in a group undertaking of consciousness expansion and upliftment.

This radio show is intended to serve as a venue to explore this three fold integrative process, what has been called holistic discernment and integration. 

For all information is merely a catalyst for internal awakening, but the gems of such a venture will remain hidden unless explored through the use of one's consciousness. The synthesis of the unknown and the known is the undiscovered country of the evolving soul, best done with our fellows in common unity.

The topic for this month's show is Addiction, described in more detail below. 
- Justin
Show Description and Information

New FDN Radio Show Looking Out From Within, Hosted by Yvonne Palermo and Justin Deschamps on the last Thursday of every month.

Please join the open discussion group to contribute to the shows format. 

Looking out from Within is a live 2 hour show hosted by Yvonne Palermo and Justin Deschamps on the last Thursday of every month 6pst pst/9pm est. 

The show will focus on a single topic for discussion. 30 days prior to airing, a feed is created to generate community questions and information on the topic. The format of the show is to feature a guest relative to the topic that can lend both their personal insight while also engaging with the community through conversation and questions. 

In the first hour we will look at the “nuts and bolts information” available to the general public, discuss this with our guest with the intention of educating the listening audience with some grounded facts regarding the topic. 

In the second hour the shows format moves to how this topic and the information in the first half relates to the hosts, guest and listeners on a personal level while also fielding live chat questions on the topic. The intent for the show is to bridge the gap between the literal information about a topic with the internal personal experience regarding how the topic affects you directly. 

Join the Facebook Group Looking out from Within

This month's episode topic – This Thursday June 2nd Yvonne and Justin will be tackling the topic of addiction. Physical/Emotional/Spiritual Addiction, Big Pharma, Treatment, Black budget funding through the illegal drug trade and MORE. They will be joined by guest Emma Gold of Full Disclosure Now Global Day of Action 11/11 and the 3 will be discussing the new show, its unique format along with the main topic itself. 

They will also be taking questions live via chat during the 2nd hour of the show. listen along at HaggieShack Radio 

Thank you Colleen Kelly for your support with this project!
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