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Gaia Portal [Special Report] - June 1st 2016: “Imminent and Important Planetary Changes” and "Elements of institutions are viewed and surpassed"

In addition to the regular Gaia Portal update is a special report from the ÉirePort Group, the collective that brings out the normal updates. In an effort to present that content clearly, I will be posting a shorter set of interpretations. 

The raw Gaia Portal update is first, followed by my extrapolated meanings in black

The special report will follow my interpretations. 

Source - Gaia Portal

Elements of institutions are viewed and surpassed.

Light signs master the travelers.

Steadfast journeys are beginning.

Hue-manity brings the news.

And now the analysis:

I do not have an insider or direct source for the meanings below. This is my interpretation of the update, based on extrapolation and contextual usage of the terms. The meanings provided are not the only ones that can be gleaned; in my view, all meanings have value, especially when shared and discussed openly. Please comment below if interested, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material.

Interpretations: "Elements of institutions are viewed and surpassed." - The term element refers to a part of something, usually an essential part that is required to achieve a certain result or manifestation. For example, time is an essential element of spiritual progress; or, awareness is an element of inner change. An institution is a society or social organization created from some discrete or well-defined purpose and in our world today, institutions by and large contribute to the enslavement and suppression of humanity. Given the use of the term in this update, it suggests that the institutions being identified here are less than beneficial. For example, an element of the financial institution—which we can loosely describe as the social order developed around the monetary system—is the belief and use of money without knowledge, otherwise known as dogma. The blind acceptance of money is an element of the current financial institution, which facilitates the enslavement of humanity, by way of artificial scarcity and deception. Humanity has almost completely lost touch with how to create abundance in their own lives. If money was to disappear, most people would have no idea how to grow food, build shelter, or engage in equitable trade and commerce with their fellows. Money, as it is presently used on Earth, enables dependence, disempowerment, ignorance, and social chaos, but once one recognizes these effects, the causes can be changed as a result of inner transformation. Hence the fact that these elements are being viewed and surpassed, suggesting that what was once beyond perception due to ignorance or nescience, has now made contact with consciousness, and as such can be transcended. In short, we cannot surpass that which we've chosen to ignore, or that which we are not aware of. But once we have become aware, internal change takes place, and a new being is born, one that desires to improve itself through surpassing limitation.

"Light signs master the travelers." - The phrase light signs contextually suggest an action, in this case, a signing or method of communicating via light. Taking the whole statement into consideration, the phrase light signs is also suggestive of a herald or indicator. For example, steam rising from a kettle indicates that the water is almost at a boiling point. Here the signs master the travelers, which seems to be suggesting that the action of signing had an effect on the travelers. Who these travelers are is not clearly defined, but given that all things are in motion, including consciousness, then we could interpret a traveler as an embodiment of consciousness. Consider that all throughout life we are constantly moving on the Earth's surface, which in turn moves around the Sun, which in turn moves around the Sirius star cluster, which in turn moves around the Galactic Disc, which in turn moves around the local Galactic Cluster, and so on. The word master refers to a state of ultimate skill or development. One who is a master craftsman has perfected their comprehension, reducing accidents and mistakes when attempting to realize a goal. One who has mastery would also be one who has wisdom. The statement seems to be suggesting that who or whatever is signing the light has gained mastery over the travelers. If we consider that the creator is the light of lights, the father, and mother of all light in the universe, then we could think of a light sign as a transmission from the source of a consciousness catalyzing type. For example, revelation is the transmission of divine truth to an individual or group, which by the nature of the truth it contains, is an activator of personal growth and transformation, which would eventually lead to mastery if the receiving parties properly integrated or discerned what was offered.

"Steadfast journeys are beginning." - The term steadfast refers to holding to commitment or performing a duty with unwavering conviction. A mother who watches over their children does so with steadfastness. In order for one to have steadfast conviction or motivation, one must have a clear and complete vision or goal within the mind fueled and charged with emotive energy, founded on the energy of care and the heart. By contrast, when we lack clarity and motivation, maintaining enthusiasm or steadfastness is difficult. In short, one must personally develop an understanding and appreciation of their reasons for doing a thing, in order to muster the qualities of steadfastness. Doing something because someone told us to musters a much lower amount of motivation than if we had our own reasons. A mother tends to their child for her own personal reasons, and as such the steadfastness she expresses is well nigh insurmountable; her reasons, supporting ideas, and emotional energy is replete and integrated within every fiber of her being. The statement seems to be suggesting that whatever journeys are beginning, they are of a steadfast nature, indicating that those individuals who are partaking of them have gained personal knowledge and integration of the goal. We cannot maintain steadfastness without deep personal knowledge and integration, for motivation which comes about through fear, intimidation and social pressure is fleeting.

"Hue-manity brings the news." - The term Hue-manity, as presented in Gaia Portal updates, is contextually defined as those who are resonating or acting as frequency carriers for Gaia and the plan of evolution on Earth. The prefix hue is also related to light and is an expression of frequency. Generally speaking, Hue-manity are those individuals which are actively participating in the evolution of Gaia and all who dwell here, whereas humanity often refers to those who are not actively participating, and could even be holding back progress via their willful ignorance. Hue-manity are, by their alignment with truth and steadfast conviction to follow it wherever it leads, powerful transmitters and beacons of light. The truth and the catalyzing potential that comes with it shines brightly through these radiant beings of spirit. And as we discussed above, light can be thought of as a transmission or mode of communication, which brings the news. This statement seems to be suggesting that because of all the items expressed in the lines of this update, Hue-manity as a whole is alerting others of some event.

Given the second portion of this update (the special report) the event in question is most likely a reference to the increased rate of consciousness evolution described as “Imminent and Important Planetary Changes.” The coming days, weeks, and months will most likely provide increased opportunity for personal growth and collective evolution. As such, take care to contemplate and integrate experience, and cultivate gratitude for life change, even if it is seemingly negative at the time. That is to say, embrace the unknown, do not fear it. Welcome challenge, do not shy away from it. Find love for the mysteries of life and expand consciousness as they are explored and solved.

- Justin

And now, the special report:

Source - Gaia Portal

ÉirePort Group Message and Update, 6-1-16… “Imminent and Important Planetary Changes”

by ÉirePort Group

This is an alternative posting for the GaiaPortal Gaia Energy messages site. Although it relates to Gaia energetics and potentials, we felt it desirable to communicate in this way as the “ÉirePort Group”.

This group consists of Light Bearers, more precisely, “Frequency Carriers”, from various levels, each assisting in their own realms (some encompass several vibrational arenas). Our function, as the ÉirePort Group, is to communicate to those with eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts to comprehend the breadth and fullness of our messages. We are also here to alert the planetary Hue-Beings to imminent and important planetary changes, primarily in the “Energetic” sense.

Such a moment is NOW.

The rise in frequencies of this collective planetary body, called “Earth”, “Gaia”, etc., has, until this moment in the evolution of Gaia, been relatively constant. In other words, the increase has been similar to a straight line. This is about to change… drastically.

And by “drastically” we mean “dramatically”, not in a manner which will cause any major adjustment to the planet’s 3D structure (such changes are occurring in a very “managed” way… we are, in large part, “The Managers”). But it also is affected by hu-being and Hue-Being consciousness. Such consciousness has been rising at an unexpectedly (to us, at least) high rate. This is, in the end, speeding up the awakening of all, and increasing the planetary vibration to such an extent, that a strongly “perceived” breakout is poised to occur.

We cannot say when in the 3D timeframe this will occur, but it is very, very close.

We can only suggest that each of you go within and ask your Higher Self how to best prepare for this “breakout” moment. It is coming.

Blessings from the Father and the Mother of your precious planet, “Gaia”.

ÉirePort Group

PS - In December 2014, when Julian and I were discussing the idea of sharing these updates on the blog, he encouraged me to do more than just share the raw post. He said that we could offer our insights into what they could mean and in doing so create a venue for deep discussion and consciousness exploration. There were many times I wasn't sure if others found any value in these interpretations, but Julian and others continued to urge me on in this venture. This is just one example of the countless ways he helped me in my life path, for which I am eternally grateful. I want to dedicate these interpretations to him and his memory. I will love you always Julian, and know, that your zeal for creativity and loving service of others continues on.

- Justin
Note about meanings: The meanings offered are my attempt to objectify the Gaia Portal updates, to give them a scientifically supported basis in reality. However, the subjective process of reading the update personally is incredibly valuable, and meanings generated in each respect are not mutually exclusive (in conflict with each other). I suggest reading the update, like a tool for divination as if it was written specifically for you; similar to a psychic reading. Your meanings may not match what I share, but that does not mean one is more 'correct' than another. All meanings have value, depending on the context which is applied to them, all perspectives have a place within the whole of what IS, and therefore, can be part of an exploration of one's self. Our perspective is intimately connected to all others.
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