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David Wilcock's: Wisdom Teachings - Drips of Disclosure

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- Justin

Source - Discerning The Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal

This episode of Wisdom Teachings covered a variety of topics mainly focused upon more of the teasers which the cabal has been rationing out over months of time. The episode also revealed the reasoning behind such a blatant and rapid series of disclosures from NASA and the mainstream media on their narrative of partial disclosure.

Wilcock also reveals the reasoning of why his efforts at Full Disclosure have gone as they have, as well as what the near future will likely bring on the subject of the revelation of new intel. To add, he also shares how his life has been impacted by recent events, and how synchronicity has increased to new levels with regard to his dreams and waking-life experiences.

In a recent post, David Wilcock shared how he has been experiencing time-loops, in which he has been guided to review his own dream records from the past. In reading these dreams, he would realize that the details of the dreams directly described the experiences he was having in his life at the time he was reviewing these dreams. It was as though somehow, the dreams were able to tell him his own future, though he didn't know it during the time he recorded the dream.

He also shared about how more recent dreams have been repeatedly telling him to "get ready", and that his near future would involve his being in the spotlight much more often than he may have felt comfortable with. (As Wilcock has shared in the past, PTSD with respect to large crowds is a major issue for him. Consequently, fame is of no interest to him what-so-ever. Though one may not realize this, as he seems to handle these struggles fairly well.) As Wilcock shared, he was not the most excited to get these apparent messages, but took them in stride, nonetheless.

Managing the Busyness

By now, many of us are familiar with the ever-increasing pace of revelations with regard to the SSP and planetary progression toward freedom. (We have also heard of how hazardous reporting such happenings can be.) Wilcock shared that as fast as this information was coming forward, it was difficult to keep up with it all. He spoke of how all of his projects were not easy to juggle all at once, but that he managed them as best as he could.  Wilcock had both series on Gaia tackle, a book to write, the Ancient Aliens series, along with a website to maintain.  To add, he had the task of constantly composing new and interesting material for all of these. That's no small workload.

DW continued to share that the much-needed relaxation from his recent vacation was a huge help for him, and actually served to help reveal new insights into the true purpose behind the Law of One as well as the arrival of the Blue Avians.   As he said, we can expect to hear about these in future episodes.

Why Hasn't it Happened Yet?

It is no surprise that many of us can feel anxious for progress when it comes to planetary liberation and transformation. Consequently, the above question likely comes to mind now and again. With regard to Disclosure, there are a few important things to note. I do believe 100% that we will get Full Disclosure. There are, however, reasons why this has not yet happened. Wilcock describes how the cabal has in their possession what amounts to an 'internet kill-switch'. This basically gives them the power to shut the internet down, and to prevent information on Full Disclosure from reaching the public. It also stands that the cabal has control of the mainstream media, giving them the power to publish any disinformation they like, and if they were to make this material more available than the truth, many would not likely realize it.

Is this you?

It should also be known that we are dealing with a group which Dr. Steven Greer calls, “murder incorporated”, and for a good reason. In other words, these people use assassinations like Kleenex, and simply see murder as a tool for maintaining power and control. Yet even with all of these aspects of opposition, Full Disclosure is still within our reach.

Many people are diligently working toward this end such as Cobra, Dr. Steven Greer and the entire Disclosure Project team, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, as well as numerous others. I believe that when the time comes, all of our efforts will combine to create the perfect sequence of events so that the situation grows to greater and greater levels of order, and exponentially increasing rates of progress. This will ultimately lead to our success.

(One important note... This fight for truth, freedom, and justice for all requires the help of each one of us.  The only way we will succeed is with the help and initiation of every one of us.)

This process happens in numerous systems throughout nature, and I believe the process of disclosure and ascension to, very much, be natural processes. This is simply the way change occurs. Everyone is doing their part, playing the role which best suits them for the highest and greatest possible outcome. This is why we will succeed—not because we spend our time around people who are on a stage, and who ware a lapel mic now and then, but because we choose to serve the whole of humanity.

Hopefully, we don't maintain this type of attitude.
Lets not forget, this is our task to complete, 
and our world to save.

Your Conduct Matters

David Wilcock makes one important point which I believe needs special attention. That is that our conduct determines our safety. This is in relation to the concept of Free Will. In other words, our conduct in life directly determines our experiences. The way in which we treat others will come back to us in a number of ways. If we behave negatively, disrespectfully, and violently toward others, we can expect this treatment to come back to us. On the same token, if we constantly show kindness, generosity, integrity, and make our best effort to be a positive influence, then we can expect to be treated the same. In other words, our behavior validates and authorizes the reciprocation of that behavior back to us. As Wilcock shares, this principle of reciprocation is amplified for anyone in a position of public service.

It turns out that, for some reason, the universe focuses upon those who place themselves in certain positions of service so as to uphold the Law of Karma to a more exact degree. As Wilcock shares, in order to remain safe within a system such as ours, it is important to stay above reproach in every way. As he has shared in the past, in order to handle the truth, we need to be able to walk the walk. It is almost as though each of us must view ourselves as the ideal religious leader (though it is extremely important to resist any temptation to turn any truth into religion, as well as the temptation to turn any public figure into an object of 'worship').

(In making these points, Wilcock stresses that in no way does he want to be seen a any type of icon or guru, and neither does Corey Goode to any extent. These men do a great job, but I think it's important to understand that they are just human beings like the rest of us.)

Wilcock shared that the only reason he is still alive is because he puts all of his energy into living a virtuous life. Without the safety of the protection he has received from his own virtuous conduct, from what he has witnessed in life, there is no doubt in his mind that he would have been dead by now.

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