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Cosmic Disclosure David Wilcock and Corey Goode - Remote Viewing and Influencing – Detailed Research and Analysis by Shem

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I offered an analysis of this episode of Cosmic Disclosure (linked below) and Shem from Discerning the Mystery also put together an extensive research and analysis as well.

It is well worth reviewing all the information he provided so as to help one understand the true importance of remote viewing.  
- Justin

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Source - Discerning The Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal

This episode of Cosmic Disclosure discussed a topic with which many of us are at least somewhat familiar. This was that of remote viewing, or the act of intuitively locating and gaining information on people, places, objects, and situations to which the viewer does not have physical access.

The discussion was quite revealing with regard to our ability as human beings, and exemplifies that that which is seen as “supernatural” might be much more natural than we previously thought. I will admit that a couple of the topics discussed were a little disturbing to hear at first, but overall, it was all very interesting and in a huge way, shows that each of us may have profound abilities we have yet to discovered. Lets change that.

What is Remote Viewing?

In order to answer this question, there is one particular name to mention. This is the name 'Joseph McMoneagle'. Joe McMoneagle is a retired U.S. Army Non-Commissioned Officer (or NCO) who was eventually hired for an experimental project in specialized counterintelligence. As he recounts, his childhood was filled with interesting, and yet unexplained psychic experiences. His family history in the Marine Corp lead him to pursue his own career in the U.S Army (to some of his family's disappointment), and while in service, Joe was found to have extra abilities that ended up saving his life on numerous occasions.

McMoneagle's abilities would later be noticed by his superiors, and he would eventually be hired to take part in the Psychic Spy program. (Since this was first an experimental program, Joe was the only participant, giving him the designation "001".) Within this program, Joe would have his psychic abilities tested under strict, scientific protocols (termed the SRI protocols). After numerous successes within these experiments, he would be assigned to various missions in which intelligence was not able to be gathered by other, more conventional means. Joe would use his psychic sense to give a variety of details about places he had never physically seen, people he had never met, and situations which were otherwise, completely unfamiliar to him. It was through these experiments, and missions which convinced Joe and many of his fellow officers that remote viewing was a very real concept.  However, we have still yet to answer our question specifically.

Remote viewing could be explained as the use of a common psychic ability which we all poses, according to McMoneagle (as well as Corey Goode). It does not take much training to achieve successes. All it takes is a number of mental exercises, after which one can have numerous successes in viewing remote targets. Though one point which McMoneagle stresses is that a method cannot be considered “remote viewing” unless the SRI protocols are strictly adhered to.

We could discuss the method of remote viewing for hours. However, this could not compare to hearing from Psychic Spy 001, himself.  So with that, here is a lecture from Joseph McMoneagle.

Remote Viewing by Joseph McMoneagle

In my personal experiences, I have had much practice in techniques included in the remote viewing method (though I did not follow the specific protocols). The technique can be very effective once the necessary mental and energetic states are achieved. To gain information on a target, one must be in a relaxed state (free from distraction), and learn to use what may be referred to as the psychic senses. These senses include every sense we have in our physical experience, but instead of using the physical body, we use our etheric body instead.

I was taught to use meditation to achieve a relaxed state so that my physical senses could be set aside, and the psychic senses could be focused upon. Being in a quiet room with multiple people doing the same exerciser, we were able to accomplish some amazing things, though the methodology we used was not exact to the remote viewing protocols.

Everything is Connected

It is no secret that this subject of remote viewing is surrounded by both curiosity as well as skepticism (some of which includes the religions, uncompromising, and unreasonable type). In order to explain this concept as scientifically valid, it's important to remember a few principles. One specific article from The Physics of the Universe website explains how principles in quantum mechanics can explain how seemingly separate aspects of our reality are actually connected.

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