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Restoring Wholeness by Integrating the Conscious and Subconscious Mind | Conscious Breathing Meditation (Beginner)

by Justin Deschamps

The breathing exercise and meditation presented below is from the book, Children of the Law of One and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis (CLO).

The book describes, with scientific precision, the problems humanity faces on Earth and beyond. But unlike most works of this type, the concepts are incredibly simple to understand and actually use in one's life. A child could easily read and comprehend what is offered, without fearful presentation of the facts.

The breathing exercise offered below can be used to integrate the conscious and sub-conscious mind, which is the key to developing self-mastery, inner peace, increased powers of creation, balance and harmony.

Restoring unity of mind and heart imparts the ability to actually know the truth by way of experience or direct perception. This has been called self-mastery, enlightenment, and sovereignty, and is the ultimate product of an integrated mind. Contemporary descriptions of ascension also refer to this notion of mind-body-spirit integration.

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Humanity, as individuals, and as a collective, suffers greatly due to separation and division. Each person, on Earth at this time, is a house divided against itself. And by extension, division of the human family occurs at all levels of society, resulting in slavery, oppression, intolerance, and scarcity.

Therefore, restoring wholeness within individuals is critical to healing the collective consciousness of humanity at large and all of the resulting problems that separation consciousness brings about.

In another article, one of the overarching themes of the book was summarized, describing the origin and concept of the negative ego or the separate selfish self.
In short, all of our individual and social problems, whether on Earth or beyond, is from one primary cause: selfishness brought about by separation consciousness.

This problem plagues other races and worlds as well, and once one recognizes the factors involved, they can easily see when someone, including so-called advanced races, are acting with a consciousness of separation and selfishness. This notion is already generally known as the service to self-modality of being, but the aforementioned book goes into much greater detail about the foundational causes of selfishness, which is the basis for evil and injustice.

When consciousness indwells a physical body like we do here on Earth through incarnation, it loses touch with its divine nature—we literally forget that we are connected to everything at a fundamental level. The resulting consequence of this focuses our consciousness into the material realm, and we begin to identify with the body and what it feels above and beyond the realities of oneness, from whence we came. We lose the perception of universal consciousness or awareness and fall into separation consciousness or the perception that we are not one with the universe.

Over long enough courses of time, social programs and genetic alterations resulting from behavior (via epigenetic augmentation) create a race of beings that feels more separation than oneness. But the truth is, the experience of separation is ultimately an illusion. We need only look at how the morphogenetic field operates to know that even our very thoughts and minds, which most people assume are totally separate from everyone else's, are actually deeply connected to each other.

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When an individual begins to identify with the illusory perception of separation more than the truth of interconnectedness, the separate selfish self is born, what I call the negative or limited ego. And everyone on Earth, for the most part, grows up or is raised in conditions which creates this false version of themselves. The negative ego is a pale reflection or distortion of who we really are, called the higher self in awakening circles, and we can also describe as the part of us that identifies with the truth of interconnectedness. In other words, hidden away within each of us, is a universal self, which has become the prisoner of the selfish separate self that seeks to suppress the truth in favor of focusing on the illusion of separation.

We learn separation consciousness from our parents and society, and then feed that fire via our choices and actions. By the time we've reached the age when the conscious mind becomes active, after six years old, the momentum of separation identification is almost unstoppable, nurtured by the trappings of society. We are trained to become our own prison wardens, keeping the light of the universal self-locked away in favor of material distractions. A feeling of emptiness and disempowerment develops which leads to parasitic behavior or selfishness.

The selfish separate self becomes dominant and eventually eclipses any other way of being so long as we focus on and fuel the belief in separation. This is the part of us that is greedy, self-servicing, fearful, ignorant, harmful, violent, prideful, wrathful, envious, and so on. All of the qualities we normally attribute to narcissistic and psychopathic people are extreme examples of a mature separate selfish self, but to be sure, even if we are nice and well intentioned, we're still probably held back by separation consciousness. It is also this part of us that feels inadequate, disempowered, bored, unmotivated, hurt, traumatized and victimized by life.

In many cases, people are born, live life, and die never tasting from the cup of universal consciousness. This is primarily because, like the Matrix, separation consciousness is a prison for our mind. That is to say, through our beliefs we develop by way of experience, we create and build up an identity of separation, and only through consciously deconstructing this false identity can universal consciousness be attained.

The solution to this problem, which is both personal and social, is to stop feeding the separate selfish self and start feeding the universal self. Universal consciousness is a perspective in which we consider the all as the backdrop to everything we do. One who has attained universal consciousness chooses to be harmless, kind and humble because they recognize the truth that all other beings are an extension of themselves.

Universal consciousness is not based on blind faith but an actual knowing of interconnectedness developed by acting on that truth. When we choose to act with harmlessness, kindness and loving service to all, radiating our light on all beings regardless of what they have done to earn it, we transcend the consciousness of separation and gain wisdom in universal consciousness. In other words, healing one's soul and transcending separation is an active, not passive process, which involves seeking the truth about oneself as the foundation for personal transformation.

If we act with duplicity in our motivations towards others, where we justify kindness for some, but not kindness for all, we're feeding separation consciousness. This is the idea of moral relativism, where we only do what is right for "our friends and family" and everyone else be damned. Yet in the act of loving our enemies, for ourselves, we heal separation consciousness. In this way, proactively developing the capacity to love others equally will quickly highlight hidden beliefs about separation so they can be transcended with an act of unselfish love.

But, to be clear, loving others unselfishly does not mean doing nothing when harm is being pushed on to others. Taking defensive actions to stop harm is part of a modality of universal consciousness, and provides a venue or opportunity to actually live out the service to others modality of being.

Simply put: the Cabal manipulate us through separation consciousness, the separate selfish self or the negative ego. And since most people have never known anything but separation consciousness, transcending it completely requires constant dedication and effort in all times and places of one's life. This problem of separation consciousness has touched life on Earth arguably since the beginning of human existence, as such everything we do, think, and believe needs to be evaluated against the backdrop of all that IS.

The parable of the two wolfs perfectly expresses this mechanic, in that, in each moment we are either feeding the selfish separate self or we are feeding the universal self. And eventually, one must let the separate self pass away, so the universal self can be fully manifested within the evolving personality. In other words, the separate selfish self keeps our true universal potential imprisoned, which must be released from the shackles of separation. Once this takes place, the individual has become enlightened, sovereign or self-mastered. They are immune to mind control, manipulation and the temptations of the material world. Even the most highly evolved among us are still grappling with a consciousness of separation, for one cannot be in both worlds at once.
Gaining the ability to heal one's own mind by becoming conscious of that which is unconscious is an invaluable skill. It is the skill that leads to the development of all others.

The vast majority of a person's thoughts, desires, beliefs, and behaviors were programmed into the subconscious during their formative years, between the age of zero to six. Only by using the light of one's awareness can these programs be purged and transformed. It is the task of each individual to seek out their own programming so as to become the programmer instead of the programmed.

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As Carl Jung eloquently stated,
“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
When humanity is made whole again, the world will realize an age of light and life, harmony, and abundance that the current generation would easily mistake for heaven on Earth.

But so long as separation consciousness, scarcity, and the belief in it lives within each individual, paradise on Earth will be the stuff of dreams and legends.

The below exercise is one out of many listed in the CLO, which is arguably one of the most important documents for the transition humanity is currently moving through.

Final Note: The original author of the book, Jon Peniel is no longer incarnate, but the foundation which supports his work, can be found here: There is a wealth of information on that website.

- Justin

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Source - Esoteric Empyre

by Nazirutha via CLO

Conscious Breathing Meditation (Beginner)

Throughout all the ages.. The Ancients and Mystics have given techniques and aids for a being to recognize himself and understand his nature via direct experience and conscious and unconscious integration. Here is a simple and powerful 'meditation' proven to be a timeless tool.

Conscious Breathing - conscious and sub-conscious mind integration. Conscious Breath [one] way to acquire sub-conscious control and conscious integration, is [a way] to really become aware of your breathing, without controlling it, [hence integration]. If you allow your sub-conscious mind to control your breathing for you, but at the same time become conscious of the breathing without trying to control it consciously, you can achieve an integration of sub-conscious and conscious aspects. This gives you a key to all sub-conscious and conscious activities. And through the passive concentration necessary to bridge these aspects, the conscious mind becomes still, quiet, free from the constant internal noise and reaction to external stimuli which prevent/block the reflection of Universal Consciousness.


Sit with your spine erect, and begin to “watch” your body breathe; just be aware of your breathing. That’s all there is to it. At first, until your concentration develops, your mind will wander all over the place. As soon as you realize that your mind has wandered, bring it right back to watching your breath, don’t waste energy reprimanding yourself for not maintaining concentration, that just gives more energy to the (Ego) separate self (and that’s what it wants -to keep you from getting control). Frustration is the ally of the separate self. Bringing yourself back to the object of concentration immediately upon recognizing that you’ve wandered off, applies to all concentration/meditation techniques.


Take 7 minutes in a morning to do this or when you're traveling.. on your break even if only for a few minutes for a few moments bring what's in the dark to Light and Transform your Life. 

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