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Gaia Portal - May 1st 2016: Sensationals appear when least expected by the hu-being - with interpretations by Justin

The raw Gaia Portal update is first, followed by my extrapolated meanings in black.

Source - Gaia Portal

Sensationals appear when least expected by the hu-being.

Calmings are presented and accepted.

Masteries of flights are anticipated and seen.

Creations of Light are pronounced.

And now the analysis:

I do not have an insider or direct source for the meanings below. This is my interpretation of the update, based on extrapolation and contextual usage of the terms. The meanings provided are not the only ones that can be gleaned; in my view, all meanings have value, especially when shared and discussed openly. Please comment below if interested, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material.

Interpretations: "Sensationals appear when least expected by the hu-being." - The term sensational refers to an act or event that becomes the topic of great public interest. A sensation, in general, is a physical feeling or perception that comes into our awareness through the physical senses of the body. Both meanings can be used to generate perspectives of value, which we will discuss shortly. The term hu-beings, as used within Gaia Portal, are contextually defined as those individuals who have not transcended their own selfishness, who are not on the path of truth by conscious choice, and as such, create chaos and hardship for themselves and others; but this occurs on average, not in all cases. Considering some of the concepts presented in the statement, the idea of sensation at an individual level would be the stimulation of the mind via the physical senses, acting as a catalyzing agent for the evolving soul. The mind acts as a playground or venue for the physical body and spiritual essence to create the evolving soul as a function of mental evolution. Without physical sensation, the precursory experiences needed to organize the mind so that it can recognize, and as such, make contact with the divine, would be impossible. The mind is developing whereas our spiritual essence exists in a state of eternal perfection, in a state of superpersonal omniscience. But within incarnation, via the act of indwelling a physical body and mind, a sensation is a trigger for the spiritual essence to organize consciousness. In this sense, while consciousness is prime or at the foundation of all things, it's state of organization is becoming, it is actually changing. A relative state of imperfection moving towards perfection is the evolutionary process of actually choosing to become the best we can be, all made possible by the illusion of creation. The experience of seeming separation made possible by time and space.

Consider that in our primordial form of pure consciousness and total unity with the creator, experiencing anything is impossible. Experience itself is a product of time and limited awareness, which is the technique for providing consciousness an opportunity self-organize. Free will has the ability to choose where attention is focused at any given time, which in turn allows the mind to become familiar with the ALLness of creation at a pace and form which the individual chooses. But ultimately, the path back to source leads to omniscience, yet without limited awareness, time and space, and free will, the scheme of creation and evolution—made possible by experience—cannot take place. 

But the risk of becoming narrow-minded is great. Free will seems to be the most powerful force in the universe (expressed as love), and as such, one can focus so rigidly on what they want that they eventually lose touch with the rest of creation, which is the totality of who they really are. When this happens, a being becomes selfish or lost, no longer seeking the truth in totality, but instead, picking and choosing which things to accept and deny. As a result, the soul begins to stagnate which leads one off the path of truth and onto the path of falseness, because to deny the truth is a selfish act from the perspective of the divine. Because the truth is ONE, a singularity, to deny anything within reality is also to deny an aspect of the truth, which in turn prevents us from realizing who we really are. While we have eternity to open our minds to the truth, the price for remaining close-minded is our own happiness and fulfillment, which then extends to others as co-dependency. All of these are indicators of what Gaia Portal calls hu-man consciousness, a state of disempowerment as a result of a choice to deny the truth. When this happens, when an individual has lost sight of the true purpose of their time in the flesh, then the mind needs to be offered a chance to change via sensation. This is when a loving being, of a high order or low order, guides us back. In this way, anyone who helps us back onto our life path and true purpose is a spirit guide. And of course, when we refuse to look at something consciously, then it must enter our minds via the subconscious or sensation. 

Sensation plays the role of catalyzer, drawing our attention away from the thing we willed it toward, and on to something else. Emotions and feelings, which are sensations, send data into the mind through subconscious channels, where the barriers of self-imposed ignorance are less strong. While human beings have free will, and it is very powerful, it is not all powerful, it functions like a gradient. Like all things in creation, our free will and mental structure is polarized, having places of intense activity and relative inactivity. The solar system or galaxy is an excellent analogy for how the mind and consciousness are laid out, with light at the center as a Sun (conscious mind) and a periphery of darkness (unconscious mind), and everything in between. The creator seemed to know that imparting creatures with free will and limited knowledge would create the potential for soul stagnation, and as a result, a "safety clause" or "built in contingency" was worked into all beings of consciousness, the dynamic between the conscious and unconscious mind. 

Have you ever noticed that sometimes things happen in life right when you needed them the most? Did you plan these events or were they synchronistic? If we had absolute power of free will, then we'd box ourselves into such a close minded state that nothing could help us. But thankfully the creator knew better and provided a way for us to receive the loving ministry of creation through non-conscious means or sensations

In my own experience, there are a great many seemingly random yet perfectly coordinated events that happen in my life which compel me to progress along my path. Since I am not fully conscious of them, especially when they are happening to me, they are a type of subliminal or subtle communication from my higher self. They are like a sensation received by my body as a feeling or observation, which then activates my mind to further the evolution of the soul. We each possess this capacity and experience sensations when we least expect it. This statement seems to be referring to this process of uplifting or catalyzing those individuals who are stagnating in some way, by the process of using the "safety clause" in the universe, the use of subtle or subliminal information transference by way of sensation. As it turns out, the Cabal or our would-be masters use the same "safety clause" in mind control techniques. And while this can be sobering to come to grips with, the key to undoing all forms of limiting and disempowering influence, whether self-imposed or otherwise, is to become sovereign or self-mastered. 

Now if sensations activate consciousness on mass, wherein a large event takes place to draw in many individuals who experience great personal change, then we could call this a sensational event. For example, if extraterrestrials landed in every major city on the planet, healed the environmental destruction there, and showed people what unselfish love and kindness really looked like, then this would act as a grand sensational event of collective evolution. But in either case, the information we need to grow into who we are, to organize the mind and evolve the soul, comes through sensation.

"Calmings are presented and accepted." - The first statement referred to sensation which is the initial step in the process of stimulating consciousness, from there, a series of resulting consequences based on choice, eventuate outcomes. Here, the sensationls received are having a calming effect. Given that the population receiving these sensations are hu-man, then it suggests the information being received is tailored for each individual respectively. The only agency capable of touching the hearts and minds of those individuals lost to darkeness are Hue-mans or Hue-beings, those individuals who have chosen the path of truth, and as such can receive ministry and guidence from the universe consciously. As a result, they become channels or instruments of universal conciousness, co-creators with the grand plan of creation itself, which is partially for the evolution and upliftment of all souls. By choosing the path of truth, and becoming self mastered, we prepare ourselves to be immeasurably helpful, loving and of incredible service to our fellows. 

When we finally let go of our selfishness, either because of trauma, disillusionment, boredom and so on, then the negative ego dies and the universal or higher self is reborn in its place. To be sure, this is only the start of another journey, for all steps along the path of truth lengthen the distance to ultimate goal. Part of this spiritual ministry from the divine, provided to all creatures, is to help them discover their life path or dharma. Matter of fact, suffering and hardship to a hu-man (one who is not cognizant of their life path) are spiritual challenges and opportunities to a Hue-man. Both prefixes of hu refer to light, but the expression or intensity of light active within Hue-mans, as a result of choosing personal growth over stagnation, is much brighter. When we find our purpose in life, all the seeming insanity and chaos of this world takes on a new tone. Life purpose is beyond the physical or even the mental arenas, although we reflect it within the arena of the mind once we wake up. Life purpose is spiritual, beyond the physical and metaphysical, yet slowly infuses both. When we feel purpose we are calmed. Purpose of being brings stillness to the storms of our lives, it takes all of the divergent aspects of our consciousness and unifies them in a way which makes the past versions of our selves seem small and unrefined. This statement seems to be suggesting that the information received as a sensation is having a calming effect on those beings who need it most, for when we least expect it the universe shines the light of love and kindness on us. And the fact that they are being accepted indicates that the mind is now open via choice to continue evolving the soul.

"Masteries of flights are anticipated and seen." - As the third consequence to the first statement in this update, masteries of flight are anticipated and seen. The term mastery refers to the act of gaining skill and wisdom in something. If one is self-mastered  they have achieved a state of total skill and ability with respect to themselves, this means above and beyond just balance. For one who has balance can still be unmastered, but one who has mastery is balanced and wise. Masteries of  flight is most likely referring to the act of taking flight within the fullness of our being. For example, an artist who paints a masterpiece is expressing a deep part of their soul, and during this process, experiences profound inspiration. They need no water, they need no food, they need nothing but their work and a chance to express what is emerging from within. Of course, eventually, they will need physical sustenance, but the point is that when we make contact with our life purpose, the doorway to self-mastery is open. And if one follows their life purpose far enough, they will indeed transcend the need for physical sustenance. One can imagine themselves doing something they are passionate about, yet actually making the time to do that thing can be difficult. As such, these masteries of flight are anticipated and seen, not realized. As a result of receiving spiritual guidance through sensation, profound calm was accepted, which is a form of healing. Now that the soul has been healed, it can imagine and envision acting more powerfully on its true potential, a flight of mastery. So long as the individual persists in envisioning and acting on this flight, they will continue to evolve and gain mastery of life.

"Creations of Light are pronounced." - And as the final consequence of the first statement in this update, creations of Light are pronounced. A pronouncement is a formal or explicit statement or declaration, herein used to refer to creations of Light. A creation of Light is most likely referring to any act which brings about wisdom, the realization of divine knowledge through experience. When we act on the truth, it ceases to be a belief and becomes a knowingness. That which is known can not be taken away, yet it can be forgotten if we choose it. But more to the point of this update, a creation of Light, in one sense, is the envisioning of an idea that has the potential to impart wisdom when acted on. 

For example, if we contemplate the wisdom of kindness, we may develop the skill to become compassionate, and then imagine ourselves being kind when encountering unkindness from others. The basis of the outward expression of kindness is the development or nurturing of an idea of Light, true knowledge. In this sense, hearing a truth from someone else is only the first step. Reading about the truth makes us aware of it, but only by contemplating it and really thinking it over will it become a tree of light within our minds. 

As children we are often told not to lie, but do we really understand the value of honesty and transparency? Usually, we do not, but after living life and encountering those who do lie, we begin to contemplate the meaning of such a high truth as being honest. And given enough time and contemplation, a well integrated and holistic realization of wisdom can be developed, a Creation of Light. By pronouncing a creation of Light, we make a vow, pledge or solemn oath with the universe to honor the truth. This is a marker of personal evolution. For example, when you choose to be kind and loving to all, regardless of how they are acting toward you, then you are entering a contract with the universe, you are declaring your intention to be of service to all, forming a sacred pact. The universe responds by providing you experiences to improve and enhance this idea of unselfish love. We will experience more hardship and more unkindness from others in life when this pronouncement is made. And to a hu-man, one who is not seeking to improve themselves in totality, but only in part, this will feel harsh and cruel. But to a Hue-man, these are opportunities to gain skill in something they have consciously chosen to do. In this way, the universe won't let us fall back on the path, it won't really forget about us. Instead, it honors our choices and provides us the experiences we need to further progression, even when we forget that is what we wanted. So take care to remember and honor all of your pronouncements, because the universe honors all of them, especially the ones that are in harmony with our life purpose. 

PS - In December 2014, when Julian and I were discussing the idea of sharing these updates on the blog, he encouraged me to do more than just share the raw post. He said that we could offer our insights into what they could mean and in doing so create a venue for deep discussion and consciousness exploration. There were many times I wasn't sure if others found any value in these interpretations, but Julian and others continued to urge me on in this venture. This is just one example of the countless ways he helped me in my life path, for which I am eternally grateful. I want to dedicate these interpretations to him and his memory. I will love you always Julian, and know, that your zeal for creativity and loving service of others continues on.

- Justin
Note about meanings: The meanings offered are my attempt to objectify the Gaia Portal updates, to give them a scientifically supported basis in reality. However, the subjective process of reading the update personally is incredibly valuable, and meanings generated in each respect are not mutually exclusive (in conflict with each other). I suggest reading the update, like a tool for divination as if it was written specifically for you; similar to a psychic reading. Your meanings may not match what I share, but that does not mean one is more 'correct' than another. All meanings have value, depending on the context which is applied to them, all perspectives have a place within the whole of what IS, and therefore, can be part of an exploration of one's self. Our perspective is intimately connected to all others.


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