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ET Disclosure From Head of US Army, Who Said, "You'll be dealing with hybrid armies. You'll be dealing with little green men."

Update - Commentary on what a Hybrid Army and Little Green men means has been added below. And corrections to the Generals name and transcript have also been added.

by Justin Deschamps

On April 21st, 2016, Army Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley addressed an assembly at Norwich University during their Reserve Officer Training Corps Centennial Symposium in Northfield, Vermont.

What Gen. Milley revealed during his address is staggeringly similar to the testimony of secret space program whistleblower Corey Goode.

In particular, the partial or limited disclosure narrative being promoted by the lower level programs and their Earth-based allies.

For those who may not be aware, as part of Goode's manifold testimony, he claims that a highly advanced breakaway civilization or secret space program (SSP), with millions of off world personnel, Star Trek-like technology, and alliances with extraterrestrials has been developed by governments in secret since as early as the 1930's. His accounts are corroborated by several other respected whistleblowers and declassified government documents. 

Dr. Michael Salla, an esteemed researcher and presenter, has compiled a staggering amount of evidence to confirm Goode's claims, presented in his book, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances

For an overview of Goode's testimony, as bolstered by another respected researcher, David Wilcock, see the below-linked article. 

In his weekly TV series on, Cosmi Disclosure, Goode revealed that a major development has taken place within the secret space programs at large.

The programs range in size and scope, and in recent years, several factions have broken away from the central arm of so-called Cabal or Illuminati control. The SSP Alliance, as it is referred to by Goode, intends on releasing highly advanced technology to the public, a full disclosure "data dump" of hidden history and activities of Cabal members, and restoration of the rule of law for life on Earth and beyond. 

But last week, Goode revealed that certain lower level programs within the SSP Alliance broke away and intend on moving forward with a limited or partial disclosure agenda. These lower level programs are acting in concert with certain Earth-based groups who want to maintain influence over humanity at large by revealing only part of the truth while keeping certain aspects secret to prevent retaliation from the masses and to maintain technological superiority. In other words, the groups allied for limited disclosure want to have their turn to rule over humanity. 

Here is an excerpt discussing some of the key points,
Goode revealed that he also was briefed regarding some developments within the SSP Alliance and Earth-based Alliance councils. Apparently some lower level SSP groups broke away from the main SSP alliance and are,

" ... positioning themselves to be disclosed in a similar way that the steath fighter was disclosed back in the 80's." 
This lower level group, who is itself made up of many other programs, intends on disclosing their limited narrative to the public. Goode said:

"... the narrative they have been indoctrinated [in] is that most of the stuff flying around [in the sky] is human, that there were ETs, but not anymore, it's [all] distant past stuff."
"[Disclosure of] different space stations we have in near-Earth orbit that are about 30 to 50 years more advanced than the ISS." 
"They will probably start off with this type of information." 
This is essentially the partial disclosure narrative Goode has discussed in the past.

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Goode said the partial disclosure narrative is already being rolled out to the public. This narrative was revealed in the first and last episode of season 10 of The X-files

During General Milley's address, he hinted that the officers in attendance would be facing challenges in the 21st century that were unmatched in previous years. Specifically, 
You'll be dealing with hybrid armies. You'll be dealing with little green men.
Clearly, the suggestion here is that hitherto unrevealed aspects of exoplitical activity, currently conducted in secret, will become more prominent in the near future. The inference is that armed forces will need to deal with non-terrestrials and hybrid armies, along with terrorists. 

Or hybrid armies could refer to,
"A Hybrid army would be one that practiced Hybrid Warfare, ie a combination of Irregular (Guerilla warfare) and conventional warfare, mixed in with Cyber warefare." – comment left by reader. Data from wikipedia, and
And little green men also could refer to,
Little green men (Russian: зелёные человечки, Ukrainian: зелені чоловічки), also known as Polite People (Russian: вежливые люди, Ukrainian: ввічливі люди),[1][2][3][4] refers to masked soldiers in unmarked green army uniforms and carrying modern Russian military weapons and equipment that appeared during the Ukrainian crisis of 2014. – comment left by reader. Data from wikipedia.
So it could all just be military verbiage for earthly things, or could also mean something else. And given insider testimony, it could be both. A double entendre is a word or phrase that can be interpreted in two different ways. Whether Gen. Milley is aware of hybrid humans or extraterrestrials is unclear, but those with the clearance to know of their deeper meaning, will recognize it as such.

Season 10 of The X-Files specifically deals with the notion of hybridization of the human species, which within the show's narrative, is part of a depopulation agenda.

But the concept of hybridization of the human species is hardly a new revelation. In fact, a staggering number of women from all walks of life, reveal that they have been contacted by non-terrestrials and even impregnated by them to produce hybrid children.

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What is interesting about these anecdotes, is that hundreds of cases have been reported since the 1960's, in many different countries. The likelihood that all of these cases are elaborate hoaxes is negligible. Yet the claims remain unsupported by hard evidence, and as such, are the subject of ridicule.

However, if one considers Gen. Milley's statements at the Symposium from the 21st of this month, the notion of hybridization and extraterrestrial involvement on Earth seems more plausible. Clearly, if the army is telling up-and-coming personnel about these things, with a tone of seriousness, then there is most likely something to them.

And there is already evidence that the human race is a hybrid of some kind. In one such example, several research studies have suggested that a mysterious race of human beings replaced the existing stock some 15,000 years ago.

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And as one final supportive point in regard to Gen. Milley's statements, the work of Lloyd Pye comes to mind. Pye conducted a DNA study of the Starchild skull, which are 900-year-old remains found at a site Mexico during the 1930's. He found that there were hundreds of genes found not within the human genome. In addition that the mitochondrial DNA collected suggested that a woman was artificially inseminated by a hybrid embryo, similar to how surrogate mothers bare children for parents who can not conceive naturally.

Pye also presents a great deal of information to support the notion that humanity was created by a progenitor race some 240,000 years ago.

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And there are still other data points with a high likelihood of being accurate that corroborate Gen. Milley's statements and the narrative discussed by Goode.

The following is the video and transcript of Gen. Milley's address.


If the world of 1916 was complex. 

Or the world of 1945 was complex, the world of 2016, is intensely complex. 

And I can tell you that from personal experience, and I know that many others will tell you that as well. 

And you will graduate and be in that world. 

You're gonna be leading the soldiers and sailors, the airman and the marines, in that world. 

You'll be dealing with terrorists. 

You'll be dealing with hybrid armies. 

You'll be dealing with little green men. 

You're gonna be dealing with tribes. 

You'll be dealing with national leaders and local leaders.

You'll be dealing with politics and economics. 

You'll be dealing direct fire and indirect fire. 

You're gonna be dealing with it all. And it's all going to be dealt with it simultaneously.....


Video Information:

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley was the keynote speaker at Norwich University during its Reserve Officer Training Corps Centennial Symposium, Northfield, Vermont, on April 21, 2016.

- Justin

The preceding article is a Stillness in the Storm original creation. Please share freely. 

(Corrections: the original transcript of this article was not accurate. It has now been updated with a correct excerpt of the speech by Gen. Milley. And Gen. Milley's name has been corrected throughout this article. The original version incorrectly referred to a Gen. Millay instead of Gen. Milley.)


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