Monday, May 9, 2016

Benjamin Fulford - May 9th 2016: Notice to readers. "The Stealer Missing Number 9"

Benjamin Fulford posted this short update today regarding a book authored by Nebojsa Stanisic, a man claiming to be a member of the Gnostic Illuminati (Brotherhood of The Black Rose). This is not his normal Monday update, which should be released soon. 

The book is entitled The Stealer Missing Number 9. 

Here is the books description:
Book contains behind the curtain happenings that were attempted to be hidden by a secret society Gnostic Illuminati (Brotherhood of The Black Rose) : Undercover operations, black operation's on Global level from 2011-2015, organized crime, financial crime, corruption, cyber terrorism code 9, black fond, money movement over stolen identities to offshore zones and in offshore zones, MK Ultra (Artificial Synthetic Telepathy), US Government DARPA's secret program that was stolen in purpose of testing future weapons. This book is about what Dr. Robert Duncan is writing in theory just in practice in normal life.
Book also contains black budget to fund terrorism and testing Secret Weapons stolen from DARPA, set on 89.5 million British pounds, that was laundered over Vojvodina Bank Serbia. The names of the people and the offshore companies that participated in the use of money from the black offshore fund, secret bank accounts. A complete documentation on agent MR. Smith tied for 8 tons of cocaine from a zoo in Rotterdam, which is meant to serve to cover up the use and testing of a secret weapon, to frame people from underground. The names of the people and political parties, members Rockefeller trilateral commission government from the shadows who took part in this conspiracy.
See the raw Fulford text below.

- Justin

Source - Benjamin Fulford

Below you can find links where you can buy a book written by Nebojsa Stanisic, a person with deep experience in the intelligence world. Among other things, the book contains raw intelligence involving very real threats to use nuclear weapons against such places as Rome, London and Jerusalem.


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