Tuesday, April 19, 2016

SITS Update: Format Change, More Research Articles and Original Content, Greater Focus on Unity and Cooperation

During Free Your Mind Conference 4 this past weekend, I got some time to think about how SITS currently operates. There are so many projects, articles, topics and pieces of information I want to work on and share with all of you but have not been able to due to time constraints. As such, I am going to make some changes that give me more time for a balanced work schedule, while also improving the quality of SITS as a whole.

So Much Information to Share

For example, anywhere from 5 to 10 articles every day get set aside for research, which I would like to share with you as well. I would like to leave commentary and insights for each one but doing so is proving difficult. There's just too much information and not enough time to focus on original content.

With this in mind, the format of SITS will change slightly.

I am going to begin sharing research articles but instead of incorporating commentary for each one, I will simply share them as is. For example, at present, only about 5% of the research I do makes it onto the blog, but this will change moving forward. Sharing articles with less commentary will give me more time to focus on writing original content that synthesizes the research and provides a better venue for in-depth analysis. This way I can really dive into some of the bigger insights I receive in my own studies. As a holistic thinker, and I tend to get large downloads of information as I research topics, but up until recently, sharing those insights has been difficult due to time constraints.

Sharing Our Insights

In my early awakening, I assumed that everyone had the same insights I was having—that what I was experiencing wasn't unique. But in connecting with so many fellow truth seekers over the years, I realized the opposite is true.

Our perspective on things is very special and can contribute greatly to the understanding of others. As a matter of fact, I think it's one of the reasons we came here. My own awakening has been so powerfully refined by the perspectives of others, it only seems right to give back my own insights for others to contemplate. I know part of our task as an awakening community is to restore trust in each other and working together as partners in truth seeking—sharing information is a great way to do that.

Unity, Cooperation, and Collaboration

Seeing the diverse community at Free Your Mind Conference 4 this past weekend underscored one of the dreams I originally had for this blog.

I wanted to develop a community think-tank or discussion forum, with SITS acting as a hub or central location for collective discovery and awakening. My voice is just one point of view in a chorus of others, creating a field of view for contemplation and understanding.

This website is my way of hosting research data I can then use later to write articles that reveal my insights, allowing others to share their own to form a field of view on the whole truth.

I prefer, whenever possible, to publish entire articles on SITS because it the event a website is taken offline—which does happen for various reasons—a copy of the data is preserved here. Dr. Michael Salla and David Wilcock's sites were hacked in 2015, which is just one example of why redundancy of information hosting is important for our awakening times. In short, my focus has always been on community building, and since we each are striving to know the truth, we should be able to work together on this common goal. Even though disagreement is bound to occur, this need not stop prevent us for uniting for change.

The Cabal work closely together to strategize how they are going to achieve their goals, wouldn't it make sense for us to do the same? Shouldn't we work together to make sense of all the data swirling around us, and pool our resources? I think this is crucial; and to that end, I want to refocus my efforts on SITS, improving the volume of raw data shared, while also working to bring more original content and insight expression.

Synthesis of information is the act of taking many different data points and weaving them together so as to discern the truth and gain greater understanding, forming the basis for holistic comprehension, or the union of logic and intuition, insight and reason. Our individual perspectives on the information we receive from within and without is a gift from the universe, which I think is part of our responsibility to each other as a universal family. My primary goal is to freely give what I have to help others on their path, as I have been helped by the work of so many.

The further I walk the path of truth, the more I realize that all information really is part of the same tapestry. This realization has empowered me greatly in my own growth and I want to do my best to ensure others can be similarly empowered.

As I often say, the data shared on SITS is not a flag of truth. Please do not assume because an article is hosted on this blog it is a claim of authenticity on my part. I share data I am researching, which includes all types of information, such as potential disinformation. This is merely information to consider in an effort to help us expand our consciousness. For all data, properly discerned, becomes a part of the whole truth, the foundation for awakening self-mastery.


By and large, there are two types of news sites. Scraper sites collect and compile articles, videos, papers, and so on, sharing them as is, with no commentary or insights on the part of the researcher. Original content blogs are different in that the content is produced by an author, who usually uses many different sources or discusses various topics to produce a finished piece. SITS is a combination of the two, as I share what I am researching as well as write content to reveal a greater perspective.

I research information on a daily basis for compiling into original articles, synthesizing the information—taking many different data points and weaving them into a discussion. I'll often discuss a point of view with an air of conclusiveness—as if it might be true—but ultimately it is only a point to consider.

I am essentially sharing my personal truth-seeking process with the world or my current findings or insights with an open invitation to share your own. My hope and intent are to develop a discussion on what the data might mean, so as to empower each of us in knowing the truth more clearly as a community of like minded people.

Despite the fact that I've been writing original content of late, I am not a professional writer. My background is in science, spirituality, psychology, and holistic analysis. I seem to have a natural ability to see the bigger picture and reveal inconsistencies for reconciliation and improvement, but writing is not something that comes naturally to me. But I recognize that it is an invaluable tool in sharing data, and as such, I've worked very hard to improve what little skill I have.

I've always kept journals and written down my ideas, even as a child. This was in a style that really only made sense to me, a type of informal shorthand. As such, I had to unlearn a lot of bad habits when I began writing for others on SITS.

Writing has always been a way for me to gain greater clarity on my experience, but I only recently began trying to share this with others. Since beginning this blog, I've taught myself several different writing styles, and improved the deplorable spelling and grammar habit's I've picked up over the years, but I still have a lot to learn. Thankfully there have been many willing to suggest tips for improving my work, which I am very grateful for. And I hope to become better as time goes on.

Years ago as I began trying to share information with others, I discovered that articulating concepts in new and innovative ways lent a fresh perspective on my own understanding. In this way discussing our ideas with others freely, can be an invaluable tool for personal discovery and growth, as well as an excellent way to help others gain new insight. But the risk of becoming a truth fundamentalists—so to speak—is great. Being open minded and hearted, allowing ourselves to listen to others without pre-judging them first is a crucial skill to develop in the great unveiling we find ourselves in.

Other Goals

In addition to producing more articles and revealing more of my personal insight, I also want to produce more images with inspiring quotes, as memes have become an excellent way to share wisdom in these shifting times.

And there are still other developments happening behind the scenes that are very encouraging. I'll just share that the awakening community is presently going through a transformation. The current era of solitary awakening and isolation is about to end, and a new phase of collective activism and cooperation is going to begin—but we've only taken a few steps in this direction at this stage. The future will be a new phase of awakening that makes the current era seem primitive by comparison. All of this is made possible because of the emerging capacity for open-mindedness and heart-coherence slowly gaining momentum in the awakening community.

I am excited to begin this new journey and look forward to unfolding more mind expanding and consciousness uplifting content with all of you.

And of course, I feel incredibly grateful to be in a position to do all of this.

Every day I feel joy in knowing that I can contribute to the shift now unfolding on the planet. We're only beginning to see the effects of all our collective contributions in this regard and the future is so much brighter than we can possibly imagine from where we stand now.

So don't lose heart, and keep doing the work of gaining knowledge, changing yourself for the better and working to improve your cooperation skills with others. All of these things will be invaluable for what is to come.

Much love and my thanks,
- Justin


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