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Journal of an Abductee - Part 1 - An Awakening, and the Realization of an Unnerving Truth

The following is a personal account of so-called Alien Abduction by Shem from Discerning The Mystery.

I have not personally had an abduction experience, but I have read about the experiences of others. Shem's descriptions are incredibly vivid and seem quite intense. I can only image going through what he describes below.

The descriptions of Shem's experiences are similar to two episodes from the science fiction series Star Trek, amongst several other fictional works. 

The first example is from the series Star Trek The Next Generation. In an episode entitled Schisms, members of the crew begin feeling peculiar sensations during the day or feel a presence in their bedroom before going to bed at night. Some of the crew report night terrors or bad dreams as well. Later, several characters describe pains in places on their body but can't recall any injury associated with it. The doctor of the ship examines them to discover microsurgical procedures have been done, as well as the presence of a sedative in their bloodstreams. They also have recollections or flashbacks that are not associated with any experience they can recall. It is revealed later that another race of beings, who were in some kind of inter-dimensional space, were abducting the crew in their sleep and performing gruesome experiments on them, hence the doctor's findings. Eventually, the crew managed to prevent the beings from entering their reality, and the abductions stopped. 

The second example is from the series Star Trek Voyager. In an episode entitled Scientific Method, a race of beings in a cloaked ship attaches itself to Voyager and begins conducting experiments on the crew, using out-of-phase technology that physically makes them invisible. The race of beings roams Voyager undetected using some kind of phased cloaking device, enabling them to observe the results of their experiments. The crew begins experiencing strange pains and sensations, irritability, odd illnesses, and more, at ever increasing rates. The crew is befuddled by what is happening. One of the only crew members who seems unaffected, discovers a way to see through the cloaking device, whereupon they notice that most of the crew have devices implanted in their bodies, which are causing the health problems. Later, the crew is able to de-cloak and interrogate one of the beings. It says they are on a mission of scientific research and that the crew of Voyager should be grateful to contribute something that will help millions on their world. The being tells the Captain that in order to complete their work, only two-thirds of the crew will die or suffer permanent damage. Eventually, Voyager flys into a binary pulsar with extreme gravitational eddies that force the unethical beings to detached their ships, losing one in their escape. 

In both episodes, the beings were conducting experiments for some undisclosed scientific purpose and forcing themselves onto the crew using deceptive means. Abduction cases are similar in nature. Either the abductee is aware of being violated by their captors or does not recall anything at all, save the odd flashback. The abductors violate the beings free will—at least within cases involving unethical contacts. 

As an aside, there are many anecdotes of benevolent contact reported by contactee's over the decades. In these cases, the individuals involved claim to have had some kind of pre-incarnative consent in place for the contact to occur. For example, some Star Seeds—or individuals whose soul or consciousness did not evolve on Earth, and who were sent here from a more evolved group to assist humanity—sometimes report having contact with the original race from whom they descended.

In the below-linked article is one example of abduction that is seemingly too fantastic to be true. It involves women who are taken, impregnated via sexual intercourse with a non-terrestrial being and later delivering a hybrid child that is immediately taken off-world to grow up elsewhere. The strange thing is, there are thousands of these anecdotal cases reported all throughout the world, spanning several decades of time. Some of these reports even come from regions with no access to TV or the Internet, suggesting that those coming forward genuinely believe that these experiences are real.

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And then, of course, there is the Secret Space Program or Military-Industrial Complex, which according to several credible insiders, have abduction programs for various purposes. In these cases, the contact is usually negative in nature, similar to what Shem and others describe insofar as experimentation. This aspect of the abduction phenomenon was vividly disclosed in the latest season of The X-Files from earlier this year. 

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What I found so interesting about Shem's account is that he describes phantom pains, peculiar sounds, and inexplicable flashbacks of memories that were too real to be dreams or fantasy. Apparently the feeling of a presence in the room or hearing noises outside his window still occurs, but he is able to calm himself using meditation techniques. If his accounts are accurate, some group of beings, whether human or otherwise, is actively still trying to abduct him, but he seems to have found a way to stop it or at least not be driven mad by the experiences. 

I applaud Shem for so bravely sharing of himself, especially an experience that most unawakened people would find completely absurd. Psychologically or within the realms of consciousness, when we share information we deem to be secretive or potentially taboo (socially unacceptable) it is a tremendous act of bravery and soul growth. And often the sense of relief felt by purging one's consciousness of secrets can be incredibly empowering.

One last point about Shem's testimony is in regard to what have been called negative greetings received after he began writing the article. A negative greeting, as defined by the Law of One, is an experience of intensity (usually not something that we want) that acts as a catalyst for our soul growth, usually because we've stagnated at some level. For example, if you are processing along a spirtiual path, and then one day decide to go back to being materialistic and unconscious, the universe is much less forgiving of you. It actually allows nefarious beings to interact with you, in a guided way, to nudge you back on the path, called negative greetings, because the being makes an offer that would lead you away from your chosen path. 

In Shem's case, he kept his abduction experiences secret for years, which obviously affected him adversely insofar as slowing his spiritual growth. The negative greeting of having a resurgence of abduction symptoms while in the process of trying to share them with the world was an attempt to fill him with fear so he would not complete the work. If he chose not to share the data, the negative effects of keeping secrets would be enhanced, and he would stagnate in his growth. But instead, he forged ahead, learned new skills and courage to conquer his fears, and as a result grew more powerfully from the experience. 

So in this way, negative greetings are a nexus point wherein we must choose to either progress and grow, healing ourselves in the process, or continue to stagnate and suffer even more intensely. 

Shem states below that when he began writing this article, strange things that were associated with the abduction experiences of his past started happening again. Even though he developed methods for dealing with these things, the intensity was enough to give him pause. Yet he still produced the article and shared his story, which I think is an indication he passed the test of the universe, so to speak. He chose to evolve instead of stagnate. 

As one final comment, I think we are each given these opportunities for growth in all moments of our lives. If we are willing to consider what happens in life as an opportunity to grow in spirit and evolve in consciousness, the seemingly random bad things that happen to us can be recognized as opportunities for soul growth. This is a much more empowering and emotionally uplifting perspective to take. 

Thanks again Shem for sharing of yourself so fully. 

Source - Discerning The Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal

For a while now, I've had in mind to start a series about my own life experiences. Many of us have gone through various process of awakening, and realizations that the world is not quite what we were raised to believe. My experiences (like those of many) are not particular topics of socially acceptability among some audiences, either due to closed minds, or due to fear of the possibility that those who speak of such things may actually be telling the truth. Maybe both situations apply. Either way, my life has primarily been wrought with these other-worldly experiences, and I think it's about time I brought them into the light, whatever the result (or the reaction) might be.

Be advised, not all of these experiences are exactly pleasant to read about. If you are a person who doesn't feel comfortable discussing such topics, you may want to read one of my other articles. If you are someone I may know in real life, who didn't know any of these things about me, prepare to hear some things you didn't expect to. Overall, if you are interested in hearing these otherworldly stories from my life, read on.

...Still here? ...Good. Let's get started then.

There are more stories to tell than I am able to count. So it took me some time to decide where to start. I may as well tell you about the first time I became fully aware of these involuntary, nighttime excursions. This was a few years back during the hay-day of my awakening. I had recently joined two community groups on meditation and intuitive practices, and was well on my way to learning a great deal about the otherwise, hidden truth of the world around me.

Life was extremely difficult then as I had just gotten out of a traumatic experience trying to live in a deceptively closed-minded city, which I expected to hold more opportunity than my experience lent. My career had come to a screeching halt do to my failing health, loss of energy, and the consequent loss of the mental and emotional fortitude it took to sustain it all on my own. To add, I had also just made a decisive exit from an abusive church organization/cult which bore much resemblance to the one I was raised in. All of these factors combined made life seem pretty ridiculous at the time. There wasn't much that I had to hope in back then. (I would later receive more devastating news, but luckily, the hardship didn't all fall on my head at once.)

There are many details I could give you about my awakening experience—many of them were amazing beyond even my comprehension, but for now, I will keep things short and get to what I'm sure you're waiting to hear.

There have been countless hints in my past that things were very wrong with regard to my nighttime surroundings at home. Any time I would turn the lights out I would typically here strange sounds that I couldn't explain (coming from right next to me), objects sliding across my desk (a level, stable surface) across from my bed, and then there were the spotty, disjointed memories I seemed to have of occurrences which were anything but normal. It wasn't that I had never had strange experiences before, it was just that I never bothered to take notice. I didn't realize that there might be a connecting factor among most of them. One night, that all change.

I was getting ready to go to sleep just like always—shower, tooth-brushing, setting my alarm clock—per my normal routine. I turn out the light and get in bed, but as I laid there, I noticed that something was different. After a few minutes I began to notice noises coming from outside my window. (I lived in a relatively quiet neighborhood at the time so there wasn't much noise to begin with. The backyard was small and fenced in. There were never many animals around. At least not that I ever saw. I would imagine that w few nocturnal animals would stroll through every now and then, and wasn't really expecting to see anything new that night.)

At a certain point, I realized that the noises coming from outside my window didn't at all seem random, like the wind usually does. (It was fall a the time, so I could hear the wind through the trees outside my window, as well as the quiet rustling of dry leaves blowing across the ground.) Still I tried not to take much notice, but my obliviousness would not last long.

At one point, I got the feeling that I was being watched, even though I was completely alone in a dark, enclosed room with closed blinds. At the same time, I realized that the sound of leaves crunching outside near my window was somehow reacting to me, and whenever I took notice, they quieted down. Naturally, I didn't feel good about this at all. In weeks later, I would very much take notice of these sounds, but that night I ended up excusing it away as some animal and going to sleep. However, this night would be anything but normal.

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I awakened to the scene of my room, but it wasn't at all normal. Everything was warped as though someone took my normal field of vision and stretched it out length-wise. Another aspect of this view which was definitely off, was the fact that everything was bathed in an iridescent, blue light. Upon seeing this bright light in my room, I simply thought it was morning and that it was time to get up, only I'm pretty sure I couldn't move. It was only seconds before I heard a drill behind my head. The sound was unmistakable. It didn't sound like anything you could buy in a hardware store. The RPM was too high for that, plus there seemed to be two tones within that rotational sound (one higher in pitch than the other).

It wasn't long after I heard the drill that I felt the drill boring into an area of my skull that should have killed me (near the base of the occipital bone). One would expect to feel some type of pain upon having their skull drilled, but my experience was different. In a way it was much worse. The moment the drill made contact with my head, I'm pretty sure I died, or came pretty close to death. I lost control of all movement and went limp, my eyes would no longer move, yet I could still see out of them somewhat, and my tongue became a lifeless hunk of flesh in my mouth. I'll never forget the way my tongue retracted and flopped to the back of my mouth. I imagine the only way such a thing could happen is if one's heart stopped.

This would be a shorter ordeal compared to others. I had no conscious memory of anything else that happened that night, but when I woke up I was understandably confused. Part of me knew that I wasn't dreaming. I remembered what I saw and what I felt, and that the scene that I experienced, as I laid there unable to move, was not at all my room, but only projected image. (Through later experiences, I'm now convinced that the image of my room was some sort of manipulated illusion.)

The memory was only one aspect of the ordeal. When I awoke that morning, I had a headache like no other I have ever experienced, but it wasn't just a headache. I had experienced constant migraines during my college years to the point that I just learned to deal with the pain, as I knew life wasn't going to stop for me. This headache, however, was no migraine. This was a razor sharp, stabbing pain inside my head which started where the drill had apparently entered my skull. It wasn't just a pain though. The stabbing sensation was shifting as though something were moving inside my head. (I remember the pain being so severe that I found myself shutting one eye or the other, depending on which direction it moved.)

I have heard of different types of implants from stories of alien abduction. Some are actually solid and can be seen in an X-ray scan, but others are more difficult to detect. There are also those which are not physical at all, but more etheric or multiphasic. (Of course I realize this is unknown technology, but if you've come this far with me, you're obviously open-minded enough to imagine the possibility.) These implants can't be seen or detected because they exist in such a way that they are out of phase with base-level energetic resonance of our density, yet still they interfere with the body. It was probably one of these etheric implants which was placed in my head, if any, as a solid drill to the brain-stem would most-likely kill a person. Then again, it did feel as though I died.

I would live with this headache for months. Even still, I couldn't tell any of my typical friends what I had experienced. Sadly, society seems to be deliberately designed in such a way that when people have these problems, everyone is socially obligated to turn a blind eye, become rudely skeptical, or think the person to be crazy (not that I haven't considered that possibility as well). So no one speaks up, but these occurrences are as real as anything else a person experiences, whether or not society exhibits the courage to explore such possibilities. I knew of the reaction I would most likely receive from average people. So I kept this horror to myself, but not forever.

I consider myself very fortunate that I did have such an open-minded couple of friends in my community meditation groups. If it weren't for them I may not be here today. So I owe them quite a bit of gratitude.

As I said, there are countless stories I could write about from my own personal life. Most of these subjects are no big deal for me, though they are fairly revealing into my person life. So it would simply be a case of protecting identities and the privacy of those involved. This short account is fairly disjointed without the entirety of the picture to consider, but hopefully in time, I can write more of this out. I know there are countless people who have quietly suffered for lifetimes, as I have, without an open ear to hear their story. I intend to change that.

For those who haven't been informed on the matter, there is a sort of partial disclosure occurring presently, where some of the secrets of space, of the possibility of life on other planets, and government crimes against humanity, are slowly being revealed to the public. The catch about this disclosure is that those initiating it do not at all intend to tell us the entirety of the truth. They intend to only give the aspects of truth which are to their own advantage to reveal, without caring much about the ethical obligation to fully disclose.

I mention this partial disclosure because it is this string of half-truths that is intended to allow people like me and countless others to continue suffering for a lifetime. While we are denied any knowledge of life on other planets, every one of these abduction/experimentation programs (which currently use human-kind as lab rats) will be free to continue for another century. I don't intend to let this happen. The fact is that the more we speak up, the greater the chances we have of gaining our freedom, not just from this night-time torment, but from the establishment that is willfully perpetuating it.

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One interesting fact to note is that as I was writing this, the energy in the room changed to a very low vibration. I have developed some pretty effective protection protocols (as well as some rather effective intuitive ability) which have kept me free from this nighttime nuisance for a while now, but after I started composing this article, it was though “they” went into overdrive.

My protection was no longer enough, and the presence of these exploitative beings was palpable--even audible--before I went to sleep (taps on the walls, the typical, sturdy bump on the side of my bed to see whether or not I've fallen asleep (a common occurrence), and the trademark static charge in the air). Their presence brings a very uncomfortable vibe to the room. It's the prickly sensation that comes with the hair on the back of the neck standing up. Only this energy normally stands all of the hair on my body up on end. I have never felt it during the day until I started writing this article. I get the feeling they dislike the fact that they are being outed, which gives me quite a bit of satisfaction in writing all of this down. (I received a synchronizing, numeric message the moment I wrote the previous sentence.)

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I would like to write more on these topics, but for now, I will give you a list of facts about my experiences so as to paint a clearer picture of my life's ordeal.

Recently, the website HumansAreFree.com published an article which listed 72 different characteristics most people with previous abduction experiences have faced. You may find it interesting to know that I have experienced most of them for as long as I can remember. Here are a few of the symptoms which are most pertinent to me.

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