Friday, March 4, 2016

Corey Goode Stalked by Black Chinook Helicopter

Corey Goode reported during the Consciousness Life Expo that he was the harassed by a Chinook Helicopter which flew by his home the week prior. As Shem reports below, Goode claims that this was probably an effort to intimidate him to back off of full disclosure. Several days prior to the talk, Goode was warned to stop his disclosure efforts.

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Goode also said during the presentation that his previous home came under some kind of strange attack, wherein the whole house looked like it 'was twisted end to end.' He said that he and his family left for the weekend, and upon their return, there were cracks in the walls, doorways and ceiling. 

What's even more peculiar, is that his neighbors side of the house, a duplex, was untouched. What could cause such intense structural damage to one side of the unit but not the other?

Goode supplied photos of that strange event during the Consciousness Life Expo talk.

Below is a second event, documented by video in this case.

The actual video Goode provided during the talk is below.

For a complete series of notes of that talk, which covers a great deal of information, please see the below-linked article.

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- Justin

Source - Discerning The Mystery

By Shem El-Jamal

Recently, Corey Goode encountered a Chinook helicopter that seemed to be specifically focused on himself, and his house. This happened very recently--soon after he was warned to back off from the "full-disclosure" narrative. In this footage (which debuted at this year's Conscious Life Expo) it looked as though Corey was trying to stay somewhat out of sight, but at the same time, was trying to get a clear shot of the people who were making it a point to stalk him.

As Goode maps out the scene of how this encounter took place, he describes going outside to find this helicopter hovering very close to his house. It would hover, circle around, and come back to repeat this process over and over again. This went on for around six minutes. The strangest part of the situation is that Corey doesn't live anywhere near a military base or installation of any kind. As I understood it, these choppers have never taken any route close to his house. Not only this but as David Wilcock mentioned, it was possible to see these people looking directly at him during this encounter. That's how close they came.

Goode describes how this has never happened to him before. As previously stated, he was warned to avoid the full-disclosure narrative. Apparently, some of those in the lower-level Secret Space Program have a few agendas that this narrative might threaten.

In this video, Corey is trying to stay somewhat out of sight and record at the same time. As soon as he starts to record, this chopper stops hovering, takes off, and starts to circle again. It was as though they somehow knew he had pressed the "record" button.

 During the presentation, it was apparent that Corey was somewhat proud to have caught this footage on camera, and I don't blame him at all. So many people have criticized his claims for lacking evidence, and I imagine it was pretty satisfying to finally record video footage to back up his story. (We should note that all of these claims are specifically about a world which is deliberately hidden from the surface population. Consequently, evidence is not exactly a reasonable expectation in such a situation, but it would be a nice compliment to these claims.)

I personally don't need much physical evidence to be convinced that such things are taking place (due to personal experiences). Though it is understandable that many still do.

 I don't really blame Corey for being a bit proud, mostly because it's not everyday that a person is able to keep their wits about them all while being tailed by "the man".

This situation is reminiscent of another that happened in recent history. Anyone familiar with the name "Bill Brockbrader" (also known as "Bill Wood"), may remember a specific interview that kept being interrupted by military choppers passing overhead repeatedly. The location where this interview was taking place was nowhere near any military base, but these choppers kept flying over. They would even stop and hover at low altitude, sometimes even within eye-shot of where Bill was sitting. (It was as though they were listening to the conversation.)

Reference Video...
Project Camelot: Bill Wood: Above & Beyond Project Looking Glass
(Right around the 30:00 mark)



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