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The Programmable Mind - An Extraordinarily Powerful 6 Minute Video from Bruce Lipton

The power of the mind is little understood in our modern world, but to be sure, our lack of understanding does not in the least deter its power to create. 

All things we create or experience pass through this ever-present and all-inclusive feature of our beingness. Yet how often do we spend time learning about and cultivating the qualities and abilities of our own minds?

Bruce Lipton is a developmental biologist who has become famous by promoting the notion that beliefs can change biology and literally reprogram DNA. As he describes in the video below, the primary mechanisms behind this process are mental. 

According to Lipton, the conscious mind is where wishes, desires, aspirations, and positive thinking can take place, which then settle into the subconscious mind as a program. 

Image captured from the below Bruce Lipton video.

This means that the conscious mind is our tool to rewrite our own programming. This is accomplished by generating thoughts and ideas that override existing programs. Our skill in imagination or positive affirmation is the determining factor for if a new thought will properly rewrite the mind.

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The science of rewriting a subconscious program is the concept of entrainment or sympathetic resonance. For an in-depth explanation of entrainment, see the below-linked article. 

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Observation generates thought-forms and beliefs as a seemingly automatic process. Even if we are not consciously judging something, our subconscious mind registers what was observed and automatically assigns a belief to it from our pre-existing store of programs. Science has already proven that the body reacts up to 10 seconds before an event triggering the response happened. These reactions come from our pre-existing programs.

What this means is that even if you are not consciously aware of it, just by experiencing reality, your mind is being programmed. As a matter of fact, the whole advertising industry employs subtle or subliminal conditioning, which is founded on this ability of the mind to record and judgments of all sensory data. The mind is constantly generating programs we are not consciously aware of because our world is awash with subtle influences. Therefore, most of us are acting out programs that we did not consciously write ourselves, which can feel very disempowering. 

As Lipton mentions in the below quote, anytime we are not paying attention to something, whether it occurs inside or outside of us, the subconscious mind takes over, and assigns a judgment or belief to it that becomes a program.
"Anytime you are not paying attention, the default program of the subconscious mind takes over"
Since it's not possible to pay attention to everything all the time, then this means we are being influenced by programs at all times. This can seem very disempowering, especially since 95 percent of brain activity is beyond our conscious awareness, but the good news is we can actually re-write disempowering programs transforming them into empowering ones. By becoming conscious of our thoughts, emotions, and actions, we begin the process of reprogramming.

Here is one powerful quote from Lipton's presentation:
"The function of mind is to create coherence between what you believe and the actual reality you experience." — Bruce Lipton
This is a statement by Lipton that helps underscore the fundamental principle of correspondence or comparison, an essential to for gaining freedom from our disempowering beliefs. 

The term coherence refers to the quality of being logical or consistent, descriptors of holistic things. For example, if you believe that the sky is clear — and it actually is — then there is coherence between this thought and reality, there is consistency. When there is coherence between our thoughts and reality itself, we normally call this a truth. And when we consciously recognize the coherence between our thoughts and reality, we form a belief that is reflective of true knowledge. True knowledge, or what I call positive knowledge, always empowers us, which settles into the unconscious mind as a coherent program. 

In other words, by becoming aware of negative knowledge (false beliefs) and transforming them with truth (positive knowledge), we reprogram our minds to become a tool of empowerment, instead of the instrument of folly. 

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Stated again for emphasis, developing an ability to discern and accept the truth, by comparing our beliefs with experience itself, is one of the best ways to reprogram the mind in an empowering way. 

The mind is the tool we use to determine if there is coherence between our beliefs and reality; it is the tool we use to discern if what we believe to be true is actually truth. And this is of central importance because ultimately our beliefs are the foundation for our thoughts, emotions and desires

We are beings of coherence, meaning: so we think, so we feel, so we act. What we choose to accept as truth (a belief) becomes a program and shapes what we think is possible. 

If we believe we are capable of becoming an artist, our desires will be coherent with this belief, and we'll act on them. If we do not believe we are capable of becoming an artist, any thought that is coherent with becoming one will be undermined. We won't even try to become an artist because we've programmed ourselves to think it isn't possible. And even if we do try, the belief we can't will most likely undermine us via negative emotions. 

The next tool we have at our disposal to reprogram the mind is gaining awareness that we have programs in the first place. 

How often do you notice an impulse or instinctual urge before acting on it? The vast majority of people have become so disconnected with the power of their own minds, that they mistake their programming for who they really are. But this is like a carpenter mistaking a house they are building for their own identity, when in reality, the house can always be rebuilt.

We are not our creations, but our creations affect us. 

Developing the ability to observe our reactions, impulses and desires — all of which come from our subconscious programming — is essential to reprogramming the mind. In order to do this, a thought or belief with greater coherence must be created. If we believe that we can't do something, then in order to override this belief we must imagine that we can do it, and fill this idea with as much conscious energy as possible to make it real. And of course, this new belief should always be coherent with reality itself, it should actually be true. 

One technique for doing this is visualization. If you believe that washing dishes is a boring mundane task, then you will feel bored when doing it. Imagine yourself washing dishes and having the most amazing experience of your life. Imagine that is incredibly satisfying, that you are positively benefiting your living situation, and that it is like a dance of jubilation, a supreme loving and giving act of service. The more clearly you are able to visualize and invest yourself in this new belief of enjoying dish washing, the more easily it will be invoked when doing so in the future. This is the power of positive affirmation, using the mechanics of sympathetic resonance to entrain a positive thought form onto a negative one. 

As Lipton states:
"Most of our subconscious programing comes from social indoctrination, the thoughts, beliefs and opinions of other people." — Bruce Lipton
In other words, if we do not use our minds to program our own consciousness, then someone's beliefs, thoughts and desires will do it for us — usually without our knowledge. 

Peer pressure is probably one of the best examples of social conditioning due to weak mental discipline. The less we are consciously aware of who we are, the more easily we will be influenced by the suggestions and actions of others. 

Perhaps this is what is meant by the following quote from antiquity:
"I warn you, whoever you are...

Oh, you who wish to probe the arcanes of nature, if you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither shall you be able to find it outside.

If you ignore the excellencies of your own house, how do you intend to find other excellencies?
In you is hidden the treasure of treasures.

Oh, man, know thyself and thou shall know the Universe and the Gods!"

— Phrase inscribed in the ancient Temple of Delphi.
The term respect comes from the latin re, meaning again, and specere, meaning to look. Spending time every day to gain self-respect is key to knowing thyself. And once we gain true knowledge of the self, any false program that disempowers or limits us will be transformed into an empowering one. And we will become immune to the influences of society and others.

And if we really contemplate the of importance human nature, that it is programmable by the individual and the environment, then our focus as a society seeking peace and prosperity can take on a new form. 

How we treat each other and ourselves is one way we program the collective consciousness of humanity, which in turn shapes the aggregate reality we all experience. 
"Peace comes from helping our children not acquire those negative programs." — Bruce Lipton
If peace comes from helping our children not acquire negative programs, then taking care to program ourselves properly is the first step in ensuring when we interact with others, they are influenced beneficially. Our choices and resulting behaviors literally become subtle suggestions for those around us. So by becoming an agent of peace and truth within our own lives, we radiate that outwardly. 

If everyone did this as much as possible, the world could change very quickly. 

Learn to use your mind, or someone else will, and the world they create with your mind may not be the one you want for yourself or your loved ones. 

- Justin

Source - A Tree of Light

Bruce Lipton has frequently impressed me in the past.  Admittedly, I haven't kept up to date with his material in quite some time mostly due to the rather "New Age" advertising/branding that tends to surround his work.  This is not to discredit him as an individual whatsoever - it's only because I've witnessed first hand the use of New Age memes and slogans to negatively program brilliant people in the past, and I know for certain that if there are any semi-intelligent "elite" left on this Earth today (their numbers are dwindling, believe it or not), then they are most likely doing what they can to locate and destroy good ideas and good people right at the outset.  This can occasionally have the effect of subtly compromising very good people, and because of what I've witnessed in my own life I tend to stay away from "New Age-y" material, though I genuinely trust that most people who market and/or in some sense "belong" to that demographic are intelligent, decent and good people.  

In Bruce Liptons case, I am not his biographer and I have no idea what goes into the marketing behind his work, but the bottom line is that the material he presents is often very insightful and profoundly empowering.  It's not "negative" whatsoever to materially demonstrate that the human mind is programmable - quite the opposite: this is knowledge that bestows upon us the key to our freedom.  The truth is, we are being programmed all the time; but we need not be frightened by this concept as long as we put in diligent effort to own and know the models that govern our thinking.  Self-deprogramming and re-programming begins with the act scrutinizing the models and narratives that govern our thinking and then by seeking models and narratives of greater scope and coherence than the "default" programming we most likely received through "education" and television.

It is actually difficult to overstate the benefits of doing this - the human body automatically incorporates the habits, instinct, and cellular/somatic knowledge (or confusion) associated with models that the Mind trusts are true.  The power of thinking deliberately, of choosing to read and learn, and of being constructive and positive is nothing less than the power to transform Hell into Heaven.  This, I suspect, is the real meaning behind the famous quote, allegedly from Jesus: "the truth shall set you free."

For more on these ideas, check out the Canons of Cognitive Law on One Heaven for profound insight on the science of healing the mind.  Also, the negative mind influence and positive mind influence chapters of A Tree of Light provide much information along these lines as well.

P.S. When a researcher calls out the Jesuits like Lipton does halfway through the video, then that's a very good sign.  It means he is actually willing to call out some of the top folks of the world power hierarchy by name.  Bravo!

Published on Jan 23, 2016

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