Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Full Update | Benjamin Fulford - March 14th 2016: Indonesian president to visit Holland to talk gold with P2 Freemasons

Benjamin Fulford's report from Monday the 14th of March 2016 has been updated with the full article. Click here to read the full report. 

This post is merely to serve as a notice that the original post has been updated. In the above link, scroll down to where it says:

[Below is the remaining portion of Fulford's update this week]

“Alexander Romanov,” also explained why he was locked up again by the Japanese authorities until recently. It turns out he was sitting drunk in a park when local Japanese police asked him for ID. Since he does not have any (his ID has all been confiscated) he was taken away to the station until higher levels of the police instructed that he be let go. When he returned to his house there was a car with the license number 666 parked in front of it. The drunk and angry Romanov then stabbed the driver of this car in the neck with a combination bottle and can opener. Shortly after that he was hauled away by about 20 policemen and put in “protective custody.” Romanov was let go after promising not to cause any more such incidents. Such is the life of a genuine illuminati grandmaster.

In any case, Romanov also said he had a message from the CIA colony known as North Korea. Kim Jong Un would like to be emperor of the future united entity of Korea and Japan. Kim would be a more genuine emperor than the Rothschild puppet currently sitting on the throne, Romanov says.

The North Koreans know how to contact the WDS without going through Romanov so it is hard to know what to make of this. However, the recent sanctions put on North Korea by Russia, China, the US and Japan are actually hurting a lot and forcing the North Koreans to the negotiating table. This may thus be a genuine negotiating ploy.

In relation to this, the recent “North Korean Submarine,” reported sunk by the US military during US/South Korean wargames was actually an Israeli submarine that was planning to launch a nuclear missile at the US and blame it on North Korea, according to Japanese military intelligence sources. This was a submarine that was recently delivered to Israel by Germany, Pentagon sources say.

Speaking about Israel, US Vice President Joe Biden went there on March 8th to tell Satanist Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu that the new Russian/Vatican alliance will force Israel to stop its international anti-social behavior, Pentagon sources say. A planned UN resolution will call for “a two state solution forcing Israel to withdraw to 1949 lines, lift the genocidal Gaza siege and make East Jerusalem as capital for Palestine,” they say. Failure to comply will lead to UN sanctions and an arms embargo, they add. In addition, UN troops led by Russia may evict armed settlers and protect Gaza, they say


Benjamin Fulford - March 14th 2016: Indonesian president to visit Holland to talk gold with P2 Freemasons



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