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Cosmic Disclosure Season 4 - Episode 2: Who Built the Moon? - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

In part two of the super-Earth sub-series, David Wilcock discusses other insider testimony as it relates to who the ancient people were and what happened to them after the destruction of their world. 

Corey Goode was exposed to some of this information during his time in the Secret Space Program, from 1987 to 2007, and offers comment when he is able.

Wilcock's insider, Bruce, is a lower level SSP asset with access to certain types of information, in some cases, above and beyond what Goode was privy to. Wilcock refer's to Bruce's information frequently throughout this episode. More of Bruce's background is discussed in the below-linked episode.

Wilcock says that according to his insider Jacob, the people of super-Earth were highly technologically advanced, following a transhumanist course of development. According to Jacob, they were using cybernetic implants, involving the projection of light and color patterns on the face as a method of communication. Goode said that certain types of telepathic beings, he has encountered, use a similar method of Auric light projection to communicate, but he had never heard of technology used in this way. 

Bruce also told Wilcock that the super-Earth people were using nanites to construct bases and facilities. He was told that the super-Earth people could send a baseball sized package of nanites back in time, which would burrow into a moon or large asteroid using the material there to construct a fully formed installation that they would then find completed in the present. 

According to Bruce, the super-Earth people sent one of these nanite balls to a distant solar system where our moon was originally located. They did this because elite members of the civilization learned of an invasionary force that was coming from outside of the solar system to destroy them, in response to their creation of a superweapon built around Saturn. Apparently, the moon-ark arrived in our solar system just in time for 12 to 16 billion of the super-Earth people to take refuge, only a small fraction of the total population. But due to the calamity of the super-Earth's destruction, the moon-ark suffered heavy damage and most of the refugees lost their lives. Despite this, the moon-ark was carefully moved into position around the Earth, becoming the Moon we know today. 

Although Goode cannot confirm every aspect of Bruce's testimony, he was able to confirm that there are ancient ruins on the surface of the Moon as well as deep below the crust. According to a report he saw on the smart glass pads, early tunneling projects on the Moon encountered an enormous ancient base network deep below the surface. 

Bruce also told Wilcock that after the Moon was successfully moved into position around the Earth, some of the survivors built eco-domes on the surface. Goode was able to confirm that there are ancient ruins of domes as well as a great deal of older technology he personally saw during his time there. They then present insider testimony from the Disclosure Project discussing the existence of artificial structures on the Moon.

The beings that lived on the super-Earth were apparently very large in stature, up to 60 to 70 feet tall. Goode and Wilcock discuss how cabal religions or belief systems go back to this time period when the super-Earth refugees were settling on the Earth in several different epochs of migration. 

Wilcock discusses in his series Wisdom Teachings, that the super-Earth peoples eventually came to Earth after going through a genetic adjustment to construct bodies suitable for the environment here. Summaries of those shows can be found here

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Overview of Corey Goode, the Secret Space Program Alliance and the Sphere Being Alliance:

Corey Goode is a Secret Space Program (SSP) insider and whistleblower that began disclosing information in 2009 under the pseudonym GoodETxSG. In 2014, he started revealing a great deal more information in an effort to prepare humanity for what he calls data dumps, set to occur at an opportune moment in the future. Much of the information he provides comes from Smart Glass Pads, iPad-like devices supplied to SSP personnel for information dissemination purposes. This will be a groundbreaking event, revealing the totality of Earth's history and the activities of the Cabal which will ultimately lead to a truth and reconciliation style tribunal to hold criminal elements accountable for wrongdoing. Additionally, the SSP Alliance intends on releasing all of the hidden technology to the people in preparation for a Star Trek-type golden age civilization.

According to Goode, the Cabal or the secret Earth government and their syndicates (as termed by the SSP Alliance) have enslaved humanity under a false paradigm of a technological advancement, while secretly developing incredible technology (a Star Trek level of advancement) used to colonize the solar system and beyond, engaging in trade with thousands of extraterrestrial races. 

Space programs have been developed in secret all throughout Earth's history, and in many cases, groups broke away from the main culture forming what is called a Breakaway Civilization. Some of these civilizations have existed in secret, on Earth and beyond for, thousands of years. The Agartha Network is one such group that claims to be the original human race. It was this group in addition to the Draco Alliance, that made contact with a secret German space program in the early 20th Century. 

In modern times, the Germans were the most advanced of the SSP groups, beginning their efforts in earnest during the early 1920's and 30's. The Americans were also developing a SSP, but were much further behind in technological advances. Later, the American SSPs were infiltrated and taken over by the Germans after the end of World War II. It was after this forced merger that the SSP, under the direction of the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), expanded into the solar system and beyond, setting up dozens of bases and mining facilities chiefly using slave labor.

In the early 1990's, a faction within the SSP known as Solar Warden slowly began to go against the ICC, allying with a group of highly evolved extraterrestrials known as the Sphere Being Alliance in 2012. Since then, more factions have joined the alliance which is actively working to free humanity on Earth and beyond, known as the SSP Alliance. Despite their good intentions, the SSP Alliance is a group of highly damaged and morally ambiguous individuals, according to Goode, that recognize at some level the need to change the status quo, but are hardly angels. 

The Sphere Beings are a group of five extraterrestrial races, one of which is known as the Blue Avians, that arrived in the solar system during the late 1980's. Two of the races remain unrevealed; however, there is also a race of Golden Triangle Head beings and Blue Orb beings made of light. Over the course of 20 years, they began bringing massive spheres into the solar system and surrounding area, some which are the size of Jupiter. This is in an effort to down-step galactic energy waves, which are slowly changing life as we know it. These spheres are cloaked and not detectable by the surface population of Earth. 

According to the Sphere Beings, a massive shift in energetic expression is now occurring in the solar system, as the result of a natural process of consciousness evolution, assisted by our solar system's movement through the galaxy and increasingly coherent energy fields encountered as a result. The Sphere Being Alliance specifically asked for Goode to represent them in SSP Alliance meetings as a Sphere Being Alliance delegate. Presently, the SSP Alliance is negotiating with the remaining cabal aligned programs, as well as innumerable races that have lived in the solar system for millions of years, and even breakaway civilizations once resident on the Earth's surface. The Sphere Beings have erected an energy barrier around the solar system preventing ingress and egress, trapping many of the negatively oriented groups that have been loosely allied with the secret Earth government syndicates for thousands of years. Since this event, the pyramid of power known on Earth known as the Cabal or Illuminati has fallen into disarray, because the Draco Alliance attempted to betray their underlings to the Sphere Beings in an attempt to gain passage out of the solar system and escape the coming justice of the SSP Alliance. 

SSP factions encountered many intriguing things as they ventured out into the solar system. Apparently there are remnants of extremely old settlements and technology from what is called the Ancient Builder Race. These beings were incredibly advanced, using a type of consciousness technology that appears to be an inanimate object until activated by a user. They are also responsible for building ancient stargates found on nearly every major body in the solar system. According to the Agarthans, the Sphere Beings are in fact the Ancient Builder Race, although the SSP has yet to confirm this directly from them. 

The dark side of the Moon is home to many different groups, including the ICC, the Draco Alliance, the SSP Alliance, the Dark Fleet, and more. The Moon is apparently an artificial object, and has become a neutral zone for all of these groups, which have maintained a peaceful armistice for thousands of years. The Moon serves as an observational outpost for over 60 groups of extraterrestrial races engaged in 22 genetic programs and social experiments on Earth. Some of these programs conflict with each other, yet all of them have influenced Earth's history for millennia.

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Show Description:
Corey Goode discusses the origin of our moon and how its arrival brought important changes to a developing world, millions of years ago. Previously, we have learned that many extraterrestrial species have bases embedded in the surface of the moon. Now, it is revealed who built the moon, what it was originally used for and how it was transported into our solar system.  
This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast March 15, 2016.
Summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary in [green bolded brackets]. Alterations to the transcript for ease of reading will be in [brackets], but the original content of the dialog is always maintained. The images with black letter boxing were captured from this episode on Gaia TV.

Transcribed by Hugues. Commentary by Justin Deschamps.

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode.

  • DW - Welcome back to Cosmic Disclosure. I’m your host, David Wilcock and I’m here with Corey Goode. In this episode, we’re going to continue our discussion about the Super Earth and specifically the survivors of this terrible cataclysm. According to multiple insiders who I’ve been in contact with and the information that Corey has gotten directly, [the Super Earth] was destroyed and the fragments are now what we call the asteroid belt, which is parked between the planets Mars and Jupiter. So this is going to be some very interesting information: stuff that many of us have wanted to know for so long, answering so many mysteries. So Corey, welcome to the show.
  • CG - Thank you!
  • DW - Now, I want to get into what Richard C. Hoagland’s top insider, Bruce, was telling me about the nature of the civilization on the Super Earth. There [are] far too many correlations between what you saw on the smart glass pads and what he told me for it to be an accident. These things line up so well in my opinion. It was utterly mind-blowing for me when we first started talking in October 2014 in detail how much of the stuff he had said that you independently could verify from your own firsthand reports. And again, it’s difficult to explain to people how much this happens when you start talking to different insiders.I was holding on to so much information that I had never put online so that people would trust me, so that I would continue to hear more. Also, if it’s going to get me killed, if it’s going to get me in trouble, then I’m not going to put it out. Whereas now that we’ve done this, it’s time to just open the floodgates and let this stuff come out. I want to go back now to what Bruce revealed about the actual race that was on the super-Earth in the first place. [DW covers much of this deep history of the solar system during his show Wisdom Teachings on Summary and Analyzes can also be found here.] First of all, [Bruce] said that their height was seventy (70) feet. Maybe this is because the planet is larger so therefore the gravity is different and the beings will be larger in correspondence with the larger planet. Would you say that’s possible?
  • CG - Yeah, different barometric pressure, all kinds of stuff.
[Transcriber, Hugues Prévost: Conventional thinking in science-fiction and even among scientists often links higher stature to lower gravity, such as the “Belters” in the television series The Expanse. So many people would expect that a Super Earth should be host to smaller, not taller living beings. However, other factors such as atmospheric pressure and mass per unit volume (density) are equally important. For example, if the Earth was ten times the size (volume) but had the same mass, the force of gravity would be weaker at the surface. A bigger planet doesn’t necessary mean a crushing gravity since planetary density is more the key. A terrestrial-type planet with a larger diameter would not necessarily have a density similar to Earth. It could very well be significantly smaller.

Even on our planet, scientists have realized that factors other than gravity can have drastic effects on the size of normally large animals. An example is the recent discovery (2003) of small human fossils on the island of Flores in Indonesia. Part of the controversy was whether the discovery revealed a new human species dubbed Homo floresiensis or a collection of diseased humans. The stress of a low-calorie diet has been associated with reduced size and weight of animal life on small tropical islands. Fossils of a species of pygmy elephants have also been discovered on Flores, associated with three and a half foot tall humans.]
  • DW - [Bruce] said that this race was extremely technologically advanced. [This] was [this team] had concluded. And apparently, they were playing around with transhumanism, which is the idea of integrating their human form — because it was a human form, it was just a giant human [size], seventy foot tall, seventy to ninety (70–90) foot tall — integrating their human form into some kind of computer, internet-type of mainframe.
  • CG - If they were tinkering around with something like that, I could see how that would lead to major problems.
  • DW - Another piece of data that he seemed to be very convinced [it] was solid, which I then got validated independently by the space program insider, Jacob, was that these people had long since evolved passed the need to use verbal communication. The idea of speaking with their mouths was terribly slow. And he was specifically told that they developed some type of internet, wi-fi type of method of communication that involved micro-fluctuations in the light that was on their faces, the skin pigment or something. [This sounds like some kind of artificial telepathy, but with limitations. I think this suggest that the super-Earth culture was not spiritually advanced enough to activate their innate psi abilities. 
Transhumanism can be thought of as an attempt to compensate for lack of spiritual attainment by using technology to address a being or society's shortcomings. The inevitable outcome of a culture that has chosen to use technology to make up for it's lack of spiritual attainment is eventual extinction, either due to loss of genetic stability or destruction of the planetary environment, such as what occurred with the super-Earth peoples. According to CG, almost every extraterrestrial culture that has chosen this path ended up being completely taken over by a malevolent AI. This whole topic of technology and the eventual emergence of an artificial intelligence or AI is quite in depth, which I offered comment on in the below-linked episodes.

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Briefly, the universe is designed to foster empowerment and sovereignty, to develop and grow beings that are moral and wise as a function of learning through experience. But when a people becomes egocentric or selfish, when they want to avoid soul growth yet still lay claim to the fruits of a spiritual life, then technology is needed to fill the gap. 

Transhumanism is the belief that human beings are flawed evolutionary creatures, destined for extinction, but through merging with machines, humanity can access super human abilities and save the species. Of course, the transhumanist ideal completely ignores the realities of spirit and the supreme destiny of an evolving personality, but most importantly, transhumanism blames genetics and evolution for humanity's shortcomings. 

Instead of looking to our lack of knowledge and wisdom as the cause of human suffering, transhumanists want to do everything but look in the mirror, they want to avoid, at all costs, changing their beliefs and ideals, and from this distorted perception of reality, the goal of merging with machines seems like a viable option. But it's comparable to experiencing hardship in life and thinking that the solution is to become addicted to drugs; granted this may make us feel better, but the causes of hardship will remain unchanged. 

These super-Earth people seem to have chosen the path of technology to compensate for their lack of spiritual development. Had they chosen the more empowering path, they would have developed these gifts organically, and it probably would have given them the moral fortitude to avoid war and conflict with other races that eventually caused the destruction of their world. The other cost of this path is an increasingly immoral and unkind society, one bent on war and oppression to solve its problems. Given all this, the Karmic Correction DW mentions below seems like an appropriate response from the universe, given their lack of wisdom.]
  • CG - [Are you saying the super-Earth people had something that mimicked] like we have, micro-facial expressions? <thinking aloud> They [could] have micro-facial auric light. It was kind of like a light show <mimicking light fluctuations on the face with both hands>
  • DW - So you did hear about that?
  • CG - Yeah, they’re not the only beings that [can] do that. [With] some [of these beings who] communicate telepathically, there’s a light, kind of an auric play of light as well.
  • DW - So you can confirm that some people are actually having cyborg type of integration with their brain and the voltage on their skin? So it’s like a broadband internet of data passing between two people when they look at each other?
  • CG - I’m talking about [other] advanced beings [who], when they communicate, there is a — they have auric discharges in their body when they’re connecting telepathically. There’s more information… There’s a huge exchange of information going on. <Gesturing towards the face> [In other words, CG is saying that some of the organic methods of telepathy, he has seen, use light discharges of some kind. But he is not saying that these other groups use cybernetic implants to do it, like the people of the super-Earth did, per Bruce.]
  • DW - Is it possible that what Bruce said is true: that it could be entirely cybernetic, that it could be based on computer technology that wires into the brain, but then it triggers these fluctuations on the face?
  • CG - Sure. If they were unwise enough to start wiring things into their neurological system, then of course…
  • DW - Well, [wiring things into their neurology was] exactly what he said [these super-Earth people] were doing. And he said that they had developed the ability to upload their actual consciousness [into a computer].
  • CG - Did they find bodies? Did they find bodies with type of implants? I mean…
  • DW - That is part of [what I heard that] I’ll get to [eventually]. But it’s interesting, right? Because he’s hearing things for the first time too! <gesturing towards CG> Nobody gets the full picture, right? That’s part of the thing that’s so frustrating about this. Even at the level you were at, it’s compartmentalized and you don’t get to hear all the data that’s available.
  • CG - Right, yeah. There are certain areas of the Lunar Operation Command (LOC) I haven’t been allowed past.
  • DW - Okay, so we’ll get to the bodies that they found in a little bit.
  • CG - Okay.
  • DW - Continuing the Bruce narrative, he said that they had a technology to be able to build bases inside moons. The technology involved something that was only the size of a baseball. <gesture of holding a baseball> And I guess the smaller size made it easier. They could send this into the past. It would go into the past and it would build out [the base] with little nanite robots. They would dig their way through the moon and build the base. They would send it to the right time so the base would be ready when they wanted it in their time. Have you heard of anything like that going on, anything like that being done?
  • CG - Not sending, like some sort of cube or sphere back in time that has nanites. That sounds like, you know, a lot of this AI kind of stuff.
  • DW - Right, but it could be possible that a technology like that would have existed?
  • CG - With all the things I have seen, I can’t say that it’s not [possible].
  • DW - Okay. So there actually is a little video that I want to show you right now of a robot that is just a piece of foil that they’ve already made. [It] has a little processor chip on it and it can carry things around. Let’s take a look at this right now.

  • DW - This video creeps me out because if you have these little guys that can just kind of flutter around and carry things, and move things, and build things, and if they can develop a replicating ability where they can eat material — and this is what we already have right now. Imagine if our technology is one hundred (100) years more advanced, a thousand (1000) years, ten thousand (10,000) years more advanced. These types of nanites could go crazy, couldn’t they?
  • CG - Yeah, like I said, when it comes to nanites and artificial intelligence, there’s a major red flag and issue that everyone in the Secret Space Program and also members of the Super Federation [take notice of]. There’s a major problem, a major red flag with that [kind of] technology.

  • DW - Let’s get into the Moon now because that’s the focus of this episode. What did you hear about the Moon before they moved it to the Earth?
  • CG - There were reports of [SSP programs] building bases so deep that it came to this artificial material that made up [an ancient] surface, or the fuselage, of what the Moon was.
  • DW - So are you saying that there’s a fuselage in the center of the Moon and they dug all the way down to it?
  • CG - Personally, I don’t know. There were two different reports, one of them saying that it was a hollowed-out moon that was used hastily and another one that stated that it was a giant station that was built. [Daniel, one of DW's insiders, has written several in-depth papers exploring the idea that the Moon was a space Ark. See the below-linked article for more on this.]
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  • DW - Did you ever personally hear anything suggesting that the Earth’s moon is older than any of the other objects in the solar system?
  • CG - I heard something along the lines it most likely didn’t come from our solar system, or that it was too old for the [objects] in the inner solar system or something along those lines. I don’t recall [the] exact details, but there was something that didn’t match about the geological age, [according to what I saw].

  • DW - Okay, for what it’s worth, the insider, Jacob – who we’re not ever going to get on camera – told me was that the Moon was portaled into our solar system, that it’s older than the planets in the solar system. [It was brought in] from somewhere else. These people on the super-Earth portaled it in at the last minute after having sent — and this now gets back to what Bruce said — this baseball-sized chunk of nanites to this [other] older solar system, somewhere way out where their enemies weren’t looking, because [the super-Earth people] knew that the enemies were coming to destroy them. They knew that their ring was going to be destroyed and their planet was going to be destroyed. They had very little time. [In the previous episode, DW discusses how the super-Earth peoples created a massive ring weapon around the planet Saturn, which they intended to fire at their enemies. But before they were able to use the weapon, their enemies entered the solar system and destroyed the weapon, which became the rings of Saturn, as well as destroying the super-Earth.]
  • So the story that I heard, for what it’s worth, is that little baseball of nanites was sent to this other ancient solar system, that [our] Moon was over there [during this time], that it went way back in time so their enemies wouldn’t find it. They built out the Moon with the nanites, portaled it [to our solar system], and then the elites of this planetary civilization on the super-Earth, at the very last minute, right before the planet blew up, portaled themselves into [the ark, which became our moon]. And this is where it gets really strange because what Bruce said it was twelve to sixteen (12–16) billion of these people, seventy to ninety (70–90) feet tall, that all portaled into the Moon. And he said that [Bruce's program] had firsthand knowledge that it was twenty to forty (20–40) miles deep of all built out intelligent habitations [and] rooms. The entire circumference, the entire sphericity of the Moon on the inside, twenty to forty miles deep, all just endless amounts of corridors [and living areas] that you could go through. So it doesn’t mean it’s not true, it just means that you personally didn’t encounter it.
  • CG - No.
  • DW - But you did say that you heard that there were some kind of refugees from this catastrophic event, the destruction of the super-Earth, that were associated with the Moon somehow.
  • CG - Right, [they] arrived on the Moon and came down to the Earth as refugees from a one of the great cataclysm.

  • DW - In Bruce’s timeline, they spend a long time inside the Moon before they actually go to the Earth. So let’s just talk about this now. Did you hear that the people were inside the Moon or the surface of the Moon when they fled the catastrophe?
  • CG - They said they came in the Moon.
  • DW - In the Moon?
  • CG - Yeah.
  • DW - That’s consistent with what I heard, which was that the Moon was getting battered by asteroids. Nobody would have been able to be safe or survive on the surface, so they had to be inside. [The super-Earth people] created a very highly advanced computer course to guide the Moon into orbit around the Earth specifically, also because if they didn’t find a planet to go around, they were going to get gravitationally captured by the Sun. They would [have been] burned up in the Sun. They programmed the orbit around the Earth to create tides and make the Earth into a much more habitable place to live, eventually. It wouldn’t happen right away. So did you also hear that the Moon going around the Earth led to tides and made it a better place to live?
  • CG - I know that it definitely brought a lot of changes, but there was life before.
  • DW - Yeah, and he said that too.
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - But the tides obviously could be causing a much more dynamic and diverse amount of life on Earth and make it so the oceans can get a lot larger, that kind of stuff. 
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - What [Bruce] was told was that the Earth was like a swamp and that it was really hot. There were only shallow seas prior to this happening. Is that also something that you heard?
  • CG - Well, I mean, I’ve heard the basic timeline geology of the Earth that everyone else has heard. It’s fairly consistent, except they leave out major and minor cataclysms that happened throughout the history of the Earth.
  • DW - So did you hear that at one time the Earth was swampy, hot, and only had shallow seas. It wasn’t very nice to live on?
  • CG - It was much different. I didn’t hear that it wasn’t nice to live on.
  • DW - Okay, so the next thing is: [Bruce] said twelve to sixteen billion [super-Earth] people that portaled into the Moon, which were like the elites of their society. That part of the story [is] consistent with the common breakaway civilization narrative that you’ve encountered, right?
  • CG - Right. 
  • DW - If you have a population of well over a trillion people, twelve to sixteen billion is a very small number of them, and those people are going to save their own necks when they know that everybody else is doomed, [forming a breakaway civilization].
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - So what [Bruce] said was that their intel was that the Moon was pounded and that most of [super-Earth refugees] inside the Moon all died in that initial event. So by the time the Moon got to the Earth, it was very heavily damaged. Is that at all consistent with what you heard, that the Moon took severe damage on the way in here?

  • CG - Yes, and it’s consistent with the way the damage is lined up on the Moon when you look at it.
  • DW - That I don’t understand. Could you explain that?
  • CG - There’s one side of the Moon [the far side] that has quite a bit more damage, and it’s kind of what happened to Mars a little bit. One side of the Moon has quite a bit more damage to it, compared to the other side [which is] more pristine.

  • DW - Well now, right at the time that [Bruce] was telling me this and saying it was an “authorized disclosure.” <quote gesture>  [In the previous episode, DW describes "authorized disclosure" provided to the insider Bruce to disseminate to the Ufology community.] [Then] we start to see all these news reports where what they did is they take the Moon, and they turn it on a slightly different angle. And these seas [on the Moon], the mares as they’re called, these dark areas, all form a square, a big giant square that covers almost the whole face of the Moon. You just tilt it a little bit and you look at it and it’s a big, giant square. 
Image Source 

Image Source 
  • DW - Corey, this stuff is mind blowing. A geometric square should not exist on a natural satellite like that. What do you think we’re seeing there? Why would they be telling us this?
  • CG - It’s a soft disclosure because at some point, if they’re going to do a partial disclosure and let us know that there used to be ancient ETs in our solar system like we discussed before, then one of the things they’re going to want to show us are surface ruins on the Moon. And there are a lot of images we can show. There’s a giant tower that’s twisted and shattered, or twisted and bent over as though it was hit with a blast wave. There are a lot of different artifacts from a wide range of ages. The Moon is actually a kind of time capsule of an ancient time back when the super-Earth exploded and also of a time when there were battles between non-terrestrials and possibly even the inner-Earth groups that had been battling it out after these large changes occurred and these new refugees were brought to Earth. That was a very traumatic and huge time of change on our planet and it happened in waves, these refugees [who] came.

  • DW - When we go back to the movie Alien [directed by] Ridley Scott, there’s this weird spaceman creature thing that’s a giant in an extraterrestrial ancient ruin that they find. 
The giant chair device from the film Alien. Notice the man in the space suit to the left
in comparison for to large the entity in the chair is.
Close up of entity in the giant chair. 
  • DW - And then that story is followed up with Prometheus, the movie, where you have these giant, bald, very pale-skinned ETs with these black eyes. 
Entity from the film Prometheus.

  • DW - I had a horrible time watching the movie. Some people really liked it. I thought it was very traumatic to watch. But do you think that this aggressive, angry entity, the giant treating humanity as it is now, as an aberration, that we must be killed, that we were an accident, that this one guy from their civilization made us because he came to the Earth — and remember, he dissolves at the beginning [of the movie] — do you think that is a statement of Cabal belief system about this Ancient Builder race and stuff?
  • CG - Very much so. Yes.

  • DW - Okay. Could you talk a little more about that for a second? What is the belief system?
  • CG - Well, I’ve heard several different versions of their belief system. But basically their belief system is that this Ancient Builder race is their — one person called it a progenitor or their ancient bloodline. They are an elite. Their bloodline can be traced back to these ancient ET gods.
[Transcriber, HP's Note: This narrative correlates with the Progenitors described in the book UFO Highway by Anthony F. Sanchez. In his story the Progenitors migrated from Zeta Reticuli to colonize the Sirius binary star system. Eventually, they discovered our solar system and migrated to Mars one million years ago. According to CG and others, Mars would have been a satellite of this super-Earth at that time, aka Maldek. In Sanchez's book, after “a great catastrophe” occurred, the Progenitors left Mars and came to Earth 350,000 years ago, close to the 500,000 year time frame mentioned by Corey for the refugee relocations. Possibly the Progenitors in Sanchez's book are a different race than the ones mentioned by Corey.]
  • DW - Why do the gods hate us then? Why are they trying to kill us [in the Prometheus movie]?
  • CG - Well, that fits in with their narrative of removing a certain amount of the population off the Earth because we’re useless eaters or genetically impure. That fits into their mythos and sick religious dreams of the future of mankind, as they would like to see it.
  • DW - So does a movie like Prometheus, where they go and find these very ancient ruins, is that like a religious sacrament for these people? 
Images presents during David's description of the Cabal visiting ancient ruins. 

  • DW - [Is] that the closest they feel they can get to seeing ruins, that maybe because they’re in the Cabal on Earth, they’re not actually allowed to see? Are they told that these movies are showing them something that’s very close to what it really looks like?
  • CG - It depends. A lot of these people are out there doing scientific work. Then some of the people [who] are part of these syndicate type cults are going to come out there on, I guess, on a pilgrimage kind of visit if they have a certain belief that this structure or this location means something more.
  • DW - So they can go and take a trip out into the solar system and see this stuff in some cases?
  • CG - Well, some… it depends on who it is.
  • DW - Yeah, so they could take a tour of what for them would be like a religious pilgrimage site of their gods?
  • CG - Yeah, some of the people [who] I described have showed up to some of these meetings. They have off-world access, yes.
  • DW - And if Jesus only happened two thousand years ago, then for them that’s just nothing because this is much older and, for them, probably a lot more interesting.
  • CG - Yeah, more — it’s just tens and tens and tens of millions of years ago, some of it. [That] is so far back that they can’t accurately date it.

  • DW - So you would agree then with Bruce’s statement that — well, you didn’t get the number, but twelve to sixteen billion people and that a lot of them died inside these caverns in the course of the Moon coming to the Earth, that there was a massive damage to the structure.
  • CG - There was a massive damage to the structure.
  • DW - He also said that it was barely functional anymore at that point. It made it to the Earth but that a lot of it was severely damaged. It was nowhere near what it was built to do originally.
  • CG - Yeah, all I know is that [the Moon] made some sort of tidal lock orbit with the Earth and now all sorts of ETs have bases there, including us. And there [are] a lot of mysteries inside the Moon that I haven’t been made privy to. I’m told that it was some sort of escape pod type thing or ark that brought refugees here from a huge cataclysm that made life on their planet impossible.
  • DW - Okay. Have you heard that there is any type of AI in the Moon or that there’s a computer in the Moon that could be artificially intelligent?
  • CG - I know that they use holography, holograms, and other trickery to hide certain things on the Moon.
  • DW - What do you mean by that?
  • CG - Holograms over certain areas of the surface so it can’t be seen with telescopes or when they’re doing certain things, but I don’t know of any type of AI or super type of computer that’s being used at the core of the Moon.
  • DW - Well, this is something that several different other insiders independently confirmed, so I feel like it’s pretty solid and likely. So the next thing [Bruce] said [was] that some of these people that were inside [the Moon] did manage to migrate to the surface, and at that time, they began building crystal domes out of this transparent aluminum stuff and having trees and civilization on the surface by having that pressurized area. So is that consistent with anything you heard, that there were actual crystal domes on the surface?
  • CG - Right, there were plenty of ruins of that type of structure. 
  • DW - Did you personally witness those ruins?
  • CG - Yes. 
  • DW - So what did you personally see as you flew around the Moon?
  • CG - There were domes, square buildings, towers, a lot of stuff that was buried, and I guess, like the regolith sand, the lunar sand. But all that stuff is off limits to people who visit it. And [there are] different eras too. There is damage from different conflicts. And it’s off-limits to visit. It’s held as a reminder of a different time when there was a certain amount of open war, before they created these federations and treaties and before they had all of the diplomatic zones on the Moon and all these diplomatic agreements. That has prevented most of them from being in open war with each other, even though they have competing programs.
  • DW - Well, let’s real quickly take a look at some footage from the Disclosure Project — it’s public domain, open-source — of this particular witness who was shown pictures of what he called mushroom-shaped buildings and domes on the Moon.

  • DW - So when we include that testimony, we have independent verification of photographs of these thing on the Moon, and it’s a very fascinating piece of collaborative data. But I just want to ask you a couple questions really quickly. First of all, you said you saw glass-looking domes?
  • CG - Yes.
  • DW - Were they smashed? Was like part of the glass smashed out?
  • CG - Yeah, they were not intact.
  • DW - Okay, how thoroughly damaged did they look?
  • CG - They looked very ancient and very damaged, very damaged.
  • DW - How transparent were they still?
  • CG - They weren’t completely transparent.
  • DW - So they were covered with some degree of dirt and sand or something?
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - You mentioned square buildings. Were the square buildings also made of this transparent material?
  • CG - No, some of them were made of — they looked like they were made of sort of either stone or concrete type of, like created material.
  • DW - Hmm… What about the towers? Were the towers made of that glass-type stuff?
  • CG - Yes, like tall, narrow, and then bending back and twisting, like they got hit with a blast wave.
  • DW - Well, there’s a lot more to discuss with this story, obviously, but I think the key here is that you did see that whatever this civilization was that built domes and developed on the surface of the Moon, they were very heavily attacked, right? Because this damage was not something that would happen naturally. This was catastrophic damage.
  • CG - It was catastrophic, but I did hear that there were a lot of smaller catastrophes that were happening. I mean, if you have a planet explode in your solar system, it’s going to knock things around for a while, so there’s going to be problems for a while.
  • DW - That’s a good point.
  • CG - There were things… problems going on for a while.
  • DW - Alright, well, this has been a truly fascinating discussion. That’s all the time we have for in this episode of Cosmic Disclosure. My mind has been totally blown away yet again. My name is David Wilcock, and as always, we thank you for watching.
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