Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Benjamin Fulford Email Q and A: Chinese have ET Backers Ready to "interfere in the workings of this planet," Iraqi Dinar is a Bush/Clinton Scam

This is an email exchange between Richardo Montalban and Benjamin Fulford from the 28th of this month. 

For those interested in the Chinese connections to extraterrestrials, the financial reset, the crash of Flydubui flight 737 last week, and the alleged Iraqi Dinar revaluation — Fulford offers comment below. 

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I'll recently posted an analysis of this report from Fulford as it relates to Corey Goode and David Wilcock's narrative regarding full disclosure and the Earth-based alliances, found below.

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- Justin

Source - Operation Disclosure

By Ricardo Montalban

March 28, 2016

The following [was sent] to Benjamin Fulford:

May I be direct and ask to verify if you know of any powerful group the dinarland intel providers keep referring to as the Chinese Elders who claim to be or are with Chinese Ancient Royalty. The claim is they're the ones responsible for funding the upcoming world global currency reset. Being that they are profoundly proselytising Christ, they are viewed as authentic supernatural human beings.

20 million dinarians await your response. If the Chinese Elders are a fiction, there will be a lot of disillusioned people.

It's time to face reality or to be invigorated in our beliefs.

We can also reveal here that the Chinese, through the Dragon families, also claim extra-terrestrial contact going back thousands of years.

Ben would that be the Chinese Elders (500 + yrs old) we hear a lot about and their E.T. connections.

Also, you didn't mention the 737 crash in Rostov on Don. Rumor was CIA was onboard with 27M USD. From my observations, the flight path was consistant with a plane that was out of the flying envelope and the explosion was inconsistent with jet fuel burning. Jet fuel does not explode and tear the plane to a million pieces. Free fall from altitude does not do that much damage either. That aircraft was flight control disabled then blown up. My speculation is based on a 25 year flying career.

Fulford's response:
The Red Swastika secret society is the one that claims this contact. They have an office in Ginza, Tokyo that is filled with solid gold slab shaped shrines with strange writing on them. General MacArthur was involved with them.

Also, the dragon family guy I met in Singapore told me the Chinese had ET backers who were ready to interfere in the workings of this planet if we did not get our act together.
I have also heard stories of people hundreds of years old. The Soong sisters, for example, are said to still be around. I also met a man who looked exactly identical to Mitsuru Toyama, founder of the Black Dragon Society. It is weird stuff.

As far as the plane crash goes, I did not mention it because I had no real information or analysis to add to what was already out there.

Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン 090-3439-5558
Thank you for responding and the acknowledgement of the Chinese Elders. At least they are real and not a scam. But I do believe the Iraqis are making a huge effort to become UN Article 8 compliant hence revalue their currency.
The Iraqi Dinar thing is a Bush/Clinton scam and always has been. The Chinese elders are Christian though and wish to do good for the planet. If the White Dragon Society emerges victorious in its battle against the Khazarian mafia, I am sure we can find a way to help the Dinar people who are not part of the Bush/Clinton mafia.

Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン 090-3439-5558


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