Friday, December 4, 2015

Corey Is Back And Has Working Internet, More On "The Expanse" Syfy Series Based On Books by James SA Corey | Corey GoodETxSG

Corey is now back up in running with internet in his new home, and should be more active than he has in the past few weeks. 

I received a host of inquiries as to why he was so absent of late. Needless to say, he was simply dealing with the move of his family to a new home and all the logistical issues that can happen during these kinds of things. 

Corey recently shared that a Syfy series called The Expanse depicted a great deal of his narrative, while also having been based on the book series Leviathan, under the pen name James SA Corey. The responses from commenters on his Facebook page provide several interesting nuggets to this development.

My commentary will be in bold [green brackets] with other text in black

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[The first update in this line was already shared by me here, but Corey edited the post.]

Facebook Update (November 30th ):

Sphere Being Alliance (Edited): I am waiting for the ISP (Internet Service Provider) to arrive in their 1PM-5PM "service window" (Time range they said they would show up, but never did) so I will finally have full access to the Internet again. I hope they show up today (I have a lot to catch up on) and I have used well over the data limits" on my cell phone plan downloading data and viewing some videos. Among them is a video of a new Sci Fi TV Show called "The Expanse". After receiving the email below at the main SBA Email Address I watched this first episode and was so blown away that I am still wondering where the concept for this new show came from. My jaw was open the entire show... CG - Email from person informing me of the show pasted: "This new series is about all the things Corey says right down to slave labour on Mars, mining the asteroid belts, moon base, in-fighting between the different space / corporate programs, and even everyone is walking around with the 'smart glass pads' Corey talks about. It is AMAZING. It is almost like they did this to be able to later say Corey got his story from this series! Or it is a soft disclosure. Check it out! The pilot episode just aired!"

Comment by David Wilcock:

There is a lot of hate in these comments. I have multiple witnesses, as well as time-encoded written notes on old hard drives, proving that I had heard this stuff since at least 2009, well before this novel came out in 2011. In fact, the novelists may have read the Project Camelot page on Henry Deacon, which included many of these details and started being updated in September 2006. I was in contact with Deacon and promoting his testimony by mid-2007. So chillllllax!

'Henry Deacon', a Livermore Physicist

We met with and interviewed this man in early September, but he declined to appear on video or to have his name made public... for entirely understandable reasons. (Henry Deacon is a pseudonym, prompted by his similarity to the likeable and creative polymath on the Eureka TV show.)

In this extraordinary, wide-ranging on-record testimony, he describes his work and experiences, and reveals some astounding information about the coming planned war with China; one way in which drugs are smuggled by the military from Southeast Asia; stargates and instantaneous communication over vast distance; the inhabited planets of Alpha Centauri; chemtrails; rips in spacetime caused by atomic testing, and the damage and danger they have caused; the use of viruses to reduce the world's population; the shooting down of an alien craft by a unit in which he served; and much more – including, possibly very importantly, a confirmation of Dan Burisch's testimony.

We believe that the far-reaching information disclosed by this man is highly significant. We salute his courage in coming forward to ensure these truths are known, and encourage and support all others to follow his example.

Click here for the PDF of the interview transcript (September 2006 to December 2007)
Click here for the interview transcript (September 2006)

Corey's response:

No, its understandable... I had not heard of the book or the author until this new TV Show was brought to my attention yesterday. I am not sure what "in the works in 2011" means or when the book was published. I have been disclosing this info under a pseudonym on Internet Forums since late 2010/early 2011 under GoodETxSG as well as providing some of this information to researchers since 2009. It is pretty easy to verify if you look around on forums on the esoteric. I was releasing info anonymously until I was publicly outed. Not to mention the intense questioning and vetting that was done by multiple researchers who were always trying to trick me or trip me up if I was telling a "story".

We may find in the coming weeks more books by other authors that may have similar information. I am told one thing, that is we may be seeing more narratives straight out of modern UFOlogy topics that most of us are familiar with... The Pepsi "Dark Night" commercial for example.

I will have my eye out for others in the future that is for sure! I don't see a problem with people being suspicious, questioning or using their discernment on all of the data I am disclosing. Healthy debate is welcome, but talking down to people, insulting people or trolling will not be tolerated by people feel either way about the data I have been disclosing. Everyone please keep the tone friendly. 


Further comments by Corey:

Sphere Being Alliance It appears this is a whole series of novels that is ongoing with anther one being published in 2016. It would be great if someone could research and find out why this author used "James S.A. Corey" as a pen name (How he came up with it). I don't have the time to spend on it. The dates of publish pasted below:

# Title Pages Publication date ISBN
1 Leviathan Wakes 561 June 15, 2011 ISBN 978-0-316-12908-4
2 Caliban's War 595 June 26, 2012 ISBN 978-1-841-49990-1
3 Abaddon's Gate 539 June 4, 2013 ISBN 978-0-316-12907-7
4 Cibola Burn 583 June 17, 2014 ISBN 978-0-316-21762-0
5 Nemesis Games 544 June 2, 2015 ISBN 978-0-316-21758-3
6 Babylon's Ashes[3] forthcoming 2016 ISBN 978-0-356-50426-1
7 Unknown forthcoming 2017
8 Unknown forthcoming 2018
9 Unknown forthcoming 2019

Sphere Being Alliance TY, paste from post above: Here's what it says about the origin of the pen-name "According to the co-authors , their pen name James S.A. Corey was developed by taking Abraham’s and Franck’s middle names respectively, with S.A. being the initials of Abraham’s daughter."

The link is below

Sphere Being Alliance I am as blown away as all of you are. I didn't know this show was based on a book, nor have I heard that authors name before yesterday. My name being James Corey Goode and the authors name being "James SA (w/does that stand for!?) Corey" blew me away as much as the content of the pilot episode I watched. I have never met anyone nor seen the last name "Corey" anywhere else as well. You asked for as explanation from me... I honestly don't have one. I hope some people keep digging because I am more than intrigued about this and would love to receive more info about the author (Other books, biography etc...).



Comment about the Syfy series:

I think it's more likely that "they" did this because "Leviathan Wakes" is a fucking incredible novel. Are Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck members of the Illuminati, and if so, should we be praying for Phil Dick's soul?

Corey's response:

Sphere Being Alliance Have you read this book? If so can you tell me how much of it matches the data I have been disclosing? Is there anything in there about "Smart Glass Pads" or ET/Subterranean Groups? Any info like this would be appreciated from someone who actually read the book. I am beyond intrigued...



Commentors responses:

Well, I just started reading it but I think one big (general) distinction is that in your testimony, power is distributed in a hyperspatial / rhizomatic way, with many different groups cohabiting a relatively diffuse territory; whereas in the book, there are clear distinctions between inner and outer planets that determine the power structure of the solar system. According to you, to the best of my knowledge, there is no one territorial boundary separating the Solar Warden from the Dark Fleet. Obviously the biggest difference is that in our world, the conflict is between inner and outer space on this planet. The surface has been kept in a state of suspended animation for the past 60 years, while other spaces inside of the Earth have been allowed to progress at a natural pace, according to the real rate of technological innovation and exchange. If the Terran surface is controlled by a super-planetary corporation in our world, it is a kind of historical reconstruction of a world that doesn't exist, and that might be the appeal (besides, of course, raw materials and slave labor).

I think it's safe to say that a book written in 2011 might draw inspiration from the real digital apparatus of its time, the iPad. By this point in time, the smart glass pad is no longer an esoteric mystery. The "transparent, flexible, lapis lazuli" tablets of the (Midrashic) Ark of the Covenant have lost their legendary veneer. It's called a fucking iPad. They had them before, and they have them now. You can digitize an ancient document and look at it on a glass tablet that you can manipulate with your finger -- or, better yet -- something called a "stylus." Some people have better versions of them, but they don't talk about it, because "we" don't know that "they" exist.

Comment about 'terminals':

I just bought the eBook, out of curiosity. This is the very first time in the story that they mention something that could possibly be referencing the smart glass pad, and there is no description. When I search "hand terminal" there never seems to be a description in the story. I'm not 100% positive this is what turned into the glass pads in the tv show, but thought I'd share anyway,
“Ade sat at a pair of screens only slightly larger than a hand terminal, graphs of the efficiency and output of the Canterbury’s reactor and engine updating in the corners, raw logs spooling on the right as the systems reported in. She wore thick headphones that covered her ears, the faint thump of the bass line barely escaping.”
Excerpt From: James S.A. Corey. “Leviathan Wakes.” Orbit / Yen, 2011-06-15. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Comment about other books written by the same author under a different pen name:

Daniel Abraham also has another pen name, "M.L.N. Hanover", and he has written a series of books called, "The Black Sun's Daughter".

Corey's response:

Sphere Being Alliance You're freaking kidding me??? Black Sun as in the Occult Secret Society??? 


Commentor's response:

Read the description of the first Black Sun's Daughter novel "Unclean Spirits" on even mentions a "cabal".
"Jayné Heller thinks of herself as a realist, until she discovers reality isn't quite what she thought it was. When her uncle Eric is murdered, Jayné travels to Denver to settle his estate, only to learn that it's all hers -- and vaster than she ever imagined. And along with properties across the world and an inexhaustible fortune, Eric left her a legacy of a different kind: his unfinished business with a cabal of wizards known as the Invisible College."
In the books, the Black Sun is not an organization, but a spirit/demon that possesses the main character.

Comment about the timing of the Leviathan's release:

What i have learned so far is that I consider everything to be possible of course, like all of us I guess Didnt we get here by asking questions! Thats what Im doing. Now, there is a book writen out there years ago with the same subject and details by someone called James Corey and David has no idea about it? Corey says he cant answer that question, well ok.. thank you for that at least, but how is it possible for David to be in the dark!!!!

Corey's response:

Sphere Being Alliance Very few people so far have heard of this book. DW is human and not a computer that logs and has the summaries of all sci-fi books that have been written. Most of us had no idea it existed at all even after hearing about the new TV Show... What is even more amazing that some of the details being similar in their show is the strange timing off the release of the new series... 

Right smack in the middle of all of this and after we were told there would be more of the UFO communities narratives making it into Movies, TV Shows and Commercials, and that is exactly what we are seeing... Regardless of when it was published as a book. I would also read the book first before jumping to conclusions. 

I know we are a paranoid community but it does get out of hand when people are looking for hidden codes and demons under doilies in every thing that occurs. DW and myself have never heard of this book or author. I haven't heard back from Dr. Michael Salla to see if he has. If he had I'm certain he would have mentioned it... Once we find out the whole plot of the book there may be some things that match my data but it may end up being quite a bit different (200 years in the future yea right) as we learn the story/plot of the show. Time will tell, anything that makes people aware of what is going on in the Sol System is a good thing IMHO... 

This series could also be an air bag to slow down the impact of a real SSP disclosure to the general population... Who knows at this point, we don't have enough info. People were freaking out about the 2 writers pen name but the authors explained how they came up with it. 


[The cabal hide information in works of fiction for many different reasons. We covered what those are in the below linked article.]


Facebook Update (December 1st 2:30am):

Sphere Being Alliance In my update (That will be posted once I finally get decent Internet Service) speaks of a portion of one of the meetings about which disclosure narrative to use it was mentioned that science fiction was going to be mirroring some of the UFO Communities more interesting "Lore" was going to begin to appear in Movies, TV Series and Commercials. After the "Black Night Pepsi Commercial" I was shocked enough... Now this series? What is next? There has also been a situation where the "lower tech" Military/Intelligence SSP Faction has pulled its few representatives from the SSP Alliance Council and have stopped contact all together.

In a few of the narratives mentioned at the recent meetings one was that the Military/Intelligence SSP would be revealed slowly through more "accidental video's/images" being captured by space based camera's as well as a few DIA/NSA/Former Military types would then come forward revealing their participation in a "Secret Space Program". This was all apart of a controlled and partial disclosure narrative that was being discussed.

Secret Space Program Insider Corey Goode's Narrative Is Amazingly Depicted In A New Syfy Series

Update - December 2nd 2015: Corey added a comment to this post revealing even more information about this fictional series. Apparently the writers used the pen name, "James S.A. Corey", which of course strongly resembles Goode's name. That comment is at the end of this post.

Corey Goode, who calms to be a secret space program insider, recently shared a comment regarding a new TV series on Syfi entitled The Expansewhich premieres on December 14th 2015.

Goode implies in his comment, that the show is possibly based on the information he has been releasing, matching other secret space program whistleblowers. 

This wouldn't be the first time deeply classified information is rendered into fiction for the purposes of hiding it in plain sight; by using normalization techniques. 


Comment about the Cabal potentially releasing the book series as an attempt to later debunk Corey's testimony:

That part where it was said that perhaps the series is meant to enable the PTB's to later say that Corey got their info from the TV, can become quite relevant. Its a typical tactic of theirs.

Corey's response:

Sphere Being Alliance Indeed there it is... The author name is what blows me away! I was confident that no one would be able to say I took info from the TV Series... That was before I found out from people here that it was based on a book published in June 2011. I have beendisclosing this type of info behind the scenes to researchers since 2008/2009 and in Online Forums since 2010/2011... I would really like more info on the author or if any interviews of him are out there with him describing how he came up with the concept for the book, now TV Show and info about his "Pen Name". 




Facebook Update (December 3rd 7:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance
 I finally have Internet access in our new home! There is still a lot of unpacking to do but at least I can now catch up on news stories, look at the 100's of emails in my inboxes and get back to work on data releases, publishing a conclusion to an earlier article and work with artists on another project. I have tons to catch up on. Thank you again for all the well wishes after a family loss, local harassment by a few parties and a quick and stressful move. Stand by for further updates... 


Facebook Update (December 3rd 4:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance KP's blog

Two RT’s and a VT about the “Daesh”-Turkey-Syria Situation [VIDEOs added]

[Update: Jean Hainesposted two Dahboo777videos and, yes, there apparently were drills going on in the area when the shootings occurred, and two days before.VIDEO 1VIDEO 2.]
Just a title and a couple of highlights each tells it all!
” The Russian Defense Ministry has released evidence which it says unmasks vast illegal oil trade by Islamic State and points to Turkey as the main destination for the smuggled petrol, implicating its leadership in aiding the terrorists.
“The Russian Defense Ministry held a major briefing on new findings concerning IS funding in Moscow on Wednesday. According to Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov, Russia is aware of three main oil smuggling routes to Turkey.
“…since the start of Russia’s anti-terrorist operation in Syria on September 30, the income of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) militants from illegal oil smuggling has been significantly reduced, the ministry said.”
“Turkey is the main consumer of oil smuggled by Islamic State from Syria and Iraq, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his family are involved in the criminal business… “We are absolutely convinced… that the final destination of the stolen oil is Turkey,” said Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov, as he presented proof concerning the illegal oil trade by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and Ankara’s ties to it.
““According to our data, the political leadership of the country [Turkey], including President Erdogan and his family, is involved in this criminal business,” Antonov told the journalists in Moscow.”

Related Russia Breaks Huge Story: ISIS is Supported by the U.S. and Nato Allies, Detailed Evidence Of ISIS-Turkey Oil Trade


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