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Part 2 and 3 of Breakaway Civilization Update Coming Soon, Prepare for Major Disclosures, Be Objective or "Childlike" When Hearing New Information | Corey GoodETxSG

Corey is presently working on parts two and three of a large update he says will ruffle even more feathers than part one. As of this writing, Corey has not posted anything on his Facebook page other then commentary since October 2nd. 

Presumably he is working tirelessly to finish these updates; along with being a full time father and husband. He also mentioned several weeks ago that despite not reporting on SSP Alliance meetings, there are still many events taking place. 

I have received a suggestion to place my commentary in bold as well as brackets for ease of reading. We'll give that a try for the next few updates and see what the feedback is. 

If you ever have a suggestion, correction or issue please contact me via, and I will respond when I am able. 

My commentary will be in bold [green brackets] with Corey's text in black

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Facebook Update (September 25th 6:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance Link to Gaiam article, transcripts and video Q&A with Corey Goode to share.

We’ve had such a tremendous response to our new original program, Cosmic Disclosure, that we’ve been getting questions from viewers right and left. They want to hear from Corey Goode, who spent 20 years in the Secret Space Program. You asked, Corey answered. Here’s the transcript from our live interview with Corey, plus the video.


JAY WEIDNER: Hey everybody. Jay Weidner here. I'm with Corey Goode. Corey is an intuitive empath, and he spent 20 years in the Secret Space Program. He was recruited by MILAB, which is military abduction, at the age of six. He was taken into the program and age regressed and then brought back to his previous age. And we're here to answer questions that viewers have submitted to GaiamTV, Corey. And just really glad to have you on board to answer these questions. How are you doing?

COREY GOODE: Doing well. Thank you. Looking forward to it.

JAY WEIDNER: Yeah. So I'm going to start here on the first question. It's coming from Wendy, and I'm going to quote her. Quote, "I have always been an empath intuitive since I was born. I saw a UFO when I was six with my parents. So how come they didn't take me? You mentioned a test they gave you in high school. Do they just give those tests to people in Texas?"

And I gotta tell you, Wendy, you're lucky you didn't get taken. Corey, what's your answer?

COREY GOODE: First of all, I would probably count my blessings that you were not taken and also identified through the school system as an intuitive empath and brought into these different programs. And to the second part of your question, these standardized tests were implemented all throughout the West, and all the United States, through Europe, Australia. It was widespread.

And these tests-- they were standardized tests, but they were also set up in a tricky way to identify anomalies, such as intuitive empaths and other different abilities that people might have.

JAY WEIDNER: Yeah. They do that in the military too, so it's not really a novel thing, these tests. I've heard about them for years.

COREY GOODE: Right. I was given the ASVAB test at a very early age.

JAY WEIDNER: Yeah, that's the key-- is to find out who you are at a very early age. I agree.


JAY WEIDNER: OK. Michelle in California. She says "Corey, you may have addressed this, but how did your family and parents react with you leaving for 20 years? Were you one of those kids that was reported on the milk boxes as missing?"

COREY GOODE: I was not a milk carton kid. And I get this question a lot. And what happened is that this 20-- if this is what was called the 20 and Back Program. You were taken away for 20 years, you served for 20 years-- sometimes more-- and then you were age regressed and brought back within a certain amount of minutes from the time you left. So you would not have been reported missing. Your parents would not have noticed you missing. So that should fully answer the question.

My parents would-- unless they happened to come in at that time and check the room and see I was not in the room and then panic and then come back six minutes later and then find me in my room-- then that's the only way anything odd would have popped up during that time.

JAY WEIDNER: Were there others like you that were taken?

COREY GOODE: Absolutely. There are many, many, many thousands of people that were drafted into that Super Space program through the MILAB programs. And there are many, many, many thousands of people that think they served their normal service in the military when they actually were asked if they would participate in a special program. They said yes, and then they were pulled into the Secret Space Program. At the end of that tenure, they were then age regressed, blank slated, or mind-wiped, and then put back into their regular duties in the military and continued their life with basically no memory, other than having strange dreams and that kind of thing.


Question about the Resistance Movement:

What is your Intel and experience with the Resistance Movement and their involvement in Liberation?

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance I only know of the various Earth Base Alliance Groups, the SSP Alliance Groups, SBA and their off world allies. I know of the various federations and councils that are members of the Super-Federation, the Draco Federation and the Subterranean councils (some pretending to be various groups as explained in my latest article). I do not know of a group that goes by the name of the "Resistance Movement". The Alliances are currently in a conflict "resisting" the current Human and ET Alliances that control the Earth and their motto is "Liberationem Mundi" (Liberation of the World) and is worn on their patches and emblems. This is the basic information (Very non-descriptive purposely for OPSEC) that is the root of our intelligence in the Alliance. The Alliance has told me they have no intelligence on a group explicitly by that name. There are a lot of subgroups in the Earth Based Alliance that go by a laundry list of names. I'm sorry, that is all the info I have on the subject of this exact wording. 



[Possibly a question was in relation to COBRA's intel and the resistance movement of the 'Light Forces'. In the monthly interview with COBRA, presently hosted by Rob Porter of the Promise Revealed, they discussed Corey's information in relation to COBRA's data. 

What COBRA said is that there are a great deal of similarities between their two narratives, and that just because one does not perfectly match the other, doesn't mean they are diametrically opposed; that they disagree. See the below linked article for more on this.]

Related Cobra Update | 2015 Sept 23 – Q & A with Cobra: Corey Goode and Cobra Data Mostly in Agreement, Liberation Update and more

Further question about COBRA's data:

With this Intel what do you and your sources have to say about this movement/organization and your alliance with them?

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance I spoke to Rob Potter today, he interviews Cobra and is going to do an interview of me after part 2 is released. He says Cobra is interested in doing a joint interview with he and I. We also spoke about how Cobra's sources cannot confirm the existence of the Alliance, Meetings Gonzales and I are attending and how my sources in the Alliance and SBA cannot confirm the existence of any of the "Resistance Movement" or their connections mentioned above that Cobra speaks about. 

We have different intelligence and at times it conflicts and at times I'm told it matches. I do not follow Cobra or Tolec's information. I have people constantly trying to get me to comment on these two people and their reports. 

I have received detailed information about Cobra (His true identity/career etc, all researchers and radio hosts know who he is as do intelligence groups of all levels/types. He remains anonymous, I imagine to keep Internet stalkers/trolls away, I don't blame him one bit.) I have not heard/seen anything to make me comment negatively on him. 

My first answer to your question above however still stands. Thank you for taking the time to ask. I'm hiding the larger posts and leaving the links so people interested can go to his site to view the information. 



[This is an encouraging development. There is so much infighting within the truther community about insider intel as well as the ufo religions and cult like followings that develop around them. Hopefully the upcoming interview will unify the 'Corey group' and the 'COBRA group' for hitherto unrevealed activities of personal awakening and group action. 

The power of our co-creative consciousness is well nigh unstoppable so long as unity of mind and coordination of action can be achieved. This is what the terms contract and agreement mean within esoteric circles - Con (together) Tract (a pathway or channel) - 'walking together towards the same end or goal'; Agree (close to aggregate, to gather together) Ment (mentus or mind) - 'to unify the minds of two or more people towards a single goal or end'. 

The Cabal would have us bicker and squabble over the most petty of differences to ensure we never cooperate to effect any real change. Considering both Corey and COBRA represent groups ostensibly for the liberation of humanity, there is already a great deal of agreement there to build off of.]

Comment about Corey's bearded look:

Thanx guys! Love the info! Lookin' good Corey with the facial hair. That age regression thing is interesting how they can manipulate time and bodies to be younger. Wonder how its done,?

Follow up comment about resemblance to Jesus:

I know. The beard makes him look like Jesus.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance
Oh Crap, don't say that kind of stuff please. Yipes! Appreciate the compliments that people like my beard, but I'm not going for a guru or Jesus look. I don't want to give the haters more ammo who are trying to call me a guru wanna be already. I know your probably joking, I just wanted to post this because I have had to have some conversations with some people recently to make sure they realized that I am no more "special" than they are and should not be put on a pedestal. I have received some bizarre emails recently around this subject line. I do appreciate the recent compliments though about the beard/losing weight, so thank you.



Facebook Update (September 25th 7:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance 

Cosmic Disclosure: Portals Navigating Time (transcript)

DW: Hello, and welcome to Cosmic Disclosure. I'm your host, David Wilcock, and we are having in-depth discussions with a secret space program insider named Corey Goode. There's a lot of laughter around this subject, a lot of people who think that this is something they can ridicule on the internet. But if you've been watching our show, I think it will become clear to you that we are not dealing with something that is easily dismissed. Granted, we don't have all the documents yet. We don't have the degree of proof that some people would want. But when you start to talk to as many different insiders as I have, who have cosmic top-secret clearance and above-- and that means 35 levels above the need-to-know basis for the President of the United States of America-- these people have come forward as whistleblowers, and they all start sharing with me, because I've sought them out, very specific things. And it all interrelates. It becomes actually more of a stretch to think that they could all be lying from a unified body of lies than that they're actually describing something that's true. In this episode, we're going to go into the discussion of time, and how our physics will need to be altered based on what we have encountered. So without further ado, Corey, thank you for being here. Welcome to the show.

CG: Thank you.

DW: All right. Now let's get right into some hard insider data. One of the things that fascinated people the most about my insider testimony when it first started coming out online was what I shared from this insider named Daniel who claims to have worked on what most people call the Montauk Project, but what he called Phoenix III. What he said was that our military industrial complex had procured a seat from a crashed extraterrestrial disk and that the seat itself acted as a consciousness interface. And someone could sit in the seat, put their head back, and then there were 22 base waveforms that would be the energetic field of the person that they would measure. And you would go to what they called the quiet point, a stillness in your mind. Then they would have to zero out the chair, which means once these 22 sine waves stop jiggling and you can get them to stay still, then they would individually tweak the knobs on each one and make them flat lines. And at that point, so he was told and so he experienced, a lot of weird things could happen. For example, you could think about an object. And the energy that this chair would harness that they had to create a very specific frequency with these huge transformers, you could manifest that object in the room. And he also said that if you thought about a particular place that this sort of shimmery mirage thing would appear, and you would see that place through the mirage. And they could actually send people through that, and they would travel there. He also said that this was standard design for seats in UFO-type craft and that the pilot would think about where they want to go, and it just pops open a hole and they fly through, and they go. So before we get into all the deeper stuff that he said, anything that I've just told you, does that line up with stuff that you've heard?

CG: Mm-hmm.

DW: OK. Could you give some specifics on that, then?

CG: Well the chair, the chairs very much. So the consciousness interface with the chairs. There were chairs that we were put in in the MILAB Project when I was a child that the intuitive empaths were put in, that they would put us in and-- you mentioned the 22 waves that they would try to get us to go into-- in a negative way, we were being trained to be enabled on command to go into different states of consciousness that were measurable. And--

DW: How is that negative? I'm not sure I understand.


Question about Sasquatch:

Corey, Sphere Being Alliance, I don't know where else to post this question, and this topic seems appropriate. In the past couple of years, I've become aware of the abilities of the hairy folk of the forest, (aka: sasquatch), to be able to teleport, cloak, mind speak, etc. I have both personal experience, and have friends who have had experiences with these beings. They seem to live in both our 3rd density and another density, which they back and forth from, regularly. Do you know anything about them? If so, what can you share? It seems to me, from I what I pick up, telepathically from them, that they are like the folks you met in the subterrean council meeting. It seems that the sasquatch are waiting for us humans to evolve, consciously, so that they can make full contact. Until then, they seem to be very cautious in allowing contact. What do you know on this? Thanks!

[Before we get to the responses, I'll share that the Law of One speaks of a group of second density beings, resembling the Sasquatch, who evolved along a natural course of evolution to a service to others third density race. This occurred some 75,000 years ago. At the end of the last major cycle, approximately 25,000 years ago, this race evolved to a fourth density service to others people. Instead of leaving the Earth at that time, they decided to stay here and assist humanity in their evolution, recognizing the lack of attainment that humanity displayed at the time.]

Response from another commenter:

Hi! Based on your question above I thought you might be interested in the info link as follows here, being part of a writing link shared here on the Sphere Being Alliance f/b page recently. Like yourself perhaps, I have always intuited that these Beings long referred to as Sasquatch or Bigfoot ... do truly exist; and rather than one day proving themselves to be some sort of missing link in our own evolutionary process ... are actually a totally separate race and species from Humanity who have always been here (perhaps even longer than 'we' have?) and sharing this Planet with us. And it's always good to get info confirmations that our natural intuition abilities continue to be well worth heeding, isn't it? I hope enjoy the reading as much as I did.

Corey's Responses:

Sphere Being Alliance On The Ruiner, Illuminati Insider Interview Analysis 1 - 

Sphere Being Alliance On "The Ruiner" Part 2, Analysis of Cosmic Voice Radio Interview -


Facebook Update (September 26th 2:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance Reminder: Interview Today - Corey Goode Interview On Lost Knowledge 9/26/15 at 2pm CST!secret-space-program/cmvo

Corey Goode Interview On Lost Knowledge 9/26/15 at 2pm CST

Corey Goode will be on Lost Knowledge Radio Show Sat. Sept 26 at 2pm CST. Corey was in the Secret Space Program for 20 years where he was part of covert government program involving relationships with off world species. Corey is an appointed delegate of the Blue Avians from the Sphere Being Alliance to interface with multiple ET Federations and Councils, liaison with the SSP Alliance Council, and deliver important messages to humanity.

At this critical time in our history, Corey’s straightforward first-hand conversations about MILAB, Galactic Councils, and the enormous galactic trade organizations dispel the false notion that we are still trying to discover life in the universe and deliver us the hope for prosperity in the Greater Galactic Community.

To Listen to Corey Goode on Lost Knowledge on Revolution Radio Studio A Sat Sept 26, 2015.

More information about Corey Goode from

Listen Live at Revolution Radio Freedom Slips Studio A Sept 26 Sat. at 2pm CST

Facebook Update (September 28th 10:00am):

Sphere Being Alliance Part 2 is a few days or so away from being published/FYI. Justin from SITS has published this recent article.

Commentary On Breakaway Council Report, Moral Implications of Deception, Ancient Earth History Revealed | Corey GoodETxSG

Corey posted a huge update regarding a meeting that took place between himself, Gonzales and a recently organized breakaway civilization alliance council. The information disclosed in that account definitely raises some questions as to alleged contacts with benevolent ET's over the past 60 years; at least. Many of the accepted ET contacts of the past could in fact be ancient breakaway humans who deceived the surface population into thinking they were off-world groups. 

That being said, I would suggest not throwing any babies out with the bathwater just yet. 

Undoubtedly there are nuggets of wisdom being shared by these groups, yet this development further underscores why blind acceptance is never advantageous. 

The other interesting point revealed in Goode's account, was that the Ancient builder race, which is responsible for the creation of many structures and sites throughout the solar system including the ancient star gate system, is referred to by these breakaway groups as the Guardians; the Sphere Being Alliance. The Ancient breakaway council is not happy that the Sphere Beings have refused to make direct contact with them unless it is made as a joint effort between them and the secret space program alliance. 

Part two of that report is set to be released soon, and will most likely provide even more data points for greater understanding of the political landscape shaping Earth's epic history. 

My commentary will be in [green brackets] with Corey's text in black

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Facebook Update (September 21st 11:00am):

Sphere Being Alliance What they will not be telling you on their own is that the ICC has been mining the asteroid belt and kuiper belt for precious metals and other materials for decades to support and build their vast infrastructure. After a planet was destroyed to create the asteroid belt it exposed these veins of metals making them much easier to access than the minerals on our planet.

Asteroid passing by Earth may hold $5 trillion in precious metals

Shutterstock An asteroid may hold $5.4 trillion of precious metals and minerals.

Update: This post has been updated to reflect weights in troy ounces in reference to estimates for the asteroids potential platinum composition.

Forget the Pluto flyby. Metals bugs were buzzing Monday after a metallurgically rich asteroid rocketed past Earth on Sunday evening, boasting an out-of-this-world cache of precious metals.


[I thought the following exchange was rather interesting.]

Question about donation limits:

Corey, you have a limit on your system receiving money? Paypal has limits right? l will use a visa card and transfer to you and David Wilcock as l said earlier... or l will transfer direct to your bank account, what do you prefer? PP have 10 000 US dollars as limit right...Regards

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance I have a business PayPal account as I believe DW has, No limits on it. Thank you for asking and we appreciate any assistance provided by supporters no matter the size or type. Loving and positive energy in the form of meditations and prayers is also very much needed. Thank you.


Comment by concerned party (not Corey):

Remember, Corey, don't take any donations that require an upfront payment of any kind to the donor. No 'good faith" payment. No "payment of mailing cost for your money delivery." Last month a scammer used my Facebook friend's account to notify a lot of her friends that she had just won $70,000, and that she noticed on the list that we too had just "won" $70,000. But we would have to pay $1000 in advance, to get the money from the UPS delivery man. We checked with our friend, and she said she had never won that $70,000 and it was a scam.

The one who made you that offer, check the eye of Horus on his Facebook page. I have been told by a friend who is a conspiracy theorist, not to trust that symbol. My friend is a prepper. He says it is a symbol of the illuminati.

[In my researcher it's a symbol the Illuminati used because of it's original astrotheological meaning; that of activated and awakening consciousness; the third eye, unity consciousness, transcended duality, etc. It was used much earlier in history, going back as far as before the flood (11,500 years ago). I am working on a post that provides data to support this assertion.]

Original Commenter's Response:

You right... you have to be cautious these days, get alot of African scammers that wants to be friend and ask for details about me. But this time there is not going to be a scam. Your right about the illuminati all seeing eye, l am 14 degree IO (illuminati order US) and the only one with that kind of degree solely*. l have offered Corey 200 million dollars as a gift to him, and also the same amount to David Wilcock with out any catch, they are worth it. When we talking about money no limits are set. l am not a satanic leader or any kind of that sort and l can assure you the IO-illuminati order have good intentions. l have some Kabbalah teachings on my timeline for those who want to know nore about God, the Lion Yeshua face on my header is no hoax, it is created by God in the sun signs... see on your laptop for your self (to small on mobile). These money l send to Corey Goode and David Wilcock are gifts and any taxation are not valid in this case, and for the second there will be no taxes either because WE are in charge*.

Concerned commenter's response:

I don't know you personally, nor your organization or its goals. My grandfather was a Chanter with the Freemasons, an organization that (I recently learned) have Illuminati ties. My Grandfather was a good man who helped feed his neighbors during the Great Depression.

I am told I could become an Eastern Star [female order of Freemasonry] if I wanted to. Haven't really looked into it.

You seem to want to help Corey, so I have decided that any friend of Corey's is a friend of mine. I've got no call to judge you or your intentions.

A friend of mine told me to beware of the eye of Horus. He thinks you guys are going to put us in FEMA camps. Is that true? He is prepping for a disaster, as are many others, with food, water, weapons, fuel. 

I'm not too much inclined to go with the fear-mongers and conspiracy theorists. It seems like a big waste of time and energy, and not the way I want to live my life.

Original Commenter's Response:

No FEMA camps l can guarantee that, the Eye of Horus is one of Gods attributes, He uses it in the sun signs (see my pictures on FB) satan has some influences on this Planet, God rules the sun...

Concerned commenter's response:

Thanks, Yeshua. I figured it was just another conspiracy theory. 

Eye of Horus can be found on Egyptian art. It is considered a sacred symbol representing the pineal gland, linked to awakening consciousness. The pineal gland in the brain (with surrounding structures) closely resembles the Eye of Horus. 

When Earth passes through the tsunami of energy waves mentioned by Corey, our pineal gland will be stimulated and we will ascend to 4th density. So we must prepare ourselves by becoming more loving, forgiving and of service to others.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance <smile emoticon>

Original commenter's responses:

Cant wait to pay you Corey´... Change of guard is close... who said Corey do not drive SUV´ or Ferrari lol

Purchase a own Alien ship maybe, l've heard the tall white Aliens like to gamble in Las Vegas, maybe you can attract them with some millions and they get you a -^- that would be cool*

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Appreciate the offer of millions of $'s post disclosure/changing of guard... After the changing of the guard and completion of full disclosure money will not be something people will have much use for. It will become a relic of the past. We will be moving into a completely different type of commerce and trade system and will not rely on a Babylonian Money Magic/Slave System. It is hard for the population to imagine since we have been programmed to love and feel we have to have $... This will be a completely different world that is transitioning into a Star Trek type civilization. It will take a bit to adjust for many, some view a civilization with out money as evil even... Or something to be afraid of. It is one of several major steps we will have to take as a society. We have to live and work through this system right now, It makes doing this kind of work very difficult when your on a budget and the opposition forces print all the $ they need... but the time is coming where a financial system will not be needed. 


[SITS receives it's fair share of scammers and phishing offers, which all have the same MO. I can't speak with specific knowledge if this offer of $200 million is real, but I found Corey's response to be very appropriate. 

Money has become the lubricant of consciousness to set aside morality and ethics in favor of material wealth. Society is largely managed using unethical and dubious means, procured from the masses under the guise of financial security. The most morally reprehensible job's are populated by individuals, who in the main, would never perform their duties if it wasn't for a pay check. 

Imagine a world where in order for others to agree to what is offered, an ethical determination is made by the individual? Where a thing must be done on it's merits alone, without the enticement of money to further incentivize the arrangement. This is what a moneyless society would look like, where people do things together for the collective benefit of all, and if a clear and present gain is not apparent, the task in question is not viewed as tenable. 

In this society, war and destruction for profit is all but impossible; for who would accept such a thing if it is not well hidden behind a bribe of money and power? 

This is what money has done to our world, causing us to literally uphold ignorance of wrong doing as a profitable enterprise; a proprietary thing. Where doing what is right for all is seen as a luxury in place of gaining a material advantage. But in a world of abundance, where lack and scarcity are all but eliminated, the ability of nefarious individuals to deceive others into their dark intents is almost impossible. In this space, morality and ethics are the measure for if a thing is profitable or not. Where respect for life, liberty and the freedom of others is the highest value.]


Facebook Update (September 29th 3:30am):

Sphere Being Alliance If you don't feel like reading it you can listen to it for 1 Hour, 25 Minutes... 

Corey Goode - SSP Alliance Debrief Part I - "Honeycomb Earth" Ancient Earth Break-Away-Civilization

Comment about alien or ET intentions being dubious:

Hi corey.. much as i love your posts, it's sheer fantasy island that ANY alien/other dimensional entity that is trying to "help us" has good intentions. humans should by now realize from our own experiences that helping people develop is blueprinting them with our own contemporaneous ideals, an arrogant pass time to say the least - look at the outcomes here on planet earth. highly evolved beings can soft soap as much as they like, their sole interest in being here/wanting to help etc is to further their own agendas. if they actually did care about humanity developing to another level of consciousness, they would let us get on with it, without any tweaking, as basic quantum/particle physics has clearly demonstrated that even observing an experiment influences it. Please be sure I am not here to denigrate you in any way, I just wish that your posts encouraged us to connect more with true earth energy, love our earth and each other in a tangible way - all this is all that is required. You pass on the blue avian message of peace and love etc, but could this not be simply an earth message of peace and love? why do we yet again need middle men? sending positive vibes your way today.

[In my view the Sphere Being Alliance message to humanity is not an 'alien' message, it is a message of consciousness. The ideational aspects of the message are valid regardless of where it comes from. Does it really matter that the message came from the Sphere Being Alliance? Are we not all a grand family in consciousness?

Does this some how make it any less valid or applicable? In my understanding it does not, and to suggest it does highlights a focus on who is saying the message, instead of what is being said.

If a child shared the message would it mean any less? What if Adolf Hitler incarnated and appeared on TV speaking the message, would that mean it's evil and an illuminati trick? In my view, focusing on the source of a message as a method of discerning the veracity and validity of the content therein is a distraction from the core ideal of the message itself. Granted who a person is and why they are sharing an idea has value, but insofar as our ability to discern the wisdom of a message on it's basis alone - it is not logical, reasonable or applicable to focus only on the source; all things must be considered. It only serves to drag us into a lower consciousness vibration because we're 'nit picking' something, usually so we can elevate ourselves above what is offered in a dualistic judgemental way. 

Please don't take my commentary as a judgement against those partaking in this modality of truth seeking. I merely wanted to share my thoughts unabashedly. I am actually grateful to see this aspect of the narrative come to light, so we can all gain in considering it openly. So thank you for the comment.]

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Lots of belief systems and overlaying what you think various advanced beings may do. More and more peoples belief systems are being challenged by the data I am releasing and Part 2 is going to anger even more people and their sacred cow topics and belief systems. As I say below, if I was going to write a fictional account of things it would be to bring people more together under some fictitious narrative and not challenge their beliefs and take the chance of pushing them away? This is an opportunity for those in the community who say their reality bubbles are permeable and they are open minded to prove it. 

Some of the info in part 2 is going to anger at least half of the people who visit this site and provide support to the cause. This has been the most difficult info to release so far. Having it in a part 1/2 format also has had a bit to do with people acclimating themselves to the new data that is so uncomfortable. Our belief systems are going to be challenged more and more leading up to and then directly after a Full Disclosure Event... Those of us who are feeling led to be service to the others who will be "dumped" on the most by these revelations need to begin now. We need to call our ensconced belief systems and UFO Religions what they are. I don't expect everyone to believe me, it would be wise for everyone to revisit what they do believe and why... 



Commenter's Response:

Hi Corey, thanks for replying to my comment, that is good of you to take the time. For the record I'm not angered in any way by your posts, and I'm certainly not dumping on you. I tried to make that very clear in my post. My view is another view that's all, and I think we all have the capacity to connect with what resonates for us. No-one has to prove anything particularly, do they? That seems a little hierarchical to me. All I was saying is that your posts give info that shows we are being influenced by outside forces yet again - even if it is in a positive way in your opinion - and mine is that we need to rely on ourselves to get ourselves out of the mess we are in, connect with our earth and each other. Its not complicated. As said before, even observation influences outcomes, so how are we meant to grow as a species in a true way that is reflective of our natural evolution? I know we have already been tinkered with beyond reproach, so some might say, well what harm can a little positive influence from outside do? Influence is still influence what ever way you look at it. So please see this as a dialog, not a dumping of anger on you, it's good to talk isn't it? take it easy and hope to hear back from you at some point if you have the time.

Corey's Responses:

Sphere Being Alliance I'm sorry you are feeling attacked. It is a bit frustrating that some people are concentrating so much on their belief systems and are not representing the info I'm putting forth accurately. I did not say these people are helping us or what they are doing is positive by any means. If you have read all of my info you will see that I was disturbed by their views. I have also put out nothing about a savior ET or other beings or gurus. I have put out the opposite... that being we are in control of our own destiny and only we can save ourselves. I have been very consistent in putting out this information. How people are able to read the info and turn it into the opposite of what I have said from the beginning has been perplexing to me. These subterranean groups are advanced but are not perfect and have some very disturbing views to myself and others on the surface. 

I don't know how to make it more clear, we are the saviors we have been waiting for... We are the answer to our problems... Not an advanced liberation group, guru's or ET's. They are different groups fighting their own fight for their own agendas, some of their agendas mix with ours. That doesn't make them our allies or being to be completely trusted when they interface with us. 

Even the SBA has hinted that they are responsible for us from something from their past. Their buffering of the high energy waves/particles is STO's but doesn't make them saviors. They have merely leveled the playing field so we have the opportunity to stand up and defeat our captors/controllers on our own. They want us to realize the power we have to make these changes. If we don't wake up and do the work they are not going to step in and do it for us (save us). As more and more of us wake up and realize our potential we will realize our inner power to change our reality. 

Part 2 will be of a heavier content level and will shake the belief systems of many who have formed beliefs from books, guru's, channellers and researchers that go back to over a hundred years. People who claim to not have a belief system are absolutely fooling only themselves. Everyone has a core belief system. This is how we are programmed. These opposition groups have infiltrated ufology and put in narratives that match the belief systems of these "elite". They have cleverly tricked millions of people to make their belief systems their own. 


Sphere Being Alliance Reply to someone above, Also be careful when opening your mind and seeking contact from a certain race out there. There are thousands of other beings (Including the subterranean) that are searching for minds reaching out. There are also people in the Black Ops programs doing the same. They then will pretend to be who you are reaching for (Many are claiming to mentally contact w/The Blue Avians who do not channel or communicate w/you unless they appear before you). There are many different types of advanced beings that intercept and hijack these communications that pretend to be loving/good as well as technologies such as the Voice Of God/VOG that is used to do the same. Many well intentioned people are falling victim to this trickery because of ego and over confidence it their own spiritual evolved strength. To all of these beings we are similar to 3 year olds playing with a HAM Radio. The more confident a person is that this cannot happen to them and they are more advanced than the average human the easier of a target they are to these trickster beings/people. You must be very careful reaching out to other beings. You most likely are not in communion with what you have been told or think you are... I saw one room with hundreds of people reclined and connecting with people on the surface mentally. This info cause quite a few angry emails about their ET connections being real and all others being fake. I know for certain part 2 is going to cause an even larger rift in some who visit this site. I'm reporting things honestly as I experience them and will continue to do so. 


My Response to the original commenter:

Justin Deschamps I am glad you shared your honest commentary. It's an item I've been waiting to see being discussed and based on the activity here in this thread, it appears it was only a matter of time before it bubbled up to the surface. Don't take offense to those who call you a 'hater' IMO, it merely reveals their level of understanding. It is difficult for a lot of people to entertain an idea, for discussion purposes only, without also feeling like they need to 'protect' their own belief system by attacking or judging another. I solute and admire your bravery, Please keep speaking what is in your heart. It benefits the ALL even if those fruits can not be seen.

Facebook Update (September 30th 6:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance 

Transcription of In5D Episode 35: Corey Goode - Inside The Sphere Being Alliance
Gregg: Namaste and welcome to In5d radio. Coming to you from the 99% Quartz Crystals Sands of Sarasota Florida. I'm your host Gregg Prescott from Tonight we are going to raise the vibration of the Planet, Galaxy and Universe. Now I created in5d to get people to think outside the box, while giving positive possibilities to what we can expect for the near future. Basically we question everything and allow people to make up their own mind, as reality is constantly changing every millisecond through our thoughts and intentions. So be careful where you place your thoughts, as thoughts and intentions are manifesting quicker than ever. Joining me from the in5d studio is my co-host Michelle Walling, how are you doing tonight Michelle?

Gregg: Could you repeat that, you weren't live on the air

Michelle: Wow, hi everybody I am really looking forward to this show, and I tell you what, with Mercury in retrograde it can only get better from here. Welcome to in5d radio.

Gregg: (Chuckles) Yes you know that is the first thing I thought about with all these glitches that are going on. Apparently, as Corey and I were about this earlier, you and I were talking about this as well, Skype had some issues going on and people were unable to use Skype at all earlier today so there is something funky going on right now. I had Corey on Skype, he is calling in right now so we will be bringing him in, in a minute. But how was your weekend? Tell me a little bit about your weekend Michelle?

Michelle: (Chuckles) Well since you were with me I will share with everyone. I had a great weekend, we went to Fort Lauderdale, I was a special guest on Kelli Coffee and Dwaine Hartman The Raw Truth Tour. I spoke to the folks there, we had a great relaxing weekend. We also met up with some in5d authors. Do you want to tell everybody who we had lunch with on Saturday?

Gregg: Yeah, we met for dinner with several in5d writers Max Apodaca who co-writes many articles with Yolanda, and Yolanda Arenas is an amazing Tarot card reader, whom you'll be getting a reading from next weekend.

Michelle: Yes, I can't wait. She also has an ad on the right hand side of the in5d page where you can just click that ad and it goes right to her booking, so I am really looking forward to having that. I really enjoyed meeting Max for the first time, actually it was the first time for Yollie as well. Yeah so we had a wonderful weekend and we are settled back in for today. Just to let everybody know, I am unable to get into the chat room, I can see all of you. Hi everyone but I am unable to, I am logged in but it says I am not logged in (chuckles). I am unable to actually interact with you, but I can see what your putting in there. On this show tonight we are not going to take any callers at the end, but if you do have a very important question be sure to put it in the chat.

I also wanted to, ok, so we have all the technicalities done. I wanted to mention that I have a new show on in5d radio and that would be Candace Craw-Goldman has QHH Healing show that is on Friday nights, that is the same time as my show which is 8pm EST. Candace is a QHH Healing Practitioner, she will be bringing on practitioners as well as clients with their experiences. That will be awesome, we already had the first show on Friday night. You can find that on blogtalkradio at the moment, it will be uploaded to in5d YouTube channel soon. My Cosmic Awakening show you can catch Thursday at 8pm. I don't want to plug that to much here, we are just talking about how much in5d has expanded. Gregg we also have the in5d network where I get on act like a fool and have my picture taken.

(Chuckles from both hosts) I have videos of certain topics that I get an idea and I get on video. Anyway all of the in5d shows can be found on iTunes, we also have classics like Helane Lipson show with Matt Kahn, Gregg and Heidi interviewed Dolores Cannon. One of my favourite shows is Dr Simon Atkins which has something like crazy 8,000 views on YouTube so I am real grateful for that, to be able to get information out to people. So yeah let's get right to it Gregg.


[I offered commentary on the In5D Radio show in the below linked article.]

Related Transcript and Analysis of Corey Goode on In5D Radio with Gregg Prescott and Michelle Walling | September 21st 2015

Comment about personality test:

How to find your personality type

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance It is very important IMHO for every person and couple to know their personality types. It will help you know thy self and your mate much better. I very much fit the INFJ type and my wife very much fits the INFP type. Even though we have been married for 25 years and know each other well these profiles helped us know each other better. It is very similar to a scientific horoscope profile for psychiatrists. They buy into these profiles but don't look at horoscope info that can be just as accurate. This is one of the things that has held back western science. I would advise everyone take the test 3 times to make sure you don't get a false result. It does happen with similar personality types. Then read your profile description. Last step, be amazed!


[The test is very interesting. I did mine several days ago when producing the analysis of the above linked in5D radio show. Apparently I am a Protagonist ENFJ-A.]

Corey's response in relation to a comment about him 'slipping up' when referring to the Color of the sun being Orange:

Sphere Being Alliance No slip up. There have been quite a few studies that have since disappeared from the Internet. Studies that show the chemistry and electrical field of our star has been changing for decades. 

The Hydrogen bonds are changing in type and there is a shift occurring that has been covered up. Those who are older can remember a different colored sun in the skies when they were young. Our sun is referred to as a "Yellow Dwarf Star". It is going through a shift/change energetically that will cause it to appear more and more orange in the future. As I stated a lot of that depends on whether you are looking at it through our atmosphere (When and where from on earth). 

The most you will find on the internet about this subject is the changing magnetic field of the sun. The science papers/articles about the "chemistry" of the sun changing are almost impossible to locate now. They were up until at least 2011. This is something that they have known about for a long time. The sun is going to be the object with the most apparent changes in our Sol System. There are plenty of people that remember looking up at high noon and seeing a yellow sun, no a white one during the 1970's and 1980's. But as science explains away everything people move along as if nothing has changed.

Comment about criticism:

Other persons have criticized the other interviewers after hearing the way that Michelle and Gregg interviewed Corey. And others have gently criticized Corey in a completely constructive way about his insecurity at public speaking. These are all simply comments. But look at the reactions when someone else is mentioned and challenges it. Look at the ones who are falling in line to similar decry this "judgment". Which wasn't actually judgment at all, only a comment. Who cares about someone's opinion unless nobody is allowed to have an opinion that goes against an established, policed front that is being maintained for one purpose or another.

My point is that we are falling into the ego trap, the Great Man Syndrome trap, yet again. We were warned not to do so. Guess that worked.

This is precisely why I tried in a completely ego-less, objective way, to engage in dialog with folks in other spaces about where the urge to pedestal guys comes from, and why we need to be aware of that so that we can end it as a cultural process. For my trouble I was drowned "in love" and basically shouted down. Maybe people will listen to dudes saying this. But I do hope that we as a collective start getting the message very soon.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance I understand, we do have more than our fair share of "Lady Guru's" on pedestals too... It is a problem with both sides... No matter how much you try people are programmed to search out guru's and hero figures to follow. There are also people who do come in and take a few zings or toss rocks in a pond to stir things up yet claim to have pure motives. This too has occurred quite a lot. So it is a double edged sword that we all fall on in one way or another. Only we know our own motives and only we can keep our programming to hero worship or seek out guru's in check. Both cases show people looking outwardly for issues instead of inwardly for their own issues to work on. Its human nature on both ends and people react emotionally to both. 


Question about Arcturians and the Sphere Being Alliance:

TY Corey, Gregg and Michelle Walling for these transcriptions - generous for those who can't afford the GAIAM TV subscription - stumbled upon this blog and it appears The Arctaurians have a similar message to share - can someone confirm they are part of the Sphere Being Alliance? gratitude and blessings to all

Comment by David Wilcock:

There are innumerable attempts being made to link channeling to the information Corey is presenting. The most frequent thing we are asking these days is for people not to try to attach these materials to the basic message that is being offered to Corey in a very different way than that. Most channeling is some mixture of the person's own imagination, positive sources and negative sources all talking at various times. They will get certain things right but it will be tainted. Some channels are almost entirely run by a combination of the ego and negative sources. And there are hundreds of completely alternate "UFO Religions" that have been made out of these. The underground civilizations he just met have whole teams of people who are working to send messages to people here, and they admitted those messages were propaganda -- so let the buyer beware.
Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Confirming that the Arcturians are not a part of the Sphere Being Alliance. I wanted to answer this as I have had a few emails with this same question. 




Facebook Update (October 1st 2:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance 

Cosmic Disclosure: Contact Is Made (transcript)

DW: All right, welcome to the show. I'm David Wilcock. And we are absolutely having fun here. This is all new information, even for people who think they know it all. I think we're just peeling away the layers of the onion here. And it gets more and more interesting as we go. I'm here with Corey Goode. And we are discussing insider information that he gained through his work in the Secret Space Program, or what's often abbreviated to SSP. Corey, this Secret Space Program, how does something like this get started? If our conventional technology seems to be so primitive as far space travel is concerned, did the space program actually have some help? Was there some outside assistance that allowed it to develop this far at such an early time in history?

CG: Actually, the reason there's such a wide range in technologies in the Secret Space Program and what we have down here is that this is a complete breakaway society.

DW: What does a breakaway society mean?

CG: It is a society that is so divergent from the one that it came from that it's a completely different society that runs on totally different technology, different social dynamics, different control systems, that are unrelated to the ones that it came from before. It broke away. And it's now existing separate from.

DW: What might be an example of a different social dynamic?

CG: Well it's definitely more of a controlled, totalitarian regime.

DW: Really?

CG: Yeah, yeah. The current era breakaway civilization really began in Germany, as far back as the '20s, but especially in the '30s. There were some of the German secret societies that were doing a lot of really interesting work. They were some of the first that didn't separate science and what our mainstream science considers esoteric spirituality kind of topics. They intertwined them. And they had some groups that were doing channeling, trying to contact groups from other worlds. And they were also scouring the Earth for texts-- ancient texts from the East that had talked about ancient Vimana and other craft that they hoped that they could get information from to engineer craft from.

DW: One of the most contentious pieces of research that I came across dealing with German occult societies was apparently one of the top occultists in the time, who later advised Hitler, saw a talk by Gurdjieff. And Gurdjieff described this grand hypothesis of a symbol that was showing up, a sacred symbol, literally all over the world. All these different ancient cultures had this symbol that the Hindus called the "sah-wah-STEE-ka," or swastika. Do you think that the Germans in these occult societies, by seeing this almost worldwide prevalence of one symbol, were they reconstructing what they felt was the traces of a worldwide ancient advanced civilization of some kind?

CG: I don't know that for sure. But I know that as far back as the late '20s, and through the '30s, some of these secret societies were already well into expeditions all across the world, looking for ancient texts and relics that they could start to piece information together to create technology from, modern technology from.


[I offered commentary on this episode in the blow linked article.]

If you put time and effort into seeking contact with your Higher Self, it will most definitely respond. This is not speculation. If you haven't read The Synchronicity Key, that was where I academically proved it. Life gets very interesting once you start realizing this guidance exists and learning how to receive it. This is the step that always precedes more direct contacts.

Facebook Update (October 2nd 10:00am):

Sphere Being Alliance

Summary and Analysis of Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - Episode 1: Contact Is Made | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

David and Corey discuss the origins of the German secret space program wherein they made contact with an ancient human breakaway civilization that claimed to be from the Pleiades star system commanding a fleet known as the Silver Fleet. This contact was through an occult group using channeling or mediumship of the Vril Society in the 1930's and 40's. 

Additionally, the German led SSP made contact with the Draco alliance. Both of these groups provided additional information to scientists in the program that already developed a high level of technology in their study of ancient texts. Once a working craft was developed they began to encounter the stranger aspects of interstellar travel, such as time dilation and travel when making high velocity jumps across distances of space.

While the war raged in Europe for Nazi domination, a group of dedicated individuals managed to develop technology so advanced they eventually left the surface, moving underground and into the stars. 

For Cosmic Disclosure summaries with David Wilcock and Corey Goode click here.

If you do not already have a Gaiam TV subscription, and want to support Corey, use this link here: For translations of Corey's updates go here.

Some of the content covered here can be found Goode's websites: and his older blog

To sign up and watch the episode click here.

Show Description:
The blossoming of the secret space program was no accident. Corey Goode explains how initial contact was made with advanced beings and how these forces conspired to initiate humanity’s first foray into the cosmos. He explains the moment esoteric groups in Germany began exploring the limits of consciousness, contact was made. It was as if advanced civilizations were out there, just waiting for us to reach out and make first contact. 
This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast September 29, 2015.
The summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary in [green brackets].

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode

  • DW - Welcome to the show, I'm David Wilcock. We are absolutely having fun here, this is all new information even for people who think they know it all. I think we're just pealing away layers of the onion here and it gets more and more interesting as we go. I'm here with Corey Goode, and we are discussing insider information that he gained during his time in the secret space program, often abbreviated to 'SSP'. Corey, this secret space program - how does something like this get started? If our conventional technology is so primitive, as far as space travel is concerned, did the program have some help? Was there some outside assistance that allowed it to develop this far at such an early time in history?
  • CG - Actually the reason why there is such a wide range of technologies in the SSP, compared to what we have down here, is that it is a complete breakaway society.
  • DW - What does the term breakaway society actually mean?
  • CG - It is a society that is so divergent from the one it came from, that it is a complete different society, running on completely different technology, social dynamics, control systems, etc. that are unrelated to the ones that it came from before. It broke away and is now existing separate from [the parent society].
  • DW - What is an example of a different social dynamic?
  • CG - Definitely more of a controlled totalitarian regime. The current era breakaway civilization really began Germany, as far back as the 20's, but especially in the 30's. The German secret societies were doing some very interesting work. They were some of the first that didn't separate science and esoteric spirituality, they kind of intertwined them. They had some groups that were doing channeling, trying to contact races from other worlds. And they were also scouring the Earth for ancient texts, especially from the East, that were talking about ancient Vimanas and other craft that they could get information from to engineer spacecraft. [Vimanas are"winged chariots" or flying machines we would today call UFO's. These are a central aspect to the Vedic epics written several thousand years ago. Here is an image of the craft and a brief description of what they were able to do.

Question about off world transnational conferences conducted by the SSP Alliance:

Corey, you mentioned you saw people dressed in outfits with Nehru collars and turbans, in some of those secret off-world meetings. [I have] Some Indian friends and I wonder if India is part of the Secret Space Program cover-up too.

Is this satellite India's most advanced technology?
Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Yes, India had representatives present in many levels including people that were present at the Committee of 200 meeting at the Castle. 


Facebook Update (October 2nd 7:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance One of the Ancient Earth Breakaway Civilizations with an Advanced Secret Space Program is the Mayan Group. They have communicated to the SSP Alliance Council that they moved over 40 million of their people back to the Pleiades long ago where they are based.

I found this In5d Esoteric Metaphysical and Spiritual Database article interesting...

The Maya Pleiades Connection
by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
In the Pleiades, one of the stars is called Maia. Is it possible that the Maya are from this star system? The Mayan ancestors will return, according to one particular Mayan elder, stating, ‘The Mayan ancestors have said that they will return. Do not forget us, Don’t erase us from your mind.’
The Maya believe that the Pleiades is the home of their ancestors.  The Pleiades star system, also known as the seven sisters, aligns with the Central Sun, Alcyone, once every 52 years.  The precession of the Pleiades in Mayan cosmology is tracked by the Calendar Round (52 years) and the New Fire ceremony.
In a previous In5D article entitled, ‘Newly Discovered Artifacts Prove Mayans Had Alien Contact!‘, we have seen the many extraterrestrial and UFO connections with the Maya. Is it possible that these ancestors that are spoken of are extraterrestrial visitors from the Pleiades?

Comment about C.W. Chanter (linked above by Corey in relation to the Ruiner):

The "Ruiner" Shane Bales, is the most repeated source of disinfo trying detract from Corey Goode's information. CW Chanter is an Attorney and former Punk Rocker, he deconstructs the Ruiner's story and shows it for the weak pack of dis-info non-truths that it is...check out his other videos on his channel, you'll get entertaining and intelligent analysis.....

[I did take the time to listen to one of C.W.'s video's. It is a fairly objective and level headed discussion of Corey's work, but he is clearly versed in a great deal of other information. I think his style of presenting multiple ideas and then commenting on them with complete honesty is refreshing. It's usually fairly easy to distinguish between his personal opinion and the topic at hand, something I make a great effort to do as well.

The ability to entertain an idea without it also becoming our belief system will be a good skill to practice and enhance as we move forward into disclosure and global change. Considering we probably have less then 1% of the available data to work with regarding our true history and contemporary events, keeping our reality bubbles permeable, as Corey says, is definitely advantageous.]

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance I have watched all of C.W. Chanters videos at this point. He is insightful but the main thing I like is that he goes into his analysis with a good heart and uses critical thinking and not emotional triggers attached to people or information. Even though he most likely doesn't believe me or what I am saying either it doesn't bother me because he is a rational skeptic opposed to the reactionary and emotional skeptics that are out there. 

The funny thing is, all of the people that say I have no proof and support this other persons story (That is becoming more and more obviously contrived) don't mind that he has admitted to lying in an interview, says all the "Illuminati Sexual Abuse" didn't happen to him AND doesn't have any physical proof don't seem to have a problem with it... It all comes down to who is saying what you want to hear and what info nurtures your established belief system... Being a poet and writer of lyrics as well as a stage performer aids one in delivering a story line. Pretty plain and simple when you think about it and when you watch C.W. Chanters excellent videos that really do break down the testimony you begin to think for yourself and people that support this person [the ruiner] become so upset/triggered they cannot watch the entire video. 

The detractors are also trying to cover up that I have been talking about Giants/Ancient Earth Breakaway Civilizations since at least Dec. 2013 and the ET/ED AI Threat since at least June/July 2014 on Internet Forums and make it sound like I stole these narratives from this person [the ruiner] when the opposite is actually true. I really wished more people could be independent thinkers and use true discernment with all of the information that has flooded the esoteric community since the 1950's. There is ample evidence piling up that UFOlogy has been infiltrated and manipulated with false narratives from the beginning. 

My update on "keep your reality bubble permeable" (Link below) was in preparation for the articles I'm writing which is looking to be 3 parts at this point. A warning to everyone, there will be something in each part that will challenge what you THINK you know, what you "believe" about the different ET Groups and what is going on and it will upset a good number of people. The point of being a messenger is not to always make people comfortable or feel good. Sometimes it is to deliver uncomfortable revelations. That is where the saying "don't kill the messenger" comes from. Please keep that in mind when part 2 is published and you do read it (Ancient Earth Break-Away-Civilization Subterranean Council Meeting & SSP Alliance Debrief Part II - "Hall of Records & Uncomfortable Revelations”). 

Prepare to have information that many who write books about, do tours or speaking events about and have made careers based on complete disinformation... There are people who have told me "I've been doing this 10 years, 30 years or over 40 years" etc... Their Ego's are totally invested in what they think they know and the belief systems they have formed... And think they have a firm handle on what is going on. The groups that we refer to as the Illuminati are the "great infiltrators and deceivers" and have been largely successful in making their religion ours in very clever ways. I will lay it all out on the table. I had information that I learned on the Smart Glass Pads confirmed and expanded upon during my visit with the Subterranean groups. This info was further backed up when I did some research that is available on the Internet, information that I would have ignored prior. I hope after the initial anger and shock reactions people can then go back and begin to take another look at some information that many of us have made the foundation of our current belief systems. 

I will leave you with a link to the above mentioned article on Reality Bubbles. 

TY, Corey Goode

[Corey has 'gone dark' since posting this update on October 2nd. Presumably, he is working on these lengthy updates and possibly maybe having ongoing meetings with the SSP Alliance or other undisclosed activities. 

During this pause in the disclosure storm, I suggest taking some time to review the belief's and worldview's we've developed over a life time of experience. Due to Julian's passing in August, I've had a unique opportunity to self reflect and its revealed a few weaker points in my own process that I am making efforts to address. 

I don't know exactly what will be revealed in the second and third part of Corey's update, but it sounds like it will ruffle even more feathers then part one. Again, the ability to see the world with childlike interest is a great skill to have; being able to listen to and contemplate the beliefs and ideas of others without reaction. 

I often refer to this modality as 'the bed time story approach', in that we can listen without bias, so as to gain the wisdom contained therein, even though it may not be true. In these awakening times there is an unending onslaught of information to process and consider, and attempting to hold on to one's beliefs so that they don't change is almost impossible. But if we can consider a thing openly, then perhaps our beliefs will change in a good way, reflecting reality itself more clearly after a few steps in a new direction have been taken.]

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