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Gaia Portal - October 28th 2015: Streams of Illumination move Hue-manity into next levels - with interpretations by Justin

The raw Gaia Portal update is first, followed by my extrapolated meanings in black.

Source - Gaia Portal

Streams of Illumination move Hue-manity into next levels.

Difficulties in advancements are smoothed and straightened.

Elements of infatuations are addressed and dissolved.

Fowerings of Inner Awareness come to view.

And now the analysis:

I do not have an insider or direct source for the meanings below. This is my interpretation of the update, based on extrapolation and contextual usage of the terms. The meanings provided are not the only ones that can be gleamed; in my view all meanings have value, especially when shared and discussed openly. Please comment below if interested, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material.

Interpretations: "Streams of Illumination move Hue-manity into next levels." - Illumination has been described as a deep and almost reverential experience of truth recognition. When one is illuminated they are transformed, a more complete being emerges from the cocoon of the past. Hue-manity are defined within Gaia Portal updates as those of high vibration, lightworkers, starseeds or way-showers that have become active participants in the grand evolutionary plan for Gaia and all whom dwell here. When one being helps another know the truth, so as to provide illumination this helper-being can be thought of as a Hue-man. This statement suggests that the lightworkers and activists that have already been accomplishing much in the way of collective evolution are moving into a new and grander phase of expression. In previous updates, there was talk of exploring the truth in the midst of darkness and how that imparts personality-transforming affects to the individual doing so. I suspect that there are more humans being activated that can now be counted amongst the ranks of Hue-manity. What these next levels are and how they will manifest down here on the ground remains to be seen. But I suspect that the theme of the truth adventure will still be a major aspect.

"Difficulties in advancements are smoothed and straightened." - We could think of a difficulty here as an obstacle of ones own making. A student that refuses to acknowledge their own mistakes will continue to fall victim to incomplete knowledge and misguided efforts.  But with illumination, the experience of seeing the truth, understanding it and allowing it to transform us, the weight of self imposed ignorance dissolves. I have called this the path of least resistance, wherein a previous mode of consciousness is recognized as no longer serving us, which is then abandoned for a new and better way. In this sense, our path towards advancement in consciousness is smoothed and straightened because that which was blocking our vision is now cleared. Egocentric modes of consciousness can be defined as the choice to reject the truth in favor of a belief, which supports ones worldviews. The medical industry believes that there are no natural cures for cancer, and as a result enormous difficulties in healing those that come under their care are generated. But as a result of recognizing the harder truths of the past (those choices of rejection which cause folly and hardship), humanity is aligning with the truth once again. There are many paths up the mountain of truth, but the destination is always the same, hence a smooth and straight avenue is one where each step brings us closer to the truth.

"Elements of infatuations are addressed and dissolved." - An infatuation is an intense but short-lived passion or admiration of a person or thing. These episodes of obsession are usually caused by void of self-knowledge that is compensated by a projection. An over weight person may be obsessed with a celebrity that is considered idealistic, perfect or admirable because one does not acknowledge these qualities within themselves. Therefore an element of infatuation could be a truth about ourselves that we reject, which manifests obsessive and impulsive behaviors so as to compensate for the emotional disturbances of self-rejection. 
“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
C.G. Jung
The above quote by Jung loosely describes this mechanic of infatuation. Anytime we reject truth about ourselves it can be considered self loathing, creating emotions of limitation, fear and negativity. This disturbance must be addressed in some way. If it is done using unconscious methods, addiction and dependency forms. If it is done by making conscious the thing we previously rejected, healing and empowerment develops. And since illumination is the theme of this update, those who are illuminated are choosing this latter path, dissolving the blockages of the past.

"Fowerings of Inner Awareness come to view." - A fower is one who cleans utensils or performs house maintenance, herein used in reference to Inner Awareness. This statement suggests that as a result of illumination, an internal house cleaning is taking place. The first step in any process of evolution is always awareness. Additionally, awareness is the precursor to desire, which leads to a plan or process of manifestation. We cannot change or create something we are unaware of. Therefore, since humanity is being awakened as a process of increasing awareness in general, external recognition of difficulties in ones life produces a fowering internally. When we become aware of a thing that is not serving us, this creates an internal desire to gain self knowledge, to see how we contributed to the events in question. This process is only beginning per this statement, as fowerings are coming into view, but have not been completed yet. This suggests that the next phase of consciousness evolution will be an internal process of house cleaning, sifting through beliefs and conclusions of the past so as to verify them with insights of the now. This has been called shadow work, which can be an emotionally disturbing experience initially, but if we remain straight on the path of truth, any elements of limitation will be smoothed as illumination progresses. 

PS - In December 2014, when Julian and I were discussing the idea of sharing these updates on the blog, he encouraged me to do more then just share the raw post. He said that we could offer our insights into what they could mean and in doing so create a venue for deep discussion and consciousness exploration. There were many times I wasn't sure if others found any value in these interpretations but Julian and others continued to urge me on in this venture. This is just one example of the countless ways he helped me in my life path, for which I am eternally grateful. I want to dedicate these interpretations to him and his memory. I will love you always Julian, and know, that your zeal for creativity and loving service of others continues on. 

- Justin
Note about meanings: The meanings offered are my attempt to objectify the Gaia Portal updates, to give them a scientifically supported basis in reality. However, the subjective process of reading the update personally is incredibly valuable, and meanings generated in each respect are not mutually exclusive (in conflict with each other). I suggest reading the update, like a tool for divination, as if it was written specifically for you; similar to a psychic reading. Your meanings may not match what I share, but that does not mean one is more 'correct' than another. All meanings have value, depending on the context which is applied to them, all perspectives have a place within the whole of what IS, and therefore can be part of an exploration of one's self. Our perspective is intimately connected to all others.


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