Friday, October 2, 2015

Cobra Update | 2015 Sept 23 – Q & A with Cobra: Corey Goode and Cobra Data Mostly in Agreement, Liberation Update and more

Thank you Tanzin for sharing this with me. 

In his monthly interview with COBRA, Rob Porter, from the Promise Revealed, discussed the insider and whistleblower Corey Goode, how their information seems to match up in a lot of ways. Rob also mentioned that he is interviewing Corey in the coming weeks. 

This interview was a refreshingly objective discussion. Earlier in the year there was a lot of incendiary reactions within the awakening community because of what Corey was sharing about the exopolitical situation in space. 

Cobra states that there is a staggering level of activity occurring and just because there is not a point for point agreement between himself and Corey, or any other source for that matter, doesn't mean there is disagreement. In other words, one should not conclude either source is the only source of valid information. 

Based off the following interview, it appears there is much of their data matches vs being diametrically apposed. 

Goode recently released a long and detailed update wherein he discusses underground ancient human breakaway civilizations, specifically naming Agartha as one of the societies there. He had an amazing experience while meeting with a counsel of allied breakaway groups. See the following related links for more on this. 

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- Justin

Source - The Promise Revealed

Intro Rob – Hello ladies and gentlemen. My name is Rob Potter. I am the host of the Victory of the light radio show. I’d like to thank you for coming to my web-site to hear this special edition of the Victory of the light radio show on the Pyramid one network.

I’d like to thank Bob Charles above the equator and of course the ever talented John Allen at the Pyramid one network down under holding down the fort and broadcasting in the southern hemisphere for the Pyramid one network. Cobra interviews end up as well as on my web page under the radio section.

As always I have to thank DaNell Glade for her fine transcription, Mr. Sam Richey for his talented editing in English of these interviews, and especially this month Mr. Rique Seraphico who’s had a extremely tough time. We did have some modulation problems with the Internet warble so Cobra’s interview with sound modulation may be extremely trying this month.

Rique I know is going to pull a rabbit out of the hat as though he can clean things up and make it sound good. If it’s little rough this month you may have to go to transcript mode. I hope you understand it’s not Cobra’s fault or Rique’s or mine. It’s just a warble in the Internet connection. We had to re-established it 3 or 4 times during the interview. When it got too bad we actually dropped. Please realize the magic Rique does. Any support you can lend to him and his beautiful music and of course to the group and through supporting Cobra’s work and my work we do appreciate it. Very grateful for that.

I’d like to make a couple announcements. I will be interviewing Corey Good ET. I spoke with him today after his article came out. Really good brother, very honest, sincere and I believe he is faithful in reporting his experiencing. After talking to him and Cobra, Corey says he can’t verify certain aspects of Cobra’s information and Cobra can’t verify certain aspects of Cory’s information through his contacts. Just showing you the higher up elite’s and the earth’s ground crew forces of liberation are themselves compartmentalized, including Alex Collier which has some different information from Cobra.

This does make it more difficult for us, but we have to rely on our inner voice of truth here and make discernment as to the nature of this stuff. Corey is being attacked now heavily. There’s a dis-information campaign coming out. We spoke about that a little bit today. That’s part of the program of being in the position of a whistle blower. And I was happy to hear that Corey’s family situation is become a little more safety oriented protecting him and his wife and his beautiful children while he goes through this process of upsetting the forces and the powers that be. So that will be coming out after the second post of his meetings comes out I will be interviewing him.

I’ll get that up as soon as possible. Probably not this Thursday, may be the Thursday afterwards it will come out. You can look forward to that. The reason I’m mentioning that on this Cobra interview is because Cobra has requested that we do an interview with him and Corey at the same time and I’m very happy I was able to make the way clear there and Corey has agreed to do that.

I have received information from Cobra confirming but we don’t have a date yet. I presume we’re going to get that out pretty soon. This will allow them to ask questions of each other and I’ll ask questions and kind of act as a moderator for that. I know you’re all going to enjoy that information.

I’d also would like to share that David Wilcock and Corey were talking about the pineal/pituitary gland as being important and the government secret SSP (Secret Space Program) groups and MiLab part of that technology is to develop the pineal pituitary gland. David Wilcock did mention in Tibet ( He got this from the book f Doctor from Mahasa and Labsong Rampa’s book we do hear about a technique utilizing a small piece of wood or bone to make a small incision into the brain and to actually stimulate the pineal gland to create psychic abilities. This is a very special technique with a “seer Llama” who can say when to stop the incusion in to the center point between the frontal lobes.

The more natural way of course is develop oneself through the science of Kriya Yoga. The master Mahavatar Babaji trained me in the science of Kriya yoga. He actually turned his eyes upwards and looked directly into his pineal gland. Energy follows thought and when your eyes and your awareness look into your pineal gland and you connect from the deep energy of the earth to the heavens through your crown chakra, there’s a unified field there.

With your sacred and pure intent to connect to source this technique will expand your torsion field as you enter into the silence of the sacred communion with the divine, what I call the holy spirit.

So the science of Kriya yoga has always been there but we also have advanced technologies utilizing tachyon crystals, Cintimani stones, zero point technologies such as gem sphere.

Of course my favorites have always been crystals and lasers. I do sell them on my web-site with a stand to put one on next to your bed stand next. Take a tachyonized crystal. Lay the laser beam from the bed stand and aim the beam down on the pillow. Align your 3rd eye and crown chakra to shoot into a laser beam into a crystal of tachyonized crystal and that is going to accelerate the photonnic energy fields and natural energies.

When David and Corey were talking about the earth’s energies, that’s what the Akashic records are located in the mineral kingdom . These stones take 30 – 40 millions years to grow. Quartz crystals are on the average of at least 20 million years old. Diamonds are 50 million. That contains a lot of information and history that has gone on on the planet in the Akashic records and those records are released vibrationally into the ambient field of your own merkabah or light force field, your masculine/feminine vortex or torsion fields. This science is called vibrational resonance.

The way this works folks is we do have endocrine glands, these are where the first units of biochemistry come from affecting consciousness. They produce hormones which is the first unit of biochemistry that accesses consciousness so you actually have 7 different endocrine glands and 7 different levels of feelings and 7 different chakras or force centers at the etheric levels and when these are stimulated by a balanced natural field you can get balanced hormones and balanced feelings and help you unify the intuitional mind into the higher self through the rainbow bridge head.

Some of you are aware of some the esoteric words I’m saying there. For those of you who look up the higher self, the Alta major center and the upper triad of the chakras and do your own research. Learn about Kriya yoga through autobiography of a yogi by Pramahansa Yogananda and the SFR.

From this inquiry you’ll see the soundness of these natural developmental tools to counter affect some of the negative technologies that we know are kind of dampening our human fields. The Onus is on us, no more arm chair critics sitting around and complaining about why and who’s not doing what. It’s up to us to prepare the way to have plans ready, to be peaceful and non-violent and to move forward. We must be prepared and already in action to create alternate viable models of societal infrastructure and cohesive integration for our new earth.

So I’m going to ask you all to do your best to listen carefully here to this interview from our emissary of light Cobra who cuts to the chase, who has his own viewpoint, a lot of information about the transparent liberation of this planet and what we’re going through. We can look forward to these interviews. And again, thanks to all the people that made this possible, for you for listening and the kind words of support have been received by many of you. Keep your eye out, we do have some more Cintimani stones, they will be out very soon. Keep looking on my web-site. Thank you very much. Victory to the light. Here comes Mr. Cobra.


ROB - OK ladies and gentlemen. Now straight to the Corba interview. It’s always an honor and a pleasure to be with my friend and emissary of light, Cobra. Lots of things as usual taking place in the world that we will get into here today. Things are escalating as I have predicted. They’re going to get even wilder on the spin zone, as some people call it, in the govt. disinformation program and now more than ever discernment is required. I always do appreciate Cobra’s dispassionate, very calm, demeanor and non-reactive information that he’s giving. And so, once again, it’s an honor to welcome you to the show Cobra.Thank you for coming on again.

COBRA – Thank you for your invitation. It’s a pleasure to do interviews with you.

Rob – I hope things are going well for you wherever you are in the world. China, Africa, whatever, but I’d like to start off, speaking of dis-information. You were attacked a little bit this week on the Agarthan website. A lot of people asked me about it, the usually “hair on fire”, what is this and what do you think’. I finally read the post. I have to say, I looked at it. It made a lot of conclusions and judgments as if you support everything in BRICS, as though you are part of the IMF or the United Nations agenda or a front man for the world bank.

It’s completely ridiculous. I was just interviewed by the Red Dragon ambassador group and my friend Louisa and that team there. They were pretty positive in understanding about that negative post. They were kind of concerned, you know, about what is going on. A lot of cobra people were. As far as I’m concerned, the people who wrote the article didn’t have any evidence.

They were making a lot of prognostications about you based on their extrapolations from your post. This was not directly form your information as you presented it. I don’t want you to comment so much on that, but this type of thing really is increasing and it seems that there are a lot of people with a certain amount of information and they seem to jump off a path of following and they want to attack others. This is going to be increasing, isn’t it?

COBRA – Okay. The situation is that many people are starting to spread information from their understanding and they have not done work on it themselves. They have not transformed their inner shadow, and when they begin to do something like this, when they begin to expose themselves, and this kind of work more and more energy floats them and triggers that inner shadow and instead of working on themselves they tend to project this on other people. And also the non-physical entities that are still present to a certain degree on the etheric plane are triggering those kinds of attacks, because this is about the most effective way of dividing the positive forces on the surface of the planet, and I’m simply amazed how people easily fall for those tricks. I would say about the estimation of the light forces is that 50% of the bloggers are susceptible to this kind of manipulation and will start to attack others. People who are claiming to be . . . I would put it this way, people who would really be representing Agarthan network would never attack anybody else publicly.

Rob – Obviously, they think, as we know, that website was started by someone who was in contact with someone who was in contact with someone who was in contact with the Agarthan network. Since we’re going to go there, I have been reading their website. It certainly seems my contact with Luis in South America there and learning first hand of his trips to the inner earth, the Agarthan Network and the Great White Brotherhood that things are not as it seems. There were very different Agarthan civilizations/ worlds. This is indicating that there are different kinds of levels of consciousness down there in the and I’d kind of like you to give us a little bit of the landscape.

Originally I thought there was 2 different sides. I thought there was the Reptilians and the Grey-type government, Draco, Mantoid type thing, tall whites and whatever, and then there was this very positive spiritual network of the Ra’s. My understanding from my experience there are several major light Agarthan groups. More specifically starting with the RA Yolo, sitting beneath the Bermuda triangle, Eastern Brotherhood of the Star, somewhere near the Carpathian Mountains. The positive alliance beneath The Matto Grasso called Poiseidid The Ra group beneath Luxor and the Giza complex and of course RaMa in the Himalaya’s. Ra-Mu in Mt. Shasta, and, of course, many others throughout the world I wouldn’t have a clue of.

In your experience, can you give us a little bit of the landscape down there, not specific locations and stuff, but I’d like to hear about the very positive groups. Were some groups evacuated – they couldn’t support themselves during the invasions? What’s going on down there? This group that’s talking about each type of groups looking down on humans as vermin. This doesn’t really fit in with my positive Agarthan network.

COBRA – Okay. So you would like to have an overview of the current situation down there or how it was in the past?

Rob – How about a little bit of both.

COBRA – Okay. Generally throughout human history there was a few main factions down there. There was, of course, the Reptilian/Draco faction, who has a strong impact throughout the planet. Actually, those reptilian factions had contact with criminal elements on the surface, and some of those criminal syndicates made their own subterranean networks, especially under larger cities throughout the world. They were working hand in hand with those reptilians and with the Draco’s.

Then there were the so-called escape groups – those people who were escaping from the surface – because they didn’t like it there and they went underground. They created their own break-away civilizations. Some of are from ancient Greece, from ancient Egypt, even Atlantis. When there were drastic changes on the surface, many people went underground, literally, and created their own break-away civilization there. And many of those civilizations began to connect with each other and so the Agarthan network was formed.

Since the fall of Atlantis, this was growing and growing. It was a loose network of independent structures that was connected to a certain degree and they have their own unique way of development, and after the Archon invasion in ’96, some of those groups cut contact with others for security reasons and they went in their own different unique way of expression.

Many of those groups were infiltrated after the Archon invasion of ’96. There was a lot of fighting going on in those underground [areas]. Many people have died, especially in the time frame from 1996 – 2001 or 2002. Tens of millions of people died down there because of security reasons. Those groups cut off contact with the surface. And then, of course, we have the Resistance movement. I have spoken about the Resistance Movement many times.

In the last 2 years, there were many changes – changes for the better I would say. The vast majority of the reptilian presence was removed. The only thing that was left of their ___ were the Chimera group with their own stronghold. I will be speaking about that at some other time.

And there was a very important development in late November, early December, last year when there was an official contact made between the RM and the Eastern Agarthan Network and the Blue Dragons. There was a certain link created and a certain integration and reunification process has started between various factions that were, until then, independent.

There was a great deal of transformation and challenge of the Eastern Agarthan network because there were mixed elements still present there. As the contact was made with the Resistance, those mixed elements were exposed. As a result of that transformation, one great part of that Eastern Agarthan network is now connected with the RM quite strongly. And some other parts actually cut connection with the rest of the Agarthan network that tried to connect with the Cabal. And there were quite many operations at the beginning of this year to fix the situation. And now the situation is much better.

Rob – Okay. I have a couple questions. When you said the break-away civilizations from Atlantis. This is obviously after the Atlantean cataclysm that took place. Some of these weren’t really breaking away. They are basically just surviving in groups and just going down with the technology they could muster to create their own locations, correct?

COBRA – Some of them were actually escaping from the cataclysm, but even before that happened, many groups went down because they didn’t like the condition of the surface because in the late Atlantean period the dark forces were growing stronger and stronger. And the majority of the light forces were actually forced, in order to survive intact with full light presence, they had to go underground.

Rob – That’s kind of like the Telosians from Lumeria who had already been building their civilization until the final cataclysm caught them by surprise. They planned to have more underground facilities created at that time. So it seems as though there’s been obviously these different subterranean cultures have their own, I guess probably because of their isolation, have had some of their own cultural viewpoints in regards to universal law and contact. So even amongst them it seems there’s quite a bit of, I guess we could call it, variances. Would you agree?



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