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Artist Photo's of Agarthans, Corey and David Taping Gaiam TV Episodes with Michael Tellinger, Part 2 of Big Update To Be Released ASAP | Corey Goode

Update - Just as I posted this update, Corey went in and shared a few more articles, which I've added accordingly. 

I received several questions of concern about Corey's whereabouts recently. He was filming another round of Gaiam TV interviews over the past week, which is the main reason for his lack of posting. 

Corey is safe and sound back home with is wife and family. 

He intends on releasing part two of his update as soon as possible. Part one of his epic report can be found here.

During his time at Gaiam TV, Corey had the chance to meet Michael Tellinger, a researcher of human origins and activist in the Ubuntu Party; an organization centrally focused on a Natural Law vision for society, justice and social cooperation.

Tellinger has done extensive work in investigating the stone rings of South Africa, which he contends are an ancient form of technology left by the progenitors of the human race.

Related Michael Tellinger - Ancient Hidden Technology (Video) | Brian Kelly's blog

Corey also released several artist renditions of two types of Agarthans. He apparently encountered them during a recent breakaway civilization alliance council meeting; detailed above in part one. 

My commentary will be in bold [green brackets] with Corey's text in black

If you do not already have a Gaiam TV subscription, and want to support Corey, use this link here: You can also watch three episodes for free, which provides a brief introduction to Corey's work. For translations of Corey's updates go here.

For other updates by Corey GoodETxSG click here. To support Corey and his work click here.

Facebook Update (October 7th 9:00am):

Sphere Being Alliance added 2 new photos.

I have been at Gaiam TV doing more video interviews. I did not want to advertise being out of town after the last two times where there were break in attempts at my home. I have quite a bit of high tech security now but still thought it best. My part 2 in now in the editing process and will be released soon. This has indeed turned into a mini book. I have had some great artists provide some graphics. I am sharing these graphics that depict some of the Subterranean races pretty accurately for between now and when the rest of the report is released.



Questions about the figures in the images:

What about the dudes with the Omega symbol?

I was really curious about them too, but for some reason I couldn't tap into their energy to figure out their looks, even though I understand Luciferian energy quite well I feel. If Corey decides to describe them I will gladly make a rendition.
Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance They were the ones that looked most like the surface people like us and could blend in, caucasian, tan about 5'10 w/black or sandy brown hair cut shorter but going back as if combed back, there was a "Mediterranean" or Islander Looking group and one looking like they were from India both bronze like skin and shorter w/short "chilli bowl" hair cuts as well.


Facebook Update (October 8th 8:00am):

Sphere Being Alliance Recorded in mid July 2015 well before my visit to "inner earth" on Sept. 3rd.

Summary and Analysis of Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - Episode 2: Agarthans: Advancing the Frontier | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

Corey and David go further into the German secret space program and the nature of their contact with the Agarthan Network, a group of ancient breakaway civilization humans who have watched and contacted humanity throughout all of the modern day historical record. 

According to Goode, the Greek pantheon of gods as well as ET contacts made during the 1950's was all a group of highly advanced humans that consciously chose to deceive the surface population in an effort to protect their underground settlements. 

The Draco are also discussed extensively in this episode, as well as the apparent existence of ancient cities under glaciers in Antartica. Before the end of World War II, several German occult groups developed bases there. They also ventured to the Moon, and attempted to create a settlement with the help of an alliance they made. All this and more in the following. 

For Cosmic Disclosure summaries with David Wilcock and Corey Goode click here. To review the previous episode in this series, click hereEpisodes 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 have yet to be analyzed, but a transcript of the episode can be found here

If you do not already have a Gaiam TV subscription, and want to support Corey, use this link here: For translations of Corey's updates go here.

Some of the content covered here can be found Goode's websites: and his older blog

To sign up and watch the episode click here.

Show Description:
Corey Goode recounts the earliest days of Germany’s secret space program which included collaborations with a subterranean civilization known as the Agarthans. Corey explains that when we took our first steps out into the cosmos, the initial advancements did not originate solely from extraterrestrial beings. Rather, they came from advanced civilizations, of a terrestrial origin, which have always been right beneath our feet.

This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast October 6, 2015.
The summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary in [green bolded brackets].

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode

  • DW - Welcome. I am your host David Wilcock, and it's very exciting to be bringing you this cosmic information, blowing the lid off government cover ups, conspiracies and the lies that have been said for so long. I want the truth and I think you want the truth too or you wouldn't be here. The truth will require a little flexibility in your belief system because the more we get into this stuff, the more we find out that everything we think we know is nothing more than a fairytale. The real world is far more interesting, complex and wondrous than we could possibly imagine. Corey, last time we were talking about the history of the secret space program (SSP). In modern times you said that starts with German occult groups.
  • CG - Correct.
  • DW - You said that there were two major intelligent civilizations that the Germans came in contact with, that helped them perfect their Bell craft, an antigravity technology.

Comment by me:

Justin Deschamps I just did a write up for an article about conflict resolution. I thought it would be of interest on the Sphere Being Alliance page.

Conflict Resolution Techniques For Awakening Times | 8 ways to find Peace in Conflict and Find Resolution...

As a people we are fundamentally interconnected to all life and other beings. The ability to empathize with other life is hardwired into our biology. Mirror Neurons are cells within the brain that react to stimuli as if we were being affected.

In these awakening times, where the realities of interconnectedness are finally being rediscovered, we have access to knowledge that can help us heal ourselves and our relationships with others. For it is the collective power of each person's consciousness that manifests the world in which we all live. Instead of wasting our creative energy fighting amongst ourselves why not work together to create prosperity for all?

Continue Reading:
--> <--

Facebook Update (October 11th 10:30am):

Sphere Being Alliance

We are all back safe at home and today is our first day all back together as a family after a week apart. We were able to get some excellent episodes completed including the full inner earth series that summarized part 2 which I haven't posted yet. I am making final changes to it and posting ASAP.

We also recorded 20 episodes in one week including 2 episodes with Michael Tellinger discussing the Ubuntu Party/Project that he is working on that has caught the attention of the SSP Alliance Council and others among the Earth Alliance groups. I have to say that there have been several people that are well known in this industry that have highly disappointed me when I got to know them or see what they really were. Mr. Tellinger was a pleasant surprize to say the least. He has a beautiful and loving energy and I picked up that he is fully vested in what he is saying and his intentions to make the world a better place. I was relieved and encouraged that this man was for real. Please help donate to his effort at the Ubuntu Party however you can. 

I look forward to the release of the Gaiam TV interviews with him.

Thank you,


Comment by Corey:

Sphere Being Alliance Another Photo of the video shoot... Yes, different shirts were worn... CG


Facebook Update (October 11th 11:30am):

Sphere Being Alliance Something to remember and practice in coming days, weeks and months... We will all be challenged in our personal belief systems! CG

Conflict Resolution Techniques For Awakening Times | 8 ways to find Peace in Conflict and Find Resolution...

Jeremy McDonald helped inspire Julian and I to do the outward work of this blog back in 2013. He wrote an interesting article on conflict resolution I think is very poignant in this time of awakening. 

As a people we are fundamentally interconnected to all life and other beings. The ability to empathize with other life is hardwired into our biology. Mirror Neurons are cells within the brain that react to stimuli as if we were being affected. 

Related Keys to Living - Positive and Negative Knowledge: Fearlessness, Self Mastery and Healing the body

In these awakening times, where the realities of interconnectedness are finally being rediscovered, we have access to knowledge that can help us heal ourselves and our relationships with others. For it is the collective power of each person's consciousness that manifests the world in which we all live. Instead of wasting our creative energy fighting amongst ourselves why not work together to create prosperity for all? 

But what makes us get into conflict in the first place? The answer to this question penetrates to the core of what makes us who we are, that we are ultimately aspects of a singular and all encompassing consciousness, experiencing life in a dream of illusory separation. Other people are essentially reflections of ourselves and as such when we perceive another person rejecting our point of view, this causes us to feel hurt and harmed, because literally an aspect of who we are is not in harmony with us.

In this space of emotional instability a storm of conflict can grow, fueled by a primal desire to be accepted and loved. Since love and acceptance is ultimately what we seek from others, finding away to first give ourselves love so as to heal the inner discord and then acting compassionately with others is the foundation for all conflict resolution. 

For how can we hope to have another accept our point of view if we cannot find a way to accept theirs?

Discourse is a term referring to a mutual exchange of ideas; a discussion. In most cases an argument is created because this flow of ideas, the metaphysical currency of consciousness, is being blocked by a defensive reaction; fear. In most cases there are beliefs, worldviews or perspectives that are being challenged by another, and this threatens our sense of self (the ego) potentially causing an emotional reaction of defensiveness. 


Facebook Update (October 11th 11:30am):

Sphere Being Alliance Thursday, October 8, 2015
Stewart Swerdlow: Former Montauk Project Asset Discusses Electromagnetic Mind Control and Secret Space Program

Stewart Swerdlow claims to be the son of a Russian spy that originally created the KGB intelligence service. He also claims to be a former Montauk project asset, working on black budget mind control programs, which accidentally discovered time travel technology during their now infamous experiments on Montauk Island New York. 

In the first of the two videos, Swerdlow discusses electromagnetic mind control technology, which has the ability to project suggestions directly into the human mind by identifying a person's unique genetic signature. Much of that information is also discussed by Harald Kautz Vella in the below linked article. 

Related How to Protect The Body Against AI Assimilation (Morgellons) | 6 Bodily Tissues That Can Be Regenerated Through Nutrition

He also discusses human history that reaches much farther back into the Earth's deep past. According to Swerdlow, a series of massive objects began to enter the solar system in the past decades. This set of data matches what secret space program insider Corey Goode discusses in his work. As a matter of fact, a great deal of what Swerdlow discusses - the hidden science of wormholes and cosmology - is also mentioned by Goode.  

Related Summary and Analyses of Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock

Related Hidden in Plain Sight | Stargate SG -1: Soft Disclosure According To Secret Space Program Whistleblower

He also asserts that the Sun is a star gate, a type of universal organic technology specifically designed to allow space fairing races to explore the stars. 

Related Summary and Analysis of Cosmic Disclosure Episode 9: Electric Sun | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

The second video focuses on the secret space program and the staged alien invasion scenario. Again, many of the data points  match the work of other secret space program whistleblowers, but he seems to assert that much of Project Blue Beam technology (used for staging a fake alien invasion) is still functional. Other insiders have said that this technology is no longer in the hands of the military industrial complex. 

The flowing list of related links go along well with the information covered. 


Facebook Update (October 11th 11:30am):

Sphere Being Alliance Lots of articles to catch up on..

Friday, October 9, 2015

Secret Underground Cities Have Influenced Human Civilization & Religion For Millennia

Insider and whistleblower, Corey Goode, recently revealed that many alleged UFO contacts over the past century, may have actually been a lost culture surviving underground for tens of thousands of years; known as the Agarthan Network. 

In his recent report, Ancient Earth Break-Away-Civilization Subterranean Council Meeting & SSP Alliance Debrief Part I - "Honeycomb Earth" and in Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - Episode 2: Agarthans: Advancing the Frontier, he asserts that most of modern history has been shaped by the activities of this subterranean civilization. 

The Agarthans, according to Goode, are a highly xenophobic culture, yet do interact with humanity under various guises. Long ago they appeared as gods to the surface population, but after developing modern technology, they changed their cover story and appeared as benevolent extraterrestrials. They even made an alliance with a branch of German occultists that once partook in Nazi activities of the early 20th century. The Agarthan's claim to be an enlightened and superior race to the barbaric surface humans, yet given their use of deception, manipulation and disinformation, there is clearly more they need to learn about honor, truth and morality.  

Related COBRA | The Great Forgetting of 1996: [Brief Analysis] False Memories, Plasma Implants, Energy Barriers and more

This revelation by Goode has the potential to completely transform Ufology and related schools of thought, some of which are founded on the belief that benevolent extraterrestrials made contact with humanity before and during the mid 1950's. Not unlike Goode's other testimony, this latest set of information greatly expands our very limited understanding of exopolitical events. And leaves many more unanswered questions. 

Goode intends on releasing two more extensive reports, that he claims could be a small ebook of content. Many who are cognizant of the secret space program field of research have been riveted by Goode's accounts, this latest set of reports being no exception. 

For a loose transcript of the Cosmic Disclosure episode in question see the below linked article.

Related Summary and Analysis of Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - Episode 2: Agarthans: Advancing the Frontier | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

- Justin

Source - Exopolitics

An ancient network of underground cities, tens of thousands of years old, has exerted a powerful influence over human society and religion for millennia according to secret space program whistleblower, Corey Goode. More recently, he claims this network of cities has been negotiating with major nations that have developed secret space programs.

On September 23, Goode released a report describing a diplomatic meeting with members of seven ancient underground civilizations that recently had to come together to form an alliance due to political and technological changes on the Earth’s surface. In the latest episode of Cosmic Disclosure on GaiamTV, Goode reveals his knowledge of these underground civilizations that are described as the “Agartha Network” – a coalition of underground cities described in “smart glass pads” he had access to during his secret space program service from 1987-2007.


Facebook Update (October 11th 12:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Report On: Timeline Shifting, Anomalies, And October Wave X Update

I cannot personally claim any 'ascension' effects experienced by myself, but there has been a great deal of initiative experiences that has expanded my consciousness greatly.

The big 'event' of catalyst for me was actually in August, when Julian transitioned into spirit, but processing this is a daily effort, providing me a very deep and personal set of consciousness expanding experiences to this day.

There were also solar flares, magnetic storms and interstellar activities reported by Ben Davidson from

Related Gamma Ray Bursts and Solar Flares | Earth Got Lucky, Huge CMEs | S0 News October 2, 2015 - Suspicious0bservers

Related Galactic Super Waves and Tsunami Energies Incoming | Milky Way’s Black Hole Shows Signs of Increased Chatter

While I cannot confirm some of the items listed below personally, that does not mean I contend the experiences of others are untrue. It's all just data to help further our path towards self mastery.

Michelle Walling goes through a brief analysis of the events prophesied by researchers such as Simon Atkins, stating that some of the events have not come to pass. This great objective reporting by Michelle Walling.

Related "Wave X" Is Not A Mass Ascension Event, It's A Step In The Entire Process Of Evolution

Related Organic vs. Artificial Immortality | Cyborg ET Races, AI Black Goo, 'Wave X', The Solar Shift & Organic Evolution Via Truth Receptivity

Related The Natural Law Basis of Harvest | The Spiritual Evolution of Gaia and All Who Dwell In the System of Sol

I do think that there is a great deal of evidence to support the notion of an energetic shift occurring at this time. When these energies create the so-called ascension event is unclear. 

But I can state emphatically, that our participation is essential, in that we can seek, understand and act within the truths we've discovered in experience. This is a progressive process of synchronizing the mind to reality via holistic thinking (what IS), which in turn opens the heart and allows higher frequency data from the spiritual realms to make contact with us here in the physical.

The adventure of discovering the shift in consciousness personally is one of the more inspiring aspects of being alive in these awakening times. 

- Justin

Source - In5D

by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Staff writer,
Lights. Camera. Action! Many prepared for Wave X and the actors in the play were set into motion. The ground crew was ready to anchor the light as it bathed the planet, and the protagonists followed their roles to a “t”. What is the next scene in the play, and when will the final curtain fall?

Wave X Update

There were many different reports of reactions and feelings about the big wave of energies that bathed the planet in September of 2015. For the first waves of ascenders, things have become clearer, and things that were not in alignment with the higher energies were brought forward by the light. There may have been relationship conflicts, physical symptoms, and enhanced psychic abilities observed. Some people bathed in the light without any negative reaction at all.
For those who are not awakened, these energies triggered something deep within them to make a choice. They will either begin to question or will continue to stay deep asleep until the end of their lifetime in the physical. The light that came from Wave X as well as other cosmic sources triggered the beginning of a separation of frequencies.


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