Sunday, August 23, 2015

Starseed: Activate! News for the Modern Mind - Episode 11

Gareth and his team have been producing a Youtube news show called Starseed: Activate!, which is an eclectic mix of disclosure related information presented in a comedic fashion appealing to a wide audience. We have spoken to Gareth several times and he is using this medium to convey deep and poignant topics to the awakening community at large. 

Often it can be easier to reveal hidden truths in this way, rather than have a normal discussion. Many people can't take these ideas seriously at first because it threatens their 'reality bubble' or subjective experience, and as such comedy can help break the ice for even the most close-minded people. Eventually the truth will do its slow and steady work of opening the mind. Great job to the guys over at Starseed: Activate!

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Videos of Sleeping Giants In Stasis Chambers Ready To Awaken Whistleblower Claims

Self Mastery and Discernment Are Essential To Avoid A.I. Enslavement | Bio-Technology Hybrids Open the Door to Extraterrestrials AI Robots Replacing Humanity

- Justin & Julian

Source - Starseed: Activate!

A new comedy news show for the Aquarian age.

Today we are looking at some local headlines for the Earth sector, talk about crop circles, and play a full round of Human or Alien?’

All this and more, right now on Starseed: Activate!

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