Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Photos from the 2nd Summer OPAL Northeast Regional Interface - August 1st, 2015

Source - Transcendent Explorer

Sam, Paul, Justin and I went up again to visit with the OPAL Interface on August 1st in Wolfeboro, NH. This time though we stopped at an orchard to pickup peaches for the group in New Hampshire as they are in season here.

After getting our box of peaches (and banana bread) we headed straight for the meet up at Strawberry Hill Farm, taking only about 2 hours or less to arrive. Once there, we were greeted with passionate hellos and hugs from familiar faces.

Carlson Orchards
Justin and I

Paul driving, Sam navigating

The Orchards are directly next to the town Solar farm.
The box of Peaches!

On our way to New Hampshire!
I took a moment to snap some photos of the front of the house and barn, along with some of the flowers. These are listed below:

Strawberryhill Farm

(Left to Right) Justin, Robin, Joseph, Paul, Sam

Photo by Robin
Me, Photo by Robin
That naturally led us into the garden where we inspected the flourishing plant life whilst walking and conversing. The sun began to set, the mosquitos came out, and so we went in.

The Garden


By this time the house was filled with copious amounts of smells that excited our appetites. There was an abundance of massive zucchinis at the farm so many of the dishes used this tasty ingredient; including a zucchini lasagna. We all sat down, gave thanks, and enjoyed our delicious homegrown, home-cooked meal followed by a scrumptious blueberry rhubarb pie topped with vanilla ice cream.

The night ended with a majority of us in the Teepee listening to music provided by our talented friends Paul and Sam, as we watched the fire die down until it had transformed into ash. A perfect ending to a day filled with travel, conversation, good food and great company.

The Teepee

You can see more photos of this evening on Josephs blog Lantern of the Hermit here.

P.S. Justin and I took the zucchinis home and enjoyed them with family over dinner the very next evening:

- Julian





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