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Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Updates 65-66 – The globalist plan to break up the great nations & Why are they talking about delaying the new SDR currency basket?

What makes a nation a powerful force to contend with is its collective unification of social issues. Nations have already been corporatized, but the powers to manage and decide what that nation rally's together to do has been divorced from the people who live in it. This is called a de facto government, one which rules over the people. A de jure government is run by and for the people. 

The globalists want a centralized power nexus because these types of structures cater to tyrannical systems of de facto rule. Conversely, decentralized and embedded, or fractal systems of governance are harder to rule over, because power is distributed all the way down to the individual. The only problem with truly de jure systems is lack of knowledge within each person. The less knowledge and self mastery within a population, the more easily it can be possessed by a de facto and usually foreign interested government. 

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That is what the governments of the world have become, de facto run foreign rulerships that suppress the people of each nation. In and of itself 'breaking up' nations, that have already lost any semblance of legitimacy, is not a bad thing. Eventually in a world of sovereign and awakened beings, we will most likely have groups within groups all working in a grand harmony for a global outlook. From the family unit, to the local community, to the regional area, each circle drawn encompasses the interests of the people within. And if these people have developed an appreciation for the truth about how we all affect each other on a global scale, then a truly harmonious world structure can develop. 

The globalist on the other hand wants small regions of social cooperation, the so called nation states, to be easily managed; filled with ignorant people. It is incredibly difficult for a people to live free from globalist intervention, even if they desire a truly de jure government of educated people. The globalist will stop at nothing, and employ all sorts of oppressive and imperialist tactics to reign in this free state.

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Therefore, the solution to lasting freedom and developing legitimate governments is the same, we must end the rule of tyranny for everyone on the planet. The globalists seek to control all life on Earth, and as a result we have a genuine interest to rally together as a global people to ensure this does not take place. That does not mean we must give up our local social structures, but history has shown a nation cannot remain free if an imperialistic entity exists on the world to suppress others. For once it takes over in an area, it converts the people in it towards the goals of the globalists. 

In this way freedom for one is freedom for all. We all have a collective responsibility to protect the freedoms of all people, regardless of their national ties. And this is the unifying struggle of our age, that the very people who seek to suppress humanity, will be the ones who unify it. 

There is a question from the deep mysteries, meant to teach honor and morality to the initiate. It is a question which attempts to teach the Golden Rule:
"Question: How do you know when you are suffering? Correct Answer: Because at least one other is suffering"
Together we can end the madness which has enshrouded this world. In fact it is only by unifying together can we ensure it remains peaceful for the ages to come. 

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- Justin

Source - Redefining God

Let’s take a second look at a section from Update 19…
…I take you back to the 1961 NWO blueprint book Prospect for America. This is from page 26…
The globalists want the NWO to consist of “smaller units” because smaller nations are less likely to be self-sufficient in maintaining their security and a modern standard of living. They want all the nations to be dependent on the multilateral framework for their security and economic wellbeing.
Besides the Rockefellers’ NWO architects, can you guess who else is talking about “smaller units”Ron Paul (in this interview on RT)…
“I happen to believe in smaller units of government; the larger the unit of government, the worse things are…
So I think people should have the right to leave a larger unit of government.”
And what else is Ron Paul talking about? Secession in the US
Note that he gave this speech at a Mises Institute conference called Breaking Away: The Case for Secession
[Starting from the 1:20 mark] – “I would like to start off by talking about the subject, and the subject, of course, is secession and nullification — the breaking up of government. And the good news is it’s gonna happen. It’s happening. And it’s not gonna be because there will be enough people in the US Congress to legislate it — it won’t happen. It will be de facto.”
So we know the globalists are aiming to break up the EU (which is the Interim World Order in Europe), and Greece is where that will begin. But will they also break up the USA so it can never rise again as the power it once was? Will Russia and China meet the same fate at some point?
With that last question in mind, have a look at an Economist article I ran across today…
”UNDER Vladimir Putin’s presidency, Russia is seen in the outside world as an expansionist power trying to revise post-Soviet borders and rebuild an empire. But what if Russia itself—a country of nearly 200 nationalities that stretches across 11 time zones—is in danger of crumbling?”
It is quite interesting to see this coming out of the Economist. If we look back to the their infamous cover from early this year, we see Putin (and other major leaders including America’s Obama, China’s Xi, and India’s Modi) presented in the color of ash….
…which is the color of the phoenix eggs on the woman’s hat. This would indicate that those leaders will be part of the ash heap from which the NWO phoenix will rise.
After seeing the Economist article, I decided to check into China and came across this Wall Street Journal article
”Despite appearances, China’s political system is badly broken, and nobody knows it better than the Communist Party itself. China’s strongman leader, Xi Jinping, is hoping that a crackdown on dissent and corruption will shore up the party’s rule. He is determined to avoid becoming the Mikhail Gorbachev of China, presiding over the party’s collapse. But instead of being the antithesis of Mr. Gorbachev, Mr. Xi may well wind up having the same effect. His despotism is severely stressing China’s system and society—and bringing it closer to a breaking point.”
Upon checking into India, I came across this paper from Arshi Saleem Hashmi. Here is a germane passage…
…(from pages 38-39)
It makes sense that the globalists will want to break up the large nations because it fits in to their PR strategy of restoring the appearance of sovereignty (while actually undermining sovereignty by making the divided peoples less able to resist the power of the globalist institutions). Once separated from their central governments, the newly-minted nations will need assistance in getting started, and to whom will they turn for guidance and help? To the United Nations and the multilateral institutions of course! They will turn away from the old power centers of Washington, Moscow, Beijing, and New Delhi and turn towards the new power center, the UN Complex. And this predictable dynamic gives us a clue as to the timeframe during which the breakups will occur.
Common sense suggests that the great nations will be broken up once the multilateral institutions and agreements that will pick up the pieces are finalized. That way, when they break up into their smaller components, those components will be offered continued membership in the multilateral institutions their former central governments set up. And since they’ll need help, they’ll accept that continued membership and thus become dependent on the UN and the regional and functional multilateral institutions (just like the Rockefellers planned back in the 1950’s). Given that the BRICS institutions have been rushed into existence this year, I would expect the breakups to occur sometime between September of this year and 2020, with most of it done by 2018.
I’ll continue to keep an eye on all this.
[Update 66 – 6 August 2015]
Why are the globalists talking about delaying the new SDR currency basket?
A watershed moment in the contrived East versus West dialectic will be the inclusion of China’s renminbi into the IMF’s SDR currency basket. The globalists had planned to do it this October, but an IMF staff report that came out this week calls for a 9-month delay in implementing any changes. From the IMF website
“IMF Survey: Why is staff proposing an extension of the current SDR basket?
Tiwari: To put this in context, the current SDR basket expires at the end of this year. We are proposing extending the current SDR basket by nine months until September 30, 2016. This is in response to feedback from SDR users on the desirability of avoiding changes in the basket at the end of the calendar year and facilitating continued smooth functioning of SDR-related operations. An extension of nine months would also allow users to adjust to a potential changed basket composition should the Executive Board decide to include the RMB.
The proposed extension, which will be decided by the Executive Board later this month, would not in any way prejudge the timing of conclusion or outcome of the review.”
In addition to this talk of a delay, the staff report questions whether the renminbi is sufficiently “freely usable” to be included in the basket.
So what is their game? Is this merely more propaganda fodder to set up the US versus China showdown later this year, or are the globalists pushing the delay button on their plans and setting up for a dramatic September next year?
I’ll be having a close look at the IMF and press reports to get a feel for what they’re up to.

Love always…



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