Saturday, July 11, 2015

"Negative Greetings" An Offer Of Catalyst, Part 2 of Gonzales Report Coming Soon, UFO Videos, Thank You From Corey | Corey GoodETxSG

We don't have time this morning to offer much commentary as Julian and I are about to head out for 
the O.P.A.L. Northeast Region Interface

I will mention again that everything in our experience is part of mental evolution. I say mental because the mind is the thing that changes the most through out our lives, and when we observe that another is suffering or comes down with cancer, as it appears Corey's loved one has, it is an experience offering us growth. What will we do with this data, how can we educate ourselves and use the infinite singular truth to offer healing or at least solace? 

In my opinion, every experience, even the most seemingly horrific has a deeply spiritual and empowering aspect, once we have divined the truth about it, contemplating what it means within our understanding. Isolated pockets of data tend to get 'jammed up' with negative emotions, the greater our ability to unify understanding into a holistic framework, the more transcendent our emotional experiences will be. This highlights that emotions are a type of energy feedback mechanism for our mindal processes, the effect from the cause of focusing our attention on a catalyst or symbol within our experience. When we have an open mind, when we seek the truth in all its infinite splendor, then any temporal feeling of dis-empowerment is transcended.

That does not mean the mind is superior to the heart or spirit, in truth all is one unified system, but the mind is our gateway to higher consciousness, and we know we're on the 'right track' when we are open to the truth and positive emotions are generated as a culmination of developing an accurate idea. Conversely positive emotions can be created by 'ignoring the negative' but this requires a defense against truth instead of an incorporation of it. Hence my position that we must use both logic and emotion as a guide for our spiritual attainment, not focusing on one or the other. 

I will add my comments in green [brackets] for additional clarity, below the updates from Corey in black. Comments from other people are also in black, although I have removed their names for privacy. 

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- Justin

Facebook Update (July 9th 6:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance Thank you for all of the supportive comments. Remember what it all comes down to with the info I and others are presenting is to use your own discernment... Work daily on becoming more Loving, Forgiving (Of self and others stopping the wheel of karma), working to become service to others (While NOT becoming a doormat to others, stand up for yourself in a loving/forgiving way) and work to raise your consciousness and vibrations on a daily basis...

Remember We are ALL ONE, No one more important than the other. Loving others is loving ourselves!

The info I am presenting is fully angering the Cabal/Illuminati/Draco Overlords in a HUGE WAY!!!! They are working on those with weaker character and spiritual fortitude to use as tools to lash out and attack myself and those who work with or support me in any way. (Bloggers and Forum Posters mainly). Remember the 3 D's of a disinfo campaign when a disclosure initiative has an effect: Decoy, Distraction, and Deception. I think a 4th D would be added "Division".

It is not about ME (The messenger)... It is about the message!!! Please focus on the message and apply it to your lives and lead by example. Leave the Karmic Energy to those who are behaving with dishonor and knowingly in a reactionary and emotional way.

Forgive and love them as you would want done to yourself. I was recently given a poster that had the same golden rule for 9 groups including the Maya "You are myself, We are all ONE" by Popol Vuh...

Learn it, Live it... Love it smile emoticon

This information comes from and is all about LOVE & FORGIVENESS which is not from the Cabal or the Negative Forces as all of you well know/feel. This is not their philosophy or way of controlling humanity. It is through Division.

This IS how we will defeat the opposition,

Facebook Update (July 10th 7:00am):

Sphere Being Alliance From KP's Blog: An example of a man, a blogger using his own discernment with ALL of the sources and information coming out relating to disclosure right now. This is a very healthy mind set that I think everyone should have. Do not lock on to belief systems or Guru's! Stick with you intuition and discernment. Even if it uncomfortable or goes against established beliefs. We will all need to be flexible in this way during a full disclosure event.

Kp Message 7-9-15… “The Strangeness of this ‘Disclosure’ Thing”

[KP] I am not a “long as hell” kind of poster. So this will be short.

This whole disclosure thing is really individual. Yes, I am aware that some of the “Corey/GoodET/DW” recent informations has perhaps brought forth a bevy (yes, that’s a real word) of responses from other “disclosure sources” and commenters. They may or may not be viewed as “freaking out”.

Is that any of my business? No. Do I make it any of my business? No.

As far as I’m concerned, Corey’s “full of it”, Tolec’s “full of it”, David Wilcock’s “full of it”. Kp’s “full of it”.

And what is “it”? For myself, “it” is “DATA”. All of them are data sources for me. Which do I “attune” to? Do I “believe” one over the other?

I check my “na’au” (gut, navel, solar plexus, Higher Innards), and see what rings the bell… with ME. And no one else.

What have my own “disclosure” things been? Well, a quick summary: 2008, lights moving around in the sky when I talked to them; 2009, Lake Titicaca riding back on a putt putt boat coming back from the island of Qoa, seeing diamonds of Light coming down from the sun, and forming in the water (crystal beings, we called them); being on top of Qoa the night before, finishing a ceremony, then all of a sudden the wind almost blasted us away, after being completely still (the ship had come to us in the form of wind).

But the greatest form of disclosure in my case has been this: the growth of an innerknowing that there is all SORTS of life I am connected to, and they are all facets of my Self. The One.

So I better stop this before it’s much longer.

Aloha, Kp

Facebook Comment by KP

Now I'll have to take down that statue I have of you on a pedestal....!

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Well you certainly do not "Pinp Propaganda" of any one person/source. I'm very happy that you use your own discernment and go with it. I am also glad to see many more people beginning to do the same. During this transitional period with these galactic/cosmic high energetic waves flowing into our Sol System many of us are having a difficult adjusting. It is causing many to think and act in ways they never dreamed they would. To stay grounded is very important during this time. TY KP, Corey/GoodETxSG

Facebook Update (July 11th 5:00am):

Sphere Being Alliance

YouTube Audio of the latest Gonzales SSP Alliance Report for those interested...

GoodETxSG(Corey Goode): July 9th 2015: SSP Delegation Briefings Part 1

Question about UFO Sighting:

Whats going on here anyway.. I live in Denmark..... Anyone no who those guys are... Or its better not told..

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance WHERE IS THE PROOF??? LOL smile emoticon Stand by those who cannot deal with this info... More proof than you can possibly deal with is on the way... Via the heavy hack's that have barely even been reported on. The SSP Alliance has been flying by NASA and Russian Live feeds for years to give disclosure... Not enough? Neve is, Never will be... Will it? Stand by with eyes and ears open. Corey/GoodETxSG -


Facebook Update (July 11th 8:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance I have had what DW calls major "Negative Greetings". My aunt who is 11 years older than I, who was raised as my sister... Diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer Today...This is very upsetting as she is one of my favorite people in the world. We had a day of family and also spent some time at a pool/water part to relieve the stress of the situation. Breast Cancer has ravaged my family in a very bad way. 

I will be releasing the Part 2 of the article on Saturday or Sunday as of this point in time.
I am sorry for the inconvenience but life happens and so do these horrible diseases that I feel helpless to assist with in my most respected and loved people until certain technologies are released by the Elite.

Some say, "Just release it"... It is not that simple until a full disclosure moment and the release of technologies. In the mean time he losses and stress of loved ones who suffer is something that seems completely unwarranted. 

I am ready for the medical technologies to be released NOW...
More now than ever... This is very upsetting to me and make me feel impotent knowing the technologies available. 

I will release Part 2 ASAP, Please bare with me and be patient... It will be worth the wait.
With love and respect,


My Comment on this update:

Justin Deschamps My heart goes out to you, health is something im very passionate about, and the suffering of life on this planet is something im keenly aware of that inspires me to continue sharing the truth to all who are willing to hear it. 

I'll offer there are MANY healing modalities available right now; SSP tech aside. I know of at least a half a dozen off the top of my head. One is totally free, costs nothing but will power and dedication; Distilled liquid Therapy, Urine, Fruit Juices or Water. If you think they are willing to open their minds, we can have a chat. Let me know! 

And don't beat yourself up. IMO anytime we observe someone suffering its an offer from the universe to Catalyzie and become more STO. As the age old adage goes: "How do you know when YOU are suffering??? - Because at LEAST one other being is Suffering"



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