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Nasa Predicts Imminent Discovery Of Alien Life: The Hidden Exopolitics Agenda

It is important to remember that society at large is a grand illusion of pronouncements and presumptions. That the public is conditioned to believe what the government, through the media, wants them to know. So why is it that there has been a sharp change in the narrative offered about life in space?

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In our biweekly radio show we discuss some of the possible implications of this shift. There appears to be a well coordinated effort to reprogram the narrative accepted by the public to include the existence of ET life. Beyond this fact, we can only speculate, and the data being poured out by various insiders and researchers can be interpreted in many ways. 

Is there really a secret space program alliance with positive ET's known as the Sphere Beings? Or is this all meant to condition the masses for a Project Blue Beam type of mass mind control event? 

Again we can only speculate as to what will ultimately transpire. But we can take up our powers of discernment and seek the truth from all sources available so as to gain a more clear understanding of whats really happening. Instead of bickering about who is more right, we can come together and place all the data on the table, helping each other expand and discern more accurately.

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When the time comes, and the secret governments play their hand, we will be able to see any deception for what it is and act accordingly. For our age of tyranny, domination and control is founded on our dependency and lack of knowledge. Therefore only freedom of thought and an objective desire to know the truth beyond our preconceived notions will empower us to gain independence. 

- Justin

Source - Exopolitics

Moon Meeting March 2015
On Tuesday, Dr. John Grunsfeld, head of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate told the House Science, Technology and Space Committee that extraterrestrial life is on the verge of being discovered. For many, Grunsfeld’s bold prediction was basically a pitch to the House Committee to increase spending levels for NASA’s space exploration missions, where recent successes by NASA in discovering water on other planets and moons in our solar system justifies more funding. Was his discovery prediction merely a pitch for more funding based on recent scientific discoveries, or is there a deeper ‘exopolitics’ agenda at play concerning the imminent disclosure of extraterrestrial life?
 Grunsfeld told the House Committee:
Are we alone? Many, many people on planet Earth want to know…. We are on the cusp of being able to answer that question.
 The Huffington Post gave a summary of the recent developments concerning the discovery of water in the solar system:
There’s evidence of an interior ocean on Pluto. One of Jupiter’s moons has a global ocean beneath its crust that could contain more than twice as much water as Earth. There are at least half a dozen of these ocean worlds in our solar system alone — and where there’s water, there may be answers about the potential for life across the universe.
In addition, there was the recent discovery of a rocky exoplanet only 60% larger than earth that rotates around a sun similar to our own, in a comparable orbit of 385 days. Scientists said that the likelihood that Kepler has surface water, and therefore the right conditions for life to evolve is very good.
Raw Teir Eir
NASA’s recent scientific discoveries and bold predictions by Grunsfeld and other NASA officials lead to the conclusion that the public is being prepared for the imminent discovery of extraterrestrial life. Is this merely a result of genuine scientific advances in NASA’s ability to better detect the conditions for life in our and other solar system? Or is Grunsfeld’s prediction part of a deeper ‘exopolitics’ agenda driven by developments behind the scenes?

Illustration of Blue Avian that appeared on stage in secret meeting held on the moon in March 2015
Beginning in early March 2015, there was an alleged meeting on the moon involving up to 70 private individuals along with about 120 officials representing different secret space programs and national governments who heard plans about disclosing the existence of extraterrestrial life. The meeting was addressed by an 8ft tall extraterrestrial called Raw-Teir-Eir who belongs to an alien race called the “Blue Avians” that is part of an alliance called the Sphere Being Alliance. The Sphere Being Alliance is allegedly intent on helping bring about full disclosure of extraterrestrial life.
Two of the individuals that attended that secret moon meeting have revealed themselves to varying extents. Corey Goode, who initially used the pseudonym GoodETxSG when his testimony first emerged in October 2014, publicly revealed himself in early April. The second individual, a military officer who uses the pseudonym Lt Col Gonzales, more recently allowed summaries of two secret space program meetings he attended in June to be released. The summaries were Goode’s notes on the oral briefings Gonzales had given to Goode who did not attend the two meetings. Goode gave video testimony of the secret moon meeting held in March that both he and Gonzales attended which is available for free online at Gaiam TV.



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