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Mantids and Insectoids May Not Have 'Turned Positive', GaiamTV Announcement, Our Biases Cloud Our Judgement | Corey GoodETxSG

Quick series of updates from Corey today, bringing up some misconceptions with regard to money and the truth movement. Its interesting to see how the idea of money tends to skew our perspectives, usually without any rational basis. Just another opportunity to do some self reflection. 

The truth is most bloggers and people within the truth movement are barely scrapping away enough to survive. Contributions via Paypal and ad revenue provides a modest income for Julian and I. We actually have been trying to slowly save up to replace our stolen computer while living with family, but we're hardly in luxury, and it allows us to focus our energy on the work. I am sure others in the movement are grateful to do the same. 

I will add my comments in green, in [brackets] for additional clarity, below the updates from Corey in black. Comments from other people are also in black, although I have removed their names for privacy. 

For other updates by Corey GoodETxSG click here. To support Corey and his work click here.

- Justin

Facebook Update (June 27th):

Sphere Being Alliance

Hmmm, This should be a news headline IMHO...

Facebook Update (June 27th):

There have been quite a few high energetic "Tsunami Waves" that have hit the Sol System affecting the SUN and EARTH recently (And WOW the people too!)... Some of the harmonics of this vibrational change have caused many to heart what are described as "The Apocalypse" (AKA The Great Revealing, NOT "End Times") "Trumpets"... Though others have different ideas of what is causing these sounds across the world...

What Is Causing The Strange Trumpet Sounds In The Sky All Over The World?

What Is Causing The Strange Trumpet Sounds In The Sky All Over The World?
All over the globe, people are recording extremely loud sounds coming from the sky. In many instances, these ominous noises sound like someone is blowing a trumpet. So what are we supposed to make of these “apocalyptic” sounds? Should we be concerned? Well, what we do know is that this is truly a global phenomenon. In addition to being heard at locations all over the United States and Canada, these sounds have also been recorded in Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, England, Costa Rica, Ukraine and France. If you go to YouTube and type in “strange sounds”, you will literally get hundreds of results from all over the planet. Of course there are many scientists that insist that there must be a “rational explanation” for these strange sounds. Some theories have suggested fracking, “rock bursts”, venting of high-pressure gas, atmospheric pressure or the natural “background noise” of our planet as the causes of these sounds, but so far none of those theories have been proven. But two things seem certain – these noises sure are creepy, and they just keep on happening.
And this phenomenon is now really starting to get a whole lot of attention. Just within the last month, there have been headlines about it in major new sources all over the planet. For instance, the following is a brief excerpt about this phenomenon from an article in the New York Post
Video clips from around the world have captured an evil-sounding ‘trumpet’ noise coming from the sky — but no one can explain exactly what it is.
A number of people have filmed the bizarre sound over the past 10 years with the latest coming from Germany.
Video of this most recent incident that happened in Germany is posted below. What do you think could possibly be making this noise?…

Continue Reading

Facebook Update (June 29th 9:30am):

I just received an email from OYM Radio with a link to their YouTube Channels release of the show yesterday.

Thank you for all of the comments,


Comment about disclosure being delayed:

Thank you Corey. Mixed emotions : re: mass arrest put off, And 3 years to disclosure.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance It was said that mass arrests have been put off several times but nothing about disclosure being put off for 3 years. One of the radio hosts inferred that from DW's statement that it would happen by 2017 according to one insider (Though he did not fully support that date in stone). We stated that the timing of disclosure is up to us. Corey/GoodETxSG

[The plan for mass disclosure, based off what David and Corey have shared, is a continued dissemination of data from Corey and the Alliance, as well as the financial collapse scenario and other things we may not be aware of. I assume based on collective consciousness, and the Cabal's constant programs of division, the awakening community has a great deal of unification to do before the event will occur. But it seems plausible that as time moves forward, the Cabal will play their hand and their death throws continue; creating more points for unity and collective action, so long as we do our personal work not to bicker about who's story is more right. 

For example, the situation in Greece and the resulting decline of the global economy is a great way to tell others the truth about how manipulated the markets are, planting other seeds for awakening the desire for knowledge. These are not "crazy conspiracy" theories anymore, we actually have mainstream media reporting on this, with banks openly admitting the system is rigged.]

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Facebook Update (June 29th 11:30pm):
I have been asked about the movie scene (Disney's "Antz") that I referenced on OYM Radio. Many have seen it. I thought I would post it here for those who haven't and are asking about it.

[These types of allegories are everywhere in my opinion. Julian and I are constantly encountering themes of self empowerment and good-defeating-evil in films, suggesting there is a positive contingent in the movie industry.]

Question about Draco meetings:

Corey you mentioned that you refuse to attend any further meetings with the Draco, is that a definite statement?

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance I certainly do not intend to. I have made it clear that I don't want to attend meetings with these nasty beings. If I do I hope it is for an unconditional surrender. Gonzales shares the same sentiment after his meeting. Corey/GoodETxSGG

Question about Simon Parks:

Simon Parkes has his own intel from his connections with Mantis ETs. I don't know what part they are playing with the SSPs. The mantis ETs were creating hybrids in case there was a rapid depopulation of the human race. What do you know about them?

Corey's Response: 

Sphere Being Alliance When I met the Draco Federation Alliance there were Mantids and Insectoids present along with the "Committee of 200". I do not think they have turned "Positive" as they have pretended to have done to some people... Be very careful with certain info coming from "Former Illuminati" members or those in contact with beings that are apart of the Draco Alliance... Discern, Discern, Discern... Corey/GoodETxSG

[I'll just add that while we can listen to anyone to activate an inner process of awakening, blindly believing what is offered on the surface is not advantageous. The discernment process is best done using a diverse range of information, topics and sources. The surface meanings offered may not be accurate, but they can still be rewarding if we contemplate all of the data; how it is shared, what the data used to support it is, who the target audience is, how the concepts are presented, etc. For example, I like to watch commercials from mainstream media from time to time, so as to dissect  them for the subtle conditioning offered; the subliminal suggestions. This helps develop an understanding of how the Cabal's psychological manipulation programs work, and considering most of the population is heavily laden with unconsciously accepted beliefs, making ourselves conscious of them is incredibly empowering. And it helps in the process of sharing information because we can use concepts that are easily recognizable to various demographics for further understanding.]

Facebook Update (June 30th 7:30pm):

Announcement & Gaiam TV Info:

Thank you for the recent donations. They have been wonderful and have also beamed with loving energy in the comments along w/the donations.

Some are asking about the Gaiam TV monetary arrangement that David Wilcock announced on OYM Radio regarding our 52 Episodes (A entirely NEW SHOW on Gaiam TV I believed to be called "Cosmic"). 

The questions have been pouring in, "WILL YOU BE PAID?"...

I received a link today. How this is going to work is that every person who signs up for a Gaiam TV membership through the "Advertisement Banner" (That leads to the link below) on my website, I receive a bit of change per each person as long as they are members each month. 

I know its not a whole lot of $ but if a few hundred or even thousand people actually sign up for the membership and keep them it can really help me and my family have a little bit of money each month. It won't make us "rich" but that is not our goal, we have felt richer and closer together after I sacrificed a high 6 figure career for this mission. 

I believe memberships are 99 cents for the first month and $9.99 for each additional month. They are also working out the "PayPal Issue" that so many emailed me about. 

I have been looking around at all of the content on their network and it is quite amazing what all they have and also the big names that are on Gaiam! I had no idea. 

so, if you are interested in Gaiam TV and not only watching the 52 episodes I will be recording with DW but also the tons of other content you can create an account through this link and also help support me and my project/mission of disclosure and delivering the "Message" of love, forgiveness and raising our vibrations. 

The content on Gaiam is actually much like an online college in finding ways to raise your consciousness IMO. We are doing all we can to find ways to support my family and also bring this important information to the world. 

I will also be providing much of this info in writing but if you want to SEE David Wilcock and Myself talking in depth about the SSP Programs, Ancient and Current Era Break Away Civilizations, ET Groups and further disclosure then please sign up and give Gaiam TV a try and let me know what you think.

I have been pretty impressed by the content myself.

[There are several other ways to help Corey, and any blogger, video maker or writer online. Most of blogs and youtube videos have ads, and while they can be a bit annoying, clicking on them once or twice a day if you find an ad you are interested in, generates a small amount of money to the person who hosted the information. Julian and I regularly support other people sharing information in these ways by clicking their ads.

I know we have been trained to think ads are insidious, but this is a 'free' way to support the people who have usually had a huge impact on our lives. I for one, am happy to have this method of contributing to others in the Truth Movement. 

Corey also accepts contributions via his Paypal account on his blog:, where there are ads available for clicking. 

The method we like to use on SITS is to share contently freely, and simply reveal the truth about how this content is produced, that we can not continue our efforts to pour time and energy into the work, without this support. And we are grateful for the chance to give back to the awakening community and the Truth Movement which has so deeply improved our lives.]

Question about pre-existing memberships:

If we're already existing members, do you still get some dividends if we watch your GaiamTV videos? God speed Corey!

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance No, its only for new subscribers who use the link I provided. I'm glad you enjoy the network so much. It really is like an online college course of wisdom isn't it?

Question about when Corey's show will be on:

I'm already a subscriber..... Any idea how long until this show airs?

And a comment about subscribing:

I just signed up via the GaiamTV website without knowing how the funding works. I will contact GaiamTV customer service and see what they can suggest. I will also set up an autopay monthly donation to Corey via PayPal.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance You are too kind. All you have to do is send them the email stating that you wanted to sign up through the link for Corey Goode/b and they will credit it to me I believe. If not some people are cancelling and signing up again because they didn't know about the link that credits me for the new membership. TY again...


Source comment for Corey's later response:

Great job, Justin; many thanks.

You've improved on the number of typos/misspellings in your posts lately, although I've noticed you still have a tendency to substitute "profits" for "prophets" -- you might want to keep an eye out for that stubborn one. [We really appreciate any help with spelling and grammar mistakes.]

PLEASE NOTE: I know Justin and Julian could use some funds for all their hard (and vital) work on the blog, so if you're unemployed or just having a tough time and find it difficult to donate, please take a few moments to click on a few of the banner ads. If you're like me, and you happen to have Ad Blocker Plus installed and can't see the ads, you can adjust the software to be inactive for whatever websites you choose. 

Make Google give up a buck or two for these guys; that corporate behemoth certainly doesn't need it!

Corey's Response:

This post is not directed at you [above comment-er] (It just reminded me of some emails I received the past weeks, not just about my writing style)... I received emails that stated how much my writing bugged people and I should use and editor etc... I worked hard to improve my writing and them the same people wrote me to say that I now write like a sci fi mini story writer... LOL. One thing lately that I learned not to let the the bloggers, forum trolls and posters on articles that dish out negative energy get under my skin... After I managed that they are now something that we read to each other and get a good laugh at while shaking our heads. I finally closed down all forum memberships recently because of those posing at open minded and enlightened being filled with such hate and negative energy... It is sad what has been done to the Truther Movement by so many other dates and stories of the end of the cabal being around the corner... I see where the Blue Avian message still applies to me in so much inner work I still have to do and also see so many others who are completely lost and hopeless... These groups that screw with our minds are certainly effective and dividing and conquering. The "Truther Movement" has never been so divided. I do hope that we can start to bring it all together by the path of love and forgiveness... Again, This was not aimed at you by any means. It just caused me to reflect on some wider issues. Spelling and grammar are important and the Internet and laziness of texting and email has ruined us of what little we were actually taught in the government institutions/"Schools". I am doing what I can to try to improve on my writing style. All of the other comments were related to the mass of emails and comments DW and I have witnessed in recent weeks. TY :)


Comment about David being 'rich' and money addiction:

Hearing Corey and David and others defend thier 'need' for money really makes me look inward and see how unique yet similar we all are. I see the dark magic of money, and want no part, of course being jobless and dirt poor and having ONLY my lifetime lack of interest in 'getting ahead' to blame for it, I realize now its been a blessing. There's at least one area of the control system I'm not addicted to and will be happy to see it go. Of course that highlights the fact I can't even detect what my own personal hurtles will be,.... yet. Plus it's freed me up to be knee-deep in every conspiracy theory/hidden truth since I got the internet (Kmart blue-light special free ad-supported internet service, from the convenience of your phone even).

[While money is undoubtedly used to manipulate us, it does have its uses. The only reason we 'need' it is because the rest of the population that makes the things we need to live and do the work of sharing data, will not accept any other form of energy. I wouldn't call this addiction, but it is required. I know the money issue is a major sticking point, usually drawing up all sorts of polarized reactions, but the fact is in our present state of affairs, it can be used to greatly enhance our efforts, we wouldn't be doing this blog if we hadn't worked at a call center for several years, finally purchasing computers. There are countless people doing beneficial work with money. That being said, if our energy represented in the form of money, goes towards things that do not serve us, that is another story. A day will come when our collective faith and abundance will transcend the need for money, until that time, we can use it with some degree of responsibility and actually empower ourselves and others to continue the great work towards freedom. And frankly if we think someone having money in and of itself, makes their message untrue - this is not a rational basis for such a conclusion.]

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David is so intelligent, and either he doesn't see his money addiction at all, or else, .... what? His cabal issued disguise has the fly left down? I don't think its that, but its not impossible I guess, Corey talks of meta-morphs used by cabal, so who knows? Not me. He looks pretty rich to my eyes, so it sounds bizarre that he 'needs' his life style I guess, but I can see where others might think the same of me and whatever my blind spots are.

I agree that the illuminati symbols are stolen and have been soiled with intent, much like the swastika was stolen by the nazis. However, trying to use a swastika presently for any purpose other than to identify with racial hatred would be a futile and dividing exercise at the least. Now nazis are stealing the Norse mythology too, and I constantly find myself worrying my (NOT comic book) Thor's hammer tattoo will offend someone that doesn't know me personally. IRL I'm looked to for physical protection by many, and seen as a gentle mental giant (lol not really though), and I have a strong sence to protect the meek, and to do what's fair and just, so Thor is who I TRY to emulate the best parts of. But what will a man who dealt with nazis in prison think of me in the store? How many people have avoided talking to me, or turned away somehow for fear I was a nazi?

I don't know the answer but I know it is and will be a big issue, just look at the confederate flag right now. As far as I know the only real intent behind the flag was more freedom and opposition of centralized power, but that's not the case anymore, now it means just KKK to most folks. Yes they did want freedom and not because of the slaves issue, it was the money, it always has been. Their definition of "people" was ignorant as hell, but they thought "people" should have more freedom, still service to others intent was there I like to think.

I think we must first focus on regrouping Humanity, getting on the same frikkin' sheet of music, and getting back on tune AFTER getting back in step. We are all one people and one with Earth already, we just have to touch base and remember first how it really has been the whole time, DUH! (lol)

Yes the cabal are like a cancer on Humanity's soul but you don't cure cancer with a lynch mob, or rope, or tourches, or guns, or hammers and not even the sharpest knife can be sure to get it all so is not a cure. We just have to love us all, even the ugly bits. Sure have the mole on your nose removed, but the Source-field put it there for a reason, and taking it off will probably not afford you the opportunities you were meant to have otherwise.

At this point I think 'light-workers', 'awakened' or who ever has a brain, loves other poeple besides themselves, and wants the best for everyone in general, needs to stress our sameness. Any being on Earth who is a part of our social complex is like an organ of the same beast. Chewing your own foot off is generally not a good decision, nor is removing your own spleen, or even an infected toe-nail for that matter, we need the cabal fixed and back on board with the show, come hell or high water, or its just gonna happen again, OR we will be amputees missing out on stuff.

Comment about making  money via GaiamTV or any other way:

In response to another comment (which for some reason I can't reply to it). David is not rich. He's said he makes very little money from his books and speaking gigs, just enough to earn a modest living and rent a house. Do people expect him to live in a tent and eat out of garbage cans? Are you money addicted because you need a vocation to pay your bills? If so, then everyone who doesn't live in their parent's basement is money addicted. David spends an incredible amount of time and energy doing what he's doing, and he should be compensated for that time and effort.

Corey had a lucrative career doing IT work, had all these government contracts. But then someone whom he had previously trusted called up a bunch of those contractors trying to dig up dirt on him, and he lost those contracts. It ruined his career. This was all because he decided to come forward and speak up. People criticizing folks for making a little pocket change so they can survive are ignorant and have silly and unrealistic expectations for investigators and whistleblowers. The way I see it, such criticisms come mostly from ungrateful freeloaders who think that someone has to live in poverty in order to be righteous and saintly enough to work in the alternative community and escape accusations of greed.

Corey's Responses:

No doubt, I've seen how he lives (Spent time w/him). He is not rich, lol... He has found a way to not have to struggle and live out of his car. That is a good thing. I have a wife and 2 children... I'm not getting paid a salary for doing video's on Gaiam TV, I am getting a bit of change for every person who subscribes to Gaiam using the link on my web site. That is hardly any cash at all trust me... DW made very little off his books and his TV appearances. People assume way too much and its humorous how they build things up in their heads. I am going to have to figure out some other ways to come up with income for my family... The donations have been a literal divine intervention by STO people who followed being led by spiritual impulses... I have one friend that has helped in ways that are also amazing. Losing a 6 figure a year career has taught my family quite a lot about people and how wonderful they can be. I've also learned that there are always going to be those who are malcontents and must make their feeling known to everyone. The majority of the people are proving to be STO and quite beautiful souls however. There is a lot to be ashamed of about humanity but there is also even more to love and appreciate about humanity. I wouldn't have learned this if I hadn't lost a high paying career and had to completely change my families lifestyles, and it was a drastic change I must say. I am very thankful to all of the STO and giving/loving people that are out there...


Here is the link actually to sign up for Gaiam Memberships where I will receive a sort of referral bonus as a way to get paid some money for the work I am doing. First month is 99 cents and $9.99 each additional month.


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