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Gonzales Report Coming Soon, Super Federation Meeting Went Well, The Truth Will Always Lead to Transcendence of Fear | Corey GoodETxSG

Corey has received some disturbing intel from Lt. Col. Gonzales and it seems he is grappling with how to share it in a way that limits fearful reactions. The recent idea that our fear literally feeds dark entities or the Dracos, known as Loosh, is a poignant concern. 

I think tact and compassion are the tools which can help us share 'hard truths' with others to ensure we are not encouraging others to create fearful reactions. We offered some commentary about how to do this, and that ultimately the truth will always lead to transcendence of fear. When we hold it back, we prevent it from having that affect. And since fear is always a personal choice to reject a thing, we can't really ever know for sure if data will be received as fearful, even if we have that experience our selves. In this way, fear is in the eye of the beholder, and is only a temporary condition. It may take moments, days or even years to transform, but once the raw data is revealed, the truth will do its work to transform the mind, and in doing so, give us new eyes to see. 

I will add my comments in green [brackets] for additional clarity, below the updates from Corey in black. Comments from other people are also in black, although I have removed their names for privacy. 

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- Justin

Facebook Update (July 1st 2:00pm):

I gave DW an abbreviated briefing on the meetings "Gonzales" attended in my absence. There are details on the Draco Federation Alliance meeting where the Committee of 200's "Chairmen" were in attendance. One of whom is a VERY well-known policy maker and NWO figure who has established "Think Tanks" in the USA and I believe EU. This included the Draco Royal Whites "Threat" and further Intel around their Agents working to cause some "False Flags" in the near future to build up "Loosh" for their cause. I have been ordered to release the more disturbing information to everyone but am trying to balance it in a way that will not build anxiety/fear and aid the enemy is procuring Loosh. Some of this Intel involved some of the Extra-Dimensional Overlords that the Draco apparently report to and who are also responsible for the ET/ED AI problem that has plagued multiple galaxies in our Space/Time/Reality. (Interesting Article on AI)

There was also a more positive meeting with Raw-Tear-Eir and the Human Like "ET Super Federation" (Of many Federations, Confederations, Councils etc...). This was an interesting meeting and it was nice to hear some positive information and outcomes after the threats from the desperate Draco Federation Alliance. 

I will be releasing that update after I complete the Q&A's for Michael Salla for his new article regarding the Mars Colony Inspection. 

I am attempting to find a way to release the info from Gonzales recent meetings in a way that is not reeking off "Fear Porn". However some of the information will be a little uncomfortable.
Do know that there are some False Flag Financial and Terrorist plans in the works by the Secret Earth Governments and their Syndicates. Just know that any things that may slip through the cracks is orchestrated by them and try not to feed into the Loosh they are trying to generate with your own Anxiety or Fear.

Thank you,

[It can be difficult to find the best way to share information that may cause fearful reactions. From a psychological perspective, something that generates fearful reactions is anything we have not unified within a holistic body of knowledge, and as such creates an energy charge of fear - or dissonance - when brought to our attention. When we muster the courage to face our fears, we expand the thought form within our minds, the definition of it, transforming it into empowerment; a holistic reflection of what IS. All fears in this way, will dissolve once we spend enough time learning about them. 

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Using false flags as an example, there are many surface level interpretations that can create fear if we never penetrate beyond them. The first level is the pre-programed concept offered by the Cabal, like the events of 9/11 being only the result of Islamic terrorists, hell bent on destroying America. Then beyond that meaning is the more accurate meaning of the false flag, that a part of the government itself is trying to create more war for various reasons. This conclusion can lead us towards feeling disempowered and generate more fear, because we realize that our world is more insidious than we first thought. Moving deeper, the false flag is an attempt to control our worldviews and perspectives, so we can be manipulated. Once the falseness of it is recognized, we can not be manipulated; this is an empowering realization. Moving further, now that we have realized it is a deception, we can empower others by sharing the truth with them, this prevents the manipulation from taking place, and ensures that future deceptions will be less effective. In a grand sense, the false flag literally becomes a catalyst for awakening the masses, and by expanding our knowledge holistically, to incorporate as much of our understanding as possible, we can transmute any fearful reaction into a recognition of holistic interconnectedness; unity, love. 

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Many people started their awakening journey by discovering the truth about false flags, and the harder the Cabal pushes against us, the more people wake up. This is why one of the names for the cabal is 'our partners in contrast' - because from a spiritual perspective, they are helping to awaken millions of people. All so called negativity has this effect of awakening consciousness, but it is not compulsory. Free will acts as either an accelerator, or reducer. If we are overwhelmed by emotions of fear, then we may turn away from the thing we define as fearful, a symbol. But if we muster the courage to face our fears, the emotional reactions will initially be produced, and as we focus our attention on the symbol, it will begin to change if our knowledge is expanding and unifying. The more rigid and stubborn we are about our world views and beliefs, the more difficult it will be to face things we fear. 

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Victimization is a mindset which makes this transmutation process more difficult because it places the cause of our feelings and experiences outside of us. But how we make sense of an experience of harm, how we define it, rests firmly within our hands. And we need not feel that we must conquer all our fears right now. When I first learned about Trauma Based Mind Control, I was having huge waves of emotion wash over me. I felt like there wasn't anything I could do, and was paralyzed with fear reading about the horrific things that were happening to people. But after several weeks of study, and contemplation, I began to realize how to heal and what was being offered in a spiritual growth sense. The idea that nothing is ever wasted in so far as imparting spiritual wisdom provides a grand unifying perspective, or context, revealing how any experience helps us in our process of spiritual growth. Eventually, my fears melted away, and I begin looking at the topic as a tool to understand consciousness, with that perspective in mind, I learned a great deal about myself and how others work,

I am sure that there are many unsavory disclosures to come, but all of them are filled with a huge potential for growth and empowerment. And like 9/11, the truth will do its slow and progressive work of empowering us and unifying our minds towards collective action.

But is it better to avoid things that make us fearful, so we don't create more Loosh? In my opinion there is not black and white answer. Since what determines if something creates fear is our pre-existing definitions and if we choose to accept the offer of transmutation, there is no guaranteed way to avoid creating it. Even if Corey decided not to share any "fearful" information, would that prevent fear from being experienced? No I don't think so. But any empowering truth revealed in the data will not have any chance to do its work if it remains hidden. So in a general sense, sharing the truth is always advisable, but attenuating it properly is the best way to ensure it limits fear, how we say something, and what picture we paint in the statements, can help the reception process to stave of fearful reactions. In my approach, I try to reveal as much of the raw data as possible, and then incorporate what I think it means in the grand scheme of things, always trying to offer a perspective of empowerment. In this way even the most horrific thing can be grounded into a positive perspective and outlook. 

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We recently posted Am I The Only One That Hasn’t Lost Their Mind? We are in the Zombie Apocalypse!, and I got to see first hand how fear or rejection creates more fear. Many of the people who read the article commented with positive experiences, those who read only the headline, and assumed it was a negative article, were upset that we could post such 'fear porn'. But the whole article is about how we can only be zombified by our own choices to remain ignorant, and the key to rising from the dead is to gain knowledge. The people who never read the article had a fearful reaction, and because they chose to 'ignore the negative' that fear is still alive in their minds. Those who chose to read the article transcended their fear, and realized it was about empowerment, not fear porn.

We can't force anyone to transcend their fears, but by offering the truth with tact, we can give them the keys to unlock the wisdom and positivity within all things.]


Facebook Update (July 2nd 2:30pm):

I'm almost finished with the Q&A's for Dr. Michael Salla from the last Mars Colony meeting and have the outline completed for the new update I received from Gonzales from his series of Meetings with the Draco Royal White (Draco Federation Alliance) and the "Chairmen" members of the Committee of 200 who were also present as well as his first time sitting in the Delegate Chair at the Human Like ET Super Federation Conference.

I have had a very busy week of appointments this past week and have had very little time to write or respond to emails and return calls. I also have noticed that some people are still making statements that I am/was a "Super Soldier". I will try to clear this up in the near future. There are many programs that fall under the MILAB Umbrella and "Super Soldiers" are just one small aspect of these programs. I have never been apart of a Super Soldier Program.

In the mean time I noticed another article published by Stillness in the Storm: Mantids and Insectoids May Not Have 'Turned Positive', GaiamTV Announcement, Our Biases Cloud Our Judgement | Corey GoodETxSG

Facebook Update (July 2nd 3:30pm):

Another excellent and objective article by Dr. Michael Salla on his site


Question about the artist rendition of the Blue Avians:

Sphere or Corey. Can we see the picture of the Blue Avian you had drawn up please?

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance I'm waiting to hear from the artist who has the image. We have a few small changes. The image will debut on the first free episode of the Gaiam TV show that everyone will be able to see. I will then have it posted on my website as will DW (And I assume it will be everywhere after that). There are just a few small changes to make to the image for it to be complete.

Sphere Being Alliance I was told that it [the Episode of Disclosure with David Wilcock on GaiamTV] will either be 7/7 or 7/14. I was pretty sure it was 7/7 but DW was not as sure. I should hear for certain by tomorrow. TY, Corey/GoodETxSG

Facebook Update (July 4th 11pm):

I have been held back on releasing recent reports and completing a Q&A for Dr. Salla because of some recent and disturbing incidents that I was under the impression we were shielded from.
I am awaiting a meeting with Gonzales and the SSP Alliance Council in relation to some of these matters. 

These are incidents that have my wife and I extremely upset. Because of the nature of what opposition groups have done I am not sure yet if we will be publicizing the details yet.
This certainly seems inline with the threat that Gonzales received in his recent meeting with the Draco Federation Alliance and Committee of 200 "Chairmen". 

I can say this was crossing the line in my book and only angers us and makes us more determined to push forward with disclosures and future work.

Speaking of a part of that work, I received an update from Gaiam TV. The first episode will air on 7/14 and the first 2 episodes will be free. They have received a lot of emails from people confused about the sign up process and how to make sure we receive credit for their membership. I appreciate people being conscientious of this.

They stated that all memberships that are signed up via the link on the banner advertisement on our website or the link below will be credited to "Corey/GoodETxSG".

Thank you all...


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