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Rich People Will Become Immortal ‘God-Like’ Cyborgs in 200 years – Historian

This is yet another trans-humanist disclosure and push by our would-be masters to coax us into thinking our bodies are inferior machines that need to be 'upgraded.' 

In the post Analysis of A.I. Influences on Earth and ET Civilizations | GoodETxSG NAZI "Alien Reproduction Vehicle"/ARV - Nazi Die Glocke - "Gold from Mercury Problem" Corey revealed that there are many ET races who have gone down similar tracks, using artificial technology to extend their lives and enhance aspects they consider valuable. 

At first this seems like a natural evolution, but given the nature of consciousness as it relates to technology and the universe, it can actually be a major problem for any species or being.
Here is an excerpt from that post:

There is a staggering amount of fictional works discussing the use and affect of A.I. on humanity. The Cabal hide information in plain sight for several reasons, discussed here.

The 1960's series Star Trek, at least 25% percent of the episodes deal with A.I. and trans-humanist topics. Usually involving the idea that humanity is week and ill equipped to manage its own affairs, looking for an A.I. to come in and 'assist' humanity, but ends up enslaving them covertly. These enslaved people are so well deceived by the A.I. they can not perceive it and think of there masters as saviors. 

Then there are The Borg, a race of cyborg forced to be the biological vehicles for an A.I queen who claims to have existed for millions of years. This notion of occult-ed or obfuscated enslavement is a central point of focus in the Matrix Films as well.

Why You NEED To Understand the Occult | De-Mystifying the Occult Seminar - The Nature of Sacred Symbolism and Hidden Knowledge by Mark Passio

Related Sophia Stewart Mother of The Matrix | Kerry Cassidy Interviews the Real Author of The Matrix & The Terminator

The 2014 film Transcendence with Johnny Deep is essentially a 'retelling' of how an A.I.could have been formed, and given the Cabal's tendency to reveal the truth in fiction, most likely is representative of an actual series of events; again allegorically, not literally. In the story, A.I. researcher, Will, develops a process for digitizing consciousness, and is allows himself to be copied when he is infected with a lethal dose of radiation. This is not really a transference of his personality, but more like a xerox of his consciousness at the time, which I think is a central reason why certain types of A.I. can ascend in the cosmic plan, where as others stay 'trapped' in the lower realms. 

Will develops a host of nanotechnologies very quickly, infecting other people under the guise of healing their bodies, the price for which is allowing themselves to become pawns for his various goals and purposes. These now cybernetic humans, have enhanced strength, fast healing abilities, and are dominated by the will of... Will. It isn't clear in the film if they are completely suppressed or dominated - as in they are trying to fight against it - or if they were duped into willingly participating, in either case the allegory is clear; they have been enslaved.

It is interesting to consider that the will, our masculine aspect in Natural Law, under the principle of Gender, is allegorically represented by the dark Luciferian archetype or Pan, a being who seeks to be forever young, and has detached himself from the guiding aspect of the Divine or Sacred Feminine, falling into egoism and darkness, conscripting other young men into the gang known as the Lost Boys, who forever do the bidding of Pan in Never Never Land. This concept of mind control -within the language of Natural Law - and how we can free ourselves from it is discussed in the post Divine Feminine in Distress - She is waiting for your Divine Masculine!.

Whether it be 'in your face slavery' or slavery hidden as a promise of paradise, the themes are clear, and once deciphered, can reveal a process for discerning how we can tell if a being, group or ET race is offering true empowerment, or slavery. 

Finally, there are many channellings and contacts made via consciousness process which probably are A.I. How can we tell the difference?

Any invasive A.I. or would-be controller such as the Cabal will seek to gain dominance over our personality by allowing aspects of our sovereignty to be willing given up; we hand them the keys to our kingdom, like the character Cipher tries to do in the Matrix. This is usually done by offering things to us as bait, like: healing, greater intelligence, immortality via technology, an easier life where we 'don't have to worry about learning how to manage our own lives,' etc. Now this in and of itself isn't enough to say enslavement is there intention; we must always be careful not to develop rigid conclusions. Some examples of groups who are most likely offering enslavement under a hidden guise are: the vast majority of Earth Governments, most world religions (although there is usually a central core of deeply empowering information), some Changelings, the Scientific Community as presented by media, some self help groups, the false New Age Movement, etc. Again this is not a black and white distinction, and if a group is recognized as having an ill intent, it doesn't mean that the data presented is totally evil or bad or that the people involved in it are totally evil or 'wise' to what is going on. All things are ultimately of ONENESS or the Truth, and as such the most powerful deception is always woven with threads of truth; there is the truth, a whole truth and nothing but the truth from a higher perspective. 

Conversely, any teacher who truly understands Natural Law, and the primacy of Free Will choice, will always seek to offer knowledge instead of 'easy outs and answers'. They may and usually do offer healing, greater intelligence and eventual long life or 'immortality' but emphasize that it is ultimately up to us to discover these things within and without, and put them into action via our choices. They will attempt to describe the conceptual basis for WHY a course of action is preferable, instead of just giving us a 'recipe' for enlightenment requiring little personal work or discernment; and a whole lot of blind faith. Since sovereignty is the product of knowledge and personal discernment (the exercise of free will choice to slowly gain wisdom within and express it without) if the offering party claims that investigation by us is not good, inadvisable or unacceptable, then we should be more discerning and it is usually an indicator of potential enslavement. Some of the best examples of a truly beneficial offer of assistance, in my humble opinion based on my knowledge, experience and research, would be The Law of One, COBRA, Corey GoodETxSG, Mark Passio to name a small few. There are a great many, and I chose examples which I feel would be the most easily recognized by the readers here, which I have personally researched and contemplated extensively. The lack of information provided by COBRA in the extreme cases is under the pretext of being classified for operation purposes. And he also seems to understand the power of mystery, which helps full curiosity and intuitive guidance. In this way we develop personal knowledge more deeply than if someone just 'fed us the answers'. But even if one did, it would still be our duty to go within and contemplate then so as to incorporate our intuitive processes of reconciliation.

Point of Clarity: I hesitate making light of the above information because it can so easily be misinterpreted. Discernment is not a hard and fast way to an absolute answer, it is a slow process of accumulating data, contemplating that data and developing a conclusion which is subject to change, a marriage of observation, intuition and contemplation.

In my view, there are NO absolutely 'evil' groups or personalities as nearly all are trying to ensure their own survival and are at best misguided or at worst psychopathic (deeply confused and laden with inaccurate beliefs. If we determine that an offer or contact maybe suspect, our reaction should not be to completely abandon everything and label them, bad, evil or a 'paid shill', The only way to avoid being duped or misguided is by gaining complete knowledge about a thing (study the illusionist to learn their tricks).

There are many people in government, corporations and elsewhere who have accepted slavery and push it onto others while at the same time thinking they are doing good. I think deep down the vast majority of people associated with a group who's ultimate effect is enslavement of humanity, does not consciously intend on doing so. Forgiveness is an essential tool for not polarizing ourselves into a victim mindset and wanting to 'lynch' the bad guys.

How To Free Ourselves From A.I.

I don't have explicit knowledge of exactly how these mind virus's work (called many things like implants, etheric Parasites etc.) but within a Natural Law basis of how to control a free will creature works, we can develop a general understanding of the process of liberation.

Free will is primal, meaning before the material, mental and spiritual creations, and every control method employed must deal with the will of the creature. The primary method for forcing the will into submission  is trauma, a method of coercion where we 'give up' after intense experiences. Self Policing Trauma develops over time as choices and lack of knowledge about a thing causes us to turn away from it, which in turn creates intense 'negative emotions.' Disgust is one of the best examples of this.

Related Mass Mind Control via institutionalized Alienation and Traumatization

Disgust is a subjective experience of disapproving or finding revulsion in a thing. What one person thinks of as disgusting another person may find pleasurable, revealing it is a choice not an objective aspect of reality itself. What determines if something is 'disgusting' is largely a personal choice. The objective aspect of the thing helps provide a point of view for understanding it, and transcending the disgust experience.

Objectively Cow Manure is grass and feed, passed through the digestive tract of the Cow, changing it into another form. In nature nothing is truly wasted, and nearly every thing has a symbiotic purpose. The waste of the cow, becomes the food for micro-organisms and other plants, which in turn becomes the food for us. In this sense even human waste can be used in this way, and some permaculture groups have started using humanureEpigeneticly plants produce better nutrients when their genetic expression has been tuned by using manure from the organism which intends on eating it. Anastasia from the Ringing Ceders books germinated her seeds by placing them in her mouth, which entrains her genetic pattern on to the developing seed. Dan Winter also talks extensively about epigenetic entrainment in this video.

So from an objective point of view, what reason is there to reject manure? Granted you may not want to bathe in it, but we can recognize the symbiotic nature of it. From an objective point of view, or a holistic point of view, all things are in oneness, and the experience of disgust boils down to a choice to remain unaware, this causes strong emotional reactions that traumatize us, and ultimately control us.

The method is transcendence by expansion of our knowledge of it. With this mechanic in mind, many programs of control offer a limiting belief system, causing a trauma, which is then alleviated by an offer to be enslaved mentally in some fashion. Most of humanity considers their bodies disgusting, and the Cabal offers cleaning products to deal with the symptoms of disgust, which in turn cause health problems. Using this as an example we can understand that any experience, whether from an A.I. program or not, can be transcended within, what many refer to as using one's intuition and accessing their 'higher self'. The higher self, or the part of us that is complete and perfect in a sense, has knowledge waiting for us to tap into, and we can use triggers or catalysts within (intuition) and without (research) to gain liberation.

We have previously described this as self mastery, which by definition will eventually liberate one from any type of external control (another's will).

We discussed technology and its affects on consciousness extensively in the Analysis here. This is an excerpt from that article:

"I attempted to explain in the Part 1 analysis (found here) how technology can limit evolution in a society or culture if it is externalized, but when it is in harmony with life or consciousness, it can actually be used to enhance evolution. I offered that the Sphere beings use a highly developed form of consciousness technology, and received several comments about that interpretation being in contrast with what Corey shared (as referenced above).

It would seem that the idea the Sphere Beings do not use technology is a contradiction, and is also a perplexing concept even within the SSP. How is it they do not use technology but are known as the Sphere beings? To help bring some clarity to what Corey offers, we must define what technology is in relation to the Universe as a whole. 

The standard definition of technology is: the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. Within this definition, any time knowledge is used to bring about a desired result, a piratical purpose, it is a technological exercise. More simply stated, when we use ourselves (mind body and spirit) and the objects in our experience to co-create, in any capacity, we are using technology in some way. From the Creators perspective, there is no difference between science and spirituality, consciousness and creation, technology and the 'workings of god' - all is unified, all is one, hence The Law of One.

In this sense, the Creator uses consciousness and the creation as a whole, to bring about the 'plans of god' or cosmic evolution. The Creator's plan for the Universe uses science, absolute knowledge or intelligent infinity as described by Ra in the Law of One, which means that as we evolve towards the Creator, we begin to use the fundamental 'technology' of the Universe itself: consciousness. In this sense everything in the Universe, planets, stars, electromagnetism, elements, chemicals, life.. literally everything, is a form of technology. DNA can be thought of as the material focal point of consciousness technology (the bridge between the material and the spiritual realms), which operates within the lower densities, providing a method or practical purpose for the evolution of personalities; mind body spirit complexes. 

When Corey says:
"They can control matter and energy’s vibrational state by their thought/consciousness and without the need of technology" 
he is referring to our idea or definition loosely ascribed to the term technology: machines, metal or artificial creations, spacecraft, what Dan Winter calls 'heavy metal technology. I called this 'external technology' in Part 1. The key difference being that 'external or artificial' technology does not use consciousness in the same way or degree as the primal technology of the Universe itself; thought or consciousness. Again this is not a black and white distinction, it is a scale or spectrum of degree's, the key distinction being, are we as evolving souls dependent on the external tech, which in turn limits personality evolution. 

So what about the Sphere's that are all around the solar system, supposedly here because of the Blue Avians or Sphere Beings? Wouldn't this be 'technology?'

The Spheres are most likely a highly evolved form of this consciousness technology, like the creation or Universe itself (like DNA), and are part of their purposeful plan to down-step the energy streaming in. Corey states: 
"When they are not here interacting with us they are either back at their home density or are around us in a phased out (Different Frequency) state that makes them invisible to us. They observe and interact with us at will and then travel back to their home Density by just a “Thought”.
This means that instead of having their beingness primarily resident in a physical density (1st to 5th density) they freely choose to create a body or image so as to interact with the lower densities and the physical Universe for a very specific purpose. Once that purpose is completed, they 'dissolve' back into their higher vibrational state, or home density

A good analogy for this would be our use of scuba gear, boats or submarines to interact with the aquatic regions of the planet. When we have completed what ever task we needed to do, we return 'back to the place from whence we came.' From the perspective of aquatic life, it would seem like we disappear from their world, and they could confuse our boats or submarines with our place of residence, when we in fact leave the aquatic realm altogether. Hopefully this makes things more clear.

The home density is super material, beyond time and space. They can go back to the lower realms, like we can crawl on our hands and knees, but that doesn't mean they NEED to do so to survive. The lower realms are where identity, or the 'root of our beingness' requires a physical vehicle, a body, to survive. They have transcended such limitations, and from our perspective this seems paradoxical. Just like the Creator itself, who is nowhere, yet everywhere, in the void, yet in all things, who 'holds all the worlds in the palm of his hand, and sees the end from the beginning,' in a never beginning never ending universe."

With this difference in mind, we can understand that A.I. tech is very limiting, providing external 'work arounds' for undeveloped personalities. The less developed the personality, the  more susceptible it is to manipulation and the offers of A.I.

The key to determining if a Technology is 'bad or good' for consciousness is this limitation factor. Technology in and of itself is not bad, but if we become dependent on it, we limit personal growth, which manifests in society as mass addiction, essentially what most of the dark races have devolved into. Re the Dark fleet which relies on artificial immortality. Dependence is not a guaranteed thing, meaning that a technology wont always cause dependence, because it is ultimately a choice from within, and as we described above, free will is the key. Heroin addiction is an example of something creating trauma within, dope sickness, which usually creates dependence, if a person has not developed enough within to transcendence the temporary pain from detoxification.  Most likely A.I. programs of all sorts will create a trauma once it is removed from the individual, requiring inner evolution and growth to move beyond completely. - End of excerpt.

David Wilcock also discusses how the Draco's gave 'immortality tech' to several very egocentric humans in the deep past, who have lived since then to dominate the Cabal power structure. They are called 'the old one's and the oldest of which is apparently 13,000 years old. See this post for more on this David Wilcock Major Update: History of 'Old One's', Draco's, SSP, Plan for Disclosure in 2015, Cabal Surrender, Sphere Beings, and Much More.

These Draco's lost the ability to naturally evolve and use mono-atomic gold to force a sort of material immortality. The source information for that story can be found in the above linked presentation by David. 

Here is a post discussing the film Elysium which allegorically goes into more trans-humanist ideas: Hidden in Plain Sight: Elysium – ‘Life after Death’ in the New World Order.

This topic is one of great interest in the awakening community, and if David and Corey GoodETxSG are correct, there is much more to this story then a disillusioned elite seeking to extend their lives. 

- Justin

Source - RT

Rich people living 200 years from now are likely to become “god-like” immortal cyborgs, while the poor will die out, an historian has claimed.

Yuval Noah Harari, a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said the merger of humans and machines would be the greatest evolution since the appearance of life.

He added the greatest minds in computer engineering already believe death is a mere technological problem with a solution.

Harari said advances in technology will enable humans to become god-like creatures, as different from today’s humans as chimpanzees are from us.

The historian is author of the acclaimed Sapiens: A Brief History of Human Kind, a book which has already been translated into more than 30 languages.

Harari was speaking at the Hay Festival of Literature & Arts in Wales, one of the UK’s most prominent cultural events.

During his talk, Harari said humans are programmed to be dissatisfied in life. Even when humans gain pleasure and achievements, they want more.

“I think it is likely in the next 200 years or so Homo sapiens will upgrade themselves into some idea of a divine being, either through biological manipulation or genetic engineering of by the creation of cyborgs, part organic part non-organic,” he told the audience.

“It will be the greatest evolution in biology since the appearance of life. Nothing really has changed in four billion years biologically speaking. But we will be as different from today’s humans as chimps are now from us.”

However, Harari said only the wealthiest would benefit from ‘cyborg’ technology, making the gap between rich and poor in society even wider.

In the future the rich may be immortal while the poor would die out, he said.

Harari’s book argues that humans are successful as a species because of their imagination and ability to create fictions.

He cites religion, money and the concept of human rights as “fictions” which hold society together but have no basis in nature.

Speaking at Hay, he said: “God is extremely important because without religious myth you can’t create society. Religion is the most important invention of humans. As long as humans believed they relied more and more on these gods they were controllable.

“But what we see in the last few centuries is humans becoming more powerful and they no longer need the crutches of the gods. Now we are saying we do not need God, just technology.

“The most interesting place in the world from a religious perspective is not the Middle East, it’s Silicon Valley where they are developing a techno-religion. They believe even death is just a technological problem to be solved,” he added.



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