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Clarification On "Off World Conferences (Time Dilation and Displacement), Spanish Version of Website, Request for Graphic Artist | Corey GoodETxSG

Corey made a few clarifications about his 10 days of conferences statement recently. Admittedly we assumed he was going to be gone for that time, but he clarified that due to the nature of these contacts, he is only 'off world' for a very short period of time, although for him it was several hours. This is due to time dilatation. 

I will add my comments in green and in [brackets] for additional clarity, below the raw updates from Corey in black

Please keep in mind the commentary we offer (either Justin or Julian) is always in green. We have gotten a few questions from people that assumed the entire body of text in these updates is from Corey. He usually signs off with: Corey GoodETxSG.

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- Justin

The following comments and updates are posted newest to oldest.

Facebook Update:

There seems to be some confusion among a few individuals about the "3 Off World Meetings Over The First 10 Days Of June" announcement. I made an announcement on Facebook and on my Website that was also picked up on Stillness in the Storm in the article I am reposting below.

To be clear, It was never stated that I was going to be off planet the entire first 10 days of June. I have meetings all the time with the SSP Alliance and with the Sphere Beings where I am picked up and dropped back off at my home. Some of the meetings I have stayed over night at off world locations and been returned to my home around 5 minutes after I was picked up.

Time is of no consequence to these 6th density beings and even the SSP has time dilation technology. Those who have been following the reports of my conferences closely understand this from the details of those reports. Those who have not have some confusion on the matter.

I was picked up at a little before 4 AM this morning and attended our joint SSP/Sphere Alliance Conference and was then delivered back home at just after 4 AM.

I have two more meetings over the next 5 days with a possible other meeting I was informed about with another opposition group (None of which are with "Draco's" which is being reported by another site.).

I know some of these technologies and concepts are still hard for some people to bend their minds around pre "Full Disclosure". This type of information and technology will one day be common knowledge.


10 Days of Alliance Conferences Ahead, Discrediting and Disinfo Storm Coming, Learn Holistic Discernment and Personal Transmutation | Corey GoodETxSG

Further Clarification by Corey:

Sphere Being Alliance I leave and attend a meeting or group of meetings that will take a number of hours of days and them am returned to my home at almost the same time I left. Time is of little consequence to these 6th+ Density Beings and even our SSP's have Temporal Dilation Technology. The first meeting was last night and I have at least two more with on possible add on with another opposition group in the next 5 days. I understand this can be confusing. I never stated I was going to be off earth for the first 10 days of June.

[Time dilatation technology is most likely fairly common in advanced races. The Montalk Project and other 'time travel' projects also dealt with this aspect of time displacement and dilation. One thing many of ET races discuss is that time is much more fluid then we tend to think here on Earth. We saw a research presentation a few weeks ago discussing anecdotal evidence from Star-seeds or children who claimed to have 'copied' their favorite book by going back and forth in time; unfortunately I can't find that link, but if I do we will post an update, it was a very compelling presentation at a College in he UK. 

If the Reciprocal Systems Theory is correct, and by all accounts it seems to be, then it does not take much 'effort' to push material moving below the speed of light passed the unity threshold into time-space; where temporal 'travel' and effects are much more easy to achieve. Also there is the ability to create a 'bubble' of motion around a material body, where time is 'moving more slowly' from a certain point of view. We discussed some of the mechanics for this in the post David Wilcock: Stargates, Consciousness Tech, Draco "Fear Food" & Methods of Personal Transformation, ET Contacts | Analysis of Fade to Black May 26th 2015

Ostensibly, the Sphere beings, have many "technologies" (presumably based on thought or consciousness) wherein they are able to manipulate time. The Zero Time Reference David Wilcock discusses in the above link, which the channeler Bashar references as well, suggests there is a primal frequency or motion for any "location and time", that consciousness itself is able to adjust to. If we have developed enough coherence within the mental planes (where our consciousness tech is activated) we can literally imagine a time and location we desire, and materialize at that place with ease; a twinkling of an eye.

I theorize Corey was 'pulled' into a "space-time field" (torsion vortex) experienced as the normal flow of time, spending several hours in meetings, and was then 'put back' moments after he was taken. To an observer it would appear as though he 'blipped' out of our reality for a moment and then came right back. Doctor Who is a popular work of fiction which plays with this idea extensively, as well as many other works. 

Temporal physics aside, I think this dynamic just further underscores why we should be very careful assuming anything as absolutely certain. As I mentioned above, I concluded Corey was actually spending time in another location, and would not be here for that time. Instead he spent several hours in meetings only to arrive moments before he left. This reveals my bias towards the normal flow of time and I was happily surprised to be corrected with this more fascinating possibility. The Truth is far stranger then fiction indeed.

I often joke that I wish I had a time dilation machine to do more work - writing, researching, etc - and I should be careful what I wish for.]
Question directed to Corey, with other comments before Corey's response:

 - What does being a blue avian delegate mean?

- I think I get it. Perhaps because the sphere alliance have said we need to help ourselves, the avians have said that they'll help you?! I just can't wait for the event, which I think is going to be the day mass exposure in the form of an arrival of other worldly beings arrive to expose the crimes against humanity. The day freedom will arrive. It's exciting to ponder indeed!

- I'm guessing the meeting went rather well.

- Well he's back, and seems to be ok.

Corey's Response and additional commentary:

Sphere Being Alliance Yes, there were some guests present who were Cabal Defectors in the Off World Witness Protection Program and there was information being presented from the Earth Based Alliance's series of hacking of major western govt resources. I have not done the debrief on what can be made public yet. Things certainly are moving at a faster pace than I expected.
Sphere Being Alliance [In response to: What does being a blue avian delegate mean?] "Q: I was chosen by name by the Blue Avians. The SSP had a person that was also in contact with the BA's that they wanted to be the "Delegate". The SSP Alliance was very upset when I was chosen over their person. When I asked for access to their healing tech in the beginning I was told "You don't work for us"... Then recently they started wanting to use me as an asset. These people are fighting the Cabal but are not people you would want to invite to dinner at your home. Things have only recently improved between them and myself after I have proven myself to them in various situation and they have spent time with me in quite a few SSP/Sphere Alliance Conferences over the last 6 months. It has been a difficult trust relationship to build.

[This is an interesting piece of Data, something I enjoy contemplating. Before that though, it is encouraging to hear that things are moving quickly. What exactly this means we can only guess, but as a collective we can continue to keep our eyes open, and our hear to the ground looking for how pieces of the grand puzzle fit together. 

Corey is saying the Blue Avians specifically chose him, for some reason, and the SSP Alliance did not want him to be the delegate. I don't know exactly why they did not want him, but I assume it has to do with trust and vetting. The SSP is a military organization and they probably have very precise reasons for choosing people for missions; often spending a great deal of time and energy training and doing psychological testing. Possibly Corey lacked some quality they felt was important, or simply did not have any proof of trust, as he mentions. This in and of itself does not suggest any nefarious intention on their part, more so their way of managing the risk factors present in any mission. They probably had a great deal of apprehension around the contacts and activities with the Blue Avians; considering the scope and impact of what is involved in completing the mission. Nothing less then full disclosure and complete societal transformation of the planet and beyond.  

However, if we explore the idea there was some sort of nefarious intention, then the Blue Avians most likely were aware of this, and chose someone they felt would be honorable, even if it meant going against the orders of the commanders; following dishonorable orders is a major problem at present for many organizations. One would think honor to truth, and Natural Law are very desirable for these beings, and they would not want anyone to compromise the grander mission for the planet and humanity. Again any nefarious intent by the commanders of the SSP's is only speculation on my part, and I have no conclusive data to support it, nor do I contend that it was or is the case. 

Finally, the Blue Avains could have some other reason for choosing Corey, as he has mentioned his intuitive abilities in the past. These little details are the sort of thing I like to keep on my 'shelf' for later reconciliation. Much like when watching a movie or reading a book seemingly random details end up later becoming part of a much grander design. Given that all things are in service of the Creator, it seems likely that there is a very real and valid reason for him being selected.] 
Facebook Update:

I am excited to announce that due to my excellent site admin and a new volunteer translator that we will soon have a Full Spanish Version of our Website. I appreciate the work that has been done by my admin and the translator who has translated some content and is in the process of translating the rest of the site. We are making the site live. The conversion from English to Spanish will occur over the next few days. Please spread the word.

Corey's "request" for Graphic or Image design:

Sphere Being Alliance To start with I wanted to design another header for this Facebook page that has the Earth and "Spheres" the size of the moon spread out in the distance (Getting smaller as they are further away) and have one larger one close to the earth with hazy images of beings standing inside it maybe. or just a sphere w/no beings just to depict more the spheres from the sphere alliance. I am supposed to work with a graphics artist at some point to depict certain craft, bases and beings. That is a much bigger/complicated job that a certain individual is offering to pay for. It looks like that is going to be a couple months away though. I want at some point to also get an image of the main SSP craft types the Alliance flies orbiting a Sphere as a cool graphic.


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