Saturday, May 2, 2015

Volcanic Eruption Off the West Coast - New Volcano and Fresh Lava Off the Coast of Oregon

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Volcanic Eruption Off West Coast United States! Oregon Undersea Volcano Now Erupting
Source - Dutchsinse

This past Friday… when the 5.5M and 6.2M happened off the West coast… “all hell broke loose” quote the geologists.. and the eruption began.
Now we come to find out that the lava flow in 2011 was 30 miles long!   This eruption is currently happening off the Western Shores of Oregon.
Thanks to Earthspace103 for this video:


A new volcanic eruption is now confirmed to be taking place off the West Coast of the United States.
The new undersea volcanic activity is occurring approximately 300 miles off the shores of Central Oregon, along the Axial Seamount, where a fresh fissure has formed, producing new undersea lava flows, and seismic activity.
This undersea eruption FOLLOWS a series of earthquakes at dormant volcanoes along the West coast in California, and Nevada, as well as several large “steam plume” events from Hot SpringsCold Springs, and dormant volcano locations.




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