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USOs & UFOs | Underwater Extraterrestrial Bases: Declassified Russian Navy Records & Satellite Images

Julian found this information recently thanks to New Illuminati and others. It could relate to some of the data shared by various revealers, COBRA, Tolec and Corey GoodETxSG.

We cannot know for certain, but the structures presented in these images are far to organized to be natural structures.

Click Here to review Corey GoodETxSG's articles which suggest there are various bases, ET installations and break-away civilizations on the Earth.

We also found this documentary about Underwater Extraterrestrial Bases near Florida. T
he Gulf Breeze UFO incident is a famous series of UFO sightings which occurred beginning on November 11, 1987.

- Justin

Underwater Extraterrestrials: Declassified Russian Navy Records Say They’re Real!

Source - In5D

by Locklip

Unidentified submerged objects (USOs) are not as famous as UFOs although they are often encountered, according to declassified Russian Navy records. The common trait of all USO phenomena is that they involve unexplained and technologically advanced objects, far superior to anything we’ve ever built.

The recently declassified documents contain Soviet era reports detailing many cases of possible USO encounters. Former naval officer and Russian UFO researcher Vladimir Azhazha believes these documents are of great value. One of the most interesting cases he examined involved a nuclear submarine on a combat mission in the Southern Pacific. During the routine operation, the submarine detected six unknown objects traveling in formation at speeds in excess of 230 knots (265+ mph). In comparison, the fastest submarine was the Soviet K-222, which reached about 44 knots (51 mph).

The submarine’s sonar determined the objects were heading straight for it so the captain gave the order to surface. The USOs followed them to the surface then flew away. Similar instances have been reported in the region of the Bermuda Triangle, as retired submarine commander Yuri Beketov recalls. On-board instruments often malfunctioned, indicating the presence of strong interference. Many believe this is a clear sign of USO/UFO presence.
On several occasions the instruments gave reading of material objects moving at incredible speed. Calculations showed speeds of about 230 knots, or 265 mph. Speeding so fast is a challenge even on the surface. But water resistance is much higher. It was like the objects defied the laws of physics. There’s only one explanation: the creatures who built them far surpass us in development,” said Beketov.

Both UFOs and USOs seem to concentrate wherever military operations occur, indicating their interest in humanity’s military arsenal.

Another USO hotspot is Lake Baikal in Russia. The world’s deepest freshwater lake has always had a certain mysterious nature and fishermen tell tales of lights being spotted in its deep waters. Multiple folk tales describe swimmers being dragged down by creatures lurking beneath Baikal’s calm waves.

Another of the Russian documents described the encounter between a group of military divers and several humanoid beings in silver suits. The divers were training in Lake Baikal at a depth of 150 feet (50 meters) when they came upon a group of unknown creatures. The divers went deeper in the pursuit of the humanoids. Three men were killed, while the other four were severely injured.

Vladimir Azhazha believes the issue should be thoroughly investigated. “I think about underwater bases and say: why not? Nothing should be discarded,” says Azhazha. “Skepticism is the easiest way: believe nothing, do nothing. People rarely visit great depths. So it’s very important to analyze what they encounter there.”



A USO BASE? Report #216

Source - Mars Anomaly Research

We've all heard of UFOs but what about USOs? This report is going to strain credibility for some of you because it reveals a extensive likely USO or Unidentified Submersible Objects base right in the neighborhood of well populated islands Puerto Rico, Saint Thomas and Saint Croix in the West Indian chain in the American hemisphere. The more visible aspects of it and its general shapes are revealed by the strings of closely spaced dots in the above context wide-angle image.

I discovered this evidence a few years ago but refrained from reporting on it. Why? Simply because I suspected that it might make piss some people off and make me a target and thereby my wife since she was so close to me. I further suspected that such an attack might come via RI (Remote Influencing) with my more sensitive wife being more vulnerable to that sort of thing than I am. In other words, I foolishly thought that I was protecting her. Now that she's gone and under what I consider very suspicious circumstances, I no longer see any reason for self restraint and so now the gloves come off.

The visual evidence suggests that this is also an extensive underground facility and not just under water base with the main complex centered between Puerto Rico's east coast and around Saint Thomas and Saint Croix. That's a lot of territory. Note that the deeper water depths in these areas ranges from surface exposed islands to 500 meters to 5000 meters below water. That's obviously an area of very great water pressures down in such dark abyssal depths. In fact it appears to be a permanent facility and massive. It is also a place designed to enable covert activity but the question is by who?

Let's take a closer look in the images that follow. We'll be following the facility from its main facilities around Saint Thomas headed south skirting around east of Saint Croix. Note that, as it does so, the water depth gets deeper and deeper and this will of course effect the visibility of what we are trying to look at. Even so, the rounded dome shaped structure with its wrinkles and linear straight passageway lines as well as perfect 90º elbow turns can be readily seen and still give it all away.

The identifying wrinkles in the surface textures of the passage way here tells us that what is being used here in the passageway structure is a resin blown up shell material forming an armored domed passageway of great length. The wrinkles in it are stress anchor points and expansion joints. The material used is likely similar to that exposed in my Report #178 but not as uniform in its application because that evidence in Report #178 is on the surface in open air sunlight while that seen here is in great depth pressures and in the black dark making control of the resin more difficult.

In my opinion an entry and exit opening for the facility is on the left in the above 7th image where is makes an abrupt 90º turn south and the tubing system appears to end there at that point. Note that the water depth here is 4,855 meters or 15,928 feet according to Google Earth. Unless there is some human technology going on here that I'm not aware of, such depths would be impossible for humans to work in to build such a tube passageway or complex. Logically, via the process of elimination, that leaves alien technology as the only other possibility of working successfully at such great dark depths and pressures.

I can see human technology, perhaps enhanced by alien technology, enabling humans to travel briefly to such dark abyssal depths but not stay and work there for long periods of time to build such an extensive facility. However, you may see it differently.

Unless there is more that we cannot see here for clues (possible), the visual evidence we can see suggests that traffic enters and exits traveling unseen covertly in the resin created passage tube system in image #7 lying in this abyssal deep traveling east/west through the Muertos Trough, then turning 90º north/south still in the resin tube system passing east of and avoiding the Saint Croix area, and finally again turning 90º east/west in shallower island water at the likely main complex in the Saint Thomas area.

This could suggest that the main facility located underground among the islands may be very old possibly predating human density and potential witnesses in the area. The long tube system linking to the main facility area may have been added later as a more economical and hidden alternative to moving the whole facility just to avoid growing human population witness events near the main underground facility area.

In fact, the main facility may date back into or before the last ice age. At that time ice sheets dominated and water levels around the planet were substantially lower than now leaving island chains like these West Indies much further out of the water.

But, that'd not quite all. In the above 8th and 9th images, we see in shallower water just south of Saint Thomas island the land underwater dropping over a sheer vertical cliff escarpment wall descending down 4,102 meters to the dark abyssal depths in a canyon or trough between Saint Thomas and Saint Croix. At the bottom of this trough we see shorter lengths of the same resin material side by side with its characteristic wrinkles or stress/expansion joints that the tube system is made of. These are probably cells added on the outside cliff wall expanding the limited room inside the underground portion of the complex.

I suspect that this is probably disturbing to some of you that can even grasp this to discover that someone not us with their own agenda has made such an extensive investment in what we consider our exclusive world. However, would you rather just remain ignorant of it all? Especially when you realize on the heels of this that some few of our kind are aware of this and keeping exclusive knowledge of this to themselves and working out their own agendas without any input or questioning by us? They say that ignorance is bliss. Do you subscribe to that?

There is a reason for most things and there is most definitely a reason why most of the continent of Antarctica is smudged out in Google Earth and it has nothing to do with Penguins. Remember, Google Earth is a tool used primarily by the public, not scientists or industry. Therefore, it is the public that is the main target of the secrecy. Does that inspire confidence?

Likewise, did you know that vast areas of Earth's oceans, and especially around Antarctica are blanked out in Google Earth by a moving false background that looks like seaweed or kelp waving in sea currents effectively preventing a closer look at anything. Remember, this is in what are suppose to be still satellite images. Where does that kind of moving graphics technology come from in a still image? Try your best to defeat something like that kind of image tampering!

The presence of this resin based technology in Report #178 apparently also exists within the human sphere of influence as evidenced by that report. This suggests that at least some aspects of the human military are on occasion benefiting from advanced technology that may have originated with others that are not us. On the surface that could be considered a good thing but, on the other hand, do you see any such big advances permeating the public sector? Is it being shared with us in ways that can really benefit mankind?

Do you really think that the military could be trusted to release something like Cold Fusion into the public sector to benefit mankind if they are ever able to wrest control of it from its inventor? Remember, the military mandate is to serve the public here in the USA both by law and by sacred oath but do you really believe that they would do that voluntarily? I think you know the answer to that. It is the world that we currently live in. Those who will likely get help are those who get fed up and try to help themselves.

Now if you verify this evidence behind me, you will see things that may be artificial and yes I've seen them to. My reporting here is limited only to the most obvious evidence as is my way and no need to point out the rest of it to me. All I'm interested in at this point is for you to be able to recognize that this evidence is real with all of its implications and not a result of imaging artifacts.

Remember that roughly 70% of this planet's surface is covered by water with most of the surface fresh water collected at the South Pole on the continent of Antarctica. In other words, this is essentially a water world and has been for many long millions of years at the very minimum and not objectively a place ideal for land based long term human survival regardless of what we may think about that.

As just a limited example, sharks and reptile aquatic life here have successfully survived many extinction events whereas land based creatures have took the worst of it. Frankly, in such incredibly long time frames, it is hard to imagine that some aquatic life has not evolved in both intelligence and technology.

What if what we are looking at here is not alien technology in the sense of UFO's that have gone under water but just one of many native aquatic centers trying to remain unknown and separate from us as long as possible while we land based humans explode and spread around the planet in our incredible numbers, ignorance and arrogance? What if we are left alone by other visiting civilizations not because of some unknown reasons as we think now because we believe ourselves to be alone but because there is someone else very advanced on this planet with us and with an ancient prior claim?

Someone with great power that cannot be ignored by other advanced civilizations and must be taken into consideration by them? Think about it.

Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator


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