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SSP Alliance Telling Corey To Not Delay Releasing Data, Trapezoid Base On Moon, David Wilcock Part 2 Will Have More Disclosure | Corey GoodETxSG

Corey recently posted a thread on the ONE Truth forum.

This update covers:

  • Recent conferences with the Sphere Being Alliance, discussing some of the assassinations and attacks on the SSP Alliance Leadership and bases that have high value personal by some of the "defectors" over the weekend. 
  • 24 hours ago (about 2 days as of this writing) Corey met with Raw-Tear-Eir to discuss upcoming events and meetings.
  • DW handed over the editing of the videos to a professional team so he can focus on the E-book and relate blog posts about Corey's data. The SSP Alliance wants to ensure this information is released sooner than later. The leadership inferred that the delays in releasing this data is 'unacceptable,' other researchers can be contacted to help with the process. 
  • An additional round of Q and A was sent to Dr. Salla which should be released in a few days (above and beyond the 2 part series recently released) [Analysis for part 1 of that series can be found here]
  • Part 2 of David Wilcocks update should be released after his taping of Wisdom Teachings this week, major disclosures will be contained in that update. The E-book will be a compilation of a great deal of data to be released soon. The Videos will most likely be released after the E-book. 
  • Corey is doing his own personal work to follow the Blue Avians message of raising our vibration, but he is fallible just like everyone else and can make missteps along the path. 
  • Carolyn Hamlet, a former illuminati member, mind control victim and whistleblower, began having recall experiences about a Moonbase in the shape of a trapezoid. Corey replied saying that the base could be one of great interest for the Alliance, and the data offered is important for their work.
  • Carolyn used to be involved in the "spiritual hierarchy" of the "dark side" and has since become a Christian to remove all of the negative demonic/entity attachments that were used in her mind control programming. That may be off-putting to some but it has worked for her (becoming a Christian) and it is referenced throughout the interview.
  • Corey responds saying that her experiences correlate well with how the Dark Fleet (Draco's) actually works, and offers specific commentary on the shape of the base and its possible function. It is apparently a very "dark and ominous" location, which the SSP Alliance has been trying to get info on for sometime. Unfortunately none of the recent ICC defectors have intel on this base. 
  • Commentary about Christianity and religious groups being viewed as 'bad' but still capable of being used by individuals to do inner work. [nothing is as black and white as it seems]
  • Corey will use some the free time he has after the surgery to contact Carolyn.
It appears that the logistical challenges of editing videos, writing the E-book and coordinating researchers is being noticed by the SSP Alliance. Corey's statements imply that they would like the data to be released post haste. I have no doubt that David Wilcock and others are doing their best to get this information out soon. Speaking as a researcher and writer I know how challenging it can be to juggle this kind of work while also trying to live life. 

Again all of this work is for the collective benefit of humanity. Revealing the truth to us allows us to process it, contemplate it and reconcile it, which will raise our vibrations (developing self mastery and sovereignty), synchronizing us with the cosmos and higher energies being 'downstepped' by the Blue Avians. See analysis link for detailed explanation of this. 

The interview below matches much of the data offered by other insiders who have come out from these satanic illuminati families; see the post Jay Parker and Mark Passio: Satanic Ritualistic Abuse | Truth Connections Radio.

The 'dark and ominous' nature of the location on the moon most likely refers to the activities taking place there, and should not be taken to mean it has some type of inherent evil imbued into it. What determines if a thing is dark or evil is the honorability filter. Are there beings who are servicing themselves at the cost of others. Much of the black magic used by the Cabal is a contractual agreement between beings wherein they decided to dishonor others. They employ rituals to create energy systems in a location to bring about the various goals and desires for their working. All of this can be transmuted by white magic and no fearful beliefs should be maintained in us (the outsiders) who are becoming aware of these things. 

As for the use of Christian belief systems and religion to help heal mind control programing, there is nothing inherently wrong with doing so. Again nothing is as black and white as some would like to believe. What makes any religion, or belief system 'bad' is how it is being used by the individuals which give them life; are the thought structures within the mind expanding consciousness or limiting it. The universe uses any and all things to offer evolution, further underscoring that everything is symbolic in nature and can be charged with meanings. This means that any seemingly bad thing, rape, murder, mass mind control, etc, always has a deeply spiritual aspect to it. 

This is what can be thought of as the 'absolute plan.' Essentially the Creator's plans and methods are so perfect and all encompassing, even when a very 'dark being' thinks they have a way to get around it, they are actually working perfectly with the plan of creation itself. 

For me this realization is one of the key teachings we can use to transmute anything we label as 'bad.' The universe employs all things to offer expanded consciousness to us, and as such, it is up to us to explore, expand and contemplate what IS, so as to not stagnate in limiting belief systems. 

Brief note: I will be posting an analysis of Part 2 of Michael Salla's Q and A with Corey tomorrow, after I catch up on some other work. The analysis of Part 1 can be found here.

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- Justin
Source - The ONE Truth

[May 20th 2015 03:08 Comment #1]

After closing my 2 threads on Secret Space Program and Sphere Being Alliance (Blue Avian) Q&A's and Discussions I am opening this thread after speaking to Malc/The One and also request of quite a few members who have contacted me recently.

There is quite a lot going on right now. As many know I have Surgery this Friday the 22nd.

In addition to that I have attended a couple recent SSP Alliance and Sphere Being Alliance Joint Conferences. After some recent assasinations and attacks on some of the SSP Alliance Leadership and Bases that housed high value personnel by some of the "Defectors" from other programs there was quite a contentious meeting this past weekend. There was a follow up meeting that went smoother about 24 hours ago and I had another one on one meeting with Raw-Tear-Eir to discuss upcoming events and meetings I am being requested to attend again on their behalf at the Human Like ET Federation Conference Center/Station.

I have spoken to DW as well in depth about the editing of the video interviews that we did quite some time ago. He has brought them to a professional team as he has admitted that it is too much for him to do on his own. There were some audio issues on his microphone and the editing had cost him several 40 hour weeks of work. I too was spoken to about not delivering certain information in a timely manner by the SSP Alliance and they want me to make sure that it gets out sooner even if I need to start working with multiple researchers.

I have been very happy with the work Dr. Salla has done in his recent articles with our Q&A's through email. I just sent him another round of answers to questions this evening for another article that he should be publishing Wednesday or Thursday. The E-Book is mostly written but needs to be expanded on as it is just bullet points and facts.

DW will be releasing his Part 2 Article as soon as he is done with this weeks taping of his Wisdom Teachings TV Show and then the "Contact In The Desert Conference" this coming weekend. There should be some very interesting disclosures there. Since the E-book is being released with just about the full amount of details he should be presenting some interesting information not heard so far.

I look more forward to the E-Book (Released for Free) than I do the video interview because of the sheer amount of information that will be contained in it.

Please stand by for further updates.

Please do not ask questions (This is not a new Q and A Thread) here and try to keep the postings on topic and non-confrontational (It seems the drama has been reduced heavily recently and I hope it stays that way.).

Lets please keep this a drama free thread and treat each other with respect.

Remember the Blue Avian "Message"... Its not an easy path, But one I am attempting to follow even though I am a very fallable person that has quite a ways to go in my journey as well. I am focusing on forgiveness and becoming more loving as much as possible... The link in my signature below will bring you to more info about the "Message".

Thank you,

Q and A's are still being done on the FAQ page on

[May 21st 2015 04:11 Comment #4]

Someone posted Dr. Salla's q and a's from his last article on youtube.

[May 21th 2015 01:46 Comment #14]
Quote Originally Posted by lift the veil View Post
Corey - Per the Salla Q & A, here which I pasted below, it is interesting that you say the base on the back side of the Moon is a trapezoid shape.

That immediately made me think of Carolyn Hamlet. She claims to be from an Illuminati family, says she was used in various programs and is a victim of mind control. She says she has memory fragments of being in a space craft, approaching the Moon and seeing a trapezoid base on it's surface. Here is a link to her blog entry describing her memories.
Wow, I hope to find the exact quote of her description of this base. Did she give any details of being in that base or only that she saw it? There is almost ZERO information on the lay out and details of that base. It is some information that would be very useful.

Thank you much,

[May 21st 2015 02:22 Comment #16]

Quote Originally Posted by lift the veil View Post
Corey - Below is an excerpt from that link I posted ( ) of her blog entry. She talked about her experience in an interview here. She used to be involved in the "spiritual hierarchy" of the "dark side" and has since become a Christian to remove all of the negative demonic/entity attachments that were used in her mind control programming. That may be off-putting to some but it has worked for her (becoming a Christian) and it is referenced throughout the interview.

This is amazing!

This is extremely similar to how the "Dark Fleet" base actually looks.

[quote from part 2 of the Dr. Salla and Corey Q and A] The above picture is my creation from my memory. I put the picture together to illustrate what I have seen with physical eyes while aboard a lunar bound craft with other humans. The trapezoid shaped building was our destination.

My first thought when I saw this structure was of it’s unique and significant shape, that of a de-capped pyramid and how much in architecture it reminded me of the Pentagon as seen in aerial photographs.

Therefore, I chose a portion of an aerial photograph of the Pentagon to best illustrate the architecture of the actual building I saw on the moon.

The rendition I have created is very much like the view I had as the craft I was in was making it’s approach. However, the actual building on the lunar surface does not have an inner court yard.

This is a very, very "Dark" and ominous location. This is something I will be looking into and hope that some details of this base are revealed by this person. I have not heard of them but they have got my attention now for sure.

Like I stated in the article with Dr. Salla this is an extremely secretive and protected base that the Alliance has been trying to get some good intel on for some time. Unfortunately none of the recent ICC and defectors from other groups have had access to this facility...

Thanks again,


[May 21st 2015 02:59 Comment #18]

Quote Originally Posted by lift the veil View Post
Corey - She has a lot of information on her blog. She has done a lot of work with Dan Duval in undoing her programming, and retrieving her memories. They have a lot of interviews on Youtube. He is a Christian minister and again that may be off-putting to some but it has worked for her in helping her get rid of her entity attachments. She got out of the Spiritual Hierarchy in the 1980s.

She did lots of her work with/for the Ascended Masters while she was "out of body." A lot of it involved bringing in other spiritual beings (that were negative) from a planet that was at a higher vibratory state (located in the Arcturus star system) and making bodies for them here on Earth for them to inhabit so they walk around in disguised as humans to infiltrate society. Pretty freaky stuff.
Yea, There are a lot of people that have a problem with Christianity and all other organized religions... Some with good reasons because of their experiences with misguided and poor examples of various faiths that they have ran into (Some of it is just the Human Factor). It is weird how humans turn everything into a religion/belief system though (Even Atheism is now a belief system/organization with tax free status). We are a strange breed.

It sounds like she and I may have some experiences in common. I actually used Christianity to rid myself of my Entity Attachments and am familiar with the information you are referring to. I had my memories in tact and didn't have to recover them (Actually had to disassociate some of the more negative memories and activities I was involved in)...

I will take advantage of the time recovering from my surgery to look over her blog and possibly get in contact with her if things work out...


What is “The Message”? Full Info Here:
Focus on becoming more “Service To Others”, on being more “Loving”, “On raising your Vibrational & Consciousness” & learn to “Forgive Yourself & Others” (Thus “Releasing Karma”). This will change the Vibration of the Planet, The “Shared Consciousness of Humanity” & “Change Humanity One Person at a time” (Even if that “One Person” is yourself.).
Thank you, Corey/GoodETxSG



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