Thursday, May 7, 2015

San Diego UFO Was Probably Just TV Antennas | Mysterious Lights Came From TV Antennas: Photographer

Someone was kind enough to send this update from NBC providing a very good explanation of the UFO captured. That article can be found here.

There is a hill in Mexico overlooking the city about 15 miles from the US border. From the point of view of the photographer that night, there is was a well lit building complex and TV antennas, which appeared to be hovering above the city due to fog. The fog was obscuring the hill causing the illusion of floating lights.

Given this new data, the possibility that lights are a flying craft is very small, and the more likely explanation is that the alleged UFO is the antennas on the hill in Mexico.

Thankfully we are more interested in the truth then what we want to believe, and this underscores why when searching for it, we should not develop an absolute belief system. Instead a probability assessment with degrees of certainty can be used, always leaving room for other data to change the conclusions we previously arrived at. 

- Justin

Source - NBC San Diego

The mysterious lights spotted last week south of San Diego are a mystery no more.

And the source isn't a flying saucer that's going to whisk you away.

An NBC 7 news photographer believes the strange blinking lights he captured in a video last week were coming from TV news antennas in Mexico, about 15 miles from the U.S. border.

Reports of the mysterious lights generated attention on a number of national and international news sites, such as Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post.

This video was taken by our NBC 7 crew in San Ysidro. Several viewers also told us about the lights. Some said they appeared to be red, blue, and green and kept flashing and changing colors. Some who saw them say the lights didn't seem to move,like those on a plane or a drone. We put in calls to the military here to see if they could identify what these were. So far, no response. (Published Thursday, Apr 30, 2015)

The photographer was in San Ysidro last Tuesday night covering an unrelated story when he noticed the mysterious lights. He returned during daylight hours and noticed the TV antennas on the mountaintop at the same place he spotted the lights.

He believes the foggy conditions made the lights coming from the antennas more striking than other nights – and why so many people who saw them were so baffled.

A number of residents called NBC 7 to report the mysterious lights and a NBC 7 viewer also provided photos. Those who saw the lights all said they appeared to be south of downtown San Diego.



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