Thursday, May 7, 2015

Justin Deschamps Interview with Peter Eugene on Solutions For The Planet | May 8th 2015 4pm EST

Peter Eugene and I will be having a discussion about many things on Friday May 8th. 

Peter has been revealing a great deal of information about the legalized slavery systems running rampant on Earth and what we can do to un-consent from any implied contracts. Should be an enlightening discussion!

- Justin

Join Brother Peter and Brother Justin Deschamps on Friday may 8th on Live Streaming TV at CCN. Brother Justin has a great link called "Stillness in the Storm" covering real truth in real time... Brother Peter will sharing with Justin on why to Un-consent from all contracts that Bind, See 45 Minute link brother peter did with jonny guzman from QLP TV as peter shares the real truth on how to terminate presumptions of consent to break the chains that bind. Also See all attached links for more clarity on this issue.

See this great link covering great truth in the here and now.. Justin and Julian have done some great working exposing truth in real time.…/is-new-world-order-dying-10-r…
See this great link attached that shares Mind, body, and spirit for truth to share with the whole world that brother peter has been sharing fro years.. Great site to educated on solutions to break the chains that bind... Great compendium of work, This is a great starting point for the newly awakened. 

Solutions provided here.

CCN is a world wide alternative live streaming media source to bring the truth to the world in the here and now for all to see.. To see Solutions on the planet for Mind, body, and Spirit you can go to this link in real time and see all recorded calls to see the TRUTH and the Secrets the Lame Stream media never wants you to see.. Brother Peter brings on incredible guests to share this truth on Tuesdays and Fridays from 4;00-6;00 on this great live streaming medium they never wanted you to see.. Share this link with all your friends. All past shows are downloaded for the world to see.. Enjoy.



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