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Evidence That The People Are Unifying Against The Cabal | Time for Americans To Exercise Their Intelligence

The following are two correspondences, one to the general public and the other is a people of Michigans declaration made as a public notice, appealing to a sense of justice, and desire to make the world a better place. There is a method to offering this information to others I think, compassion is an essential along with empathy. Sacha Stone and the ITNJ panel from last night also discussed the importance of compassion, which I want to expand on.

Often when trying to share information with others they can become defensive, close minded and even combative; especially when dealing with the police. In my observation this is because of a simple fear of the unknown deeply ingrained into the consciousness of humanity. Fear splinters us into boxes of consciousness which begin to feel normal and comforting. We can get stuck in static and limiting belief systems which hinder our ability to seek the truth, allowing it to transform us. As a result, any information which causes us to question a belief can be met with defensive reactions at an unconscious level. 

I find that the best approach is to offer the data, and if met with defensiveness, address the emotion before attempting to continue the disclosure; this is where compassion comes in. At a deep level they are unwilling to listen. This free will choice, once recognized by us as the truth revealer, can be honored and we can offer more data once emotions have settled.

Of course when dealing with the police, one needs to be more assertive, and acting without combativeness will stay any reactions against these deeply traumatized and programed individuals. The police and military are heavily indoctrinated and while the law is on our side, acting callously can trigger their training and cause unnecessary harm to one's self, as we have been hearing about so much of late. 

On the other side of the coin, those who are open to the truth, know that something is wrong, but may feel like there is nothing that can be done. This group is where your bravery to share the truth will literally give them the emotional support they need to begin acting on the truth they have been trying to deny themselves. By sending them information like what is presented below, we can offer them a ray of hope, increasing the likelihood they will be open to the truth. That there are people out there building a support network to finally end the madness.

Each person that offers the truth to their loved one, friend, or local government is issuing a vote of non consent, one that was never registered with the corporate government. And slowly lets each of them know they are not alone, and we can work together to take back our lives, and free the planet. 

In my awakening experience, I can feel alone and as if no one around me understands the level of pandemic deception and fraud of this world. But if I listen carefully to others and observe them with an open mind, I see that at nearly every level there is a recognition something is not right with this world. Some have long given up hope, but others are profoundly aware and simply lack the knowledge to bravely accept the truth all around them. When I take up the task of sharing of myself openly, often people open themselves to the truth. 

Our room mate here in Morocco is one such example. Initially when we would share the truth about corporate government and prolific slavery, he thought it was crazy because he just didn't have the knowledge to make sense of what we were saying. The truth is like a seed, once planted grows into an idea within our minds, purging falseness when it encounters it, if we are willing to contemplate it consciously. Just recently, he shared with us that he is beginning to see how much insanity is out in this world, and wants to do something to help change things. He said that if it wasn't for us sharing this truth, and letting him know that others also see the insanity, he would feel like nothing can be done. 

This is why sharing the truth is so very important, and it plants these seeds of unity. Countless people all around you are deeply aware that something is wrong in this world, and feel alone. By sharing the truth you can give them hope, and in doing so provide the compassion and empathy they need to begin walking the path of truth, in this world of deception. In that moment when we are willing to embrace the unknown and seek the truth, we transform, we transcend who we were, to become something grander and more complete. 

For previous updates by Judge Anna click here

- Justin

Source - Scanned Retina

Time for Americans to exercise their intelligence.
On May 3, 2015, at 5:49 PM, ARNIE ROSNER <arnie@arnierosner.com> wrote:
  • Fountain Valley City Hall Kromer <fvproud@fountainvalley.org>,
  • Chief Dan Llorens <Dan.Llorens@FountainValley.org>,
  • CliffCliff.Wagner@asm.ca.gov,
  • Tim Schmidt <tschmidt@anaheim.net>,
  • David Taylor <David.Taylor@asm.ca.gov>,
  • Travis Allen <assemblymember.Allen@assembly.ca.gov>
My dear fellow Americans…
Some of you may be working in the field of government services—as a courtesy, this message is directed more specifically to your attention.
Is it not time we face the issue that the main function of the administration of the usurper obama, misrepresenting itself as the government of the American people, is the destruction of America?
Information is now been made known that private corporations, through the application of semantic deceit have fraudulently mislead the people of America and have unlawfully seized control of many government infrastructures at all levels.
The points to be addressed in this message are to—those ‘we the people,’—have hired and in good faith, have paid and trusted to deliver honest and competent security and protective services, along with other enumerated powers (services 17 in total – count them) as specified in the Constitution for the united States of America. More specifically, that would be our local members of city council, county commissions, board of education, department of motor vehicles and local police and fire; sheriff services would be included where they apply.
To ensure there is no misunderstanding regarding the performance of your official duties, public servants, elected or appointed, swear an oath of office. This oath of office is a quid pro contract between the oath taker and the public they service. Acceptance of their paycheck confirms the contract.
If you are employed by one of these so called impostor “government” operations, like a city, county or even a state operation, you may be among those co-opted and pressed into performing unlawful acts, without your knowledge. Regardless, you may be still be held directly accountable for your actions if they exceed your lawfully defined job description. AS a public servant…You do have a right to refuse to carry out unlawful orders.
You may also find that the financial implications of your actions, if you act outside of your lawful job description, are staggering! You see, there is no immunity from prosecution or responsibility, plus the law governing these criminal actions impose extra heavy penalties for those who participate in unlawful acts against the American people (the peaceful inhabitants of the Continental United States of America).
Not only may you be directly and financially culpable but your spouse or significant other may also be included in actions taken against you to provide remedy to any injured parties as a result of acts committed outside of the scope of your lawful job description. “Just following orders,” does not offer you any protection for violating the law.
Here are some various examples of current abuses in action should any of you like confirmation that unlawful acts against innocent Americans are routinely practiced.
Besides you being paid for the responsibilities to provide protective services for our communities, just as fellow citizens, you too are exposed to the same information as the rest of the community. As a result the conclusions to which you arrive must be the same as many fellow citizens. Therefore, this information, is not any surprise.
To many people who are capable of rational, independent thinking, and not totally dominated by the constant media barrage of lies and deceit, yes…you too, just as fellow citizens, are aware of these threats to our society by private corporations operating under a veil of fraud and deceit.

On that basis alone, you are being made aware that as trustees of the public trust, ‘we the people’ are expressing our wishes…for you to take appropriate measures to address these openly abusive acts of a tyrannical national corporate franchise of which some of you appear to be paid participants.
All lawfully empowered public servants need to understand justice is not just about jurisdiction. Please make a special note here:
Your oath of office does not limit your authority, to execute corrective measures, in any way:

by jurisdiction.

Get over the ruse you have been using to avoid performing the work for which you are being paid!

By law, you are obligated to support and defend the Constitution for the united States of America, where ever that duty requires your attention. As the oath taker, you have no prerogatives or options as to how you intrepid your obligations. The oath is taken directly to the Constitution and no chain of command is involved.
You should be aware that there are many people who have expressed the view they are through tolerating these abuses. While many have been patently biding their time, the time appears favorable for much of that to change.
Jade Helm is an offensive action planned against the people by private corporations which have no authority from the governed. This would seem to be an act of war against the people!
Any impersonator of public officials, is already in serious trouble but you compound your crimes by entertaining approving private corporations such access to the sovereign territory of the Continental United States of America. You should seriously reconsider your actions. Failure to do so may be seen as treason.

The Wet Ink Signature of the Culprit!

The following link projects plans of the near future to to begin to rectify the fraud, which has been perpetrated on the people for over 200 years, on an international scale. (to be launched in June 2015).
In the service of the creator.
Voila_Capture 2014-11-17_09-12-55_AM.jpg

Source - Scanned Retina

We THE People of Michigan – LETTER TO THE EDITOR

From: Steve Curry <cwheileg@gmail.com>
Subject: Fwd: Michigan Bar
Date: May 4, 2015 at 8:49:00 AM PDT
To: Arnie Rosner <arnie@arnierosner.com>
Cc: Anna von Reitz <avannavon@gmail.com>, 42 Action <support@42action.org>
The pressure is building!!
Thank you, Betty!

We THE People of Michigan have given notice to the Governor and Michigan Bar of the Peoples grand juries commencing investigations into the corruption and abuses of courts and public offices.
THE People established grand juries in several counties in 2011 – 2012 with published notices. Grand juries are recognized in the Bill of Rights in the Seventh (7th) Amendment and by U.S. Supreme Court rulings, the most robust being U.S. v. Williams (1992). Justice Antoine Scalia, writing for the majority, said, “It belongs to no branch of the institutional government, serving as a kind of buffer or referee between the Government and the people…The 7th Amendment demands a functioning grand jury independent from the judicial branch with power to investigate criminal wrongdoing requiring no authorization from any court.”
People across America are working to return justice to our out‐of‐control courts and public offices. Attorneys and Judges have worked overtime throughout the past 100 years to destroy and hide from the People lawful due process and grand juries, the very method that can return liberty to the People.
Attorneys and Judges say the Common Law has become outdated, obsolete and that the 7th Amendment Grand Jury is for the exclusive use of federal courts. Anyone with experience in the state courts will tell you that the “Bill of Rights” has been over-thrown by Attorneys and Judges who believe they are above the law. Only when the People become aware of this attitude and mind set of the legal industry will the People, through Grand Juries, be able to secure our unalienable Rights and Liberty. Call 1-989-450-5522, 2: PM to 7: PM Monday thru Thursday.
Johnny Angel Grayling Mich.




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