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David Wilcock Interview - Show Notes and Analysis of: ET Warfare, Secret Space Program, Lost Civilizations and More | Taped in late December 2014

This is an older show from the last week of December 2014. 

A lot more information has come out since this interview, but many of the points he brings up were not covered in this newer information. 

For an extensive addition to this story see the post: David Wilcock Major Update: History of 'Old One's', Draco's, SSP, Plan for Disclosure in 2015, Cabal Surrender, Sphere Beings, and Much More, which is updated with new information as it is released.

I added on to the information presented in [brackets] with my usual commentary on the topic of discussion.

Here is the interview that was used to produce the below notes:

Show Notes:

- The Planetary Cabal are not running the game, they are being manipulated by ETs (A.I. in some cases.) These negative ET's feed off our fear which they call louche. [Negative ET's feed off fear because at a fundamental level all 'food' consumption (within the material realities up to 5th density) is process of making oneself coherent electrically; a self organized flow of charge or energy. If you can make your body fractal to the Earth, or holistic, the electric field becomes self stabilized and you can literally 'eat charge' from your environment (much like a plant, and this is the science of sun gazing and breatharianism.) 

Conversely, the negative ET's cannot do this, and require a host, consuming the dis-coherent energies of a underdeveloped and fearful personality. Fear creates an Auric field or EM field of dissonance, casting off a large amount of energy (that's why being in fear can be exhausting) which in turn can be 'consumed' by a parasite entity. Positive ET's are self coherent and holistic, which means they do not need to feed off another, they can draw energy from the universe itself, via foodstuffs or energetically; as was described above. Raw discusses this in the Law of One:
43.20 Questioner: I’m guessing that it is not necessary to ingest food in fifth density. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. However, the vehicle needs food which may be prepared by thought.

43.21 Questioner: What type of food would this be?

Ra: I am Ra. You would call this type of food nectar, or ambrosia, or a light broth of golden white hue. [Ambrosia means food of the gods, see the this post for a detailed explanation]

43.24 Questioner: I am simply trying to trace the, you might say, the evolution of this catalyst that then, as you say, changes in fifth density. I might as well complete this and ask if there is any ingestion of food in sixth density?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. However, the nature of this food is that of light and is impossible to describe to you in any meaningful way as regards the thrust of your query.

43.18 Questioner: The mechanism of, shall we say, social catalyst due to a necessity for feeding the body then is active in fourth density. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The fourth-density being desires to serve and the preparation of foodstuffs is extremely simple due to increased communion between entity and living foodstuff. Therefore, this is not a significant catalyst but rather a simple precondition of the space/time experience. The catalyst involved is the necessity for the ingestion of foodstuffs. This is not considered to be of importance by fourth-density entities and it, therefore, aids in the teach/learning of patience.
See the post Science Of Ascension, Evolution and much more | Fractality: What Makes a LIVE ENZYME - Alive? with Dan Winter for the extensive science behind this concept. Also see Transmuting The Symbols Of Fear Into Love | Symbolism is the Language of the Mysteries for the mechanics of transmuting fear into love using one's intuition and contemplation, which will prevent any parasitic entities from feeding on fear and prevent their offers for dependency from continuing to play havoc in one's life]
- The closer the Cabal gets to being defeated, there is more and more push-back  from the Spiritual Realms, to derail their plans for chaos, wars and more problems for us.
- Ebola, MH17 Flight, attempts to start World War 3.
- Many things could have gone very bad but didn't, suggesting there are forces at work ensuring their plans do not work.

- Georgia guide-stones, are the 'Cabal Manifesto', and was updated in 2014. A cube was added with a coded cipher, which says that they intended to complete their plans for a NWO in 2014; but clearly did not. There were 2 dates, the day the government shut down in 2013 and exact day the Ferguson riots go the most violent. It seems they were hoping to create large scale riots and a complete government shut down leading to civil unrest.
- host: So who stopped them?
- David: There are ET's all over the place, a whole lot of interest in our planet, several new arrivals (Sphere Beings). [hints that the Cabal is being stopped by benevolent ET's), per Corey GoodETxSG this is due to the the Sphere Being Alliance, not the Sphere beings directly. This could also be the group COBRA talks of as the Positive Military or the 'Light Forces.]
- Who is dealing with Putin and Obama in regards to ISIS? This is a proxy war, For example the Korean war was really the US vs the USSR, Afghanistan is the same thing, But the US vs the USSR is a proxy for the Cabal and various ET groups, as above so below.
- What can we do as a civilization? That is the question.. a lot of ppl talk about the Secret Space Program, and the Universe was not built to be unnecessarily complex. How we choose to act towards others determines the flow of events which are guided by the spiritual realms (law of one, Honor of Natural Law). [The point of 3rd density reality, or our reality, is to choose Service to self or service to others, and once we choose a path, to gain mastery of it. Many of us have made this choice at a deep level already, but are laden with distractions holding us back from gaining self mastery. This is not due to laziness so much as the programming offered by the Cabal, and life on Earth being very traumatic. Self knowledge, along with forgiveness of oneself for what ever 'story' we hold on toe (I can't do it because....) is key to letting go of the past. Our intuition guides us towards our chosen path, but many of us are trapped in mind sets where we think we need to please others at the cost of ourselves or limit our aspirations because we think we are not good enough. Adhering to a goal blindly isn't the answer so much as following one's passion and being open to it transforming as we test the waters.]
- Meditation effect, 7000 people focusing on peace reduces world crime by 72%.
- What this means is that the universe is 'rigged' to be positive and the Cabal have to expend a tremendous amount of energy keep the flow of evolution at bay. [Because the Universe is fundamentally of Oneness, service to self at the cost of another is like trying to have a fight with your own body, left arm against right, and clearly a major error in thinking. Adherence to Natural law, meaning honoring the free will of others and focusing on honorable co-creation, vs manipulation of others, is a process of unification with all life in the Universe. This means instead of fighting the Universe we join with it in harmony, beyond even time and space.]
- Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, in the film most of the planet died off in Ebola like virus, complete with FEMA camps. This is predictive programming, making the 'horror' of the movie settle into the unconscious, and later triggered when a real event is produced that is similar to it. [They also must disclose their plans to use due to the Natural law consequence of Trust law, which requires full disclosure. Essentially, because they disclose their plans to us (albeit in a cryptic way) they think they have implied consent to achieve their goals, due to our acquiescence. In truth, full disclosure does not actually occur unless the receiving party has an understanding of what was shared. Since they did not really have a 'meeting of the minds' and a truth disclosure of their plans, they are in Breach of Trust, and the Spiritual realms intervene. See this post for a detailed explanation of this Tuesday, April 28, 2015 USA, Inc. Committed Massive Identity Theft | Trust Law Understood - Open Letter to U.S. Treasury Secretary Lew — from Anna von Reitz.]
- We can't ignore this predictive programming and think we will be unaffected. We need to go in and reconcile this offer of fear, by gaining knowledge, which will transmute the fearful offer into love, countering the ultimate goals of the Cabal.
- Pacific Rim, Transformers and Edge of Tomorrow, are examples of fear porn [although there is a positive interpretation in nearly every dark film]. All these films deal with alien invasion, trying to program the masses to fear ET's and Aliens.
- Conversely, Earth to Echo is a film depicting Aliens as Positive for the most part.
- Day the Earth Stood Still, also positive intent, despite its disturbing images. [David shares in his talk here, that this movie was made at the direction of the Positive Alliance as an effort to prepare humanity and help show them us our actions are destroying this planet because we have let ourselves believe the false ideas of the Cabal; Mark Passio discusses this deeply in this post. Due to the way the Cabal control mechanism works, humanities blind belief, and lack of critical thinking, allows us to become the unwitting pawns for their plans; mind control, by any other name. In this sense the Cabal isn't doing the bulk of the harm to us, but we are doing it to ourselves, at their request. Another way of saying, we are following their orders.]
- Are all the wars and events (like false flags) planned out so well that we are victims in the Cabals plans? No, that would imply we don't have any power, and the key to undoing any mind control or false flag is gaining and spreading awareness and knowledge, [An illusionist trick can only mislead us if we do not try and figure it out]
- Even the most closed minded people are waking up now, most Americans question the 9/11 event.
- In the Iron Man 3 they disclose a great deal in allegory.
- Mass Arrest, when will it happen?? Very complicated subject, in some cases internet journalists accidentally leak info which cause the mass arrest plan to not happen, even leading to the deaths of some of this good guys
- This is scenario is going to happen, its not an if, its a when, but the timeline is very complex, and we are the biggest factor in how quickly it comes about.
- There are multiple groups all over the world, that had to work out their common differences, and this happened about 2 months ago [October 2014].
- Going up against the Cabal in a head on war is very dangerous.
- Major factions from Russia, Asia, Europe, South America, middle east... some used to be aligned with the Cabal, and have recently 'flipped sides'
- Some of the groups wanted amnesty, but that wont happen.
- Are there going to be assassinations that take place?
- It will appear to get chaotic from the outside, but some of it will be according to plan.
- Captain America, Winter Solder - Major Disclosure film, hidden allegorically to prepare humanity, a type of truthful predictive programming. The CIA has had a 'total overhaul' working for the good now.
- Homeland security is still Cabal run.
- A Nazi Group called Hydra (in the Captain America Movie) took over the US intelligence Agency. [Corey GoodETxSG also discusses this extensively, which is echoed by Davids narrative presented here.] 
- David says he doesn't really understand why assassinations or any major anti-cabal movement takes place directly, but the general idea he does recognize.
- Expect more headlines like the Boston Bombing, ie more fear porn.

- Gold hidden underwater? See his post Financial Tyranny for an extensive history of this aspect of the story. 24 million Russians saw the documentary film based on this article. Cabal has been planning to dominate the planet for hundreds of years.
- Goes all the way back to Babylonian money magic, where people can control a whole civilization in secret, everyone thinks they are free, but money controls everyone indirectly, amongst other things like false authority (royal bloodlines or ruling governments).
- The Top Bankers are very close to the Cabal, if not part of the Cabal families [Again see Davids talk in April 2015 for an extensive background on who the Cabal is, Small excerpt from that update;

  • The Illuminati group is thousands of years old [~ 240,000] which is luciferian or satanic in ideology. And believes if you don't have the light [are not spiritualy active and consciously evolving] then you are dead and you don't matter. [This is described in the Papal bulls themselves found here. Re: The Underworld Death Dealing Practices Of The Elite | Birth, Marriage and Death Estate Are Seized and Traded By The Government.]
  • One gets interesting powers from playing with the dark side [much like in star wars, as well has becoming very difficult to kill, requiring beheading]. This is a first time reveal of this data about the Illuminati.
  • Humanity has colonized our solar system at various points in history; the Nazi space program was the first in the 20th century. 100 different colonies on moons and planets. Wide range of treaties and interactions with many different races. Disclosure will be much bigger and more complex than people think. 
  • Cabal is on a timeline, Positive Et's are forcing them to disclose. If they don't, the positive ones will do it, and the cabal will lose some influence. 2014 was a big year for soft disclosure. Nasa's Drake Equation was wrong, and new scientists say life is highly likely. 1 billion earth like planets in milky way. Some of these earth like planets are 3.46 billion years ahead of us, according to the soft disclosure. 
  • Humanoid life is standard throughout the universe. Some Reptilian, Avian, Aquatic, all different types. just like starwars.]
- Cabal is essentially the old Roman empire, that transferred itself to the British isle, originally in Bathe about 100 BC. Why Britannia? because they can used it as a base of operations. 
- There was major Cabal infighting between England and Spain in the past, and they did take over the Vatican way back,
- 3 Cities: Financial Cabal in England, Religious Cabal in the Vatican, and Washington DC, the military center, did fight for power, and created an alliance for financial domination of the planet, which began with moves prior to WWI and culminated in Operation Golden Lily
- Prescott Bush was Hitlers 'Banker', but Prescott's father, Samuel Bush, owned the Remington Gun company and supplied guns to both sides in the first World War. Over 90% of all the guns sold.
- But profit is not the key objective, it is to invade the central bank, and take their gold. Amongst other things
- Japan at this time was working with the Nazi's, and robbed Asians of their gold beginning in the early 1930's, hid it away in bunkers, and was supposed to be moved to the US.
- Instead they burred it in bunkers in south east Asia.
- The official amount of gold is about: 1,555,210 kilograms (3,110,420 pounds) [what they tell the masses, and what they base economic figures on] the real above ground gold amount is about 14x greater then that. 
- One Insider who worked for Reagan, named "Mr.Due" by Reagan, an inventor 'guy' solved all kinds of problems, he walked into one of these bunkers full of gold. Rooms the size of basketball courts, piled to the ceiling with gold bars, the bunker is a mile and a half long, filled with rooms. 
- Gold Mines in southeast Asia are so huge, they could just bull-dose it right out of the ground, and in the Secret Space Program, their are asteroids that are made out of solid gold. 
- There is no real gold scarcity, its all 'money magic' artificial scarcity. 
- The Dragon Family has been smelting this gold, they are not from Earth, and have an average life span of 200 to 400 years. They formed China, the Chin dynasty, Original Dragon emperors, they made 125 pyramids in the Chang province in China. They are all connected, and have a tunneling system for piping water to the top for parking their ships, "fiery metallic dragons" these ships are called in legend, and they still have them, and portal tech. But you can't just go into these portals unless you are invited. [This maybe the 'Old One's discussed in David talk, linked above and here. He expands on that story in much greater detail in that talk]
- ET's, most of them are Human, We have been misled about what ET's are. 
- The Universe itself is sentient, and the Galaxy is programmed to make human like life out of one species, so there are human like ET's from all sorts of animal species. 
- One insider handled over 200,000 ET bodies, he has a lot of confirming data. And the most divergent hominid was a jelly fish type. body looked like clear gel, and didn't have normal facial features or recognizable organ systems. 
- But most of the ET's are human like or human looking. And many we have encountered say they have tinkered with our DNA. We are a 'genetic wonderland'
- One ET group looks just like the Maori people in New Zealand, and Asians, and Zulu Tribe, all look like some of these ET groups and are probably decedents of ET's. 
- There are about 40 of them which presented info that they 'made us' on fancy 3D tablets. [Corey GoodETxSG went into more detail about the ET influences on our genetic make up in this post: 22 Cases for ET Genetic Manipulation of Humanity At Conference, Psychic Abilities of Corey and David Wilcock | Insider Corey GoodETxSG.]
- If an ET was standing next to us, could we tell the difference? In some cases it would be very hard to tell, but in other cases it would be more obvious. Some ET's are very small, only 6 inches, others can be up to 40 feet, one insider saw one such very tall being and said it looked like it was made of rocks. They vary in sizes, bigger and smaller.
- Earth Humans are on average tall in comparison to the groups we have encountered.
- Skin color various greatly, lots of pastel colors, orange, blue, pink, green.. every color.
- A lot are hairless like us, but some are hairy, most have big heads.
- Grey type ET's are uncommon, and usually are androids or genetically created. like an advanced biological robot [Similar to the A.I.s described by Corey here?]
- There are multiple ET groups, and its not a black and white thing, no clear divisions as far as who interacts with who on Earth. And there are positive beings who are multidimensional, and many of these other groups don't even know that the higher ones exist [ie. the Blue Avians or Sphere Beings?]
- There are no easy lines in the sand, its a complex society in each race, just like here on Earth.
- But there are alliances with factions on Earth, and the good guys are winning to some degree.
- Alien is like 'the N word' to most ET races, they prefer ET.
- Any leaders or people on Earth actually ETs? As far as David knows, there are no ET humans that are heads of state. There are about 18,000 Human ET's on Earth at any given time, but not reptilians and not shape shifters. Only A.I. can shape shift, via nanites or tiny robots like in Terminator 2, the T-1000.
- In the 1970's there was a major problem with A.I. and nanites [See the A.I. update from Corey for more on this.]
- Nanite humanoids, went into the White house, and 'pooled down' into carpets [hid themselves for some purpose]. but we developed tech to disrupt this shape shifting ability using electromagnetic field disturbances of some type. It this was all solved back then.
- Most of the A.I. have left the solar system, according to David. [But Corey says now, possibly before David made contact with him, that during Alliance meetings they actively screen people for A.I. 'mind viruses' and influences; see above link. Whether or not this is due to residual effects from previous A.I encounters or because we can still be influenced by A.I's at a distance is unclear. Possibly David wasn't aware of Corey's data yet.]
- David Icke is 'a hero' and he has done a lot of good work. Any errors he may have made wont stop the truth. [again we need not cause division over details, the big picture is far more important then rallying behind a spokesmen]
- Icke is an 'indispensable part' of the collective awakening.
- What is the Ratio to good ET's vs bad ET's? The good ET's far outnumber the bad. 60:5 ratio 12 to 1.
- Some of these groups look much different, so it can be a fearful experience for some people, causing polarized reactions. There are Mantis Groups, Reptilian Groups one with a head that looks like a Komodo dragon. Re: Jupiter Ascending. [This movie is basically a huge disclosure within an allegory. Julian and I were blown away by how overt and dense of a disclosure it was. We intend on doing a post about it soon.] 

- Reptiods are more human looking and have reptilian features, but have heads like grey, large head, large eyes, small mouths.
- The Cabal has been in control of the Space Program, and getting info out of it can be very tough. Once you join the space program you leave Earth for at least 20 years in most cases, and you have no connection to the Earth during that time. There are millions of people that work off planet, many in the 1950's. Lots of cloning going on in the Secret Space Program too, with some groups having team members that all look alike. [The TV series Orphan Black is about a cloning program, with the males acting as mind controlled super solders.]
- The Moon is loaded with ET bases. Our base is LOC, Lunar Operation Center, Nasty battles have occured in the deep past on the Moon, and the grounds were left in tact as a reminder to keep it a neutral space. There are some groups that have battled for 8000 years but now live in 'peace' or a strict treaty system, [Corey talked extensively about the exopolitical situation on the Moon in the post here.]
- There are many Agenda's out there,
- Jesus was tempted by the serpent in the garden, an allegory for humanities temptation from these dark groups, Reptilian groups have been on Earth interacting with humans the whole time. Indian myths called it them the Nagas. The Sumerians depict reptilian like 'gods' many which look like demon depictions from the middle ages.
- Mermaids are apparently a genetically engineered race.

The Nagas
Sumerian 'god' breast feeding.

- The positive ET's: Jesus, Buddha, Padmasambhava:


- The people 'running the show' now, the Cabal, have a very dark world view, and don't really acknowledge the positive aspects of the Universe [this is part of how they have been manipulated via trauma based control techniques from other ET races and A.I.]. They mock the bible, and various other works. These works are like 'a thumb nail' version of the positive ET message, which is evolution of humanity and ultimate ascension to higher realities as a graduation.
- The positive groups honor free will. They can't just step in and 'fix things for us' or force disclosure, which is why our participation is essential.
- These ET's have been here for a very long time. New Insiders came forward (Corey GoodEtxSG?) with much more data expanding David's understanding.
- The Sahara desert was a vast civilization about 50,000 years ago, and was wiped out, some time later, in a massive attack. The Giza Pyramid site was the highest point in this ancient civilization, which is largely intact under all the sand in the Sahara Desert. [Possibly the history in this post describes that event Atlantean Technology and History | A Very Detailed Story of the Fall of Atlantis and their use of Crystals]
- There are gas pockets in Antarctica, under the ice, which reveal huge settlements from an ancient civilization [This was suggested in the first Aliens vs Predator movie from 2004. The Nazi's went down there and reoccupied it after WW2,  establishing the New Berlin Base. This was before they went to the Moon and beyond. The Nazi's were the first to develop anti gravity in modern times. And made treaties with races they found there. [See the above linked update from Corey here, discussing this Nazi history]
- The underground facilities are still occupied by ET's and Cabal groups. And many human groups went into some ancient installations, finding documents that looked like paper but were more like Kevlar, later stored in the Library of Alexandria. This was burnt down in a false flag, and relocated the bulk of them to the Vatican Library. There is a wealth of books about our history about our solar system there.
- Many Moons in our solar system are filled with ancient toys, ET bases and colonies and ancient ruins.
- Malibu Undersea Base... David confirms its there, but doesn't know how it is used, and by who.
- There are ET's here on earth, much like in the Men In Black movies. They have hidden in human society for many years, but they are not allowed to do anything, and can't come forward with the truth.
- In 2009. part of the plan for disclosure was for Obama to disclose that there are 5 ET human groups that have been working with humanity for a least 70 years.. but it got thwarted, by 5 different factions. Apparently they did this through the Norway Spiral,

- The night before he was to receive the Nobel Peace Price, the plan fell apart. This was also around the same time a massive tetrahedron appeared hovering over the Kremlin in Russia.

- Obama was going to disclose after receiving the price, but someone suggested that if he did, Air Force One may just happen to fly into a Spiral like the one seen in Norway. 
- David is being 'protected' from above. There is a spiritual law where the bad guys are not allowed to 'shoot the red cross workers'. He stays at home, doing the work, and speaking to his insiders. 
- The ET's that have tinkered with our DNA, programmed us for certain things. One is our huge range of emotions, which can be used against us [using various types of trauma based control, usually by indoctrinating us into limiting belief systems that cause subtle traumas]. But if we master our emotions they can be a major tool to our advantage [this is done by gaining knowledge of the thing we programmed to be fearful, reconciling it into a holistic system of understanding. Emotions are like the intuitive barometer for our soul growth, and can be used to guide us in our evolution. But on earth they are used to keep is in control, and many fall into emotional distractions of all sorts limiting their accumulation of knowledge, a prerequisite to self mastery]. They also programmed us to 'worship people' and figures. [They way DNA is programmed for this type of behavior most likely comes from epigenetic entrainment, meaning that a basic genetic pattern is formed, and then 'imprinted' energetically using electromagnetic processes (described by Dan Winter here). This means we can re-write our programming via consciousness evolution processes, also called self mastery.]
- End of Interview, due to internet loss.


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