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Corey's Comment on The Reptilian Aliens - 13 Royal Families Article, Will Release The "Report" Soon | Insider Corey GoodETxSG

Short update, with a few comments from Corey GoodETxSG since our last update.
This update covers:

  • Corey's Comment on The Reptilian Aliens and the Council of the 13 ‘Royal’ Families article.
  • Thank you for the inspiring messages and support.
  • SSP Alliance said disclosing his identity was essential for the disclosure mission.
  • Final Edit of the "report" happening now, release will be soon.
Corey recently commented on a article we posted back in December 2014: The Cabal Explained: The Reptilian Aliens and the Council of the 13 ‘Royal’ Families:
I have to say, having worked with and knowing these groups this is very very close to accurate!!! Very good work. KEEP UP THE RESEARCH! You are obviously very talented and insightful at it... You are very much on the right track on many aspects... 
The article he mentions is a fairly comprehensive and corresponds well with David's recent talk on the 26th of April, the notes for which can be found here

As a cavit please use your discernment and do not take this post, or anything else for that matter as gospel. I have reviewed countless articles, books, testimonies etc, which resonate at some level with David's talk and the above mentioned article, but there are discrepancies. I think its helpful to absorb as much information as possible (about anything), and allow the strands of truth within to weave an understanding in our minds. Developing a personal understanding and practice is essential to personality evolution and polarization, or raising our vibration as it has been called. 

The interview from with Mark Passio and Jay Parker is also a very interesting correlation to the narrative put forth by Corey and David. Parker came from a Satanic family and was told many of the illuminati legends which David describe in his talk. It is a very candid interview so be prepared for some 'shocking' information. 

I found it interesting that the Alliance told Corey revealing his identity would be important. Clearly someone hiding behind a pseudonym has its drawbacks for credibility, but it also creates an identity and thoughtform of separation, lowering our vibration. This can be measured biometricly, and is used today for lie detector tests using the Galvanic Skin Response as mentioned by David when he discusses plant communication.

The feeling one gets when feeling like they need to 'keep secrets' is a defensive mental configuration, causing emotional anxiety and separation. Our vibration is lowered and we create a thoughtform which closes us off to others and ourselves. If you have ever had a secret that causes you discomfort then you know what it feels like, which within the Law of One framework hinders our ability to become more Service to Others (STO). 

STO is discussed a great deal in the Law of One, but one passage in particular highlights this dynamic:
17.30 Ra: The best way of service to others is the constant attempt to seek to share the love of the Creator as it is known to the inner self. This involves self knowledge and the ability to open the self to the other-self without hesitation. This involves, shall we say, radiating that which is the essence or the heart of the mind/body/spirit complex.
Within this description, if Corey tried to keep his identity secret, it would be closing himself off to the other-self. Now this is not a powerfully dishonorable action, but it is a Service to Self (STS) modality in a strict sense, the degree of polarization is not strong enough to push one over completely however. STS requires that 95% of the time you are acting for yourself, at the cost of another. In this case I would say keeping secrets as a way of 'protecting yourself' - which arguably everyone does at some level - merely hinders your progress in becoming more STO. 

The balance point is consent from other beings. For example you may have the desire to share yourself fully with another, but if they do not consent to it, forcing them to hear it anyway would be an STS modality, and incur karma. 

In this sense STO can be defined as a complete chain of conscious consent or honorable agreements. We covered this in 3 presentations (Jan 18th - Feb 1st) on our radio show earlier this year. If one's actions honor yourself, but dishonor or harm others around you, then it would generally be considered STS. But if your actions honor yourself, and the other self, each beings free will is observed and preserved. This is why the percentage is 49% STS and 51% STO. 

One final note about STS and STO I found particularly fascinating, is that if we narrow the context to look at cellular life, it has developed a system of communication which is extremely STO polarized. Once a group of beings has become STO and polarized enough, this allows for another intelligence to indwell the community. Looking back from 3rd density to 2nd density: our bodies are a 2nd density community of organisms harmonized around servicing a 3rd density being, a human mind body spirit complex. Looking forward from 3rd density to 4th density, the human mind body spirit complexes harmonize around the social memory complex of the Earth, which one could think of as Gaia. This is when that entity becomes conscious to us. The phrase 'as above so below' comes to mind. 

For the previous GoodETxSG updates click here.

To support Corey in his work please go to his website GoodETxSG Secret Space Program.

- Justin

Source - The ONE Truth

[May 4th 2015 00:55 Comment #1851]

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for the moral and other support everyone... (Very, Very Inspiring!

Accepting this "mission/task" has been very difficult on my family and the threats, stalkers and major change in our lifestyle/way of living has been rough on all of us especially my daughter.

It is something that we thoroughly thought out and considered all of the ramifications of prior to accepting this role as well as coming out with my full identity instead of hiding behind a pseudonym. If you do not know how difficult doing so was just look at the number of whistleblowers and people that are out there who have chosen not to do so. 

It is quite an exposure but one that I was told by the SSP Alliance was needed to give legitimacy to the information. It has come at a heavy price, the STO actions of many people has helped ease the behavior of the few (Minority) yet extremely vocal haters, trolls or lower vibratory personality types (How ever you would like to characterize them). Most of them do not realize they are hurting themselves more than they are hurting me due to the wheel of karma and other cosmic truths but these are lessons I will be a mirror for them to learn from.

I have completed my article, as usual after it was shown to the editor I was handed it back with quite a few revisions to make.

Today has been a day of spending with family so I have been offline most of the day... I logged on and saw all of the support here and wanted to leave a message to those members of thanks... I am working on some issues/concerns with Malc about some other recent issues and will be back to make postings/announcements soon.

I will finish my final edit and then post that report to my web site at www.SphereBeingAlliance.Com as well as on the FaceBook Site and my original Blog at

Thank you all,



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