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Calm Before The Storm, Prepare For Short Term Financial Collapse, Whistleblowers Will Be Stepping Forward, Use Discernment | Insider Corey GoodETxSG

A few comments from Corey GoodETxSG recently.

This update covers:

  • Disinformation and Disclosure Narrative Wars are fully underway. Using your personal discernment is key right now.
  • Information release slow for the time being to help rout out the disinfo agents and give them 'rope to hang themselves.'
  • Major Data Dumbs from whistleblowers incoming.
  • A CGI Pro will produce artists interpretations of ET meetings with some actual images mixed in. Those who have been waiting to release intel will take this as a sign to begin their disclosures, possibly with recordings and documentation.
  • Alliance asked Corey to wait on some publishing his article. Lots happening behind the scenes, which will be big news when it is made public.
  • We are at a critical point in history. The Cabal's fragmented and frantic actions are making things worse for them, and causing disclosure slip ups. 
  • Financial Collapse is is being hidden from the public, but Russian disclosures could let the cat out of the bag. 
  • Don't by into fear, but take precautions for what is to come. Have a few weeks worth of food and water in storage. 
  • No major false flag events or disruptions will be permitted by the Alliance, but some level of 'contrast' will be allowed to occur.
One point I want to make about all this information is to try not to focus on the soap opera and sensational aspects of what is happening, and go within to see how these experiences can offer inner growth. One thing I try to focus on in this blog is offering a perspective that empowers us as individuals, helping to 'raise our vibrations,' by offering an interpretation of what some of these disclosures could mean. I am no guru or authority of truth, merely a fellow truth seeker. 

Dogmatic Groups

There are many dogmatic groups out there, although they would never consider themselves as such, and I would suggest taking an objective approach to sifting through information. Instead of holding a belief as absolutely certain, maintain an open mind about what is offered, and explore all possibilities; believe none but listen to all essentially. 

I make it a point to try and interact with people in various places and I can spot when someone is defending their belief system. While this can be frustrating for others who are trying to merely engage in an open discussion, I find it helpful to remember that this is usually a defensive reaction. Belief systems offer a level of comfort and calm in this world of prolific deception. While offering the truth can be a way of helping others, I find that if the discussion has turned into a calcified argument it usually isn't too productive. Thankfully the truth isn't going anywhere, and one need not feel that they have to get someone to agree with them. 

Sierra Neblina from Galactic U Radio recently began sharing some of her intel as a result of what Corey has been releasing, which goes along with his commentary. Many of these insiders have been boxed into a paralyzing sense of fear for years, and when someone bravely shares of themselves it helps provide the emotional support for others to do the same. 

This goes for high level contactees as well as the average person who feels alone in this world. Often many of the people around us are questioning the status quo as well, which means taking the first step can be a wonderful way of creating a support network. I worked at a call center job a few years ago, and was known as the 'crazy conspiracy guy.' Like Tiran says from Game of Thrones, you can wear these things as a badge of honor, and it helps others see its ok for them to share. Despite the many smirks and jests on my behalf, I had many people who wanted to discuss more and were comforted to know someone else was seeing the insanity of this world too. 

The CGI disclosure effort I am curious to see come out. I am sure there are many groups who have long held beliefs that will be challenged by what is to come. Its important to remember that while many of us speak the same language there is still an artificial conceptual barrier that divides us. While observing the discussions on my personal life and online, I am constantly seeing people get into debates about this word or that name, when at a fundamental level they usually agree. That being said, I suggest focusing on the ideas and concepts behind the words, instead of the words themselves. For if all is one, should not the truth be reflected in all things but in different ways?

I think gaining a level of independence, especially when it comes to basic needs like food is a good idea in general. Part of the Cabal's control system is to get us dependent on society, for food, healthcare, information, entertainment, etc. The more we can 'detox' ourselves from things that hinder our lives as a whole the less chaotic things will feel once they start to go away. Having food and water for a few weeks is probably a good idea in any respect, and need not also be an acknowledgement of fear porn.

Hopefully Corey's report will get released soon. David's blog post came out today, but no video interview was released as of yet. 

We have some blog posts coming which will offer some narratives to consider about the history of Earth, as well as some Law of One Discussion posts. I am happy to see an interest in these philosophic topics coming to light, as I think they have a great potential to be personally empowering.

For the previous GoodETxSG updates click here.

To support Corey in his work please go to his website GoodETxSG Secret Space Program.

- Justin

Source - The ONE Truth

Corey's comment on Benjamin Fulford from May 4th;

The Disinformation/Disclosure Narrative Wars are now fully underway... Time to discern more than ever. A good start would be to unplug that 55 inch HD Mind Control Box from the wall and begin to chose your information sources very carefully (IMHO As Always). The "False Flag Attacks" both Small, Medium and Large Scale have been planned out and awaiting to be executed. Try to remember that nothing is as it seems or as reported and meant to be a catalyst in their "Consciousness Black Magic" tricks.


[May 6th 2015 20:58 Comment #543]

Quote Originally Posted by Spiral of Light View Post
QUESTION: Is this the proverbial Lull Before The Storm? Watching and waiting...
Yes, there is a lull in info release right now for a couple reasons. The disinfo war is getting ramped up and giving some of these agents some rope to hang themselves and in some cases to plug some leaks in our ranks as well as there are about to be a sudden release from zero articles and information for a while now to all of a sudden articles by a couple researchers and some other really cool stuff being worked on that is supposed to trigger the coming forward of a few more whistle blowers.

This will be a lot of work done with a well know artist and CGI pro that will produce images of beings met with at the various federation meetings, sphere alliance meetings as well as the LOC, Bases/Colonies and various Carriers and other Vessels. There "May" be a few actual images mixed in to be a sign for certain people to go public with documents and audio recordings of certain people... "May" be... 

I was asked to delay my article and add a few more coded messages (For alliance members) for after a couple other pieces of info are published. There is quite a lot going on in the background right now that is extremely important and interesting to say the least. Some have had some major issues with patience, patience WILL be rewarded in all of these cases. I hope we can all do so and not burn any bridges in the mean time.

This is moving into a make or break time in our history... These Cabal/Illuminati groups are fragmented and in their panicky actions are making things worse for themselves and actually pushing certain disclosures. The major financial collapse that has still been totally hidden from the public is expected to be a major catalyst for some releases of information by the Russians and the Alliance groups that will start to open this huge can of worms from several different areas at the same time... I do not like to sell fear ever but do like people to be prepared. It is not a bad idea to have a minimum of 2 weeks of food and water just in case of short term or minor disruptions (Though they most likely will not occur IMHO). So the answer is yes, very much a calm before the stormy times ahead.

I think TPTB will be prevented from doing toooo large of a false flag or tooo many of a series of them as a distraction in the US. This is IMHO, other people think I am wrong and I am one to just be prepared... "Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it"... Its a motto that is true of just about anything.




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