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Analysis of Dr. Michael Salla and Corey GoodETxSG Q and A Part 1: May 20th 2015 | Corporate Bases on Mars and Nazi Infiltration of US Secret Space Program

Here is the latest Dr. Salla and Corey GoodETxSG Q and A analysis, part 1 of a 2 part series.

Here is Part 2.

My Intention and Process: I have been offering commentary on Corey's data for some time, attempting to provide an objective basis to what he shares so as to facilitate personal understanding, empowerment and mental evolution. I do not know if what he shares is accurate or have any proof to offer to confirm explicitly the Sphere beings existence, the take down of the Cabal or ascension. But there is a substantial body of information available to lend validity to what he shares. And for us as 'outsiders' it doesn't really matter if the data is valid or not, we can use it as a divination tool to unlock wisdom within ourselves. A good example of this are fictional works, most famously children's fables which have many allegorical meanings embedded in them, providing gems of wisdom while not actually being true; all data can be discerned and reconciled to help us understand what is.

My intent is to share insights hoping to focus on how this information can empower us, what has been called 'raising our vibration.' I use knowledge gained from many hours of research and my intuition to produce the breakdowns. I am essentially taking my personal process of contemplating and reconciling data, and making it 'share-able' as Dan Winter often says, hoping give back and encourage a mutually beneficial discussion. I was fortunate to receive a lot of commentary on the last analyses which is something I am very grateful for. Discussing ideas openly with a group to determine what the truth might be is far more enriching I find then holding a flag of truth others must believe. As such I attempt to write objective open content as much as possible. That being said, all of the points I offer are only my conclusions based on the data I have thus far come to understand, and should not be taken as my absolute beliefs; I encourage questioning, disagreement and discussion. 

Please feel free to comment with your own insights or offer counter points; I can hardly claim to 'know it all' when it comes to the infinite universe within which we move breathe and have our being.

Commentary from the first Q and A explains many aspects to energetic ascension, the nature of mind and emotions, and what we can personally do to help accelerate the process. Humanity as a whole is the primary factor for when this shift will occur, the so called ascension. Instead of rehashing all that material in this update, I will move forward with deeper interpretations and comments. 

See Analysis of Dr. Michael Salla's GoodETxSG Q and A from May 12th 2015 for the 'legend' of data used to support the below commentary. 

I will comment on sections of this update from May 20th. For the complete Q and A go directly to here. A companion to this update is David Wilcock's talk notes here.

See this post for a detailed accounting of the contact made with ET's via the Vril and Thule Societies; The Black Sun and the Luminous Lodge The Vril Society, the Luminous Lodge and the Realization of the Great Work

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And now the analysis.
At these diplomatic meetings, [Corey] claims to have interacted not only with representatives from different secret space programs, but also representatives of different extraterrestrial civilizations, 22 of which have contributed their genetics to the evolution of humanity.
There are many points of reference from other researchers which support this idea, here is the commentary from the post 22 Cases for ET Genetic Manipulation of Humanity At Conference, discussing this:
Humans Have 145 'Alien' Genes: Some DNA is NOT From Our Ancestors. Also see Alien Blood Type | Does Rh Negative Blood Type Equal Hybrid Heritage? [synchronistically, I just found out yesterday that my aunt on my mothers side is RH negative as well as her grand mother, what that means for me I am not sure.]

Dan Winter's work discusses this with breath taking detail in his epic Science and Consciousness Series, wherein he describes the science of life and ascension we talked of in the post Science Of Ascension, Evolution and much more | Fractality: What Makes a LIVE ENZYME - Alive? with Dan Winter.

Lloyd Pye also has a very informative and objective discussion providing conclusive evidence that the origins of humanity on earth have nearly no supportive evidence; Evolution of Humans | Everything You Know Is Wrong (about Human Origins) - Lloyd Pye.

Also, Spirit Science shares a great deal of information about Earth's deep past which is reflected almost completely in a channeling from Arch Angel Metetron; Atlantean Technology and History | A Very Detialed Story of the Fall of Atlantis and the Atlantean use of Crystals.

I have been researching alternative histories for several years, and probably reviewed hundreds at this point. Almost all of them have general similarities while, the specific details regarding names, dates and places vary. Given that the truth is one, I think all of them could be reflections of history in their own way passed through what ever source provided them.

Corey's commentary echoes this idea, kind of like a cosmic telephone game where a statement is distorted as it passes from one person to another. All of this lends further credence to what Corey offers in his data.

I am anticipating the Ebook about the specific details of these presentations - who these races are, what their goals were, and how did they achieve them? The answers to those questions are essential for discerning their honor and adherence to the principles of natural law described in the Law of One series. By their deeds we shall know them.

I study Natural Law and by extension Trust Law, Equity Law (Contract Law) and Statutory Code. In the Analysis of Dr. Michael Salla's GoodETxSG Q and A, the concept of 'the tree of law' is offered, essentially saying that all beings and things are of the creator, when embodiment come together to do anything there is always a trust and contractual relationship at work. This is essentially the science of how two free will beings interact with each other, and once that perspective is taken up, allows a honor or dishonor determination to be made. 

Related Practical Knowledge for the Awakening | Free Will, Contractual Reality and Honor

The Cabal employs deception, manipulation and coercion, abrogating free will. As such these interactions are in Breach of Trust, which means any contract which comes about through them is dishonorable and non-binding. For example any race which interfere's with humanity and does not honor its free will to choose so,and is breaching trust, therefore is not as evolved as a race which honor's free will. 

Ra from the Law of one series is an excellent example of a being that honor's free will to a very high degree. This is one of the concepts I became aware of, helping me to discern the nature of who I am interacting with, if they are honorable or dishonorable. This is very, useful in everyday life to a great degree. If these ET' races claim to have helped humanity, that may have been their intent, meaning they may not be overtly trying to deceive anyone if the end result as disharmonious. The "IE's" (Intuitive Empath) apparently stated as much during the Conference.

Their 'reading' of the groups is very much like a lie detector test, measuring the anxiety level of someone which usually indicates if they believe that what they are sharing is untrue.This merely confirms the person's knowledge level with respect to their unique experience, not whether the item in question is objectively true or not. For example, if you ask the average Joe if they think the government is run by a dark cabal, they will answer no, and the lie detector will indicate a 'truthful' response, but clearly there is a Cabal. 

This is what I call an Honor Discernment Process and will undoubtedly be part process for adjudicating the Cabal after disclosure.
 Another section for Dr. Salla's intro:
The information Corey reveals is both astounding and deeply disturbing. For some it may appear too fantastic to believe. Yet, in my own due diligence of Corey’s claims and credibility I have found nothing suggesting any intention to misrepresent or deceive on his part. He sincerely believes he is telling the truth about his past experiences working with different secret space programs. Other insiders have also vouched for Corey having participated in one or more secret space programs, suggesting that his claims, at the very least, deserve serious investigation.
I just wanted to further underscore that the process of reading, contemplating and reconciling the ideas offered by Corey need not also require that we believe them absolutely. Due to the way the mind works, simply observing anything, will call up or generate aspects of ourselves that are hidden below the surface.

The mind is 'divide' into to regions: the conscious or masculine aspect and the unconscious or feminine aspect; one is not superior to the other - they work together to generate meanings, knowledge and insights all of which produce our subjective experience. When we observe something whether in the inner world of thoughts, dreams and desires, or the outer-world of things, objects and events, a meaning is generated. This meaning is a perfect reflection of who we are at that time, the accumulation of all past choices and resulting effects. This can be used as a divination tool, or a barometer of who we are. Self knowledge is a prerequisite to self mastery, which are two terms describing the 'raising of one's vibration, developing ascended abilities; as attainment is reached.

Our 'god spark' or 'eternal essence' is the personality fragment from the Creator which organizes the data into ideas and knowledge, emotions and intuitions, the product of the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves. In this sense, we are not our ideas, or our bodies or even our knowledge, In a very objective or scientific perspective, all those things change constantly, but the prima materia of who we are deep within is revealed to us, by these creations; the bio-metrics, or mental-metrics to coin a new term. Much like an artist can be known by their painting style, the form and character of our thoughts, emotions and actions are all indicators of who we are, and this aspect of our selves is beyond space and time, the infinite and eternal spark of the One Infinite Creator - as Ra calls it in the law of one series

As such, the data Corey offers (and again, any data for that matter) is a catalyst for knowing thyself, because we can observe our inner and outer reactions. This also means that we need not judge ourselves harshly for the things which manifest in our minds or desires that form, The choice to act on the desire may dishonor another (for example forcing oneself on to another, or stealing from another), but simply having the desire is not a bad thing, and our choice to explore it within our imaginations allows us to discern if it is serving others and ourselves, or only serving ourselves, while dishonoring others; i.e. STO vs STS. 
Q1. You have said that the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) owns most of the Mars Bases. How many Mars bases do they own, and who owns the other bases on Mars?

The ICC has an entire industrial infrastructure that includes bases, stations, outposts, mining operations and facilities on Mars, various moons and spread throughout the main Asteroid Belt (where a “Super Earth Planet” once existed). They have facilities to take raw materials and turn them into usable materials to produce both complex metals and composite materials that our material sciences have not dreamt of yet. They have separate groups of facilities that produce various types of technologies as well as each facility or plant that produces a specific component of a technology so that those working in the facilities and living in the support colonies/bases do not know exactly what they are producing. Much of the time the components are multiuse and are used in cross over projects. There are facilities on Earth that operate in much the same manner that contribute to the SSP on several levels. 
There are other bases on Mars that are controlled by Military/Security groups as well as some scientific outposts. These can be owned and maintained by other SSP Programs but are usually going to report to the ICC on some level since the ICC controls much of the Air Space and Security Operations on and around Mars. Most of the security personnel that are assigned to Mars are assigned to and serve under the ICC. The military groups that will be returning to their previous organizations (SSP Groups) are kept isolated from the population and personnel who live and work on the Colonies, Bases and Industrial Facilities that they protect. They are normally in the rather Spartan outposts that I have described previously in other writings. I had seen a few of these outposts built from the “Ground Up”. They were always quite a distance from the main underground colonies, bases and industrial facilities and spread out in a Multi-Teared Perimeter Defensive type of system. There are “Non-Humans” also having bases on the planet. Some of them have been there for some time and have the highly coveted larger lava tube systems that have been built out into base systems that are unimaginably huge and can securely reside millions of inhabitants.
There are generally 2 types of tech which can be developed in the Universe, technology that works with living systems, a type of 'absolute or divine' technology, that can be thought of as an 'inner tech and facilitates personal evolution instead of hindering it. Second is the external or 'heavy metal' technology using more metal or moving parts and creating a dependency instead. 

The average technology we use on earth today, cars, computers, electronics is the latter type, essentially compensating for a lack of internal growth, knowledge and skill. For example the internet has often been called a form of external telepathy, as we can send instant messages to anyone in the world within a few seconds. But the side effect of 'heavy metal tech' is a weakened inner character, personality growth and evolution.

For example 30 years ago, there were no smart phones for storing addresses and phone numbers. Many people developed systems for remembering places and how to get to them, but in today's smart phone age, we never need to gain that skill, and are so dependent on these systems, we would be lost without them. I used to be able to remember dozens of phone numbers with ease, and developed a number system to keep track of them, but now I rely heavily on my cloud based address book to store the information. 

I recently spent a year and 3 months in Morocco, where street signs and signals are uncommon. A westerner would think that this must be more dangerous, but in my opinion the average Moroccan driver is more aware and less prone to accidents. For example, instead of using a car horn to vent rage at 'stupid drivers' - how it is predominately used in the US, it is actually use it for intercommunication between drivers, especially when passing a car on the road. Since coming back I've had the chance to observe the effect of technology dependency on a population, which I hazard to guess is part of the control systems offered by the Cabal. Or could be one of the schisms of a society which develops egocentric tendencies, attempting to avoid inner growth by 'easy outs'; pun intended. 

There are many accounts in Ufology which discuss the concept of consciousness tech, in which the user's mind interfaces directly with the craft, which could be thought of as a blend of the two. The Blue Avians most likely use technology of the 'living' type, which is much more harmonious, and provides a way for their inner tech to match the outer, actually facilitating consciousness evolution instead of limiting it like the smart phone example mentioned above. 

The ICC seems to be a corporate system organized around compartmentalization, and as such employs technology with the consciousness limiting effect described above. Considering the higher densities are largely telepathic, it would be more difficult to maintain an authoritarian system of control. Generally, I suspect that our continued use of secrecy, at every level of life, hinders the evolution process trending toward telepathy. If we can't be honest and transparent about ourselves now, how can we hope to handle telepathy and seeing into peoples minds? Ra describes that the 4th density is largely telepathic and deception is not possible in the way we use it on Earth and beyond.

Again this use of external tech could be part of the Cabal's age old program of personality stagnation, creating a dependency on the users; the creation of a slave population. Instead of evolution (synchronization of mind with the cosmos as we discussed in the first analysis) the outer-world tech is idolized and expanded, producing a highly technological civilization, with a low degree of unified mental evolution. This type of tech has essentially been employed by the Dark fleet races who have become hopelessly dependent on their technology, especially cloning and life extension technology (allopathic medicine). 

Ra describes the affect of compartmentalizing systems of thought and identity (authority) on 4th density negative cultures, which I think helps explain why they are more dependent on technology;
38.14 Questioner: All right, I’ll just ask this one. I have here that— could you give me some idea of what conditions are like on a fourth-density negative or self-service planet? Can you do this?

Ra: I am Ra. The graduation into fourth-density negative is achieved by those beings who have consciously contacted intelligent infinity through the use of red, orange, and yellow rays of energy. Therefore, the planetary conditions of fourth-density negative include the constant alignment and realignment of entities in efforts to form the dominant patterns of combined energy.

The early fourth density is one of the most intensive struggle. When the order of authority has been established and all have fought until convinced that each is in the proper placement for power structure, the social memory complex begins. Always the fourth-density effects of telepathy and the transparency of thought are attempted to be used for the sake of those at the apex of the power structure. [compartmentalization]

This, as you may see, is often quite damaging to the further polarization of fourth-density negative entities, for the further negative polarization can only come about through group effort. As the fourth-density entities manage to combine, they then polarize through such services to self as those offered by the crusaders of Orion. 
Finally the reference to other civilizations occupying lava tubes reminds me of the original Total Recall movie from the 80's, which also uses the memory wipe technology discussed by Corey. 
Q2. Did you ever spend time on any of the Mars bases? If so, what did you say, and how long did you spend there?

Yes, there were several occasions where there were specialty equipment malfunctions that needed to be repaired immediately. When the ICC was unable to arrange their personnel from Earth or other facilities in the Sol System to make a trip to a colony, base or industrial facility in the time needed a request was put through to the specialists on our scientific research vessel. On these rare occasions we would fly down to the location where we would be met by 4 to 6 armed guards. We would be instructed not to make eye contact or communicate with anyone for any reason unless it was directly related to the work we were there to do. In these situations there would normally be one of our security team, an Intuitive Empath, and a scientist and two technicians along with tools and parts that may be needed.

We would be escorted directly to the location of the work. The local facilities security team would watch us very closely and then escort us directly back to our shuttle craft after the work had been completed and tested. We were never asked if we would like a tour, invited to spend the night or stay and share a meal with the personnel or inhabitants of the facility. We did however get a chance to see some of the people. They were usually pale, unhealthy looking both physically and mentally and seemed very much like slave labor. On more than one occasion we saw four identical people carrying crates and other items around that were obviously clones. I did notice in one colony that there was what looked like an “Art Wall” where people were hanging art work that they had drawn and painted. This was the only time I saw anything that looked like it was meant to be positive for the metal health of the inhabitants. These were always places that we were relieved to leave. When we would visit the military outposts they were regimented but had a completely different feel or energy about them. We were also more comfortable in some of those locations because we had actually seen and been a part of them being built at an earlier date.

I found it interesting that IE's or Intuitive Empaths are used as part of the security detail for the repair missions Corey discusses. This suggests that the beings who were already dwelling on Mars were not only hostile, but telepathic in some way, possibly the negative 4th density beings described by Ra. Or that the IE's simply provided an additional security due to their keen awareness.

The eyes are the windows to the soul is a phrase that came to mind, as Corey was instructed not to make eye contact with anyone. This suggests an aspect of consciousness, the divine technology, which Dan Winter describes in his work here. Focused attention has a tangible affect on matter and can even be measured electrically as a flow of charge. It has been well documented that we can sense when someone is staring at us, and this reveals the entrainment principles described in the first analysis. Hypnosis is essentially the process of entraining the mind into a state or mode of expression which allows data to enter deep within. Quiet possibly beings who have highly developed telepathic abilities can 'swoon' or perform 'Jedi mind tricks' on beings of a lower attainment level, further emphasizing the importance of gaining knowledge and developing ourselves so as to 'raise our vibration. An illusion can only deceive us if we never seek to understand it, and a 'mind trick' can most likely only work if we have not developed strong mental character within; complete and accurate knowledge. Whether or not the beings he encountered are in fact telepathic is unclear.

The philosophy or justification for abrogating another's free will, forcing them into slavery, is with out doubt a service to self modality. Again the way to tell is if the realization of one person's desire, means abrogating the will of another's; honoring thyself while dishonoring another.

There is a game series from the mid 90's, Marathon by Bungie (the precursor to the Halo series), in which human's who operated the various installations in the game looked like clones. This idea of clones being used as slave labor is a story element in many sci fi movies, probably part of the 'hiding in plain sight' aspect of the secrecy systems used by the Cabal.
Q5. In the 1963, the USAF announced the Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL) where they secretly trained military astronauts to go into space to conduct space surveillance. The MOL was publicly canceled in 1969 apparently due to the development of unmanned satellites. Was the cancellation of MOL genuine? Did the military astronauts go on to serve with Solar Warden or another space program?

The Earth Based Military Black Ops Services have had separate and ongoing lower level space programs from the beginning. They are very compartmentalized, and those who actually operate craft and stations in various orbital zones around Earth never have an opportunity to see what else is going on out there. NASA ISS see their activities, these lower level military black op’s programs see the NASA, Advanced (Breakaway) Secret Space Program activities as well as some activities of off-world groups. They know there is a lot more going on beyond their programs but do not have a need to know and are debriefed routinely by the Earth military forces to get as much information as they can about what may be going on in the Break Away Secret Space Programs that are more advanced. Very few below those in command of these black op’s programs and the operators know of the other activities going on in the Sol System. The support and infrastructure portion of these black op’s programs are not read into the small circle of information known by the operators and command structure and are kept oblivious of the other activities being observed outside the atmosphere of the Earth.

That being said, there have been many other space stations and similar training labs that have been launched into orbit for periods of time, used in secret and then allowed to burn up in reentry after they have served their purpose. I do not know if the particular orbital laboratory was ever an active program or not. The LOC [Lunar Operations Command] would keep up with the “traffic” of all space programs (civilian/military/intelligence satellites, NASA, secret military, other nations and of all of the Advanced Secret Space Programs) and their assets to try to plan and schedule their locations to prevent them from being visible to each other as much as possible. This includes keeping track of ground based astronomical observatories and their highly documented and controlled access times and the windows of the sky they are scheduled to observe. This is why there are no real accidents when it comes to SSP vessels flying through the live video feeds of the NASA ISS. The traffic is very highly planned and tracked and if a vessel/craft is caught on the live feed it was done on purpose.
What Corey is suggesting here is that in order to be an astronaut for NASA on the ISS, you need to have some level of clearance into the SSP. This most likely explains why many astronauts are standoffish when answering questions about UFO's, and this has been polarized into the conspiracy theory that ALL NASA information about outer-space is a fraud; a tenant of Flat Earth theories. There is so little data available regarding the SSP's, but enough discontinuity regarding NASA's activities is known, such that many theories especially that the moon landing's were faked, have gained popularity. This further emphasizes the compartmentalized nature of the SSP structure, and in my view, no one whistleblower has all the facts. 

In the previous analysis, a former DIA agent claimed Corey's data was bogus because 'he had most of the need to know info.' But given the compartmentalized nature of these programs, it is highly unlikely anyone has access to the 'top need to know' clearances - although telling someone they do imparts a sense of pride, which is later manifested as 'debunkings' and disbelief, further helping to maintain the secrecy, and cause confusion for outsiders wanting to know the truth (us).
Q6. In 1959, the US Army proposed Project Horizon which examined the possibility of establishing a Moon base. Officially, Project Horizon didn’t progress beyond the feasibility stage. Is this accurate or did Project Horizon secretly proceed and/or was it combined with any other lunar base program? 
I do not know if this was one of the programs that was combined or cannibalized into the decades’ long expansion of the Lunar Operation Center or not. There were several programs that were not only on the books but also already funded that were merged into both the advanced Secret Space Programs (advanced) as well as into the Military Black Op’s Space Programs. Some people think it is ridiculous that there would be lower level military black ops space programs (Space Plane/Shuttle etc…) as well as the continued development of advanced air craft based on 19th/20th Century aeronautics principals. With all of the technology available in the “Break Away Civilizations” this is pretty ridiculous. When you think about the fact that most of the people in the Aeronautic Industries and Military know nothing about the Break Away Civilizations and their advancements then you will understand why they are still spending trillions of dollars developing technology on a separate developmental track. They are developing technology to fight wars in the only way they know exists.
It seems like a profound waste of resources to have entire branches of the military and technology sector developing outdated and ineffective craft. But the goal is to maintain an illusion about society and it's level of technological development; essentially a gigantic card trick or mass mind control program. In this sense, no cost is too great, and again it helps further entrench the compartmentalization programs at all levels of the Cabal and society. Many people with clearance in these area's probably feel they are serving their country and have a high degree of 'need to know' - who will in turn fight to keep this identity, as it gives them a sense of pride and purpose. 

A sense of purpose is one of the deep aspects of ourselves that nearly everyone longs for. How often are your friends and relatives sharing information with you in an attempt to either show off, or simply offer their wisdom? This helps underscore the cooperative nature of humanity, which in nearly every walk of life sees to share knowledge, as well as a deep desire to be of service and have purpose; our Dharma. If the knowledge is shared freely, with the goal of imparting it to another, this creates a sense of pride in the sharer while also up-stepping the receiver; a service to others modality. Conversely, there are those who want to 'show off' their prowess, mystifying their knowledge, creating idol worship, and this is a decidedly service to self modality of expression. 

Humanity employ's both types for various purposes, and each individual is capable of either expression. If one is showing off this suggests a need to be recognized, or an externalization of self love, most-likely because deep down there is not enough self love. Again if one has expressed the STS mode it does not mean one should judge themselves harshly, but it can reveal where our inner work can help provide that self love, transmuting the desires as a result. Self mastery, or raising our vibration reconciles the totality of who we are, including the so called ego self or shadow self, a generative act of conscious mental evolution.
Q7. You have said that the Nazis established a base on the Moon, and this was later built over creating Lunar Operations Command. When did the Nazi’s establish their moon base?

They had made several attempts at creating a moon base that did not go so well going back to the 1930’s. They did find an ancient building that was obviously built by much larger beings that they could cement and repair enough to pressurize and use as a temporary base while they constructed the underground base that had a few visible structures on the surface one of which did take the shape of a Swastika. This base was still being built when they made the break through deals with the Americans in the early 1950’s that gave them access to the Industrial Might that had cost them the European War. They now used this Industrial Power (Soon to be known as the Military Industrial Complex) to their favor and built out a massive base that went down many levels in a “Bell Shape” and the surface structures built around the former structures to become what we now call the Lunar Operation Command aka LOC.
We just posted ET Colonies, Pyramids and Structures on the Moon, and some people commented saying that amature astronomers would be able to detect these structures and bases if they existed. Quite possibly this is the case, but given Corey's statement above regarding the coordination of secrecy by the ICC, I hazard to guess that they considered this possibility, and worked around it.
Q8. Which group of extraterrestrials helped the Nazi’s in their battle with Admiral Byrd in 1946/1947, and developing an off-world presence?

There was help from the Draco Federation as well as a group that the NAZI’s were led to believe were ET’s (referred to as “Arianni” or “Aryans”, sometimes called “Nordics”) but were actually an Ancient Earth Human Break Away Civilization that had developed a Space Program (referred to as “The Silver Fleet”) and created vast bases below the Himalayan Mountains (largest in Tibet and call the system Agartha) and a few other regions. The first craft they built used Mercury turbines, and electro-gravity engines were developed by the assistance of this group. Again the NAZI’s and to this day many Earth Humans who are in contact with them and others believe them to be ET’s (because of their deceptions) when they are actually very much Earth Based Humans from Ancient Break Away Civilizations. I have heavily avoided speaking in depth about the few Ancient Break Away Earth Civilizations that have Space Programs and massive bases on the Earth, the Moon and elsewhere in the Sol System and other Sol Systems. Some of them have been extremely deceptive and convinced some people that they are ET groups that are here to assist Humanity. Some people have memorized some of these stories like some people memorize religious text. The Illuminati/Cabal has had a falling out with some of them and want them exposed for what they are. I think they should do the dirty work. I am not going to cause controversy that will just be a distraction from the main Blue Avian Message of Becoming Loving, Forgiving and Focusing on Expanding your Consciousness and Vibration.
The Nazi's contact with these breakaway civilizations has been described allegorically in many works; we covered some of that in the post Decoding Fiction - Science of Meaning | As Above So Below (Fractal) Symbolism in Once Upon A Time TV Series.

Dan Burisch is an insider from Project Lotus who discusses the p-32's, p45's and p52's all who claim to be future humans who broke-away from our timeline and settled in the Orion constellation. Their story apparently involves time traveling back into our deep past to seed the Sumerian culture and encode within cylinder seals time-lensing technology, later developed by the Looking Glass program.

The p-52's in particular claim to be here to help humanity if but only for a little of our DNA to stabilize their own. Interestingly enough, they use cloning technology (the external tech we discussed above) and their DNA has degraded for many generations as a result. There are countless tv shows, video games and movies which allegorically share this story, Fringe is one TV series which comes to mind as being one of the most overt examples of this. In that series, a group of 'observers' who resorted to cloning, exist between timelines of possibility, able to shift between one universe and another, along the same timeline. 

There are many legends, stories, and myths all suggestive of groups coming to Earth claiming to help humanity. We mentioned several in the post Atlantean Technology and History | A Very Detailed Story of the Fall of Atlantis and their use of Crystals.
Q10. What role did Maria Orsic and the Vril Society play in the Nazi moon base? 
The Vril, Thule and Order of the Black Sun Orders were all involved in these programs. They had overlapping ideologies and agenda’s. Much of the Star Wars ideology of “The Force” and “Dark Lord Siths” and their “Masters” and The Power of the Dark Side, Dark Energy and Dark Star Energy was a mixture of science and religion to them. Many in the Intel Community became quite convinced that Maria Orsic was one of the “Blondes” that would land in UFO’s and talk to people in German pretending to be an ET from another star system. When some of the witnesses were shown her photo they identified her as the same person that they had met from the Flying Saucer. She has obviously made it to the Antarctic Bases/Cities where she was taking part in a program using the NAZI’s Flying Disk technologies to spread disinformation through some contactees. What part she may have played in the Moon Base I do not know. I do know that these “Societies” were very much the backbone of what survived the war and who were in control of the facilities along with the group they believed was ET as well as the Draco Federation that they allied themselves with.
Again see the post The Black Sun and the Luminous Lodge The Vril Society, the Luminous Lodge and the Realization of the Great Work. Also see Are there really Pyramids in Antarctica?
Q12. Did Orsic/Nazi organize an expedition to the Aldebaran star system?

Yes, there was an early attempt at sending their early craft designs through natural portals before they fully understood portal physics. This “expedition” ended up being much like the Philadelphia Experiment that the Americans would end up doing years later. There is a lot that goes into portal travel and an entire new physics and mathematics model was developed for calculating travel. Without the help of both off world groups and the deceptive Ancient Break Away Civilizations masquerading as ET’s they and the early “Joint Programs” (post Eisenhower Treaty Era, which became the various SSP’s) would have had to have built these models from the ground up and learn many lessons the hard way. I have written the basics of “Traveling the Cosmic Web” aka Portal Travel in an article in the link below. To understand the logistics of portal travel between astronomical bodies both inside a Sol System and between Star Systems this basic article should be consulted. At some point I will expand on this information and provide more details on the point to point traveling protocols discussed in the article.

It wasn’t that the NAZI base that became the LOC was abandoned. During the 1950’s and after they had successfully infiltrated and subverted the Military Industrial Complex and major Corporate heads they had effectively won control of the direction of not only the Break Away Civilization Programs but also the mainstream government and financial system. It was a very effective and silent coup that gutted what was once the American Republic and turned it too into a Corporate Entity with each of us being “Assets” with our very own serial numbers. This plan was in action far before World War One by various secret societies who controlled the financial system and as many know financed both sides of the wars. When both Truman and Eisenhower signed treaties with the NAZI Break Away Civilization/Societies it was then that the already well placed Operation Paperclip Operatives (in Military, Corporate Industry, Intelligence and established Secret and Public Space Programs) easily slid into more powerful and influential positions over the massive industrial complex of the USA that they coveted to expand their operations in space and form what would later become the ICC (as well as were involved in setting up all of the other Space Programs). So they did not lose the Lunar Base, they infiltrated the groups that put a massive effort into expanding it into the massive complex that it is now.
Mechanics of Portal Travel through the “Cosmic Web” via Torsion Fields and Scalar Energy
Addressing the article linked: There is an extensive amount of science to delve into when it comes to portal travel, how it works and why problems can occur. Not that it is very complicated, but that they can be described in many different ways, and has been to a great degree already by several researchers.

For clarity I do not have a deep mathematical understanding of the physics involved, but I have always had an ability to grasp how systems work from the core fundamental aspects which manifest them (Natural Laws). I am able to conceptualize one science or another and see the primal concepts which provide the framework for it, with a fair degree of accuracy; I am learning new things all the time and I am profoundly aware of how little I really know. 

Mathematics is most definitely a language for describing things at a very precise level, but should not be confused with reality itself; a central problem in modern physics today. It is a modeling system, or a way of creating an analog which can be used to develop plans of action to then affect reality; technology. That being said, in my observation many people possess a strong understanding of these dynamics  at an intuitive level. 

Dan Winter has an extensive knowledge of what Corey's  article describes (Mechanics of Portal Travel through the “Cosmic Web” via Torsion Fields and Scalar Energy). Daniel, who authored the 'Daniel Papers,' describes these phenomena within Reciprocal Systems theory. I intend on doing a write up describing them in more simple terms once time allows. 

As an 'outsider' trying to make sense of the weirdness of time-travel, jump rooms and stargates or portals, it is important to develop an understanding of the Natural Laws. These are the 'basic rules' of the Universe it self, from which all things are derived. Also, since the truth is one, what we have in our modern day theories are a tapestry of 'perspectives' all attempting to model the same unified reality, all having some level of accuracy, but of course not being complete. The universe from our perspective is infinite, and as Corey mentions above, many ET races who are advanced to a great degree are 'still trying to figure things out.'

In my study of channeled, works, esoteric writings, history, sciences and even health, there are the same core concepts and rules being applied, and once we can lay claim to those rules within our minds, seemingly any phenomenon can be understood easily. 

These laws, archetypes, behaviors, emanations (there are many names for them) can be understood as the 7 Principles of Natural Law:
1. Mentalism - the Universe is a mental creation, ALL is mind.
2. Correspondence - As above so below, as within so without. Fractality, self similarity. relationship, relativity or reflectivity.
3. Vibration - All things move, all is motion in degree's of polarization.
4. Polarity - Manifestations of form and motion: night and day, light and dark, hot and cold - all seeming opposites are merely differences in degree and scale, a correspondence of unified things separated by a differential; a point of view or reference.
5. Rhythm - Cycles of ebb and flow, the procession of polarization, darkest of night moving to peek of day is an example of two polarizations unified in a cycle of time.
6. Causality - Cause and Effect, for every effect there is a cause, for every cause there is an effect.
7. Gender - Inactive potentialities within a moving system becoming manifest via an active catalyst. The masculine and feminine principles of creation or generation. 
All of these principles work together, and analyzing just one is impossible without using the other principles for ease of understanding. There are other versions with 12 principles or 9, but ideationally (at their core) whether its 7, 12 or 200 they are all describing the same unified reality. The best example I have found for discussing them is the synchronizing of metronomes (entrainment) and the process of synchronization in general. All super natural abilities and portal travel science is a process of synchronization. Again the mind is an instrumental component of how these things work. the less organized and complete it is, the more external tech, is needed to successfully traverse time or space. 

Higher orders of life are capable of navigating portals via an act of will using a highly developed imaginative process to harmonize their body vehicle to the vibrational frequency of the desired location. Since the personality itself is what organizes physical matter, the vehicle for personality expression, if their image of self is 'High Definition' they can easily organize the material at any location or time into a vehicle for the body, which we think of as teleportation. This body could be material, mental or spiritual in its basic foundational aspects. 

But since consciousness is beyond space and time at its core, there is no real 'location' being traversed, only a reorganization of body vehicle using highly coherent mental patterns via the time-space region or channel of existence. Hence higher orders of life have a 'high vibration' mental acuity and visualization process able to imagine 'a place' like a remote viewer, and with enough clarity and precision of will 'blip' over to another 'location' in space-time. Simply put, since consciousness is non-local and non-temporal, from an outsiders perspective movement has taken place; the 'folding of space and time' described in general relativity theories. This is revealed in the film Intersteller, where Cooper falls into a black whole, accelerating his consciousness beyond the speed of light into the time-space region where he can access the past as one who can pull a 'book of a shelf. See the post Reciprocal Systems Theory Time-Space Disclosure | Interstellar – The Secret Revelation.

Lower orders of life require technology due to the lack of coherence in the personality, or the mental realms; lack of 'esoteric knowledge' as described by Corey. This is most likely why the SSP's required advanced tech (external tech) and encountered many problems initially in their discovery of these star gates. 
Q14. Where exactly is the “Lunar Operations Command” on the moon, how big is it, and do you know of any NASA pictures revealing its location? 
I cannot give any direct information about the location on the Lunar Surface of the LOC. Yes, there have been photos taken of it by NASA/Military and a couple other countries. The photos have been airbrushed to remove all structures from the Moon that NASA employees believe are ancient. There is a story about the “Ancient Builders” that makes its rounds and there are items found below the ground in deep caverns in the Earth that expeditions go after to locate that were engineered by “The Ancient Builder Race”. People debate the “Hollow Earth” theory. It is not hollow but it is a “Honeycomb” and some of the caverns are more massive than anyone can imagine.
Again see: ET Colonies, Pyramids and Structures on the Moon. And A Compilation of Hollow Earth Hypotheses and Evidence (for and against), and The Energetic Evolution of The Solar System | At the Earth's Core: The Geophysics of Planetary Evolution.

There are many theories about hollow Earth, and the aforementioned post details several of them. I want to emphasize that when a theory is developed, or an explanation in the common usage, it is always done with the data available at the time. When new data is allowed to be grounded within the mind, it changes the form and nature of a theory or explanation. As such, there are many theories with bits of truth woven together to describe a phenomenon, and all can distilled for the truth contained within them.

Also, it is important to note that the densities of life allow for parts of the Earth to be inhabited which we in our 3rd density can not live in. Ra speaks of this when they describe the various densities and especially Venus, which is apparently teaming with life at a higher density of existence. That being said, I have no direct knowledge of which theory is more correct vs another. Corey mentions that the earth is a 'honey comb' and presumably is referring to our 3rd density, but I hazard to guess this does not rule out other densities where the living space probably changes.
Q15. You say that the Nazi’s infiltrated the U.S. secret space program, is that the dark fleet/Cabal and/or Solar Warden, or another SSP? 
Yes, I speak about it in some of the other questions here and in an article I wrote on my website. The NAZI Break Away/Secret Society Groups and their Allied ET/Ancient Break Away Civilization Groups needed the massive industrial machine of the United States that had defeated the Axis powers in World War Two. They had the Science and Technology covered but if they wanted to meet their goals of moving out into the Sol System to colonize on a large scale and setup industrial facilities and infrastructure across the Sol System to mine materials and create what they have today which has been largely achieved through the ICC Group Effort. When they had forced the hand of the United States to sign a treaty and create a joint secret space program they had already positioned operatives throughout the Military, Intelligence, Aerospace and Corporate world. They already had the Financial/Banking world in various society hands for generations before World War One. These groups were all woven in and working together with other groups that are under the Illuminati/Cabal Umbrella. The U.S. Military had known about the NAZI’s landing in their exotic craft dressed up and approaching people in Europe presenting themselves as benevolent ET’s from far away star systems (we know where they learned that trick) that were here to assist Humanity. After the treaty was signed and the joint Secret Space Programs began in earnest things quickly got out of hand and the NAZI Break Away group won the race to infiltrate and take over the other side. They soon controlled every aspect of the U.S. from the Financial System, The Military Industrial Complex and soon after all three branches of the government itself. This may be very difficult for some people to believe, however the more people are waking up to what our own Government has been up to the last 70 years the more people are coming around to realizing what has happened to the US.
I do not know enough about the exact nature of the contacts being made after the US was 'taken over' and how pandemic these groups were, but there are many researchers which discuss a huge volume of UFO sightings, contacts and communications up to and after the 1950's. 

David Wilcock published this article in 2011: 1950s Human ETs Prepare Us for Golden Age -- Videos, Documents!. In this case human like ET's contact people on Earth only to disappear shortly after very involved contact and dealings. Apparently the humans were actually supplying the ET's with food and materials for their base, which in and of itself makes one question how advanced these beings really were. 

Using the honorability discernment filter, we could get an idea of whether or not these groups were part of the breakaway civilization, who are more service to self, or in fact part of a benevolent group of contacts. The point being that there is an extensive body of evidence to corroborate contacts from the time period Corey discusses. 

Much of humanity can easily be distracted by high technology and the promises of an easier life, completely missing the full picture of who these races really were and what their intentions are. Again if there is no transparency or full disclosure, there is a breach of trust. This is an attempt from one group to abrogate the free will of another, humanity in this case. Any deception from these self proclaimed positive ET's reveals a hidden agenda. We as the 'new kids on the block' would do well not to let our desire for change blind us to the truth. Even when it comes to the sphere beings who we 'outsiders' know very little about. Blind faith will not lead us to the promise land.
Q16. Where do the Nazis fit in terms of the SSP Alliance and the different ancient civilizations? Are they part of the Dark Fleet SSP?

As explained, the NAZI remnants that were made up mostly of Secret Societies that created a “Break Away Civilization” that kept the most advanced technology secret from even their highest Military and Political leaders, setup enclaves in South America and Antarctica. The locations in Antarctica were some ancient civilization ruins that had remained occupied by certain groups in thermal area’s that cause area’s similar to lava tubes and domes under the glaciers. There was an underground and under glacier city complex that was already occupied and setup in a couple of locations and the NAZI’s renovated an area that was mostly crushed above the surface but had plenty of room under the domed ice, thermal underground energy and caverns (accessible via U-boat under the ice flows and openings that made it ideal for a hidden multipurpose base) that were perfect for them to secretly build out during the entire Second World War. They had been making contact with civilians from various countries for years claiming to be aliens themselves for counter intelligence reasons.
As outsiders we are tempted to understand history in black in white labels, but rarely can any group as large as a government be so easily delineated. The NAZI's are a loose group of people organized around a philosophy or social structure, which contains many subdivisions and groups. It appears from Corey's commentary, that portions of this group were taking actions at different levels for various purposes. I suspect that there were so many developments over the past 200 years, it will take an extensive and detailed accounting, made in a clear way, to dispel much of the confusion and disinformation out there. We have a pin pricks view of a very large and expansive story. 
The US had figured this out quite early and after the failed Operation High Jump Mission the Operation Paperclip Scientists were asked to negotiate meetings. The NAZI Breakaway group knew that the Americans had recovered crashed craft from several different species of off world visitors that were so far advanced that they were getting nowhere with the reverse engineering of their technology. They had also received intelligence from their Paperclip spies that the Americans had implemented an Executive Order making the existence of alien life the most classified subject on the planet. The reason being that the development and release of free energy would quickly destroy the Oil Trade, and soon thereafter the entire Babylonian Money Magic Slave System that all Elites use to control the masses. 
At this time in history we see a massive normalization campaign taking place, with the advent of hollywood movies, TV shows and stories flooding the collective consciousness with prepackaged ideas and conclusions. Again this helps create a frame work of negative knowledge within the minds of the masses so when they are exposed to genuine SSP craft, data or occurrences, they dismiss them as pseudo science or crack pot UFO theories. This technique of negative knowledge association is used at nearly every level of society, maintaining the programming of the masses in a type of self policing mind control. We identify usually with our negative knowledge and fight to protect it because it feels good and is addressing a deep need within us, the thought forms of addiction.
The NAZI’s used this to their advantage in some very public sorties over Washington D.C. and highly Secret Atomic Warfare Bases to mention a few. Eisenhower finally relented and signed a treaty with them (and a few other groups both ET and Ancient Civilizations pretending to be ET). The Americans fully planned on infiltrating the NAZI’s and taking them over. As is not obvious, the opposite occurred. “NAZI Occult Societies” therefore infiltrated every single high tech corporation and position of power inside the now “Joint Break Away Civilization/Program”. They have been involved in all western space programs and projects ever since. It is true that the Dark Fleet personnel have been called “Storm Troopers” and “Space Nazis” both because of the way they act, dress, the symbols they wear as well as the shape of their Vessels (Star Wars Like). They are very dark individuals who work alongside the Draco Vessels mostly outside the Sol System helping them in offensive activities against enemies off the Draco Joint Federation.
Symbolically it would seem that the methods of domination and control revealed by the Star Wars movies are a form of disclosure. I suspect that once all the data has been poured out, many of the popular works of fiction in our past will be seen in a new light. 

I recently found several articles discussing many of the science related to this and other posts by Corey. I'll do my best to get them out as soon as possible.

- Justin


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