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Privacy Violating Software And What We Need To Do To Stop It | Cell Phone FLASHLIGHT APPS Are Malware

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Computer security, like many other protective services in this world, are illusory; an extortion racket. There are many reports of virus's and operating system developers working together to coerce the consumer into purchasing protection from the same people of create the problem; a classical hegelian dialectic

Another aspect to the computer age is the use of Terms of Service agreements, TOS. The assumption is that developers want to honor our privacy and not steal our personal information; so they do not spy on us. And many people still believe this is the case, despite recent disclosures indicating that Google, Facebook and nearly every other major institution is harvesting vast quantities of data from its patrons. 

This is accomplished, of course, by a contractual mechanism. 

Deceptive Acts and Practices

When we download a new program, we usually need to agree to the terms of service. Since most people are not capable of understanding the TOS, we just click agree and move forward. The assumption is, our personal data will not be stolen, but the TOS, in most cases, literally gives permission for our data to be harvested. 

This contract is dishonorable, and as such, void and unbinding. In order for a Contract to be Honorable and Binding, able to be enforced, the offer and acceptance phase must be made under full disclosure and explicit consent. Full disclosure means all the facts and details about the agreement are clearly stated to all parties, allowing each person to consciously understand them, and most importantly agree to them. This is called the 'meeting of the minds' phase, and the key aspect to grasp is that each person must have a complete understanding of all the ramification. They should both be on the 'same page' at the end of the offer and acceptance phase.  

If one party knows something and does not disclose it, clearly they can not be on the same page. This is a deceptive act and practice, where one party knowingly withholds information, to ensure the other party will agree. This is accomplished by coercion, obscuration or misdirection. 

If one party discloses the full terms and conditions, but does it in a language the other party cannot understand, they have obscured, the truth. Again, the other party is not on the same page, and no meeting of the minds has taken place. The Coercion comes in when there is not exploration of the agreement allowed; negotiation. We can either accept the agreement as is, or not use the software at all. 

Taking all this into consideration, software developers employ obscuration and coercion to gain our consent for privacy violation. We download software with a stated purpose, a flashlight in this case, which has no valid justification for stealing our private data. But the complete purpose of the software is to harvest data under the guise of being a flashlight. This is misdirection. Full disclosure is made within the TOS agreement, obscured by legalese. Legalese is literally its own language, which appears to be english, but has its own meanings and is specifically designed to hide the truth from the uninitiated or the consumer in this case.

Finally, when there is no choice to negotiate, the agreement is made under duress; under force. We can not contact the manufacturer and have them explain the TOS so as to ensure we are on the same page about what the software really is doing. Additionally, most developers do not have any customer support available for this purpose, or flat out refuse to discuss the TOS at all. 

The good news is, from a natural law, Equity Law or 'Contract Law' perspective, this is dishonorable and unbinding. The bad news is, there is no justice system in place to correct the problem. The "justice system" in nearly every nation on earth is a private corporation, not a public service. Judge Dale discusses this deeply in the post How to Defeat Admiralty Courts And the Law of the (Holy) See - by Judge Dale

What Can We Do?

Short term, the only way to ensure you are not downloading software that has hidden purposes, is to learn legalese and read the TOS. Then we can at least be aware of what programs intend on harvesting our data, and choose not to use them. Long term, the solution is the same for every other problem on the planet: chemtrails, poor food, debt slavery, endless war, police state violence, etc. which is to un-consent from the fraudulent systems by educating the rest of humanity on the truth. We discussed this deeply in the post How the Cabal Maintains Their Power And What You Need To Do To Stop It - Un-Consent.

Again because there is no true justice system, only the color of law; meaning what appears to be justice but is actually something else. This is why no court case will change the status quo. As the below article discusses, the flashlight manufacturers were 'brought to justice' and the court simply said they had to pay a fine, if someone found out and complained. The manufacture was given a de facto license to continue deceiving the public on a massive scale. If you think this is justice, and the system works, you are part of the problem, and are holding back the rest of humanity; harsh as that may sound. 

For me, this is just one more example we can use to help educate our sleeping brothers and sisters. Education is the long term solution, it has already been happening for many years, and the awakening population is growing vastly. But many still do not know how the legal/lawful technology of implied consent works. Educating yourself and others is the only lasting solution because this slowly immunizes the population to deceptive acts and practices. Finally, we can begin creating tools, like the flashlight, on our own, which are free from hidden intentions, like most of the popular private services today. 

Hidden intentions are embedded within nearly everything we use, FRN's, medical treatments, food purchases, technology, etc. All of which can only continue to create chaos and suffering if we remain ignorant and inactive. Everyone matters, everyone is a sleeping giant for change, everyone can play the part in taking back this world from the corporate pirates, our would-be masters. 

Although it will require work and dedication, I find it far more comforting to know the power to change things is firmly within our grasp, if we are willing to reach for it.
- Justin

Source - Activist Post 

Readers, if you have the Flashlight App installed on your smart phone, your phone is infected with malware according to Snoopwall’s CEO Gary Miliefsky. 

There are 10 flashlight apps that smart phone users can access and install. Those Trojan horse malware packages send your personal information to the following countries: China, India, and Russia. Think cybercrime snooping around all my information with easy access. 

Please watch the video below and take corrective actions immediately, if not sooner! Miliefsky suggests getting a factory reset on your smart phone, but before you do that, you’d better backup your information, as it all will be erased by the factory reset, which is the only way to get rid of that flashlight malware. 

Over 500 million smart phone users are infected! Disinfect and go to for more information. 

One more reason, in my opinion, for everyone to question ALL smart technologies, especially Smart Meters!


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