Monday, April 20, 2015

Don't Wait For 2017, STO Does Not Mean Passivity, Cabal in Chaos, Discrediting of Blue Avians by Cabal | Insider GoodETxSG Corey

Here are some recent updates by GoodETxSG directly from the One Truth Forum.

This update covers:

  • What is the significance of 2017 mentioned by David Wilcock and others? 
  • Many ET races 'out there' some are deceptive and misleading.
  • Why are the Blue Avian's (BA) here? Sphere Alliance wanted to bring beneficial technology to humanity at large, to loosen the hold the Cabal has on humanity [the dependence of humanity on the cabal]. Are the BA going to really help humanity, if so how? The BA won't do everything for us, but they will change conditions where possible to provide a context for us to change.
  • Where do we draw the line between STO and getting taken advantage of? STO does not mean being a doormat. STO means standing in your power honorably. 
  • Cabal trying to discredit the existence of the Blue Avians. 
  • Hostilities between the Cabal and other groups is on going. It is more of a Cold War type conflict. Many of the human Elites are realizing that their 'gods' are just ET races, like the Annunaki, and were betrayed by them. Now the Cabal is fighting amongst themselves, after realizing their gods deceived them. More divisions in the Cabal will continue as events unfold. 
  • Some Cabal believe that they must sacrifice themselves to bring their 'true gods' here and cause havoc. They believe this will solidify their rule, and as such are still planning false flag attacks. But this is not 'fear porn' it reveals that they are losing control. 
  • STO practices help others and ourselves weather the storm, and also prevent the cabal actions from having a detrimental effect. 
My comments:

Corey's comment about the year 2017 was made at 14:44 Comment #1220 which I thought was synchronistically underscoring his opinion that we need not remain inactive, waiting for another date. In my view, the Cabal's desire is for the awakening population to remain dormant. They offer us many belief systems (the ET savior scenario) attempting to keep us locked in a disempowered consciousness. Corey's suggestion for us to keep doing work in our own lives, and not wait for any hard and fast date strongly resonates. In that sense we can do a great deal to prepare for any major 'event' while at the same time dispelling the program of passivity the Cabal needs to remain in power

The comment about many ET races being misleading I found resonated strongly with Dan Winters work on Galactic History. There is a great deal of scientific data to support what he offers. Briefly, many races have not developed a holistic intelligence, and require artificial technology to extend life and enhance their psi abilities. The Annunaki is one well known example, using Mono Atomic Gold to create DNA implosion. This will extend life and actually provide a partial immortality, but the cost is great. The natural evolutionary process is to become more STO and holistically loving, producing a bliss experience, which orientes DNA into an implosive geometry. Because this can only come about as a result of holistic intelligence, there is not enough knowledge to make sense of the huge influx of intuitive data. But artificially, there is no knowledge to make sense of what is being experienced, and this causes trauma and personality disintegration. They literally begin to go crazy as time goes on. Which reminds me of what happens to many of the Vampires in Ann Rice's book series the Vampire Chronicles. 

My studies into trauma suggest that it is a condition of dissociation. The information we receive from experience must be organized into a logical structure (belief system or knowledge) so it can be grounded into the personality. If that does not take place, it is experienced as chaos subjectively, which causes the personality to 'pull away' from reality. For example, many people discover the truth about this world, human sacrifice, false flag events, poisoning of our food, and this is all very hard to process. I personally went through several months of intense emotions during my awakening experience. The choice was to turn away from 'the negative' or research and expand our knowledge to transmute the negative. I actually discussed this in depth in a presentation yesterday
Click Here for Complete Presentation
In this sense, negative emotions are like the pain mechanism. When we experience pain, our consciousness is drawn to the sensation, which naturally tries to make sense of what is going on. If we accidentally grab a hot pan on the stove, our awareness will be drawn to this painful sensation, so we can first gain knowledge of it, and then take an action to change. Extending this logic to many of the ET races, they have not developed their consciousness or spirit enough, and tried to cheat by using technology like Mono Atomic Gold. The other side effect of this practice is soul dissociation. 

The incarnation experience is a fractal relationship with our soul group, which is grounded into the physical reality by the local environment. The Earth is a fractal nexus point for our soul group of humanity. When artificial means are used, this causes a disconnection with the Universe at a fundamental level, and literally these soul groups lose their ability to rejoin their parent group. According to Dan Winters research, the only way for them to reform a connection is to infuse their genetic make up with a race who does have a connection. This is apparently why so many Negative Groups come to Earth, because at our phase of the evolutionary process, they can merge with our soul group, and rejoin to the cosmos. But if they do not change to become more STO, and want to continue their artificial practices it, will not be successful. 

I think this is what is meant by the many perspectives discussing Earth and this time being crucial to the whole universe. One last point is that this dissociation of races cause a destabilization of the gravitic fields in the galaxy. On earth we experience this as chaotic whether, catastrophes and storms. The races who have progressed up through the STO path realize their interconnectedness to even the so called negative races, and are trying to do their best to integrate, partially as an attempt to correct the destabilization of the galaxy itself. 

In this sense, everyone, including the bad guys, are crucial to the evolution of the Galaxy and Universe as a whole. Which I personally find very encouraging and loving. 

The comment about STO not being a doormat I also found important. We discussed in the last update, that forgiveness and STO is an active process which stops the inertia of STS. If we allow our free will to be abrogated we are not acting to stop the inertia and actually become less STO in my view. Standing in once truth, with compassion and mercy, helps heal karma, and offers forgiveness to those who have lost their way. We need not be passive in the face of tyranny, and doing so actually creates more karma. In my view, STO means being brave enough to say NO, when our free will is being threatened by someone who is trying to take advantage of us. 

Reviewing the disclosure of former Cabal members (Satanists), their is a consistent theme of their gods coming back one day to make them gods in their own right. These legends, I feel, help maintain the control mechanism within the Illuminati Families. Can you imagine realizing that it was all a fraud, and that your so called gods are actually deceiving your whole family for generations? This is essentially what has been happening, and as Corey mentions, is causing major divisions. All of this offers forgiveness to them, a stopping force of personal alchemy and change. And while this time is chaotic in this respect, it provides a context for much healing. 

For the previous GoodETxSG updates click here.

For other Michael Salla summaries and analysis, as well as my commentary, click here.

- Justin

Source - The One Truth Forum

[April 18th 14:44 Comment #1220]
Quote Originally Posted by blue View Post
2017 is the official Cosmic Code name for the very latest, super improved

This date comes up in the Interview with DW.

He has heard it from some of his other insiders (I have heard it mentioned recently as well). I warn of putting out dates as consciousness affects time and events. I do discuss however that there were multiple program documents that had a time "Window" of 2018-2023 that was very prominent and consistent throughout them.

Things have changed and the time table has sped up dramatically. I am not comfortable saying this makes 2017 an important year. Every year is an important year that has possibilities all based on our "Awake and Aware" status and how much we learn to consciously and positively work together with our "Mass Consciousness" to bring things into "Being".

So, 2017 could be a breakthrough year, 2015 or 2016 could as well. I wouldn't invest myself in dates but in the process of reaching the goal. IMHO.



[April 18th 14:52 Comment #1221]
Quote Originally Posted by RealityCreation View Post

Thank you for all of your replies. Are you or the sphere beings aware of the Essassani / Sassani beings & the role that they are playing here & if so, are they members of the same alliance?
There are many names used for Alien Races here on Earth that are not used in the SSP's. We began to assign different designations to them. We began to find out early on that most of them were not being at all honest about where they were from or anything else. I have heard these names used to reference a couple different beings. Some who resemble one another and some that are completely unrelated. I would have to have more information about what beings you are speaking about. There are some that are (Were) coming in and out of the Sol System and doing their own thing (Agenda) and not cooperating with other species/groups on any deep level.



[April 18th 15:08 Comment #1222]
Quote Originally Posted by sammiecat View Post
Hi Corey:

I get confused by what the BAs are here to do. Several times, you've indicated that they are not here to save us. We have to save ourselves. In other posts, you've mentioned that there will be a huge release of technology. Other times, there is the spectre of changes coming as a result of their arrival.

(COREY: The "Huge release of technology" battle was going on independently of and prior to the first communication by the "Sphere Alliance" to this "SSP Alliance". This act of these SSP Alliance groups working to bring disclosure of information and life changing technology to every human on the planet is one of the things that was a "cause" for the "Sphere Alliance" to make contact with them to begin with.)

To me, one definition of being saved would be a disruption of the status quo - a loosening of the choke-hold on humanity. If one of the released technologies was free energy devices available to all, as an example, that would utterly transform everyone's lives for the better. If it became possible to travel the solar system easily, that would expand everyone's perception of reality and really shake up the 9 to 5 routine a lot of us are in.

I guess what I am really asking is is their involvement here going to change our lives for the better, even if humanity as a whole doesn't become predominantly service to others?

(COREY: That is the goal of the SSP Alliance. The release of these technologies will completely change every facet of our society and civilization. The Economic Debt/Slave System would go away almost overnight as well as the entire control structure that we call the 1% so affectionately. When people aren't in a "Dog Eat Dog Society" it may free them up more to "THINK" and change. They will have quite a lot of new information to digest anyway. This will include all of the true history of the planet that includes the massive crimes against humanity that have been taking place for quite some time under our noses. It is going to be an "Interesting time" indeed.)

If people generally go about their day to day lives as they always have, will the BAs be taking unilateral action to improve our lives and nudge us in the right direction?

(COREY: No, The Blue Avians and the Sphere Alliance will not take "Unilateral Action". This is a time for us to make a choice and a change. Them being so much involved is not usual and is only being done so because of the importance of this cycle and the affect of it on the balance of the "Verse".)

Like a lot of people, I am looking for assistance from outside forces. I'm not desperate, but hopeful that these beings will help show us the way, partly by giving us hope.

Thank you for this thread,
"They" have given us all a very specific message on where to start and what to do. It is all contained the the "Message" I have shared several times about us changing the world one person at a time. That person being ourselves. Thank you for your questions. I think a lot of people have had these questions.


[April 19th 2015 00:27 Comment# 1241]
Quote Originally Posted by Wyndstorm View Post
So, I am personally actively DOing the elements of the "message", and I've even gotten to a point where other humans started to take advantage of me because I am so giving. Like, with some people I ended up feeling like the Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, and felt drained hanging out with specific people, to the point where either I get out of the relationship or "drown." Also known as being a "martyr"

There needs to be some kind of balance. I have gotten to a point where if I keep giving "service to others" to those who operate as "service to self" ... I end up being SOL 

Well, this thought just gave me an idea...

It is okay to have self love and confidence and stand up for yourself... Service to Others starts with your self. Self Respect and Loving (Not all the self loathing I have seen recently)... Do not let STS people take advantage of you!

Bless you for being so giving and open of yourself to be willing to offer yourself up to be "STO"... Do not be a victim or prey of the predators though. Be wise and provide your service in a discerning way. You are taking a wonderful and selfless first step!!! I love you and respect your for your efforts. This brings up and wonderful opportunity to discuss this subject for others who are beginning this path and need to prevent being taken advantage of. There will be some of that, that karma will be on "Them"... But we are active and cognitive participants in this process.

We do not have to be viewed as weak. There is a strength and independence that accompanies the STO mind set. This will require an acclimation or adjustment for each of us.

Continue your path, I am happy alone you are making the right decisions. 


[April 19th 2015 00:55 Comment #1243]
Quote Originally Posted by 5thElement View Post
Simon Parkes has confirmed what Corey has said about the Blue Avians in this interview with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, recorded live on 17 April 2015. The part where Simon says Corey is correct starts at 47 minutes into this video.
I do have to say,

I did NOT expect that admission. It is indeed causing much consternation with the Negative Elite aka "Illuminati" (Who is just a term used for the Religious Zealots of the groups). They are working in overdrive to discredit the existence of the "Blue Avians" right now. So SP stating he agrees they exist and that it is causing problems for the "Negative Elite" surprises me very very much to be honest.

Thank you for sharing,

[April 19th 2015 14:48 Comment #1258]
Quote Originally Posted by View Post
Corey, is there currently a cease-fire of hostilities around Earth and the nearby vicinity (sol system), being imposed by the BA and the sphere alliance? 
(sorry, if this has already been addressed in a previous post.)
There are some hostilities still occurring so a "Cease-Fire" wouldn't be the correct term (Unless we are talking about a cease-fire in Ukrainian Conflict tems... Sadly for the good people trapped there ).

There has been a move back more towards the "Shadow-Cold War" stance with the ongoing negotiations in the series of Conferences. I do not expect the sessation in open hostilities to last since the negotiations are not producing any return for the negative side.

Many of the "Human Elites" are now realizing that their "gods" (Some who returned recently just to get trapped themselves, these would be the highly awaited "Sumerian gods", Some people still do not realize that "Annunaki" in an ancient general term that just means "Aliens" and NO GROUP goes by that name.) are using them as bartering chips to negotiate their safe passage out of the "Outer Barrier".

These Human Elites (Who on the higher levels have been briefed on being betrayed in negotiations by these beings) are now turning on each other, no longer have a unified message or presence on the Planet and are no longer trying to flee the Planet but are trying to fight for space inside some of the most advanced D.U.M.B's ever created in Asia, Africa, South American and Australia (The major one for the "Western Elite is in Brazil of all places).

Of course none of these places are going to be unreachable, and even if they were when the energetic changes begin to occur to Earth I wouldn't want to be miles under rock.

I expect to see quite a lot more divisions and struggles break out between the various Secret Earth Government Syndicates (Especially the Religious Zealots that go by many names but are lumped in under the "Illuminati" umbrella). Zealots never go down easy and are programmed to fight to the death. It turns out that built into their "Religions" is that the final "Sacrifice" of themselves in a final conflict situation would force their superior gods to rise and reap havoc on the Earth and their enemies. There are many that are programmed highly and will make that "Sacrifice" in hopes of bringing forth their gods to force this New Order on the Earth once it appears that "All Is Lost".

For now though some very desperate (But "Clever" as usual) disinformation campaigns while working feverishly in the background to bring forth a few more false flags to try to cause WWIII (Will not happen) and Martial Law in the U.S. are being planned out.

Many of these schemes have been prevented in the recent past already... It is possible that one or two may slip through. Just know if any new wild terrorist attacks or other mass shooting situations occur it will not be what it seems or is reported on the news. As I stated before a Dragon is its most dangerous when it is mortally wounded. That is what we are dealing with when it comes to these negative "Elites" who have ruled the World for so long.

Yes, this has an "Air of Fear Porn" to it, I try my best to focus on the positive and the Sphere Alliance Message.

Sometimes a dos of reality is needed even when it gives you that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. Do not dwell on it. That will only provide Loosh Energy for the negative beings.

Focus on the Positive and what you DO have control over, Yourself. 

Many are reaching out to me and telling me the difference they feel when they have started to focus on being more "Loving" and consciously "Service To Others".

They feel their "Consciousness" and "Vibrations" raising. The next thing they know a friend or family member is starting to do the same thing and they begin to discuss how they can volunteer in their communities. I have had some wonderful Emails from people who are literally changing the world one person at a time.

The more we do this the more we create an environment that these negative beings cannot exist in.

Thank you,



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